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Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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August 15, 2021 4:00 pm

The Right Stuff

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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August 15, 2021 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  Will welcomes Mark Nickens from Liberty University to the show. Will and Nick discuss the different classes Nick will go over with TAWCMM.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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This is on trial from the finishing well podcast on finishing well.

We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money to chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network welcome to man talk brought to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of challenging men to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior a black eye and a white welcome join. It's what we have an exciting show here today we have Dr. Mark Nickens with Liberty University and he's been associated with the man's ministry for little while now and so he's going to give an introduction of himself and then we got to get writing to talk about some the things that Mark is planning for TA WC MMO talking walking Christian men's ministry as well. As some of his passions in the ministry and some things that God has got him to journey on so welcome Dr. Nickens so you want to go ahead and introduce yourself to the man talk audience and I grew up in, and I start off by the past about being an engineer because I was good at math in school, but really working out an interim critical point and so I left and went on for a while and then got out and got it. Call me up to become a professor, so went on I got my Masters and doctorate degree in church history and subject teaching school 1994 to 5 page church history and difficult classes were politically praise God, you know I'm I like history, myself and am I tell you it's it's just a thrill. I think to even to think about and also to bring to light some of the things that has happened in our history so that we can never forget you know the man and women in the past to have brought things to the future that we are now have the privilege to pocket taking help better my life I have afterward come about yourself and your path you are today, though by Christian church history, and the favorite but really think that I while that's that's great that's absolutely great. And so Mark, we have you Army and meet every first and third Friday mornings at First Christian Church in Kernersville, and I know that you have lined up for the man some very exciting classes that the men are going to partake in any starting in September so want to tell us a little bit about that for Friday morning. Have passion for people to understand the Bible more deeply and I was peeking out of the Baptist College for 14 years and I would have a lot of you coming by classes of the group in the church alive and realize that there were some different things. But the Bible is sure about so I just wanted to take that university and college level training. But if the churches were going to be doing that, the type of meeting or write a and the first is going to have an overview of the New Testament writers will have an overview of the Old Testament, though with example like to you. There is a kind of like a car by car because they want to get from point A to point B like the color art passion of the car, but basically it's just that reliable transportation.

Really we did under the hood of the car works.

Classes are going to be like this will be getting the Bible print spent on the question of people never really thought about is why the books of the New Testament). They are 27 of them and in early church. The down and failed to have this arrangement. Why did they write about like a little teaser you would record the Gospels are easy-to-understand of the other biographies of polemic that because I cannot make that, but then you have all the letters from the apostles before capitalism Jesus family to the letters impact despite how we were to write letters and it would make sense if you look at the story of Jesus and who is Jesus main apostle Peter would make that that book after acts would be Peter.

Letters but is not there. Paul's letter that that there is a reason for that is what to do it because they get ideas about the Bible about how it's arranged the way it is. Other ideas about the Bible cover to some interesting things like the fish symbol wisely for several years Christianity something like that to get people to understand the Bible more so was been the Fort Friday going to the New Testament in the Old Testament you know Mark I think you like you said that most born-again believers I don't think that they take a deeper dive in the Scriptures as they should, because once you start getting in there and use you start looking at various and sundry things in reference to the Bible in and what it says and and really dig into like the Greek and dig into the Hebrew meanings behind some of the language we we would find that a lot of times when we cite certain verses and hear this all the time that we cite certain verses we have a tendency to cite those verses out of context and I was wondering if you have found that out to in your teaching danger is going around what you want to read like it is very important understand the situation going on behind the degree that part of the biblical biblical understanding that they want to pick out her flesh out different meaning, but under the current with an inner fence to the Scriptures in order so is the order and this is just again, maybe a little teaser you probably going to get to this you know in in our meetings back the. The chronological order is it is it arranged historically. According to in the chronological order, and again I know you're probably going to get into that but but what's the whole thing around order and why it is the way that it is if you can give us like a brief overview of the short answer is no, that the letters are not arranged chronologically. Paul's letters are not arranged chronologically. There's a reason for the arrangement.

I was in my class the first Friday morning that there is there's a different reason thing right so how liquid made you. I guess get interested in history, biblical history, I university and working on my degree at 1st in study.

First, I actually hated history. I remember thinking history class that out because I went to, and I hated so much. After the class was over overcoming going to the backyard baseball bat.

If the guys history when it had terrible classical church history, but don't know history, but they have started to realize that history is not about having the people to pass.

This is about me history is living for a great example to use a lot of my churches requested look at the cost today.

Peter preached a sermon about 3000 people get saved at that point Chris Appia started the church that started there is no leadership of the apostles. There is no New Testament, there is no organization there is no him and others.

There's nothing that everything occurs at the of the bill for certain refund and so realize that I think are to understand. That's why I can give you a good example.

Some churches have the practice to be altered. All churches built by this change how the practice of people going forward. The service accepting Jesus Christ that developed in the early day to the mid-1800s there was a huge movement called the second great awakening and had less revivals of Charles Benny was one of the leaders, and as Charles Benny would travel around his large Preaching. He repeatedly was noted that people were just the other seat having the experience of the I learned from the Methodist practice of people working emotional having come up to the front, not to become a Christian perspective to get you closer to the pastor hereunder. More conviction that idea became so popular that what the people use that until the date of FHA, the where popular front venue that means you are becoming a Christian. Before that time.

Become a Christian pastor during the week like that do not come to the fraud and so so that the altar call a realized developed in the mid-1800s, the philosophy like I Christianity have developed over time to understand better why I did the thing and by other people do different things. That's reason why a path about church history and you know that I think it should resonate and give a lot of insight to to our man in particular because our men are the leaders of the household and they need to take these things back because the more that they are equipped and this is part of, you know, our our mission is to equip men with the tools that they need in order to take these tools back to their family and to let God bless them to teach the family so it's it's it's almost like one of those train the trainer type type of things but I enjoy history and and no understanding your passion and I learned some new here today about how it's sort of like a reflection of ourselves. So he is like a mirror if you will.

Okay, we are coming out on 1/32 so I want to us to continue this, but we come back from the break we are going to continue talking with Dr. Mark Mickens of Liberty University and were going to talk about more.

His passions and commissions that God had blessed him to be on so we just want to man talk probably assist to hang in there with us and we will be right back after break TA WC M and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church in Cartersville 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock from a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

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Yes, there I give you two thumbs up on.

We are back talking with Dr. Mark Mickens of Liberty University and he has been talking to us about the upcoming classes and I know a lot of army and Mark are excited about it given classes on church history, and the man we already share with them. Bring your note books. Bring your pans and your pants.

Bring your electrical devices because were going to have a great time learning a lot of things that we probably were aware of in just skimming the surface, but never took that deeper dive or as you put it in our first segment under the hood look so were going to now shift gears and were going to talk with Dr. Nickens about some of his passions and missions in missionary work that he has going on and I know it is something exciting because missions is that spiritual food as well as the natural food that feeds and supplies the people of God keep them wholesome. Keep them healthy spiritually and naturally so share with us Dr. Nickens about some of things that God have got you involved with or have been involved with in the past and share with our listening audience right website website that are run by Calcutta academic every word called Charlotte that Florida had knowledge knowledge view of the Bible and the website is simple. It's called study of the church study. The okay and on the website. I have over hundred 50 different small article that explains different aspects of Christianity in your fiddling what you get there, as the articles the rest of the earlier description of the discomfort but the earliest discovered my entire history of Jerusalem the past 10 years a lot of different interesting article like that and also I have what I refer to have double extreme Bible tribute test have eight of them on their there for three hours of answers and fillers are just got a fun thing to do just to go through and no one is a branch of the first question I going to get the website for the answer you have studied the you can see there are links to get to the public tribute test equipment after the question is who was the first king of Israel after Noah got it right by proof of the Bible, but the answer is wow go there just to defend lots of questions and interesting questions. There also and parted by passion of the Bible developed a small hourly call the school culture at half Bible and throughout the year. I teach different classes, but all online and they're all free any of your listeners are happy to jump in any of those and you can find it at If you think of the word Trinity got the law. You put the yes I thought okay. and the reason I chose train of thought is actually the Latin for Trinity

Bless your listeners are they going to be really really anxious to get to that first question that no one else answered and you will because it is like his lie hidden treasure you let you know just to use a parable of Jesus from Matthew chapter 13 verses 44 and 46 see the kingdom of cream is likened unto a man who finds a treasure in the field he goes he hides that treasure. Then he goes home sells everything he has and he comes back and he buys that field so I can equate that to that that you know here you have, you know this.

This is treasure that no one has answered and so now I'm know I listeners are going to be really excited about really all about people, people Bible part of my has led me into you, for example, you definitely make the Bible more deeply, more so than any other generation. Because Chris is being attacked more so than ever before, and they are going to have an answer the difficult question of the school with her friend and so I've developed Bible text and classes have one of six week long in protest, but when the family flocked the New Testament and so as I try to figure how to reach you the realized will all just didn't try to get them to come to my physical class for my online class I will use the language that they use, and all you text but you call it the grammar texting or whatever ball tax exactly and so I developed this youth Bible text in class and so blessed. For example, the Old Testament left for six weeks Monday through Friday. I called the hub and spoke method which I've created a class and affinity youth leaders. Leaders of the countries across America do for them to become an MP to develop the text every week. Today you go there. The spokes and I wait I have a question. The question get back to the leader not to me you to follow up with them every little interest in lap.

It could just go to study the There's a link there wouldn't contact me to be happy to share that with them if they get to know more about the Bible, partly drives my interest in dictation. The Bible give you a great example about this survey about seven years ago in England why Christianity had declined so much of England.

The survey and asked the question, why do not go to church anyhow like for prearranged answers that I did a survey that picked up all the answers that you know we gave them the only possibility for something else. But the survey over again and then have been given the answer will cost more to compel the effort that will have the true answer to be petted and it came back up the number one reason why do people leave the church because it didn't answer the questions well for questions about Christianity, but the Bible how did we get the Bible I could trust the Bible always do know is those that didn't answer questions and have that liberty will have people compelled to have a peanut hero in their discussion boards are forms of interaction that you know my friends, we are looking for people to Ashley deeper questions across so that's one reason I'm drawn toward training as far as man I'll suggest that this is a great way to read two things that the great weight will learn the answers for your tips for you that you work with if it take to cut a class of the only free online classes come to talk him to get a good overview of all the New Testament over four weeks.

We can better answer the questions of you of active nuclear asking the question and they're getting in the know there get the wrong answers of the great it would given the right answers is reluctant to do for myself and do it for the kids because they are looking for someone to give them answers exactly about bite bite got by me and I'm taking classes, but doing so interest built up the pattern for their kids and the kids will play well he thinks is important, then maybe something I need to be also involved more Bible study and I think the more Mark that parents and man in particular in the community, church, community, or within the society at large. You know, we need to be more of an example because whether or not men believe or don't believe that they are role models to kids who are looking at them and they may not ever say it, you know, but right but if they they hear and they they see in their minds are like little sponges and later, they're just absorbing all of this information and sadly a lot of the things that they're getting is from the Internet and a lot of those things as as you stated are our un-biblical or they are not. It's not sound doctrine. So if it sounds good to them, then you know they have a tendency to believe that until they encounter someone else who have something more convincing that they should believe rather than what they read online right yeah so so it's it's it is a challenge.

I think for men and for just parents in particular. So God is bless you to be doing an absolute fabulous thing. I know our listeners will again enjoy a lot of the challenges that you put on the website and you must give us both of those websites again. I called the studied the and the website for my small Bible Trina Thomas site Trinity why so listeners if you want to be challenged if you want to explore and go deeper into the word of God, just not be a superficial Christian, but take a deeper depth than God, because this is how you as a believer draw closer to God because DC say we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for the works that he has sent us out to do so today we challenges go out. Let the spirit of God bless you and to become that man take the challenges that Dr. Nickens has put forth and so we thank God for you, Mark, and we know that we're going to certainly enjoy a lot of classes yet about less than 30 seconds left.

So there is anything else you want to say Bible class the company through the website alright so we thank you Dr. Nickens and we will see you again thank you all for listening.

We love you we know that God's will will be carried out so join us again next week as we wrap up today show is sure TA W CMM talking and walking Christian Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meeting is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future.

Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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