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S5 Ep 05 Part 3 Time to take a stand. 45 Goals for the Communist Takeover of any Country Cont..

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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February 19, 2023 4:00 pm

S5 Ep 05 Part 3 Time to take a stand. 45 Goals for the Communist Takeover of any Country Cont..

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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February 19, 2023 4:00 pm

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  

This week Roy and Will Continue to discuss part 3 of the Forty-five (45) Goals of Communism listed in the book "The Naked Communist". 

How many goals are left today?  Is it too late?

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

Man Talk
Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
Man Talk
Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
Man Talk
Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
Man Talk
Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

Welcome to Man Talk, a ministry sponsored by TAWCMM, talking and walking Christian men's ministry, where we're devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination and to point men to their God-assigned roles. Now here's your hosts, Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. Well, welcome back to Man Talk Radio. This is Roy Jones Jr., your co-host.

And this is Will Hardy, your other co-host. Will, it's always good to talk to you, my brother, and we're picking back up on the topic that we started a few weeks back on the 45 goals of communism and how that relates to a socialism type environment and what's going on in the US compared to these 45 goals. And I think we only got through the first four, if I remember correctly, maybe even the first three, but we're number four or five will open up with this morning. But before we get started, Will, anything big happening in your life? Well, you know, God is always good. And I tell you, it's just good to be able to let the will of God be carried out in our lives and to do what we do here.

And so we're just thankful to God that he has just presented this opportunity to us because, you know, there are folks out there who, like us, have a desire to understand and take that deeper dive, you know, into the word of God and into things that's happening that's affecting us today that have been written so long ago. And so that I'm just thankful for that. Amen.

Amen. Well, for me personally, it's been a little bit of a tough week just because we lost the pet last Saturday that had been with us 10 years. And for those who don't have pets or dogs know that they become a family member. So just it happens so quickly. Just reminded my wife and I about how how short life really is and just how quick things can change. So if you're listening with us today, we just want to remind you that there's no time better than now to make a decision to follow Christ.

It's one of those things that you say, well, I'll get to it tomorrow, get to it next week, or, you know, that you're being tugged on in your heart, but you don't move on the tug. And as we learned this week and, of course, constantly reminded when we lose a loved one or friend, life is extremely short. And part of that being short is that we want to make sure that we as followers of Christ are doing all that we can do as the voice of God and the salt and light to the earth to stand up for what's right and what's wrong. And that's part of what this for this broadcast is about is to tell you what we are seeing, what we've through research we found to be true. And so join us as we go through these. We've got a couple more episodes on this particular topic.

It's a very deep topic, but when you hear all these 45 goals, you're going to sit back and say, my goodness, I had no idea that our country had gotten to this point. And, you know, Roy, when we were talking to on last time, we were talking about the the major premises as well. You know, we were saying that that the communist mentality has an agenda. And I think what our listening audience needs to understand of what we're presenting here is, again, we're not backing any particular group or organization.

But what we're doing is simply presenting to you those things that God had blessed us to encounter through the research that, Roy, you talked about earlier. And so they have an agenda and this agenda. They're disguising it under the premise that there are a lot of issues going on and how we need to combat these issues. So everybody have issues, there's issues, there's problems in the world at every level. Now, the thing about that is, is how do we go about coming to a resolution regarding these issues? And I think that's the great divide. The great divide is we have issues, we understand we have issues, everybody have issues or problems within the world. But how do we come about coming to a resolution? And so that's one of these premises or four premises that we started talking about. And we left off on the third major premise and then we're going to get back to the 45. But the third major premise was that there's no such thing as an innate right or wrong. You remember us talking about that, Roy? Yes, I do.

Very much so. And that they basically said that there is no right. There is no good cause. Stealing, is it wrong? Lying, is it wrong?

If it's for good cause, then we should lie. Killing, is that wrong? So they have this ideology that the things that God clearly stated that is wrong, we're looking at it as right. And of course, the scripture talk about that as well. Well, that's exactly scripture speaks to that specifically that in the end days, in times that wrong will become right and right will become wrong. And we've seen that manifest itself over the last 10 years and more, maybe even more the last 20 years. And you will not talk about this many times as children growing up. We would have never thought we would see the day that we're legalizing the things that we're legalizing as adults and in this phase of our life.

But typically speaking, we knew it would have to happen right in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled and the narrative in the Bible be filled. Interesting enough, I was watching the news this morning and we'll get right into the extra topics here. But this morning they were talking about legalization of gambling here in North Carolina, online gambling, that is. And it was all about increasing education funding, helping make a better North Carolina and all those things. But it's just another trap, much like everything else that's gone on at this point with the lottery and all the different things that we set out. Hey, this is going to help our education.

We're still ranked towards the bottom in our education in North Carolina. So it's just more more propaganda, more opportunities for our society to get disrupted and certainly families to be busted up. And interesting piece of that article today was that they actually had a help statement at the end of it.

If one of your loved ones has an addiction problem, then you can help by monitoring their bank accounts, monitoring their credit, keeping track to make sure they're not overextending themselves. But that in itself shows an inherent problem. But anyways, didn't mean to get too sidetracked there, but let's go to number four. We'll just the review, permit free trade between all nations, regardless of communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

And I believe that's where we've got to on the last podcast. Forgive me if I'm wrong there. But in number five, extend long term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

What do you see there, Will? It's almost, you know, we're certainly indebted heavily with the Chinese folks, right? With all the investment that they've done here in the U.S. and the Chinese government.

Yeah, Roy. And, you know, I think when we start looking at long term, term loans, the thing about this is when you loan any country a loan. They could use that loan for anything that they choose to use it for.

So they could tell you, this is what we want to use this loan for. But, you know, completely turn the tables and say that, well, we told them this. But what we want to do is we want to present ourselves as being a mutual partner in agreement with all countries. But we have a hidden agenda. And I think that's the scope here, is that if we continue to do what we're doing, then some of these the same monies in which we're lending countries that are in that communistic mindset. You know, those things could, of course, turn against us and they're using our money for the purpose of war or some other, you know, means that is.

Yeah, unscathed. Exactly. They're advancing their theology.

So very good. So number six is provide American aid to all nations, regardless of communist domination. So I we send aid everywhere regardless of what their governmental and social policies are.

Yeah. And, you know, once once you send aid and of course, I think we've seen this, especially during the time of I think it was over in Africa during the reign of Idi Amin. And, you know, we sent a lot of humanitarian aid. And what was happening is soon as the plane landed, you know, then the guerrillas jumped in and they took all the aid. And then they basically used it for their own army, supplying their own army with food, supplies and medicine. And then they gave the people absolutely nothing. So that is just a small scale reason that when you send aid, there has to be some right from an organization that is worldwide known.

So they can administer the aid in a manner that the people receive what the countries are supplying. Number seven, grant recognition of Red China and admission of Red China to the UN. So it's obviously that it's obvious we've recognized China, right?

Yeah, exactly. And China, you know, they were one of the initial, I think, seven or 10 nations that were admitted to the UN. And of course, it was started, the process was started by Richard Nixon in 1972. And then Jimmy Carter sort of consummated, you know, that in 1979. So, you know, again, when we look at it, we see that you had and this is where parties or political parties doesn't matter when it comes to things like this, because here you have a Republican president who initiated, you know, the process of getting China, you know, part of the union. And then you have a Democratic president coming behind him, consummating the ideal. That's good, Will. Number eight, set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev's promise in 1995 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the UN. Oh, my goodness, Roy, we can talk about this because we have election issues here in the United States.

No way. We don't have any concerns here. Any questions, do we?

Just a few. But, you know, when when you talk about, of course, East and West Germany, you know, they they were separate states. And but I think I think when you look at this particular one here, we have to ask ourselves the question about how free elections, did free elections exist and how did the people elect, you know, a free type of government? Because, see, when you when you start looking at things like this, you again, you have to have some type of oversight. You know, and if if the people if you if your country is being run by a small set of individuals.

You know, then where is that oversight coming from, where it's coming from, the individuals who are basically dictating the process. So free elections, I think in all countries, is needed. And it is necessary in order for, again, in our country, government to be, you know, by the people for the people.

Yes. And and we can even challenge that in our own country these days, because with the no term limits in Congress, big business being so impactful with the lobbyist groups as it relates to particular votes from a particular senator congressperson, then it's it's very much a challenge to say, do we really have a system that speaks for the people and all the people and other people? And I think we've had that conversation before.

That's very questionable in our own democracy, right? Oh, absolutely. You know, and you know, it goes along, I think, with this next premise that Cleon Schusen wrote in his book, The Naked Communist, which, you know, we're talking through. And the fourth major premise of communism is that all religion must be overthrown because it inhibits the spirit of world revolution. Repeat that again. We'll go back through that fourth one again. I want people to hear this the second time. That all religion must be overthrown because it inhibits the spirit of world revolution.

Now, when I look at this and again, we go back. Well, let's use the example that you use in reference to the lottery. So the state, you know, has a problem is that they think they need more funding for, you know, the school system, building better schools, hiring, you know, teachers, more teachers and things like that. So that's an issue. Now, the thing about it is, is how do you go about again, you know, coming to a resolution to say we have this problem.

Now let's sit around and talk about how to do this. And of course, you know, now they're talking about, as you stated, you know, bringing open or online gambling, you know, to the state. So how you go about doing something is the issue. How do we rectify our current problem? And is this current problem going to evolve, which nine times out of ten, they do into something else? You know, so it was like you stated, you know, they put that clause on the back.

OK, you if any boy in your family has a problem gambling, here's a number to call. Yeah, exactly. You know, it's like, hey, we want to we want to do this.

Things can be great for our state. But yet we know there's going to be some potential problems. And here are the problems. So we know people are going to get addicted. So we're going to provide a resource statement for you in case people get convicted. And it's like I just don't understand the logic.

And I think this goes back where we talked many, many, many times before. People don't think critically anymore. There's there's no process of critical thinking to walk through decisions and what the consequences of those decisions are going to be. And it's interesting that that number four objective or key focus areas that it disrupts or inhibits the world order essentially is what it's saying. And we've heard a lot about the new world order. And the fact is, has that meeting taken place in Davos? That was all those billionaires and major, major influencers throughout the world.

Is it coming up? I think I think it's coming up and see that when we get to number 11 here on our list in reference to the 45, I think we'll be able to have a lot of discussion around that. But you're absolutely right. So so if you take if you take God out of the equation.

You remove him completely from the equation. And what Mark said here is he said religion is an opium. Of the people, so he has this perception that religion is simply in the mind of people. You know, they they originate their own God and, you know, they form God's out of clay.

They form God's out of wood or out of metal or out of stone or out of precious, you know, some precious gem. So, you know, that that has a problem with when you're attempting to do something materialistically. And so he's saying materialism and religion, you can't mix the two. And he's he says that, I think, because what happens is when people have a strong biblical view. About materialism, it goes back to what Jesus said, which one are you loving more? Are you serving God or are you serving money? So so it's all about that.

The mindset of if I'm focusing on money and how to get money, what I need to do to get money, then I can use all means to my at my disposal in order to make sure that, you know, my pocket is filled or whatever the case may be. So I think that's one reason why they want to get rid of it and overthrow religion. And they're attempting to do that all around the world. We've spoken about this in the past, when you remove the light, what moves in darkness, darkness, right? So the same can if you think about how Jesus has demonstrated and illustrated to us that we need to be salt and light of the earth, that means we have to be shining on the sinful things. We need to be shining through with God's love and pointing out these things. But if we remove religion and in our case, the following of Christ, let's just say remove following of Christ as a focal point, then in that void, something has to fill that void.

And what comes in, then the darkness comes in, then the powers and principalities move into greater control. So we as we as followers of Christ have got to be diligent and stand strong on what we know to be true. And people say, well, how can I make a difference? Well, there's you can be on your school boards, you can run for your commissioner's offices, you can be a voice at the school level. If you're a parent, you can certainly be active in your church and you can form a group that basically says, hey, we're going to start standing up for what we know is right. And if you're not doing any of those things, then you should ask yourself, am I really committed to the cause of following Christ?

Because we're charged to go make disciples of all the nations and part of the cycling is teaching and helping others understand the state of affairs around them. Right. Oh, absolutely.

Right. You know, we got a break coming up right now, so we want to take a pause for a break and we'll come back and continue. To talk about these 45 ways in which the communistic mindset is encroaching upon our society. We'll be right back after this. Hi, folks, this is Johnny Topham's producer for MANTALK radio podcast. I just want to remind you to join us every first, third and fifth Friday for an amazing breakfast and fellowship with men who have a heart for God and a love for their fellow Christian men.

At the crossing at South Main Campus, located 1130 South Main Street, Kernersville, North Carolina, 27284. Doors open at six thirty with a hard stop at eight a.m. So come out and recharge your spirit before starting your weekend. And we're back after the commercial break, Roy, you know, this this is such an interesting topic that we've been looking at. And, you know, to finish off one of the communist founder's statements when we were talking about that religion must be overthrown because it inhibits the world revolution. And Marx and his followers, one went on to say that they felt.

That it was highly essential that religion be methodically replaced with militant atheism. So, again, what what do we see today and how we are addressing current issues in our country? We're seeing this absolute same things we we're we're seeing that if a person is at a point of addressing an issue and then you get all these people coming in with these various ideals on how to come up with a solution regarding that issue. Now, all of a sudden we have mass hysteria and we saw that, of course, in 2020. Yeah, it's interesting about that mass hysteria, Will, that it happens so quickly and moved across the country so fast. And then this goes back to stuff we've talked about before. Are we weigh in that activity by the same activities before and after that? Yeah, I know there were several murders and so forth, and it's like it was just brushed under the rug.

I don't know if you've heard any more, but it's like you never hear anything about follow up on the murders that occurred during that and crazy pandemonium that was going on in 2020. Yeah, you're absolutely right. And see, again, when you have an atheistic mindset, you know, and you're saying, well, you know, simply God can't help us because what man wants is man wants results now. And because he doesn't, you know, have the ability to put his faith and trust in a creator, which innately he knows exists. Because every person has that God spot.

Yes, they do. They have that God spot. But what is happening is that we're suppressing the truth of God through our unrighteous actions. So that's that's how we're, again, going about trying to solve an issue or big issue and in that we're making it more larger than it needs to be because we're injecting all these thoughts and ideologies from, you know, communist thinking. As I think through this thing will and in our own lifetime, you know. Some of the activities that I've watched through my lifetime and things that have gone on and then to sit back as an adult and review back on these 45 items, it's just so hard to believe that we've allowed this to happen in our country.

And it's can be a little bit discouraging if you if you're not trusting God for all of it, you know, if you're just looking at it as a human sight and to your point earlier, not using that God given innate knowledge of his being the supreme being and. And having created all this right and I just this whole control issue and this whole disruption issue and people not thinking on their own two feet anymore is just can be quite, quite bothersome. Yeah, Roy, and you know, when you when you take a person, you know, has who has been living in a communist regime, you know, all of their life and all of a sudden they have the opportunity to leave that regime and then to. Come and see how governments and people interact and, you know, the ability to go down to the corner store and buy anything you want, because in some countries you can't do that.

You just can't simply walk down to the store and buy this, that or the other in certain places and in communistic regimes. And so the freedom, I think, is absolutely mind blowing for those who eventually get out. And, you know, many books have been written about individuals who have, for example, have crossed the wall or managed to get over that the parallel there in between North and South Korea or before Germany became one country.

And you had the East and West Germany, how East Germans wanted to come to the western side, you know, to see how life was there and how the freedoms that existed on the west side did not exist in the east. And, you know, it reminds me because we're we're at a time in our life where when we see certain things occurring and we ask ourselves the question, why are these things occurring? And I think for the born again believer, it's really easy for us to see why things like this is occurring.

You know, we have the enemy that's involved stirring things up, injecting these thoughts. But it goes back to, you know, the right right there in the Garden of Eden. And it's like how many times we can talk about this right there in the Garden of Eden. Satan said. Has God really say it? See, that's it right there. Did he really did you really hear this is what Satan was basically saying to eat.

Did you really hear God say that or did you interpret it a wrong way? And see, and I think that same mentality, that same deceptive interjection that he's placing within the minds of people has just propagated itself and blown up to the proportion. And what we see today and the number of violence that's occurring around the world and, you know, the number of folks who are leaving the church because they look and they see that you have a problem here of this, that and the other thing.

And I'm just not satisfied. But in reality, they may be looking for a reason to leave. And so they're saying, well, maybe this communism stuff was right, you know, maybe maybe there's something up here. But again, in reality, it's deception and it's they have no means to an end. And the basis of that is the powers and principalities that we've talked about, right?

We know this is just another vehicle for Satan to disrupt things and and by their own objectives to break up any centralized or any religion, rather, of any country, because they know that that would be the moral yardstick versus this theology of communism. So number nine, prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the US has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress. And what do we say about that? We basically say, you know, just disarm yourself and everything will be OK. Do it in the spirit of, you know, peace. And so, again, we have and it's it's all going back to basically what we talked about earlier. You know, you have an issue.

How are you going to solve it? What means are you going to use to get in here and say, you know, this is how we're going to come to a conclusion? Well, if we want peace and we know that nuclear armament disrupts that process, we want you to disarm. Exactly.

You know, you get countries to disarm and then all of a sudden, you know, at the end of a certain period of time, you just go ahead and move in and take control. Yeah. And balloons might start flying over top of your country to see more than you realize. Absolutely.

You know, that was something, Roy, and I know we're digressing here a little bit, but I think it's it's needed. Is that a weather balloon? And then I just saw yesterday or the day before yesterday where there was another one that was flying over at Alaska. That was what I think it was at 40000 feet.

And the other balloon was at 60000 feet. So and they say, well, this one proposed a threat to the airline industry. So, you know, the president gave the order to to shoot it down. But it's like what's happening here? You know, what's really scares the fact we don't know how many times this has occurred in the past. You know, when this one surfaces, then all of a sudden they throw it back over the fence.

What happened previously in the former administration two or three times, but not with this this level of magnitude across the whole country. And interesting enough, the flight pattern came over several of the major silos, right? For our nuclear armament. Absolutely. So it does take a rocket scientist, no pun intended, to figure out what's going on and what what the true motive was. And then the audacity of another country to threaten us for clearing out the airspace, you know, which is our sovereign territory and that that just says and then where do you go from there? And that goes back to what we talked about in the past is we're not we're only strong as we are strong if we disarm and we basically reduce the spending in our military and put our defenses at a lower level.

We're only putting ourselves in a bad position for these types of things to continue to happen more and more in the future. Absolutely. Number ten, allow all Soviet satellite individual representation in the UN. Well, that's a pretty clear objective, right? The more voices you have that are speaking the same language you're speaking, then the more power you've got within the within the group for the organization. Absolutely. You know, and that and I think that goes along with if you if you have sweeping control and you have sweeping people who think like I do, then it's easy for us to and eventually, you know, just sort of like take control. Exactly. All right, number 11. Now this is going to be interesting.

Promote the UN as the only let me let me say it again as the only hope for mankind if its charter is rewritten demand that it be set up as one world government with its own independent armed forces. Wow. Is that kind of straight out of the Bible or what?

Absolutely, Roy. You know, when you have when you put power and authority in the hands of one organization, that's an issue. So. This is why we have checks and balances, you know, the three branches of government, you know. Is to put checks and balances so you don't have one. Branch of government having all the authority and making all decisions, but when you're talking about this, you're talking about only hope for mankind.

So I'm putting my hope. In man who number one is flawed and fallen, that's right. And number two, they're saying, OK, if we rewrite what's current.

You know the current charter, then this could give us, you know, some and holistic view of how we can achieve peace. Well, we know biblically. That folks are hollowing piece piece, but we know that there won't be any piece that there's, you know, we're we're heading for this. This place in history to where it's like a no turning back and God has. He knows that in the end.

Satan loses, he wins because Satan doesn't know the future and all who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ are the ones who will be with him forever. And, you know, the one world government scheme is it's nothing of no surprises because, you know, when you look at the European Union, of course, we you can go back and look at history at the forming of the European Union and the one world currency which they're trying to establish. And, you know, so these things are unfolding and they may not unfold during all during our lifetime, but we see how much it has progressed over the period of time that it has. Well, we're coming up on the end of the show, folks, we just want to say thank you so much for joining us. We've got several more parts to this in the next upcoming weeks.

Please join us again, go back and review the points we brought up and shared with you. Ask that you pray over it, pray over our country, pray over the world. A lot of disruption in the world right now, a lot of natural disasters that have happened over the last several weeks.

And they just didn't this week alone. It's been terrible in Turkey and Syria with the earthquakes. And we just ask that you pray for those families, loss of loved ones and still trying to locate many that are trapped. We thank you again for being with us. We love you. We look forward to talking with you again here next week.

Will. God bless you and we love you. As we conclude today's show, TAWCMM, Talking and Walking Christian Men's Ministry, are building a community of men to be servant leaders in their home, communities, churches and work environment. Check us out on our Web site for upcoming events and regular scheduled meetings. Don't forget to send us an email for topics that you would like us to visit in the future. Thank you for joining us today on Man Talk. Visit us at
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