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June 3, 2020 4:38 pm

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June 3, 2020 4:38 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is there only one future resurrection---2- How do you respond to the claim that Romans 9 is about corporate election rather than individual---3- Do the judgment passages in Israel apply to the New Testament church---4- When you are baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, do you still have to worry about sin---5- How do I discern between an errant brother and a false convert---6- If I look within myself for assurance of salvation, am I looking to the law and thus denying the gospel---7- How do you know when an evangelistic or apologetic conversation is just over and you should walk away---8- How do you explain the binding and loosing in Matthew 16-19-

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Matt Slick
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A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why Rome actually pays 1 June 2020 is what you may call you to do something 72072276 but interesting day for me today and if any of you listening, you will try the forms were having a lot of problems with the forms we would having problems for a week now we can work on them and making slow progress with just looking at getting them to a new server in preparation for some stuff to be dumped in the website. Things like that so to slow go but that's what it is and that's how it is what you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and just want to remind you that we have some schools for the schools is good karma toward change from today from $50-$75 back to what was normally so I'll do that in an hour to and so if you can beat me that you get them for the discount price on children of the day to let you change it and am just on the good stuff there. Also, we do stay on the air by your generous support. If you be so kind as to consider supporting us all you do is go to stuff right there. We asked five $10 a month and get that from enough people will be fine. Hopefully things work out wherever you are. If you're not to you done in by cold it didn't riots and everything else is going on for you to put our faith or trust to the Lord Jesus Christ and not look to the circumstances of the evil people are doing at different levels in different contexts, so I would ask you to pray for our country and the 4P's and will be glorified in all that.

I'm hoping that people become saved during these difficult times and hope for.

Nevertheless to Julie McCall for open lines 877-207-2276 let's go to decipher boy suggests I welcome your on the quick ecological court order.

You will 2324 yeah the Bible you do my reading, not sure yet. Access is on order for Christ the firstfruits, after that those who are Christ's at his coming. Then comes the end, when he hands over the kingdom of God the father is abolished all rule and all authority and power record only one resurrection not occurred when leather.

Still, Christ's resurrection is called firstfruits to start occurred after that those who are Christ's at his coming. One resurrection absolutely puts on some strict certain views does not like it. I'm talking with friends and men who are dark-colored to think they should like talking you read that and be your different resurrection. When you read it with dispensationalism in mind and then you have to make sure that the Bible fits the dispensational idea, but if you just let the Bible speak and let it go through it. It's covenantal aspect and how it teaches covenantal he then you don't have a problem. They don't impose that the that call. The dispensational view. It read, but I would start out with a friend about this person wanted to hear what you thought about it after that.

But I have a good solid interpretation course you do you know what reading it, it occurred to me this refutes out purism footprint was because he says after Christ's resurrection at his first Africans at his coming is when the resurrection occurs.

So if an praetor residency came in 70 A.D. then was a resurrection that they might have to spiritualize and say well it means to be born again. But that's not what is talking about so all you okay good for you buddy remember so to get together okay no problem, right or I got bless you okay all right faulty of three open lines going to McCall 877-207-2276. Let's get to Thomas from Florida, going here.

The glycol introduced here by apology a and I watched her debate on how dismal baptismal regeneration panel very well, thank I have a question about Romans nine okay I was reading a systematic theology by Norman Geiszler because his called himself a moderate Calvinist doctor where Potomac by really assist Arminianism and you had that Romans nine was specifically referring to corporate election versus individual like I want to know if the remaining approaches me with that interpretation. How can I respond to that is easy if the individual's corporate collections and the problem is removed, in which the idea. Romans 923 is the issue of God electing individuals into salvation, and specifically not others. According to his intention is not dependent upon the individual but upon God. So what they'll do is a object to that is, most people do were hearing this disease can't be true to us in our free will. The villagers Christ and the Bible never says that. Believe it or not.

And so what they do is a object to that and that they reinterpreted to me corporate or excise donate nations but never individuals that this when you're talking to somebody establish that this is what they're saying right that's it's about corporate student national or it's a group of generic, whatever that is. Silly national okay good to admit that right now. What you do would you read for this is the word of promise at this time I will come, and Sarah shall have a son.

Not only this, but was Rebecca also show when she conceived twins. The twins not yet born had not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because of him who calls. It was said of the old said to hurt the older will serve the younger. Just as it is written, Jacob I loved, and Esau I hated and with her to do the Arminian interject, executive director of the rotor are made with Israel versus the other bloodline exactly how I did that. It's easy it's right there, so if they say that you say okay so then that means really is no problem, right, which is the kind of corporate Gentiles, Israel, liver view, it is not right and why is Paul Ray's next question free.

He says what shall we say then there is no injustice with God is. There may never be.

How does your view raise that question you ask him how does your view raise the objection right there if you're reading the text in such a way that the objection does not rise then you're not understanding the text.

You have to read in such a way that you go quite a mess is not right. And if you do you understand what it says if you understand what is as you believe it, what shall we say then their own ungodly turn out that they have no objections against corporate election of Israel. Meanwhile, the pagan nations all around them that don't have the out option for salvation through the law are not subject to all the Saturday vigil sure to sing with her.

Sincerely, do mostly good stuff God revealed himself to them in this epidemic choose.

This is a humanistic philosophy, humanism and Arminianism in my my belief go hand-in-hand so verse 15 for, says the Moses I will have mercy on whom the word whom is singular, not plural. In the Greek, on whom I have mercy, will have Mark back on whom I have, so it does not depend upon the man who will demand runs the upon God was mercy to Dick and he said not to their free will, but he sitting right here, it does not depend upon the man who wills it does not, and that's a critical verse). Most people only read the state on the do with the focus just really ever all the lad I was scared of ever when you're wondering what all the ladder when I was young I was scared of the verse, like out of my mind Of the application.

When I was an adult I approached the dish on God's gracious and it goes on is more so you for the Scripture says to Pharaoh for this very purpose. I raised you up to demonstrate my power in you that my name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth, so you mercy on whom singular he desires and he hardens whom he desires you would say this is talk about individuals and organizations know it's not know it gets corporate because they're trying to smooth out what it's actually saying to make it fit with they want within.

If that's the case then why does their position not raise the objection. What is he still find fault for who resist his will.

Verse 19. On the contrary, who are you oh man notices a singular old man went back to God.

That thing individual. See the group were saying that thing molded. We got say the motor why did you make me like this will it singular. What is not the potter have a right over the clay to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use in another vessel for common use. So I did research on the word vessel. It's always used in the singular talk about people in the New Testament that groups with God. Although willing to demonstrate his wrath to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction. Now here word vessels is plural, but it's a group of people prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory on vessels of mercy which you prepared beforehand for glory GC you're doing is reading this text I need is this if they don't understand it and they're good at what they can do the change of text to make sure that what it is saying doesn't raise the objection because they object to Romans nine 9023 they don't like what it actually says so in order to understand it properly. You have to read it in such a way to grace the same objections. Otherwise, you don't understand what they're doing is reducing its severity and its truth by changing its meaning into corporate this and that will then why would God have Paul the apostle say does not depend upon the man who will demand runs or lies would say it is mercy on whom he desires and he hardens whom he desires and cross-reference it with John 113 that were born again, not of our own will and I'll check them and I'll ask him a question. It would God ever make anybody for the purpose of of functional destruction are doing bad things or whatever and thus of course not to really see Proverbs 16 for the Lord is made everything for its own purpose. Even the wicked for the day of evil. They little to do with the stuff Messick changer theology matches Scripture and they say when what Dr. tried the II got articles remember much are neither okay buddy sounds good, bottomless all right as Thomas from Florida we have for the lines folks going to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Scott welcome you on the air that you have ever found in any think you'll okay have a 13 Ezekiel okay now. Whatever is going to give you a break so they can look at right on the okay oven mass Y call 77077 is back on the line with Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott wrong. I learned their vocabulary will clear understanding you may read light at the ministry could be easier because you have because you disheartened the righteous with falsehood.

When I did not cause them in grief have encouraged the wicked, not turn from his wicked way, and preserve his life. Therefore, you women will no longer see false visions or practice divination. I will deliver my people out of your hand. Thus you will know that I am the Lord. Okay, okay market in my applied today in the middle of the year encouraged to wicked uprising them alive in your day-to-day kicking in their sin, that sounds very much like you New Testament Turks to me that you well that we always have to look at Scripture in its context, and what was intended for. And if you elect verse 17 talking about daughters of Israel who were getting mixed up in your call and doing divination and it was a great deception and so this is applicable to them and if we do with the New Testament church that we have the fine things in the New Testament that speak about the issues within the church being the revelation for them for the seven churches of Revelation talks about the condemnation for their failures and so that's where I would go for that.

I would not personally would not take Ezekiel 13 2223 and applied to the New Testament church because it's a is to be. It is aimed at the Old Testament to the people of Israel. That's how we should primarily understand and provide them ever dirt your opinion that what about Mme. bad had in getting a gift that was. And therefore that you not doing that handing out. A dentist doesn't bring us the Holy Spirit in act 238 you get baptized and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit the next 1044 to 48 they received the gift of the Holy Spirit before a baptism so just to get to the Holy Spirit is the charismatic movement and people need to see that I look at the Gothic exterior chapters, you would agree that we would need to get that out.

They left for God's standard well I guess I am very lifted them both CR well with the look of the holy something to the extent of God by the work of Christ in us the power of the Holy Spirit as we seek to be more like him. When you go when you look with the gift of the Holy Spirit is it says that the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message of the circumcised believers came with Peter were made because the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out upon the Gentiles also, for they were hearing them speaking without consulting God. That's the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not a gift. It's the gift of the Holy Spirit. The words with the Holy Spirit gives that the gift is the charismatic working in movement. So that's what that is I do about it.

You really cared and that sort. Lord knows who are in getting everyone ago to show the Christian internalize them all wicked. That is, that is a parallel read and seen the answer is nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having the seal, the Lord knows those who are his, and one who names name the Lord is to abstain from wickedness, and that's the calling that we have as Christians is absolutely calling our sanctification in Christ Jesus our justification is an instantaneous event for God imputes the right system of the Lord God, Christ to us by faith. Romans 328 Romans 51 cross-reference at with the Philippians 39 and that justification is his instantaneous permit, but this is talk about our sanctification because those who claim the name of Christ are to abstain from doing wicked things they should. So don't do it. Don't don't lie. Not even a white lie. This is something like written essay this. A lot of Christians get this is wrong. A lot of Christians say it's okay to sick you little lie's little one in the example uses my wife learned a long time ago if she asked me how a dress looks on her. I'm going to tell her the truth and tell her the truth and so she learned so quickly, and tell her exactly with what I believe I will not cater an answer to make her feel good, just, and line the process even if it's meant to help her, but it is not true. So she learned and it didn't take very long talk on you ask the truth. You sure you want asked me is yes okay I think it really bad. And this is why and etc. or another time should worsen insomnia and his beautiful you just make it look so good and choosy about that. So the point I'm trying to make is white lies are lies.

Don't lie. Okay, this is one of the issues. For example, where we as Christians are to abstain from wickedness don't lie. I don't like anybody. I do not lie at the people sending course you do know I don't like, so is he okay went to good windowing.

We all say I doubt that your labor started understand question what will you tag on them. They were David and it cannot bow your load and talk anything okay meant God bless, I get the phones with Tyler from Chicago. Tyler welcome you on here hi Matt, thank you so much welcomed.

So I looked in the year if they fit that the member and I know in your follow-up interview with apology you had talked about how you considered him a fault, convert, and I just wanted them wisdom and how to discern when like what the line is between someone disagreeing with me theologically and considering somebody brothers that in the faith, I'd recommend you go to my website If you ever been there, okay.

Look up essential doctrines of the Christian faith look at the doctrine grid and what I did years ago when I established love I call the doctrine grid have been a good one to go to and you can see they are what the Bible says is the center of the Christian faith and I break them up into two categories, primary and secondary essentials of primary this evening and pick up a primary essential is an essential that is stated as being essential is so-called primary, secondary, essential is not stated as being essential good example, but it's not stated as being essential but still essential.

So breaks of hold on, I'll explain because you have a dividing line, no will not write back. After these messages the man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic slave Tyler still there there alright so defining our terms is always a first and you have to do when discerning truth from error and we define the truth by going to the Scriptures and the Bible says, for example, that Jesus is both God and man in John 824 Jesus is, unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. So what we see is that you have to believe that he's God in flesh was to be that I am, you will die in your sins. And we know that in John.Sweeney enforcement is 1514 in verse 17 it says that if Christ be not raised.

Our faith is in vain not to physical resurrection. The deed you correct the physical resurrection will that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

Galatians 328 Romans 5145, but also in Galatians 5124.

It's as if anybody would add circumcision that they're separate from Christ is not just circumcision is that it's the issue of any ceremony, any effort on human level is to be done for lesson essential the gospel to death. Bill resurrection of Christ because it says in the Galatians when ignited. We preach a gospel contrary we preach, let him be accursed in the number essential is only one God will have monotheism not the idea that is millions of gods really serve and worship one, but there's only one in this is Exodus 20 verse three and Isaiah 4310 44 section verse eight, but in Exodus 20 the 10 Commandments as a punishment warning for those who do not believe the true living God so that I have what I call the five primary essentials because they are the doctors of Bible says are the essentials of the faith.

Now the secondary essentials are such things as the Trinity and nothing the Bible says you have to believe the Trinity in order to be saved. We know the Trinity is a true doctrine. We know it probably represents the Lord God. So I called a secondary essential primary essential has a warning attached to it, or statement of condemnation attached to declaring its essential nature, but the secondary essentials are derived out of the primaries, so the Trinity is still the true God and its does not stated as being essential with a warning. We know that it is also the virgin birth is not stated. You have to believe the virgin birth, but without the virgin birth. We can't have the true incarnation. Another essential is Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

Nobody come to the father but by him. John 14 six let's exclusive Tory. It means nobody else but nothing in the Bible says you have to believe that in order to be saved. This is a statement we know that Corsica asked Jesus jointly. So to the central doctrine on the second level. She soon essential part so anything other than those are issues what we call audio for now. We can also go to the area of I call the primary nonessentials moral integrity like Exodus 21 to 17 the 10 Commandments. If you're going around committing adultery, stealing a professing Christ. Well not really truly saved because the Bible says in first John 24 if you say you know him.

We do not keep his commandments.

The truth is not in you when you're a liar. There are certain levels of moral integrity. We have to maintain as well in order not to maintain a Christianity to demonstrate her in the faith fidelity in marriage with the condemnation of of homosexuality believing in in nice justification by faith alone and that baptism is a ceremony is necessary and so we have debatable issues, predestination, limited atonement nature of free will. What did we worship on you can believe any of these or not believe them and doesn't affect your salvation. Now this is on the doctrine grid I go right recommend you check it out and then when someone comes to you and says look I believe you have to worship on Saturday instead of Sunday. Yet the question why in order to be Christian. If they say yes. In order to be a Christian.

They're adding a requirement that is not stated in Scripture. Therefore, there are in danger of each misting a false convert looked he could be dismissed.

Let And so you could have someone who does not affirm the physical resurrection of Christ, for example, I've encountered this before, as it will do you know that he's God in flesh right now in the same no.

I believe that initially the Scriptures shown the Scriptures and echo all all that's what it says. I believe it will. They believe it because the regenerate and so when someone doesn't agree with that essential I work with them to see if they understand what it is to begin with C with if they can accept the Scriptures that they don't then I'm in a say something like your false convert in this guide I debated for a couple three weeks ago on baptism well obviously he was in over his head because he got a false doctrine, and he's requiring a ceremony to complete the work of Christ in us many things.

If you watch the debate very well a lot of things. He was stopped at and so he's also your false convert because he's not believing in the sufficiency of the bloodied blood atonement of Christ in justification by faith as I asked them to be justified by faith.

When we have faith only, not justified by faith we have faith. He couldn't answer the question. He had no because you got have baptism in their so you see that's why God's sake. Because he is God and you would you you would make that claim date.Scripture angulation okay perfect Gallaudet that I planted my question think much good for now you see what I'm doing. It's not because I don't like somebody minutes on a judge in know I got it laid out mapped out worked out. You have done my homework and you you you could say very clearly if someone says no, Jesus is not God in flesh six. You can't believe that you can't deny Christ daily and also be a Christian in the deceased. I am a Christian. I don't believe he's got in flesh. What is your false convert. Sorry and needs to be set definitely will think much the welcome member that go to karma. Look up doctrine grid. The Scriptures are there right you are absolutely think again RN and complex all right is the phones to with I should say Justin from Georgia just a welcome running air that I found the couple days ago grandmother quite the good kind of a little bit of history before at my question angulation really talk about and called for me.

I thought I came to cry and I didn't really understand everything and have a correct doctrine, the and over the course of my life and I extreme transformation happen and you know you characterize your new creation.

They are born of the spirit. I can understand spiritual truth and I fear God eternally rowdy thinker present in my life for me every every pressure you can be sure sure and I look to my for my insurance and I fear that my look to myself that I am trying to justify my Bible wall, but I know I can't merit the favor of God. Like I know that you made earlier like regenerate will will they will acknowledge no I cannot merit the pavement got, I guess I get confused on a time in my Christian life that I've ever trusted in my Dell that mean that you and at that time that I did around looking for myself that I try to just go by the law and that there right on Lake great stomach.

Yes, you can fall away from his grace in the salvation sense. And so what Galatians 5 is talking about are those Judaizers who wanted at a ceremony to complete the work of Christ. You're not doing what you are doing. I will tell you flat out what you're doing. You are being a normal human being Christian struggling with what he really is.

In light of the truth of God's work. The fact that you say what you said. I was smiling because you certainly sound like you're converted to Christ because you know the things I want to do.

I don't think I don't want to do. I do you're struggling with your old self, and the only way to do that is of your life in Christ that might like it. The Dell with my my thought that Blanco what might've been metabolically great. Like 11 I don't think that they think it just like we look here to tell you look at it because I think that I got a man's lighted person that I didn't like. First I got to do that you do that and I got to get burden I come across not burdened down with Ali and I want to be obedient, but I don't look to my obedient mind for my justification. I know I can't justify my bio think they confuse memo holding 21 okay so we tell you I really do what you're saying and get a break coming up Mayville mentioned that after the break in seminary with in seminary in my early 30s, electrical 30 years old and am the difficulties of going through okay so if you hold on this overly right that folks after the mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show back on the air with Justin from Georgia just in welcome. Still, there all right so I'm in seminary and I had the same problem that you were talking about the very same one and you know, am I really believing am I doing this. I'm trying to do that. My thinking this am I thinking that how you know I'm really saved you know my disbelieving that I'm thinking I'm believing or might not really live all this kind of stuff. Okay yeah call you. It's a lot of fun and so I went to a professor and he just had a good reputation of being a good patient, godly man and I told him all this excellent looking and was his eyes saying this is just full of compassion. He said well system this group to the word of God. They took me to Matthew 712, 357 70 chart reading, ask the given you seek and you will find knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds it to him who knocks it will be opened. Or what man is there among you, his son asks for a loaf will not give him a stone or if he asks for a fish shall not give mistake. Willie if you then being able to how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask and is 7 to 11 and he read that to me and he said look at this God is not faking well is your salvation rests with him. Not in your ability to be sincere and if you're asking God and crying out to God because do that because God's given you the ability these negative thinking about you ask for bread is going to do a stone or fish people snake. The reason this was said by Jesus because of the sick alligators of skinny fish snake in their head often reflect the kind of stones that were there, the wind made the bread and mounts roundish so the point was he's not you think you are now used to trust him that he's going to be there and he's given you what you need already, don't. So my recommendation he was.

Don't let your feelings look to the word of God, you have to ask yourself question. Do you really believe in Jesus or do you not believe in Jesus just comes down got a flat risen from the dead, you sent asking only you can answer. Do you believe it or not, you'll know and if you say you do, then rest in him and then get busy with living for Christ, becoming a better man of God. Okay Friday night I appreciated okay will you become after the Georgian point is stern looking finger in us frowning finger at you and say stop. Okay right you you trust Jesus. I was saying I trust him more than I can understand okay alright I don't get thank you. Right just goblets, but right list of the phones with Robert from Georgia when longtime Ansari. We got like a map, rapid order to get their daddy arguing that they have been there to Atlanta for the airport.

You my question, I look at what you thought of already out when you're in the debate are unconverted with someone over Block the figure on the thumb of the sport. How do you know what our state is just over me before you get out. Matt is there vesicular move is just that it's an arts and I debated different levels with people before the said look, I'm done talking to you because you refuse to believe the truth so we don't then I had people say or what you quitting you coward know it's just I just talked to so many times about this that Tom is not listening that's it. So as we got to move on.

I done that I've had to others where I've wanted to further it because people are listening. I want to expose the persons illogic on scriptural position and use it as a teaching opportunity.

So sometimes I'll go beyond what I normally would've quit at ended in what debate so you just kind of depends what you want to accomplish when you're feeling that day you asked the Lord and I'll do that during debates skipping words. This could be words not mine works your words and sometimes we just have to give up you so you know what was going in circles. That's one of the major ones all visits with her going in circles repeating myself like three or four times needlessly by I could were. Don't you know your code you go where you went with schoolyard now wants the scream at myself and you know that I want back in the corrected Americas ROI.

Note note knowingly going on that I don't want to get it good outback Not tried watch how you deal with people on the radio here and it really made and I just wondered if you had a particular golf. Thank you here with yeah will you just added three go you welcome to. I was not always as patient as I am on the gunfighter know I'm very strong, very strong-willed, and to defend the faith or clears. Escalate sonic slick and take me years just become as patient as I am and I'm trying to eat to improve even more and more were always can I say, well, someone said this that Rahul was but it's true. We fallen our strengths as well as your weaknesses use our strengths to the glory of God and not there's never a right. Thank you Matt by many welcome God bless you. Okay, alright, let's get to Anthony from Iowa Anthony welcome you on the air gap you mean the issue of thoughts. The keys of the kingdom and forgiving and all that kind of stuff.

And all this is why is important to get a good Bible that actually is a better translation from the original so recommend that you get the NES being this what it says in its correct is says to be blind and earth shall have been bound to future passive shall have been bound. I think the future passive at the perfect yet perfect passive participle to a passive means that the actions being performed on you. So if you're what you get hit by the ball, your passive if you throw the ball your active you're doing the you're doing the action until you receiving the action is passive voice and have been bound as I look was called the perfect tense. There's a perfect and is a pluperfect. The pluperfect says I had been eating the perfect tense, as I have been eating the pluperfect is the action is in the past and completed in the past I had been eating along the rim. Now the perfect tense as I'm I have been eating.

I still am its action.

The path is continuing in the present so this is in the perfect passive participle, which means a continuing action. Whatever you bind and earth shall have been bound now is talking about here is the shallots of future so it's saying you, it will have already been done.

So this is what's getting in here.

This is what say when you're finding something already bound without. This is difficult for a lot of people understand what this is what it actually is saying in the Greek and Greek is very powerful, very precise. The NASB Bible renders it very well end up, so does the ESV very well shall have been bound is very very good. The King James it says so it shall be bound, and it's not as good but it is not getting the perfect tense aspect of the original Greek.

This is why modern translations generally speaking or better so the NASB's when I use so when you get that you will say okay is not that they are the one doing the binding, but it does say if you bind on earth is another place where it says what you said you forgiven, they shall have been forgiven and there's ways of of asking questions about that is the same construction. If you do this, that shall have already been done because they're not the ones doing the forgiving thing that once doing that binding but is already having been done the proclaiming with already has occurred, this what's going on right you are following along yet. This is more difficult is it more difficult area and it is and sometimes found a bargain about our action here on earth are talking about everything.

Well here's the thing. This gets into some exegetical difficulties because we have the authority in Christ, and we do, but in this room and say talks about that and John 112 but in this context, Matthew 1618, the verse before it says I dispute you know your Peter upon this rock of the lecture.

It's not Peter but the rock of Christ is next to nothing but the Greek the gates of hell will not overpower it. I give you the King of the heaven. The keys of the kingdom is he giving it to Peter. The Catholics will say it specifically to Peter and to whomever Peter passes it on to it never says anything about passing it on wise and talking with the king the keys of the kingdom that gets into Isaiah 22 gets in some exegetical issues of the keys and the authority to bind and loose, but generally how it was understood in the Old Testament times is that those people who did binding and loosing the recent religious authorities in the religious context knew that what they were doing was simply doing what God had wanted them to already have been done as of the same kind of thing is spoken of by Jesus, and as he is talking about.

This reflected back Isaiah 22 will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. With every bite and earth shall have been bound so his wrist is referring back to this issue authority. We have authority in Christ. In this specific issue to Peter. That's what's interesting because he does say give you the keys of the kingdom will if it's him only with the question if asked is it to him only is it to him and whoever he gives it to is that the say thing like that in the Scriptures if it's only to Peter. Why would Peter be spoken of like that with asked these questions and we know that in certain listings of the apostles Peter is first, but as other places. He's not first, and Paul rebuked him to look after this was said.

So this gets to be difficult to really properly understand and not try to make things difficult.

It just is because we start asking questions looking other Scriptures you okay what is going on here and so were I met with understanding all this I told you what I understand it to say that there's some more questions. I have been able to figure out yet answer and hopefully God will give us more rest before I go to be with him that I share with I think is a truth before that time, but is not that okay will learn more we could have perfect I forgot my love sorry I'm tomorrow about why

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