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June 9, 2020 12:03 pm

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June 9, 2020 12:03 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why are Matthew and Mark so similar---2- When John the Baptist said that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire, was that fulfilled at Pentecost or does that happen for every individual at salvation---3- Is a disability an accident, a product of the fall, or does God give us disabilities---4- Caller asks Matt's take on the riots and America as -one nation under God.---5- What verses teach that babies go to heaven---6- Does the New Testament say that Christians speak -with- other tongues or -in- other tongues---7- What kind of government would Jesus want-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like shelf wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine recall as usual. The numbers 87720722764 want right now one person calling you and if you want to be one of those callers or units.

287-7207 CAR M that's Carmen, the Christian apologetics research ministry if you want. Please give us a call Bible question theology question?

Catholicism solution all kinds of stuff prisons in this success we talk about and also from a little verbal brouhaha is going on can call up and see if you do big about anything, and other such stuff, so look at what you may call 877-207-2276 also have some schools if you're interested in learning some theology how to defend the faith, how to think better have the school of theology apologetics in critical thinking and website CAR and on the right-hand side to see all my school stuff. Please give 24 hours up to 24 hours you work through. We were working on it to have. It's a fixed right away and stuff going on. By the end of the year.

You have a lot of new stuff with the harm industry so well just doing it slowly and hopefully doing it properly.

You may call 877-207-2276. Get the herb or herb herb herb from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome your on here all that logging blanket great and I don't mean it like a mate that Matthew and Mark with them on the audio Bible that both the hell out some identical story on that parable that oh how you think they get it back.

You know, just write down every day, but you would see general theory is that Mark was written early and that the other gospel writers may have used the mark as a template, which is fine because of the works work was done already, which some people say lens less credibility of the Bible that actually lends more 21 but people have criticized that the similarities the symbol 1 cup from the other and I would just like you so mean to clear the estimate is essentially copying so what's a problem well, it's the should and why shouldn't they, in which wrong with the summit of the research getting everything on paper and they didn't Xerox off and then email it. They had to do this work. It took was expensive. It was difficult, so Mark will gospel which would be there in Matthew could use it as a basis. And John could use as a basis.

Luke could use it as a basis they wanted to. And that's always necessary. Not a big deal. Okay, not quite yet without relapse. But how much identical. They were about back at time get out today that they could all this together and be traveling and write it down. You have 70 details that were surveyed cabbage. I never realized that all that you read the Bible to going to church.

Everything I just never been aware that want to get your feeling on you, understand that will is what it is. But what's interesting is I like to talk about this.

The book of acts is really important book and it's a historical document dealing with the early church, and so it does not contain the death of Peter and Paul Around 62 issue A.D., give or take a couple years, nor does it take into account the destruction of Jerusalem.

These are super significant things. So why is it important 12 implication is that acts was written before that those dates… I asked 60 X 6080 60. Well, we know that Luke wrote the book of Luke before he acts was to say five years earlier than that.

Plus, Luke Luke borrowed from Mark that Ms. Margaret even earlier CC how logic works. It really is evidence of early writing of the Gospels.

Okay buddy thank you so much Matt.V show right things really are union. Why you need to call up my wife and tell her how great I am gradually getting the idea is I don't post lasting right now but people that don't recall the way that they know will call her up and should be look later. Did you say the well all right then we'll go Atlas okay.

All right. Close herb from Raleigh, North Carolina. We have five open line slow 20 McCall Lake 772072276 and there's nobody waiting right now. Come on, give me a call all right and we can talk we can blab if you want to watch a show all you do is go to my Facebook Facebook scorecard that org hand out real easy to do. Check that out there and watch is not a big deal. Now I do have a green screen behind me for the first time doing a show this way and I think it will pretty well. We don't have the lighting quite right, but little fuzziness stuff going on and I'll have to work on that improving it to try to do some tech stuff your mixing looking better so you can check it out.

So get some nice stuff going on with applicable hours a day. Among the many other things that I can be doing so well. Hopefully check it out and let me know what you think. And again we to say we stay on the air post by your donations to the way the economy has been lately. I understand why people people call this officer was the camera supports anymore and I understand that the problem but if you're able to when you want to try that.

We would love it. I go to do was go to in the right hand side of any page you will see the information you need, or just go to/donate five dollars, $10 a month. That's what we asked five or $10 a month and that's it. You do that we can really set some good. Let's say you don't 20 we have coming in. We can know how much to give the missionaries in fact one of the things the missionaries asked recently as we pay him and he's our guy in Brazil is once more income in order to buy more ads of to get the information out that he's translating from harm and doing in the ministry work that he's doing in order to get the information out and it takes donate money to what use the this resource letter before us. So it's a valid request we have right now so well without in radio shows and things like that were just trying to reach out the best we can and if you want to help us out.

You can just go to carbon/donate love that. Sorry it is good on the phone with Randall from West Virginia Randall welcome on the air. Hello Matt hello, I got a day that I had not considered before that it was brought up and I were on the other day. The baptism of the holy day baptizer said there, one after me to baptize you with fire and let the Holy Ghost always thought that that was an individual thing when you are morning Dan, but this guys said that it was the old at the day it called when the tongues of fire came down and that the Holy Ghost will not never configured that I wondered what your take on well the cost was the fulfillment of jewel to 26. I think it was talks about the pouring forth of the Holy Spirit. The baptism pouring thing was not some bad.

And you don't think well just talk about each one. Okay, so we can relate them because we can understand improperly and the second issue. Baptism of the Holy Spirit a little bit difficult but the issue the pouring if you can relate asked to act wanted to to baptism the Holy Spirit will there's some ways to do that, but there's some issues with it as well. Will he go to ask for example the word baptism this right now. This is an actual 122 beginning with the baptism of John until the day that he was taken from us, there's the first occurrence of the word baptism. The next occurrence is in 20 baptize not to baptism. Sorry so adept at it.

We have the back and ask her when we look at were baptized or baptism, we see that there's different usages of it in the book of this right, go this way got so sorry I type something in wrong, it messes me up right baptism will baptize you with the Holy Spirit, with fire, here we go to an actual 15 fax my new something was wrong and he says that for John baptized with water, but you be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.

So this is the phrase that we get baptism of the Holy Spirit to be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now look at the context of system to think about because you can talk to this kind of form and bring this up. It's a little more complicated when he's making it out to be. Says this stuff your SSL for John baptized with water.

Now that most people think that means immersion he baptize with water emerged with water, but usually baptize with the Holy Spirit to be immersed with the Holy Spirit doesn't fit so we want to see the baptism of the first senses immersion the baptism in the second sense is not within we have some issues when we go to Joel and we do this really fast to show you what it talks about enjoyable is the pouring forth, pouring forth of the Holy Spirit. And this is invert and John screaming Joel 228 it will says some as I will come in after this they will that I will pour out my Spirit on all mankind and your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions right when we see this, we see that the pouring of the Holy Spirit, pouring forth the Holy Spirit when you go to asked to we see that the Holy Spirit comes upon people and several of us memorized and it says there is, says the spirit is the fulfillment here. If this is what was fulfilled and is he's talking about fulfillment of the book of acts and the coming of the Holy Spirit which is related to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is a thing if you go to ask.

I believe the text to 17 and 18.

The last days, God says I'll pour forth my Spirit on all mankind is calling Joel 227 226 and your sons and your God will prophesy. In verse 18 and up pour forth the Spirit and they shall prophesy. Well, if we look at the baptism of the Holy Spirit that seems to be that the baptism the Holy Spirit is the pouring forth of the Holy Spirit and what they did was interesting with other tongues, so when you go to act right. 38. It says, be baptized into Jesus Christ and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit is not that the Holy Spirit is the gift but the Holy Spirit has gifts to give us in the gift is the charismatic movement within us the size of the hat. The best way to understand and couldn't verify this next 10 when the Holy Spirit comes upon people speaking in tongues and this is a gift of the Holy Spirit was on speaking I called and got so sad and when I was younger I was around some of the charismatic this and that and I just don't believe the baptism of the holy office will be right back folks that Y77077 charismatic slave here a rights offering to say though quickly as a summation of all of that stuff and a particular kind of on-the-fly. There is a lot of information the baptism the Holy Spirit looks like it's that very thing. The fulfillment of Joel, it may very well have been fulfilled in the book of of acts and asked to. However, your friends said of the form said it was fulfilled then if it was fulfilled then and why is it still occurring and asked him that I question okay click go back in and that was showing Colette together for okay go ahead and I'll map out and get back with not obvious so you have a really question and really you know the that way the penny called and everything in payment for the baptism of the Holy Ghost is making tonk that all of that that was to me.

I know that that's not true, and cognitive don't believe it that way that I was when I brought this question up.

I was wondering if they had something that now I'm gonna have to go and study.

Given what you said and go into the Scriptures and find out okay thanks a lot man. God bless. Okay the skillet sounds with see Nancy California. Nancy welcome you on the I'm fine how are you about me and if it is standard or that from God based off or 11 and then John 915 got there times when accidents occur in disabilities and the results of that kind of my wife has a genetic issue and is manifested in recent years, and so that's not her fault. No accidents just result of the fall and genetics. And then there's issues like you went to ask for 11 work it says makes the eye blinding your dumb… God says is not I the Lord your God specifically does things like this so we just can't tell which was which sometimes accidents elect my wife. She has some Kahlúa states and it's just a genetic thing is what it is either deformed fourth lumbar vertebra is a genetic thing doesn't mean that you have an accident but I know people who have headache. I knew a guy who was shot by his brother. They were just messing around shot in the back and he's paralyzed from the waist down.

I know I have a friend affect the guys helping us here Charlie. His son broke his neck as it was one of the very few walking quadriplegics in the entire world. So as an exit from body surfing Sola there you go, and I know every other well yes, though, how would that be warning at Filipinos everything will he does everything he allows bad things will happen and we have in God's will, we call the decree of will, which is his direct causation of something we decrease the decree took 50 decrees it causes advice directly. We have in this call the prescriptive. Well, it's the will that he has for moral behavior and then the permissive will that he permits us to act in a manner can inconsistent with his desire for us to be more he allows us to send upwards so we talk about these things. We have to ask the question when God forms us that he form us with a defect. Some people say absolutely not, when he says it when it says in Psalms that he formed us in the womb is a generic statement that he is when he gives us life. He's the one who works to send us are there, though situations in which people are born blind directly by the hand of God, and I would say yes because of acts 411 or God himself says so to Moses which you quoted. We also know from John nine that the man born blind. There was that this was a big not because of anybody sin or anything, but so that and then the reasons given so that he could be healed and God be glorified so it looks like this is planned out from eternity. So now then there's the issue of a car accident, someone gets drunk in his car accident injure somebody else. An injured person is now paralyzed from from the waist down but say listen accident did God cause that. No, he did not did God allow that yes he did. My question mainly about number like I called yesterday and I don't know if you remember that I had asked about hermaphrodite just being born with different length and how bad it can be, but I get from John 9150 that there be verification that one healing and all you got Gloria how do we know when we are you pray for healing and just expect we don't know a lot of times with situations and we just had to trust God, since you brought up my birth defects. My wife and I lost a son to birth defect, and he had holoprosencephaly in trisomy 13 genetic issue and he died in her arms after referencing and so we ask God to heal, and we ask God to reveal why he didn't healed lately wanted. I didn't reveal the flight to us.

My wife and I's faith was not deterred in the slightest fact during that whole situation and right after it the funeral and some stuff miraculous things just came to him to bear. And God was deftly present. So what our job is in situations like this night to bring this up because I can say I noted this had been there.

Our job is to praise God in our ignorance, and by our faith. And so my wife and I we would think the Lord for letting us have Jacob for a little while and then wheat we say Lord I trust you. We don't know why this happened.

But you are the sovereign Lord, not us. Did you allow it to you because it did you whatever we don't know, but we will see our son in heaven and so we praise the Lord and maybe if God wants it, allows it, permits it, whatever variation want to go.

Was it a test for my wife and see how we would react with God and do we glorify God will yes and Jacob is with him.

So in a sense, everybody wins. But these into each situation is difficult situations different so it's not easy just to give a generic. This is how it all works is a tough stop.

This is tough. Thank you.

I hope it helped complex risk on the phone with David from Kansas City. David welcome you on the air, the ivory, so I thought that a break holdout right back with a look at the city after the mass Y77077 back with David from Kansas City.

Dave running her following up on the show yesterday but I was really curious about that because I ran into that situation. Counseling that I would die started dating a girl he did some work for them that eventually the found out about that relationship which we don't mind not on site or transmit and shouldn't that there we told him that we have we have just listening something like I don't know this. Be careful out.

I get the okay out of the tread lightly down.

Sorry we legally we count on you know that not to tread lightly in this area because it was some other things involved in a didn't and that they didn't get the question at the parsonage and the data parsonage amount and is is a compassionate to be a question and doubt what would we go from here to we say go. Continue this or break off for what he what you involved with that argument, but with a man woman that was okay.

Will the elders of the church need to be involved in the situation because a lot of particulars that you don't know and this guy needs to if he says it's Christian is not behaving in that manner than the elders of the church need to be involved with him and work with him. So what you need to do is recommend that you get involved with church of is not going to church. Then, and he's doing these bad things is recommend don't call yourself Christian because my well actually were the elders at church.

It will throw me in the we were the elders I just did not ago I did not account the NMI limit will the first things do this is with his sanctification. The truth of the physical involvement that needs to be stopped. First of all, and then generally an interview the other person to determine certain things and extents conditions etc. because there are variations with hermaphrodite is so you have to get more information situation like this that the issuance think is a tough on them while you got it all yet.

I don't want to condemn the person is a struggle and say they are Christian.

Both of them and I don't want behaving as Christians is one thing you know is looking to slip every now and then, so to speak nothing. It's okay. But if someone is saying that your Christian going to church and if there fornicating and he does do this and they should not call Christian well he did not enough. Not fornicating today data living together and again. And if he's there living togetherness is a no opposite sex thing that that's the bear it's bearing false witness. It's appearing evil and should not be done either of a product you know you had with Johnny Eric. I got this so generically. More information is needed and if they're going to say there Chris.

If not behaving as one shouldn't call themselves Christians.

This need these to lovingly and patiently and things like that.

Okay okay alright I okay got the phones with Jonathan Selleck city John welcome you on the 12th okay like you are sorry. I'm having trouble understanding you writing around the world about reality like morning daylight. Everything long, long wearing I wonder if the grieving could our nation's special God, Christ, like the grieving that there you are nation one nation under God the one they got pretty long time. Our schools are largely antichrist leftist communist politics is filled with people who are hypocrites that you Pelosi, for example, is one you.

We have people who don't know what truth really is and push agendas over things are are are nation was founded.

A lot of biblical principles holding their health. So what were seeing out there and is Ryan's is unrighteousness. The Bible says in Ephesians 426 as being angry yet do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your anger is nothing wrong with being angry about what happened to George Floyd as he was treated badly and that cop these he brought up on charges. This amino contraband, and the idea of attacking other police because of this is a travesty. The anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God. James 120, we have to understand that there's a time to be angry but you, the people who do these riots in my opinion. Most of them are out to destroy and steal and this is what it want writing that I believe there's a section of the people who are brainwashed and want to destroy America because they think that leftism socialism and communism and all these things are better and I think they're out there to address those who are demonically influenced and are just committing mayhem. I think there are some who are righteously trying to protest and so is a mixture we do with all of this well should do is pray for the. The cessation of this so this anarchy need to pray for the people pray for Pres. Trump.

Pray for the mayors. Pray for the governors to to do was necessary to stop this writing it's it's a principles all talk to someone about how safe from target assessment have this conversation has not happened about this particular incident, but I could. I've had conversations like this in the palisade of the people who justify rioting and anger and sick so what the cop did to that guy was wrong. You can you admit that yes is destroying someone's business wrong and they don't want to answer those that we have to show violence. I didn't ask you that is it wrong for you to do. Essentially, the cop did is the cop misused his position and his power and someone suffered because of it. So the riders go out and negative make someone else suffer. Is that okay because of something wrong that somebody else did, and answer quizzes will no if they want to protest.

They should march down the streets at the really will do a proper protest clean up the streets while you're protesting is that of trashing everything clean stuff up deleted better but if you block intersections in your cleaning everything up. We get the point. That way no one is destroyed. No one's killed so the righteousness of man does not accomplish the anger bent is not accomplish the righteousness of God.

James 120 and it's okay to be angry God is angry God gets angry.

But anger is not automatically scan it just needs to be done properly it angry it do not sin, not of the sun go down in your anger Edwards deal with it. This would have to happen. So if you're being affected a lot of people are being affected by this. My wife won't watch anymore TV because of the stuff anymore news I watch a little bit of it and it discussed with angers me. I've never been able to understand what anybody like to see anybody fight angers me to see that I understand I don't sue anybody want to see anybody else hurt. I don't get it. I don't see why people cheer on the destruction of property.

I do understand this is unrighteousness as its evil it affects us to walk me who watch and so you don't want to be affected by don't watch and pray instead of the peace of God, come over you Ephesians out looking for sixth through eighth at the peace of God, whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is wholesome that your mind will and these things in the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart, your mind and soul in Christ Jesus our Lord. This is what you're supposed to be doing and pray for these people and pray for my soluble in America we need a Christian revival in America we need it. Christian should be praying for it every day that God would raise and women to do this, go ahead elective but my is our greatest red Dragon and I didn't like like it okay that helped `S.


Let's get to Stephanie for the morning. I was Stephanie welcome your running air. I like well there's no verses that says anything we do know that David when he lost his son said, I will. I will see him in the resurrection so that we know that that's at least what you want to hold after the break Stephanie Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave know before get back with Stephanie that if you're interested and also the books of written go to the car network website on the right-hand side of any page you will see a book time trap and atheistic of the persons on sci-fi just for fun that I wrote and just recently released an atheistic you can learn about how to refute atheism through this book is a novel it's interesting to novella short enough. Alright so let's get to back the Stephanie Stephanie welcome your back on the where babies go well.

As I was saying and it's not David essentially second Psalm second Samuel 12, he talks about this is David says he will go and be with his son. And so we know that David went to heaven. So we assume at least that child went to heaven. But the Bible doesn't say that Alltel but we just hope that they'll do my son who died as a baby and I believe I will see him in heaven. The company you're welcome to ask how old you are just curious. I okay thank you why I like that ongoing young people call it that I enjoy them will thank you thank you okay I bless my okay let's get to David from Virginia David, welcome you on the air here, and so on bold speaking with you.

Listen, probably starting about five or six years ago. Unfortunately, I don't drive around as much at night, it ended that that that is listening to you talk about the next two and credit card wrong, are they with speak with other, and not understanding you be in a calm, sad.

A better and whatever reason it got me to call you out of the college with the version I was using X24 ESV ESV says speak in other tongues and the great Dick I can read Greek. If you want look at it yet.

Yeah that's what I was hoping you would.

It just literally what it says is begin to speak other tongues. There's no width or an instant. No preposition and right sources that we go word in triggers me as I've been studying just routinely this week, Brown and and different commentary sermons I was reading it.

It convicted me about you help me thanking that God is working with me and it's not that God is working through me to have his plan if I'm in obedience to what it will and that convicted me to rethink the way I was thinking about doing his will, are median and obedient to whatever circumstance he present that I'm not working with him is not working with me even working really make sense. There is a sense in which you're doing things because of course you are you the one to stop making decisions and God can certainly work with and through and in spite of some of the cells that we decide so yeah yeah and what I pray I get paid this morning as it is to for God to work you work through me but more importantly what I what I pray. I think this is my pick for the pray. This was a God work through us. I just a great thing not negating that but that I would be in his will, accomplishing what he desires. You know maybe it is a semantic thing, but that's that's how I praise you Lord and I just want to become what you want to be doing not what I want to get rid of all my damn well it was fourth in line and I was with you.

Talk about what's going on in the United States and major city. I could feel your heart breaking and actually met as well. The you said pray and seek peace because it the only piece was in the only states the city and had like you said is then repented that they they can only have it that if they have G they don't have Jesus than they need to have them in order to fix this problem in our city and with our people, irrespective of who they are or what they do because it is applying as they handed violation of the 10 Commandments which shows are and you and I look at this thinking Lord Jesus, you know, may be time you come here is that your will, but short of that have the spirit and down so that when they hear someone proclaim the gospel they will lift that we should be and then when you were praying that just a few minutes ago… All what a brother was a good word for everyone to live and thank you and I'll follow I'll pray that pray for you. The Holy Spirit and tear can appreciate your share. Thank you. Okay that's gets on, let's get on to Russell from Ashburn north Carolina Russell on the hey man has gone brother's going well with you buddy for thoughts on you know I've heard people say they have snare may have knowledge that it's worth, I don't feel pregnant, i.e. it well at Calle always felt that you know there was the cursor she can. I know you're familiar like that and you know it you're not familiar with Lance that cursive ever sick.

He didn't would be shot. Well not shot keeled sheep comes the illicit Indian chief, and a credit card. It's right that I did hear about Indian chief, and has been happy. I know has been happening. Well, you know, Ronald Reagan was Native American. He was proficiently a Christian and united a lose and live for that. Her that I prayed with him at about that gasket? I mean the question yet. Do you think that something bad like that could happen again.

Not sure with that that is referring to. But Charlie put in the link presence of 20th death occurs in Snopes effective curse of temperament with evidence. So go check it out and see okay to come right fantasy that you neither know I've asserted this was pretty esoteric. So right. Well I didn't know tell length out, and the impression that United wants that yet Ronald Reagan ambient Christian that that was when sorry and that I researched okay and thanks you too. Thanks, I listened to Jonathan George. Well, he hung up. But I know what his question was in the question was, what kind of government would Jesus want and is a biblical model of government.

Guess what yes there is.

That's what I'll do that than the rest of the time before the show you're going through some of the aspects I learned article here not too long ago dealing with the issue of socialism and is a biblical because unfortunately socialism is not biblical. And it's not a good form of government and for those who think that to you know like Norway and Finland and all those that are great and if you're socialist or not, are not social systems but nevertheless were the biblical principles of government. Did you know that, for example in Exodus 1821 to 22, it talks about a representative form of government. You shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth. Those who make dishonest gain. Let them judge the people at all times so there are people are selected to be in authority and representative. Also in the Matthew 1815 to 17 we see self-governance is a better sense go and show him his fault in private if you listen to you.

You want your brother, but if not then go with others, and it read more real time is of the ideas you take care of yourself and your own issues.

The best you can. This visit there. We expend the time private property rights and access 20 were 17 you shall not covet your neighbor's house or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor next 54. While it remained unsold it out not remain your own and after it was sold, was it not under your control would have property you have the right to do with your property as you desire and enough to take and build property to private property rights are part of the government should be also the principles of liberty and freedom segregates report. 17 it is now the Lord is the spirit and with the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Galatians 51. Do not be subject against the yoke of slavery. The bebop bound to people of the under bondage in first in it which is why slavery was never biblical and assessment was done in the New Testament in the US in the 1800s here different kind of slavery in the Bible. That's another topic, and we first Peter 216 act as free men and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil. So this type of responsibility within the people in the populace, but Enright don't have time to go too much into this capitalist principles method 2514 230. This is the parable of the talents where the master gives to the servants different amounts of money required for them to produce more out of what they had been given and Matthew 2133 through 41.

This is the parable of the land owner living servants in charge of his vineyard. He owned the vineyard and required proper treatment of his people and his property to this capitalist principles and use what you have the glory of God and everything else the witnesses and fair trial under 1915 a single witness shall not rise up against a man on account of any iniquity or any sin which he is committed on the evidence or two of two or more witnesses shall neither be confirmed. Matthew 1816 but if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with him so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact will be confirmed. So the idea of the principles that we have woven into our present government of witnesses by Fairchild capitalist principles. The principle of liberty and freedom, private property rights self-governance representative form of government enters other things.

These are the things that are derived out of Scripture socialism goes against these cognizant goes against those are not the heads on the question of unless you prefer country

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