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It is Not About You Anymore

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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June 26, 2022 11:28 pm

It is Not About You Anymore

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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This is Sam from the masking journey podcast of our goal with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to man brought you by T8 WC M and talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted down the walls of race denomination and challenging man to take their God assigned role as our host will hardly Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy welcome and talk radio milk so good to see you again Sir yes sir I see you and you are over there, were just that sick 4 feet apart. As part hey folks, welcome to the show today. We've will our chatting during the week and we decided that the topic today is going to be. It's not about you anymore dying to self and Scripture tells us you know over the last several weeks had some exposure to conversations with people in sharing the gospel in helping them to understand it being a follower of Christ means it really is no longer about you have to die to self and what does that look like, how does that unfold. How does that play out in your daily life and word of the temptations come to keep it about you versus making it about others in your life. So were going to talk a little about that today and I think Roy when we talk about a person who is dying to self, you know that it is obviously one choice or the other if you don't make things about you and what you're all about, then you're looking outside of yourself right. But if you are making things about you and your life then you're just you want everybody centered on you. All eyes on you that typing could point you think the pandemic is made that worse.

Well, you know, being closed up in the home and not being able to socially interact. I think has placed some type of percentage or have an effect. You know on people out there because they are learning more about each other, bears no individuals who who might be cohabitating you know who. Who decided well you know Kovic had me locked in here with you, and I'm finding out some things about you that I don't want to get out that I didn't know before, so I'm outta here or things like that or even you know married couple, you know coming coming to a realization that there were some things they may not have seen the value of one spouse travels all the time and all of a sudden the pandemic hits the country shuts down. There's nobody traveling in the wife or the husband used this individual being gone Monday through Friday and also next. There there every day.

So it looks quite different than what they had been experiencing for many years passed in order things I've noticed will through this process is that people have become less courteous out in the out just driving parking lot you you walk across part, people just are so focused on them six hopes that they bout run over you or in traffic. They don't let you out.

You signal you let someone out. I don't acknowledge little amount store hand up or anything. It's just it's just look people really become focused on self as a whole, more so to point maybe during the pandemic.

As a result of Justin not being around other people. Whatever happens to be, but this is one thing you want to talk about is the need for us to be worried about others before self, and of course the word of God says that you know that we should be content not only concern for our own interests, but the interests of others so you know, but a person might say, well, if I'm feeling bad and I'm not in a good mood to address anything kind to you what you expect me to do well that's a good question.

So what I would expect you to do is my country pleasing cues and don't say anything that upset me and just say your I'm sorry if this when those days if we have to have some sort of interaction. But if just to be quiet. The silent treatment sets off on another set of thought processes right.

Silly door to buy to get upset with you, but it does happen. Well see what what happens there. Roy is is the perception see the enemy. The enemy puts perceived thoughts in the mind of people now that perception is more than likely not true or it's been redefined to what the person who is the receiver is understanding it to be, but it's not that way because the enemy knows with the receiver's shortcomings are or insecurities or or triggers are right. So now that person is thinking okay here's here. Are you doing XYZ to me and now I'm perceiving something that's not necessarily reality but the enemy is saying is that it is it is and so you keep thinking about it is it is and you won't let it go now for born-again believer. We have to change our mindset in order for those thoughts to be driven out that the base could reprogram the old self as part of the new self it well. It's called being born again. Yeah so so if we are feeding. If we are feeding ourselves in and letting our thoughts of perception lead us and that's what's going to lead us right will be a born-again is the the new self right. That's when the Holy Spirit comes reside in you except Jesus Christ, but the the old flesh still tries to raise his head right like us were exact insecurities or the worries are, whatever you want to call it. That's were but the point about retraining the new self tour you're really focused on the on the biblical things and spiritual things and not let Satan his thoughts to your current moment to go in bed and then create a different reaction than a perception that was needed to be there exactly because if you remember Jesus when he was talking to scribes and Pharisees. They were preaching and teaching tradition traditional doctrine and when Jesus spoke his disciple said headmaster.

They were offended at what you said and it basically Jesus said yeah I know I know they were offended and they were offended because they don't know God and then he went further and he said this is not what goes into the heart of man, but what comes out.

Amen. So if you let it hang folks if you let in the perceived thoughts and you let the perceived thoughts become your reality, when in actuality they are not, then what you're doing is you're letting the enemy feed you and set of Lent letting the Holy Spirit.

Rule your life and and I think that's a dangerous area to be Willis get a couple scriptures that are Galatian 62 carry each other's burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ at an end, I think, to go along with that is Matthew 12 and 34 Jesus said from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

So what whatever you're treasuring in your heart. That's what's going to come out but that that word treasure can also mean what you deposit into your self so again if you let the perceived thoughts be deposited then what's going to come out is thoughts of anger. Maybe thoughts of rage. Thoughts of discontent. All these things are are going to manifest themselves, and and we don't want those things to manifest themselves, because what that does is it spreads bitterness and and every evil work that the enemy wants to do in and through the born-again believer.

Hebrews 1316. Don't forget to do good and to share what you have, because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices a man and NC to to go along with with that is what we were talking about words and perception is the word your words are seat your word to see for sure. Jesus. Jesus said in and now of St. Luke 811 seed is the word of God. So if if the seed is the word of God and your words become seed RRC because when we speak we can determine life and death. In the words that we speak we will have to go out cut nobody up or you'll shoot someone because of what Proverbs 1821 says that her life is in the power of the tongue. So your words are seed and you plant seed with in people.

Now what ever see that your sewing if his discontent and the person who was the receiver received that discontent in their spirit and that's what's going to be rooted and ultimately grow into.

When you think about the words we say in speaking. This goes back to is no longer about you dying to self.

We look at our spouses look at her children look at our colleagues at work.

We look at our friends either. If we would just pause before he steer, will about planting seeds for just pause before we can fully speak and make sure what were about to say is an edifying, uplifting, positive remark encouraging remark rather than military down negative piece it could be perceived totally different than what you are trying to time to communicate. But as believers and followers of Christ. We need to be more more tuned into the fact that we can encourage we can love all and we can serve others because that is our job at this point. Once we become in our calling was to become followers of Christ is truly to serve others possess what Christ did that comes in a multitude of ways dying to self means that just that no longer worried about rolling along are worried about will as individuals we worry about. I worry about will is my brother. You worry about Roy is your brother. That's the way things should be working at and when it don't, is when we are not letting the Holy Spirit got inside I like it all in our daily activities because you know what if somebody say a harsh word at us or what I like to call when you hit those hot button topics these days. There see you got a lot of hot button topics only. We were talking about someone the way to the you note over it today. Some people might be for example, advocates of gun rights. Some may not. Hot button topic right one might may be pornography hot button topic politics hot button topic to see so I remember one time I was I was giving a message somewhere at a church and there was a young man who came in who I've had conversations with in the past and I knew that he was an advocate of a certain subject matter that I'm not going to mention, and so knowing that I saw that he was sort of like drifting. He wasn't paying attention to what was being said and then all of a sudden I mentioned that hot button topic employee perked right up. But you know what Roy I didn't say anything else about it after that is meant to just mention it and I had is a tinge of invective in yellow what he was looking forward.

What is he going to say next, list a great start to the conversation will it's not about you dying to self so very take a break will be right back with you just won't DAW CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first, third and fifth Friday of every month, Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is in their gracious host Church First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged it all starts at 630 and they have a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy. Welcome back to man talk radio.

You just joining us restart the topic today. It's not about you anymore dying to self.

It will with good dialogue in the first part of the show here.

Proverbs 1970s is those who are gracious to the poor. Went to the Lord and the Lord will fully repaid know when I think about the prophet who, when he went in the house and and he was talking to the widow and about making him a cake and she said well I just got a little bit more so for me and my son and when we eat this we going to die and also we we're just preparing for death and this is all we have and you talk about making you a little cake. Well, when she didn't understand the blessing that was coming behind her sacrifice. See, that's what we don't do Roy. We don't sacrifice because in order for you to look after others more than yourself, you're making a sacrifice in some way sacrifice, materially, mentally, sociologically, whatever the case may be, you're making a sacrifice and that sacrifice is going to have an effect on the people who you come in contact with Jesus in Matthew 1510 through 13.

He said that it basically every tree, every plant that that his father in heaven did not plant God's going rooted up so I believe that the application behind that particular verse. Roy notice application behind that verse says that if there is something that's dwelling in your life that God wants to uproot in order to put you back on the path that is acceptable in his sight that God will do whatever is necessary in order for that to come about because remember what he said. He said he chastens those whom he loves his own soul and fill that chastening though we we don't look at it. I think in a way, as God is going to bless me. On the other side we just look at we're being chased and so were asking why why my being chastened and with so focus on the Y instead of giving ourselves over to God and letting God take us through the chastening so we can reach the blessing on the other side.

Matthew 542 give to those who ask and don't refuse those who wish to borrow from you will while that's that's pretty pointed think I think it you know it says it all went when we as God's people. When when we lend you know we're supposed to be the lender we supposed to be the one who gave annual we talked about this and in the men's breakfast at. I think the church doesn't have a problem when it comes to being a servant of those who are in need, you know food drives clothing in old building bed's you know like the man do I think we don't have a problem with that, but we have the problem when it comes to the very same thing that we should be unified on anyone. The court in S doctrine so it's the doctrine that divides us and it's and we're looking at the same Bible.

Now, you know, we might be looking at different translation, but we look at the same Bible and were coming to all of these different conclusions with respect to interpretation and so but a lot of what we're we're looking at. We're looking at application rather than interpretations because there's there's so many ways versus Scripture can be applied to our life but God only meant for his word to be interpreted one way so there is no 4567 different interpretations with respect to the meaning and context of God's word. But what differs in the application. I mean one verse in the Scripture can be applied.

500 ways in your life you know when you when you look at certain things.

I chose Scripture doing so it's not is not bound, you know, in that respect when it comes to application, but interpretation got only meant for his work to be interpreted 1 Way Way he said. We both worked quite a bit with me and you you a lot with couples mean look not so much as couples but some so list talk about some of the ways that special as it relates to men that they don't focus on the other one focus himself. What are some examples to counseling to see were men of part of the problems been that they didn't were concerned about their spouse. Well, I think Roy they they look at where if there if there they say they are born again.

Typically what they do is they look at the fact that well. God said that I'm the head so they take that position and they abuse the authority as headship which God has sent over them so in that respect they're looking at themselves as something greater and bigger than what God intended them to be. Now when you when you look at yourself that when a course that selfishness. By the way, when you look at yourself. That way now. What happens is you begin to look outside the home. And of course we talked about that too. So you start looking for well if if my wife sees me this way and she's not giving give immediate attention and affection that I want where I'm gonna look at somebody at work and she gave me a die. So I think I'm chosen now to let me go on over here and and you know do XYZ so those things start going through the mind and again it points back to the individual.

Wow I didn't think I had it anymore. This is just one example manager. I didn't think I had it anymore, but I guess I do so again. He starts looking and looking and all these things begin to propagate just like a root right this continues to bill himself so other ways that we may focus himself, so purchasing in the we go buy stuff that's just because one about the talker spouse without thinking their needs first time management. You know, let's think about that that's it's a selfish motivation sometimes suffer step you need to do stuff without counsel with your wife without discussing it taken because failing to play golf today.

She had plans for you to go do something together but you go play golf. So you itself before others and of course eat these things have to be communicated out, and that's the redo that's one of the absolute worst things that break down any marriage is communication or that they are communicating but there communicating in the wrong sense or lack thereof so no communication is taking place and so now everybody silent you know walking past each other in the house sitting at the table eating breakfast and not talking right one is doing this and the other was knowing that so when we know that there's something cooking over and you know on the stove that's burning it really badly had very very bad and figured we speak and Jane Lessard in our conversation talked about the need for heart talking to her room show that nine so that gives us channels of communication open and back to the the piece about self is no longer about you. We always will quite often we sure about the pornography piece here. This is a great time to call that out as well that the time is not correct within your relationship in terms of time with one another.

The need to talk about that to point earlier to Snell about communication, right need to be talked about those needs and what each other wants of the relationship not going off to a photographic site in which we knows multitude of sins, and all one package and then it is a problem in women. We found them disgusted is part of women's well so that works both ways. In terms of it's not about self. It's about the other person efficacy.

When a person start indulging and engaging in those things they are blaming it on their spouse yet they are saying see you and not giving me any attention.

So I have well-defined attention somewhere else and so I'm blaming you, you know, for my shortcomings, but that in reality they want to do those things anyway right doesn't get the reason right right letter justifying so there is just a justify so hey folks will make you aware of something as we move into the in the children just few moments that will and I will be going off of truth radio network podcast but will still be can do it continuing the podcast in the future will just be independent if you will still accessible to all the normal channels iTunes Google podcast edify and any other channel that you more than picking it up on we just will say thank you to the Truth Network for their getting started for the support is great to be part of the team here that a great group of folks and wills anything you like.

Sales were good and move out for this particular episode faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God so you know I was sharing with her brother the other day that you know if you come around me.

Eventually I'm going to give you the word of God a man and and the reason why I'm going to give you the word of God is because you cannot have faith, operating in your life unless you hear the word. Romans 1017. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So I have to hear it and that word you know is is seed is planted in me because remember we said seed is the word of God. So now that see this planet.

I'm going to let that seed germinate, the more I concentrate on the word of God, the more I give myself over to the word of God. And when I when I do this I have to do it intentionally and see it has to be part of who I am because if we say we are man a God or kingdom citizen or Christian or whatever the case may be the end. Let me see that through the walk in your life and if I don't see that to the walk in your life and I know that you know you're up and down, up and down on the seesaw and the roller coaster of life and and what happens there is at any low point because you come to the high point but at any low point in your life is when you're the most vulnerable to the enemy what is the enemy going to do is going to need you perception and that perception is more than likely untrue, but he's good at it and he knows how to make it stick so to speak. So and with that, Roy. That's what I want to leave without listeners.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God getting the word amen will think you give folks it's been a great show will thank you so much hope you have a great week and will see you next week man talk radio podcast. Talk to you at strike with talk to you but we might even see my sizing we might see you to remind you might see us on YouTube, Facebook, we might be out there so look for stand as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men that are Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings, drop us a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future.

Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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