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June 2, 2020 8:00 am

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June 2, 2020 8:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does the word -cloud- mean in Hebrews 12-1- Why does the NLT say -crowd- instead---2- Does the Bible teach that only children of believers go to heaven---3- Does Matthew 5-18 prove that we are still under the law unless heaven and earth have in some sense passed away---4- If Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, doesn't that disprove Calvinism---5- Why is there a standard for morality but not for personal tastes---6- What scriptures would you use to say that the elders have authority rather than the pastor---7- I feel like God wants me to go preach in a Wal-mart, but I am scared. What should I do-

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The previously recorded Netflix show why is it apologetic for you. You have questions about 772072276, as usual. And if you want to watch the show. All you do is go to the car go to website and I can watch that big deal to sitting in a chair in office and camera on some people like it.

Talk to go to Vegas he's watching some spying on much of the shows so troubled about that or you may call five lines 877-207-2276 and that we have three open line makes no formula should be.

Just let you know we have some schools if you want to learn some theology. You will learn the faith in me tell you something. It really helps to understand what the Trinity is why the Trinity is there how Jesus relates to what is he a man right now. Why is it important what is baptism was a covenant is not super cup. Thanks and I put all this information and some more in some some schools if you want to check about all you do is go to the right hand side of any page set CAR on the right-hand side of the page you'll find the online schools like graphic there laptop and stuff and that's all you do. I check that out and that's about it and we have the sellthrough school Center for $75 but because of the Corona stuff like that we reduce it to 50 and will be going on till the end of this month. Just a couple more days. I think it klutzy. We have click this right here yet. We have one to three more days so well on Monday the special and price but can allow 24 hours to make sure it all works usually does have a couple glitches and were working on fixing that as well will take a little bit of time you will get that going alright so well what you may call 877-207-2276. Let's get to John from Canada John, welcome here.

I'm going alright man hanging in there with you but what about people 12 candid what verse one yet chapter 12 verse one in the LTE.

It read. Therefore we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith that a strip off anyway down and that the ops my question is about word route and NLT Sony have that version living so that I might question at all the other good. Yet the NIV be rendered. Cloud okay my question Mike Michael yeah my question is I would go with cloud myself but my question it. If it is rendered. Cloud is any problem you know anything theological with that problem would arrive with cloud. Well, the word actually is cloud its Nephites and the dark cloud, a small cloud. It just means a cloud, and so deceive, no big deal.

This I believe in sticking with what the Scripture say if it says it's stick with it.

He was crowded with because I thought well I would negative that I would never do that. The reason I would never do that is because that's not what the inspired word says if you change one word to make it feel meant make more sense for us. Let's change others, and so this is I think so no I don't. I've never done a work study in the word cloud but you know cease its 3509 in the Greek that's the watch the SOC 350 not only occurs one time right there and so I can find out how it if he has any other meanings. It does outside of the Bible course so just this means you know a clouded that's what it is a cloud shapeless mass card is not cloud so I would guess that yeah I mean I will go with you the NLT the new living confirmation and it legitimate translation by Dino. Then again, I checked it with the NIV and E and all the other one they cloud right I wouldn't go with the NLT if you do any serious study. The NASB, ESV, I prefer the NASB a thing is more accurate. Recall that I use the cult of the nearly inspired version and it's not good like blood Circle K are using to be. Let's find you know my professors, some several my professors usually NIV in seminary so you know when looking at any of you. I don't know I just don't use anything ask other nannies be done by checks earlier and that's even have an and ET either Sciacca and ET. And so it says cloud of witnesses. The net version right down the check would like to use okay oh yeah you you I was just guerrillas. 519 C health translations of the Bible's use self and was heavy Tina. It NET blows it ESV blows it all up and flicking the NASB that Matt got but thank you for my question. By the grace of God all the thinking that you to go bye-bye slick okay right there was John from Canada. Let's get on the phones with think that would be leave for my Whaley welcome here hi hi how are you. I love the NLT to me it seemed my gimmick for me personally, but anyhow, my question is that I definitely grew up believing that like a child died or mentally impaired. Third, I just that they died they want to have a conversation with a guy and he looked under the assumption that only the children of believers would go to heaven. I never heard that Scripture and I don't really like that.

Is that something you heard or what is your standing on what the Bible doesn't say children do or do not go to heaven. We know that David lost his son and he says I will see him in heaven. You will see him again in the resurrection. So what that mean I get to write out the red. Maybe that means I will see you at the grade you can't come to me notices I will see the resurrection, please what he said but it's okay so we don't know what's in it with the what the Bible says because it doesn't say what happens to children. We just does not so like to say that all children are to go to heaven.

We can't say it authoritatively.

No, I believe I lean towards Eddie that all all children who die very very young Scooby floor can back it up. No, not until I've lost a son and reference verse and so maybe I'm influenced by that but if there elect children and if something was go to hell than this. Just if they all go to heaven shares just we just don't know. And we don't know the status of for those who are mentally ill. What capacity with faculty.

They have will be the Bible doesn't tell us so we can say this for someone saying that to children of believers that can go to heaven but not the unbelievers.

I understand that because what you're talking about is covenantal is covenantal is and is very biblical but doesn't necessitate that conclusion know it doesn't so people could say that they could be there opinion they could raise some verses to support that because that the signification of a married person. Children signified in the marriage. If one of the believer and so from that they could make the case well we will conclude that they go to heaven and it once were not signified in the believing parent don't like the Bible doesn't say that.

So it's an infinitely can't say you can't have any clear them all children one meal or one that I got that right is not definitive. It just doesn't say so we can't say for sure if someone says is my opinion that all that's okay, but your opinion may be truly natural so everything to me. When you think about the unfortunate all the millions of things with an aborted you know you don't think heaven would be more populated by people observable from that then no true believer that if I find a cure itself would find it curious what their no, I guess that they don't know any different in a much more like an angel in someone that truly repent because you don't have the same well discus and other areas of theology. Sincerity doesn't save us in faith doesn't save us, its face in Christ, the true Savior not the brother of the devil they got to sexual relations between God's got his wife keep the planet as Mormonism teaches or Michael the Archangel as Jehovah's Witnesses, teach, so faith isn't as in some substance that saves us on the neck by having faith.

It's always good to see you put it in and so all the devil has to do is get people to have a false object of faith even though with their sincere they could believe all they want to go to hell because they don't have a true faith in the true God, so that when I initially there's an issue of total depravity. There's an issue of federal headship gets more complicated and some of these issues just takes time. These are things I teach a Bible study and teach us a look.

Give me a half-hour to go through this one half hour will conclude you know has questions that can affect without honor. So with this. The short answer is the Bible is the say about the kids and mentally challenged individuals, so we can't either definitively offered opinion, but that's all okay okay right that it does it benefit okay man.

God bless what by right is Lee from pilotless the phone with Mike from Pennsylvania like welcome here a couple days ago about talking about poker.

You don't so the point that you gained any give me an answer for but you also negate me kind of subscription. Liberals are what you said happened is typical among people given Scripture. He doesn't say much that he does go someplace else right yeah yeah what a great teacher that day. While Mikey took a little bit more slick yet.

Matthew 58 mean and the way that one got the logs that appear claiming that that had been the holy Temple and the court and the people are or are the earth anything it didn't happen in 8070 Denver Tech under beat old covenant law you break the hold on will get back to you right back after these messages I call 770776 I recommend what to Matthew 518. For truly sitting, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished. Now forget that what you have to do is talk to something like this is that I was talking to him and said will look for printers and doesn't work because of acts one verse nine we read it that you see Bob about this over here to know no local. This is overseas and standing lysine yes but over here, but that may be the case but right here looking at this verse we see but don't right here look at this verse over and over and over I could do this many many times over years recyclable is a site because of see something this was happening. Psychologically, though see something it doesn't fit so they ignore it and go to something that the familiar we can't do that and I pointed out to them.

José look what you're doing is ignoring something that contradicts your system and so you're not interested in the truth you're interested in promoting your agenda verse on reformed my theology of someone says that I can ever separate future. Let's see if he has a verse must look at the context was to examine it okay and see. But if this guy will do that, then he's not a good teacher of anything.

Furthermore, the verse in Romans and Matthew 518 says not, nothing will pass from the law know what to ask him what is the law because the law can consist of the 613 Commandments.

The Old Testament, but it can also just mean the Pentateuch will what part of the law is he talking about. Not one. It's not smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the law know that means is in Hebrew letters rope or from right to left Johnson tittles: there's little things in which you when you read Hebrew. What you do not like English legal straight left to write what it does to go right to left, but you can go right up down left, up, down, because you look, which above the letter and below the letter. Val points and so this was establishes is how a lot of the stuff is so the small think it's you the letter I got over it will that's that's like a jot these little things that are there. This venomous could pass away till all is accomplished. I asked him okay what is it for the law that is talking about and is it the hundred and 13 commenced yet, so okay so then that will that will pass away until all is accomplished.

Once they got to do with Jesus coming back and and housing to come back and ask 192 11 see you come right back right back to to this and got a hold their feet to the fire. Don't let don't take the bait to go someplace else. I had to teach the newbies summary times will say something that's not true in your off a different tangent just a look will talk about that later, but here's the verse that is problem for you and you know when I get up. Nope, look at this, look at this done this so many times for the people look you want to believe the word of God. It contradicts what you want it to say, so you ignore it is to the makings of a false teacher like it's tough with him. There like a lot of her special people in all kind of theological perspectives. This is about right that help that helps so will not be for someone to requite you that you that you are partial redirect. So what forms of property you think have been fulfilled a red parcel, printers, and just says that the issues of Matthew 24. Luke 17 Mark 13 have been partially fulfilled back then and will be partially fulfilled when Christ back to first presence of the second presence of the Lord. And so this is why we hold that because a lot about what happened was actually taking care of it did actually occur. People did fleet the hills. The temple was destroyed, and so but it doesn't mean that Christ came back that way either because if he didn't, because a prophecy of acts 192 11 clearly says that Jesus will come back in the clouds where he ascended into heaven is what it says. So I cannot affirm for plagiarism, which would say that Jesus returned in the armies of Rome to destroy Jerusalem Gillis but yet at the theater same time we know that people did fleet we know that that Nero was a type of Antichrist went in and did a lot of evil things we do know that there's a lot of what was there was the case. Nero is a type of Antichrist where he would have these orgies and other things and feasts and stuff like that and to Christiansen and pull up on poles and cover with tar and light them on fire to light his is taken feasts and then there's issue 666 in the New Testament and Nero 616 with the textual variant and some stuff for some interesting information about he was a type of Antichrist in a real sense is right there right after the arrival of Christ. I think it makes sense of Antichrist right there before the arrival of Christ Antichrist before Christ returns and also lingered after pressure transfer courses. The Antichrist is alive and well in the world and the church is about the okay so you like a foreshadowing.

Iago would think God bless, Mike from Pennsylvania.

God bless buddy and let's get to Joshua fluently and had a question on the existence of God and love topics.

Josh called back and let's get to a few lines posting the call 87720722763 open lines wait for you this get to Ryan from Pennsylvania. Ryan welcome. Thank you Matt. I appreciate you inviting me to call but your job was hoping somebody would call and ask about… I can do that. So God called today about how do you John one 2985 Christ you can".Christ only does the electoral map. Well actually got a muslin that was quoted with 129 behold the Lamb of God who takes with us in the world. Matthew question.

Did Jesus take away the sin of the whole world every every individual who ever lived. He did okay so does anybody go to hell. Okay then, how does he take away the sin if you will go to hell if there's no sin okay so by the agreement with your definition of the note doesn't and so happening.

So with this issue is here is not body luck you don't know my exegesis, you don't know if unharmed. I'm reading it right now. Okay, what is word world meeting and I John 129 and refers to a cosmos which make the entirety of the art critic could mean that they could also be all that is what it means not because what it refers to defendants referring to the fallenness and pondered what one Adam Balakrishnan bill. Therefore, it must mean all the all the existence trees. If okay everything is so did it take take away the sin of the trees how to send priests in the right that folks after these messages that I call 770727 pairs nicely back to the show. Let's get back on with Ryan still there.

Alright so trees sin. All under all that was all trees. Sin that's the question the verse in question is John 129 refers to send what you fallenness of altering that's what Ricardo and John on and on. Since sin, since sin is brain and the law of God, by definition, first John 349 not is not not in John 129 okay what what is sin. Sin is the fallenness was there and because of Adam directing Rick about I just need to find sin for me it is alienation and strength that it is operational, that is what incentive first John three, four, sin is lawlessness. Sin by definition is break the law of God sending effective net of the act that is currently on hold on. You know, look at him as the one who sinned and sin entered the world through him right cigarette say behold the Lamb of God takes with us in the world you're saying that he took away the sin of every individual of her lip right every God and everything that at all. You okay and you also admitted that your views inconsistent because people are in hell. I asked the difficult, how can people have their sin taken away there also in hell and out okay.

My original question was how do you execute that you're not a glide from a sec, I'm asking a question showing you that your understanding of it is faulty because it was Gonzales, not yes, it is because you admit it's a problem itself. Faulty thinking. You can have Jesus actually have removed the sin of every individual who ever lived, and people also go to hell.

You can't have well on Beverly my interpretation on the technical loan you're saying that I could give a person interpret the text based solely on what you're not doing that what I had started all Ryan I'm starting to get this thing is and I'm asking you the question is the common question and I asked this question. The owner stopped and it's not just nonmedical. I'm sorry what you do not stop not, can you explain to me how people can go to hell if they don't have any sin. God they do not go because it Christ died for all, did not make it all and it she took away the sin of the world. That means you're saying you took away the sin of every individual you think the word world there means every individual and I'm showing I think it is great not, it can't mean every individual will and of intake with the sin of all creation individuals or are within the creation so therefore snickering the individuals so therefore you can have a dramatic but he go to hell. So now two of their heart out two of the options you have show that it can't be correct because you can't have that odd send people to hell for sin debt that's been canceled. We don't in Colossians 214 the sin debt scheduled at the cross, not when you believe your trigger. Alberto baptized good Ryan look like I'm trying to help you out here often to show you that there is inconsistency and I'm showing you how your inconsistency demonstrates that you don't understand what this text is saying I'm showing you that you do the ways you can interpret the word world does not work in a cup out of the contract that will showing you I'm asking the question if people go to hell does it mean or sin is removed. Okay, you got that not of course not. There dying America will limit, but he took with us in the world you took with every individual you say so, how can they die in their sins. If your sins are taken away the government executing the package only on what you were not. I'm asking you the question based on what it says you guys. He took away the sin of every individual who ever lived, then how is it that they can go to hell. People go to help out with their own fan of God, Christ died for the good. Not about the paper bag but sin is removed. It's taken away. How does God. But if you resend it doesn't exist again. You are not executing your implied product and your concluding something that is against what it clearly, and by your definition record you.

I am following what you are not don't know what you doing I'm asking quite how you and is hurting and I cried at Ryan and her dog friend and your guiding people. Ryan I'm showing you that your understanding of the text is incorrect. We can use lodging under nodding, were done so folks, here's the thing. If the sin debt is canceled for an individual can that individual. Go to hell no, because if he goes to hell she goes to hell, but there's no sin to be held accountable to that person, then that would mean that God is unjust for sending them and condemning them for sin that doesn't exist it's not there. If they have no sin, it means that their innocent because there is no said the sin that's canceled. If it's canceled. How does anybody go to hell if they say we gotta receive it doesn't it's irrelevant if it's canceled if it's removed if it's taken away. We believe or not is irrelevant because it doesn't exist anymore. This is the question that he can't answer, and others who bring this verse up and have that same view cannot answer so we know that the word world here can't be every individual who ever lives. We just know that The case because we have a logical impossibility was word world mean it probably means the other issues of self like a limited area or what I believe it means is all the nations, because Jesus said he was sent only the lost sheep of the house of Israel is not sent to the whole world and eat and what he wanted to do was stay with one verse.

You don't just stay with one verse you look at it you ask questions about it and understand it and expand it want to do that and that's is not exegesis so well is good on the phone with Daniel from Philly Daniel welcome you on here hey Matt how are you doing right thing and we got up I can admit that I live without getting really bad that last call I get all round out like anyway I can really go even deeper with with some people who asked that line of questioning.

There's some stuff that cannot answer and but I wanted to do and arguing match over the radio and conceded that it is noise doing okay. I called yesterday and I asked my second question regarding nobody that at no or how to respond in writing bad.

Christianity may be true for you but not for me, so I have more of a philosophical question. If you can help me out with Debbie thinking about for a while so I know that we have objective moral value that are based in Scripture and so there is definitely a differentiation between right and wrong and standard that is God's word you talked about the correspondence theory, then you clarified that no more accuracy data corresponding theory to know that which correspond to the mind of God so what about there being like our personal like you like chocolate I like vanilla ice cream.

I like the font you like that – is there a standard for that. If not, why not why they're interesting lately.

Maybe we can ask questions with questions. When you see a standard for that you minute the Levi's standard standard that so why do we say that there is a standard for morality which is God's word and what that law answer is because God revealed the key. His character through the old and New Testament, so we know why something is right or wrong because it's a reflection of his character right okay now what about our personal why isn't there a standard that judge whether or not it's right or wrong like vanilla because it might actually actually make the case that all decisions all preferences are moral. Every single one because we can make the creek case within Christianity that everything that exists exist because of God is the ultimate cause of all things, and since God always does everything that is morally right because, as part of his character, the creation, the created order flexes moral character and holiness. We being made with in his image, by nature of certain moral attributes and so our decision to mow the lawn or not Malan has a moral quality to it. And so my decision and I happen to like chocolate better than vanilla.

So good for you. I do like to fish better than hunting here. You're right on and so I get hundreds of fishing is good now, if I were a standard for that is a moral thing. Mother is if I fish in order to torture fish is good. I don't like him and I back your head against rocks thrown back in the water that's immoral if I hung if I fish to eat to feed myself.

It's not immoral to do that.

So everything becomes a moral issue. Now if you want I can show you how to demonstrate an absolute moral truth to someone who doesn't believe in God, if you're interested, it's going to do throughout question yeah yeah the some good you on site. I did this in a debate. Romans I want to break shelves continue here and there's a break so you'll have to wait till after five door after the radio show you how to establish that there is enough to write that gap is one of the line 87707 why call 77077 back everybody sounded better. People are complaining about during the break, change batteries to focus hopefully be working Daniel from Philly is still there. I am here all right. You are know how you can show that universal truth, moral truth does exist absolute. This is a something I did, I use in a debate with the well-known atheist Dan Barker years ago. He said that this is the logic. He said that he could think of. An exception to any moral absolute that any Christian could give and he could think of a way that that wouldn't be true anymore were a moral truth and so I thought about this. I came up with something in during the debate I presented to him because as you said regarding what morality you said this and this and this and this and this.

But here here's my proof or my think he could refute it. He could not answer soda tell you what it is but on a preamble to little bit what you can do with the people is site is it true or is it not the case that it's true that statements are true and false. None were our statements true or false. So you can see him holding my phone in my left hand is true right I put my phone down.

That's true. I'm not holding my hand right now. That's true. So if I same holding of my right hand I say I'm holding my phone.

My right hand.

It's not true because I'm not.

Statements are either true or false the certain paradoxical statement were where this statement is false and it's paradoxical, but it violates the second law of logic getting a something like that later, but nevertheless actually real.

Kind of a paradox. People might raise. But here's the thing. So when people say statement statements comport with actuality. But we would say that the estate was comport with the mind of God, which is ultimate truth will say to them is you agree that statements are either true or false to say yes okay I'm an offer you a statement tell me the statement is true or false. Here's the statement, it is always wrong for anyone to torture babies to death merely for their personal pleasure. That's why asked Dan Barker to can you think of an exception to that he could not notice how the statement works. It is always wrong for everyone that means is a universal statement. Universal things always wrong that's morality to the action for your baby to death merely that's the reason merely for your personal pleasure, so if the person says the statements true and the person is affirming a universal moral. It is always room for everyone. This is true within the atheist. For example, can't have that in his worldview because he can't affirm a universal moral absolute that applies to everybody all the time. So if you said is true. He refute his own atheism. If he says is false then he's advocating that there's times when it's okay to do this evil thing and then I asked the question okay good so you say in there it's intertidal. It's okay for everyone is always wrong for everyone okay to do this, not just one person but everyone can you give me an example where it's right for everyone to do this evil thing moral thing to give it a situation like that I can't do it.

Plus, if you want to see what is for one individual thing. Are you advocating that this thing is is okay to do that, their situations, I hundred by listing the everybody here with sky saying these things are situations where it's okay to do that. Either way, he loses so this is it a good argument. I've used it countless times atheist.

Don't like it because it puts him in a corner very quickly and puts a moral relativist to the corners well sometimes 06. Neither true nor false that you only think it is not true or false will then there's no morals other is right for you. Absolution is no morals anywhere.

Yes, that's correct.

How do you know another assert suddenly cannot defend. This is a simple logic working with the issues of the statements and effort you can do okay and got out a backup question thinking the whole if all of our active arm Memorial foundation, why art out accountable. One thing over another DR that God will hold everybody accountable for all their decisions and free everybody. Everybody so there you just met, the judgment were not to be judged to damnation. Work should be judged okay adequate – so there will be judgment or people with that doll. I bring a light beer. Well, there's certain preferences, but only God can can can see if you still like God says Oakville is the Best Way, Chuck is the best one. It's ultimately it's just trickling down you know is it a choice of morality to choose chocolate or vanilla. Ultimately yes it is but to what level that's in God will have to decide and stuff like that. If were probably because some the new shed that you don't probably not really worth discussing. The idea is that every decision we make is ultimately more slick Christian could salmon.

Eat ice cream because God is give me the ability to know and I'm doing whatever praise God, you know you could do that on the surface can work, but I don't know noticing that ultimately everything we do has more connections because he made the image of God and his morality is never never divorced from his actions and his decisions, and so therefore, since we are made in his image, and he's a standard of morality. Therefore it logically works out that even the color of the shirt you wear as a moral factor to it, but to what degree that's something only God could could figure out and done. If it comes in and issues are not make sense yeah yeah thank you arrive at the welcome okay right now. Take care okay you two didn't God bless all writers got the phones with Tiberius from New Jersey Tigers welcoming on the air. Amen. How are you doing well in your family doing well during the coin team going here in Internet problems for us and I work at home and basically changed so anyway I get right to it actually called you a while back when I got your number but I called you want to go back about my past. If you had used a trade company not approved by the church member that yeah yeah you gave me some advice about how to handle that and actually date back give a quick update on maybe if we had time default question to that make a long story short, I have to meet with him with a few other people at Winn-Dixie from the church eldership not really efficiently. I have the title of elders, but belong to any members who have offices in the church and basically in a highly happy case.

Again why this unprecedented pain. I think ultimately it is a very dangerous thing for him to do and I went into here.

You know my reason behind it and laugh also strongly about the fact it's godly. He had gone out his trade company, not even part of our Constitution. Okay, you don't really have the power to do that without bringing it to the membership on the board on the first so much of a my point and it has to begin at that point to capitulate and he said he didn't realize that that at that different from our trip covenant and I can't and I don't see how they can be seen kind of excuse why so he related that it contained a unitrust covenant that was approved by accurate, efficient, hopefully everything will work out. I did like I did work and that's really all alabaster on the fact that I hold a gotcha okay because I got a question got colors waiting which so she relented, so to speak.

That's great is easy. Yes or not it's and that's that's good good men arrived to call me back and apologize about it go from there. Oh, I like that guy. He's he seems like a good guy. Okay so we have a question and had a follow-up question quickly. As you mentioned in my original call that the elders should be the one going to church and not the pastor. Hello yes and no. The elderly, the pastor, by definition, is an elder first Timothy 517. Karen and the elders. So you go to Titus chapter 1 verses 5 to 7 in first Timothy 312-work with that.

That's where talks with the qualifications of an elder with her job starts. So the elders who rule well that's what talk about for 25, 17 and 18 yes oh. All pastors are by default elders, but not all elders are pastors understood okay soldier question later that the country can have the issue where I authority. Yes, that's a problem that's a problem. The problem yeah because it should not be that now he could have so to speak. More authority, but when the elders get in and say no we don't agree with that, he needs to submit to elicits under the right we don't have don't have that product that they need to have elders in the church is get back to that okay right is working out how much my appreciate it right that person got blissfully all right list of the phones with Justin from Georgia.

Justin welcoming on the air. I got fired off here couple days ago.

Ultimately I feel like God by becoming going to Walmart out and preach and down like then, I went twice and chickened out.

Book time inside of Walmart.

Yeah, and I was wondering if you could help me like because I trashed him struggling like I don't know the trial docket but to me I love wearing getting my faith.

So you talk about going into a Walmart store and start preaching out loud yet that's not something I think would be from the Lord had like the you might have a special conclusion for you. I got stories about weird situations where God is excommunicated some very strange things and it was God's will, but normally speaking, I wouldn't say that really is what we the right thing because the threat context and I can't like it date but if not I can get a good way like I don't like whatever I tell myself, okay, I'm going to do it.

Happy but then if I start contemplating whether or not beer like introspection. After thinking I'm really arrested Christ because I'm questioning that like about one minute left the shows when asked questions how old are you 21 you go to church. It okay so do want you to do is go to the elders of the church and tell them this and you okay and anyone with you go, with more than one and go with their advice and see because it could be that is just something in you but it's also possible. It's from the Lord. I can't tell you which it is but doesn't sounded to me like you be from the Lord, but just don't. But it might be but doesn't sound like if I had that impression to go. There are not to do it, but it persisted for months. I may just do it is get off my chest, but something elders about what all right letter from Russia out of Chicago. Sorry about that marvelous a great evening. Lord bless you tomorrow

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