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Maximize Manhood Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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May 23, 2021 4:00 pm

Maximize Manhood Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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May 23, 2021 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. The tag team is once again back together in studio. For the next two weeks Will and Roy will discuss their favorite chapters from the book titled Maximize Manhood by Edwin Louis Cole.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network welcome to man talk brought to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of peace and harmony, and challenging men to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white it is.

Well, wait a minute. Who is this guy that's in the cross for me.

I'm not sure here's a bit long, but we better get his good answers to tell her we need check you out to make sure you go out. We locked the door process that will reasonably missing in action checked out one hospital in which is good to have you back right. It's great to be back so you know we the men's group.

As you know, have been going through this study and call maximize manhood by Atlanta elastics that it is it is an you know, we just want to share just excerpts from the book in our favor chapters that you know we have gone from.

Thus far we still going through it. But you know man if you're listening, you might and you have your church Bible study out there because for me, this might be some material you interested in it it it's a great material base will and for young and old. Doesn't matter what point in life and what part of the journey on this is a fantastic renewal reminder refresher and the new material for many many years and it's easy read. You know so you know you don't have to not cumbersome. Now I am looking to get a closer look at it.

It's an easy read and I am a test with the about 200 pages and I'm already about the one 90s so is gone. You've gone through it so my lists some of the things that I've looked at while reviewing the book and you know we gonna again pick out our favor chapters in one of my favorites was. It will is entitled is there a priest in the house tomorrow and if you listing that were talking to you, absolutely because God has called you to be the priest and he is called you to minister to your family. Now that's not to say that everything goes through you and God has to go through you in order to get things done in the family.

It just means that you need to be the minister, the leader of your family every house and will got from Hartley real quick. Is it important for priest to be a man to be a priest of his home if he lives by himself, absolutely, because see, there is no difference if you got individuals in the house or not, because you're going to encounter somebody right and God should have your heart and mind prepared so when you encounter whoever it is you encounter neighborhood people.

People that you you meet, and in the store wherever you go you know you can share the gospel with them and it's all about diminishing right and also keeping purity as we talk about many times and showed as a priest of your home and support in key purity within your home. If you're single that comes even more challenging right because you get more temptations come at you the different venues in strings.

We talked about the past and we have said that up individuals character is based off of when no one is looking. What he's doing no one's looking. So it ain't so, so CEU you gotta know that God is watching so it you know if you a man of purity. You know, even though someone that's not around you physically you. You gotta know that God is watching exactly and if you've accepted Jesus in your heart that the Holy Spirit residing exactly. So this this chapter, you know, he talks about a instance where this he was speaking with this woman and she came up to him and she said you know I can't talk to my pastor within the neighborhood and I can share these things with him, but I heard about you ministering to men and I heard about how you have, you know, challenge man in certain areas and it really interests it really enters her that Roy, I think, in and of itself because of a man who is really wanting to get his household in order that woman would be ideal because she understands number one what men need and she understands what her role is in the home right that's a good point will so you know having that understanding of knowing your old number one and then knowing your husband's role.

Number two I think would excite any man who, because that's that's an area I think to where he really don't have to put a lot of emphasis and she was saying. I'm not getting leadership you know how now. I mean, think, think about how that impacts the heart a woman who is looking for leadership desiring and I and you know without the leadership than the later in the book it talks about the width that reflects childishness, will, and so the wife becomes in essence the mother if she is not getting the leadership from the husband and he's acting childish. If you will, than she basically becomes the mother and in the book it talks about them.

The intimacy parent standpoint how do you expect you to have intimate times with horticulture mother from her standpoint like she's acting as the mother in the relationship, not as the wife and in your part and help me exactly. And you know he goes on to talk about where the wife even though she understands what her role is that she should not be pushing the man right you know again so starting up but she should help him as she understands he is reaching and wanting to learn more about what he supposed be doing and how you me that he wants to learn and is not specific exactly and so that's that. That in and of itself is blessed.

It is so and then he says. She says I just don't have any leadership from my husband and then she goes on to talk to a headwind and says please tell the men wherever you go, that we women just want them to be leaders in our home in every way especially to lead us in prayer. You know we talked about prayer all the time. Being a big issue and in the study of God's word no limit to stop right there and say this that a lot of men would say well I'm not versed in the word of God. So if a man comes to you, Roy, and says that what would you say to him, that's okay because are you going to start start reading start learning in the gotta take a rest like we always talk about start stepping in the natural but got to carelessness and my advice would him to be.

Take what you have learned in Bible study yet. Take what you have learned in the message and start talking about that on your way home talk about it around the dinner table, but we don't get any that there is no reinforcement once the message goes out, we say to each other old. My pastor preached a good message but we can't tell them what scripture we can tell what the choir sang in the 30 was later can't remember the message exit. Most people can't be in CMC so it's just like falling on deaf ears so good thing think about here folks is if you'll take notes while you're listening to your sermon at your pastoral. Then you've got notes to reflect back to his wills, indicating you don't have to have it all memorized. You can go back to start reading your notes which will will initiate and instigate conversation if you will, between each other and then God can come right then sit down with you and unveil what he really need you pull from those lessons a man because you don't. You don't need a doctorate you don't need a Masters you don't need any of those things. All you need to do is let God bless you to discuss those things that you talked about. And if you have a problem with something that you heard that you may not understand the pastors available. Or maybe some of his staff is available to where you can get clarification on some things, but the ideal is don't let it sit on idle years and in idle heart right because I didn't want 100 will halfhearted where I'll be glad to give them those things that God has blessed me to know but you as a parishioner you understand you know the aspects of what your pastor delivers on a weekly basis monthly basis and the study. In time, because the worship is to prepare you of skews me Bible study is to prepare you for the worship service so during the time during the week. If you have midweek Bible study that's to talk about things that you may have heard from last Sunday's message and say hey pastor you know you said such and such and such. Can you clarify this essay, I think, again, as man and we might show so it's like I don't want to talk to my pastor, let him think that I don't know you know so that a put a damper on him and hurt his court." Male ego.

Well, it takes a bigger man to say I need help or to say I don't have all the answers than it does falsify or claim he does. We really doesn't like you will back to this young lady speak of pressure is really coming. One of the lawn rehearses.

Please understand I love my husband is just that I get so hungry so hungry for him to take his place. While I don't want to step in and take it. That is why I know a lot of women do, but I don't think it's right so I the ladies folks men and women. If you listen to your husbands.

Tell them in your life that you really want them to take the place to bleed and again men as we've always stressed is not been the dictator is leading by example by serving and doing it the right way and you are likely talked about it you are drawn to your wife more into men not in the physical sense because their spiritual intimacy and there's physical intimacy like and so as he was going through talking about that I made a note here that said, he said a woman praying for her husband develop an intimacy with him in spirit that draws her to him. She identifies with his needs and thus help him to meet the notice help him not push him to something that he might be rejecting but just sort of helping to steer him in that direction, knowing that if he has that hunger for God is going to open up the door and going to allow him to experience these things in that key be in the hunger now will from listening to listen to the podcast. I know that I need to be reading the Bible more. Another need deleting my wife better in this area, but just can't seem to get started what you tell that list. Well you know we have talked about this before and so if we if you go back and listen to some of the podcasts that we put out. These are things that we basically said that you should be doing. You should be praying you should have devotion time. You should get yourself in a small group Bible study, you should be around strong men you should allow yourself a period of time where you pray your self and then bring your family into prayer. So if you go back and listen to some of the podcasts we have with in detail later them and talked about some of these things that that a man need to be going in order to get started. Folks will be right back with you to take a break.

Thank you so much for joining us for maximized manhood is 10 AW CM and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month, Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their precious posterior First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will party Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point.

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Welcome back man talk radio will write before regular talk about how to get men started new letter back to the podcast the past and so will get back in the chapter, one of things I was just reading and reviewing the everyone says is that the failure of the man to pray for his wife means that he can have a physical intimacy but he does not develop the intimacy of spirit that produces true oneness and then the next paragraphs of sexual relations are one thing. Spiritual union is another men.

If you really want to be one with your wife then pray for her and with her as we stressed many many times in previous years, and seen I think this goes into what he talked about later on to on this page Roy when he says that a woman feels unique in her own way when she is getting that spiritual attention not necessarily physical right, but the spiritual attention because if the spiritual attention comes then I think it will.

Naturally the physical intimacy and attention would naturally follow, but it's what we do's.

In the spirit for each other. The woman praying for her husband and the husband praying for his wife so when they get into that mode spiritually. Then God began to connect them and then they'll get new meaning to one flesh. They will exactly where was originally designed exactly exactly.

So in this particular chapter 2, I made a whole lot of notes in here so on. I'm on page 82.

Now Roy and is he says in here. Men can change habits on the Miller page. Men can change habits only God can change your nature see the nature of the natural wants to control your thoughts control your actions control who you well guess the person that you came from. You want to go back to being that person who has the same mind you know who has the same godly and ungodly affections and worldly lusts, we want to be that man but that's where the mind wants to draw us right and take us back so he says here the woman who finds herself with an unbelieving husband on her hands or Christian husband less than maximized in his potential manhood has to key steps and I made*Bob by both of these number one make sure that you have forgiven your husband of all his sins but stressed that read that again that she forgive her husband for all of his sins and forgiveness means you it doesn't mean you forget it means you let son of God override of the daughter of God overrun the daughter of man and you keep it press down you don't bring it up exactly because when you dwell on it.

If you focus on it. If you're always talking about. It manifests itself.

That means you had forgiven this and you never forget know know you know and just speaking about it and he actually gave this example in here but asked one years ago when I was working at the plant and I'm not going to mention any names because I really get their permission to to talk about specifics in this area, but I once worked with a man at a plant and he cheated on his wife and he would come in because he was he was on call in and so he worked in an area where he needed to be on duty when it was his turn to be on duty and so if things happen within the plant site. We would have to call him and he come in, you know.

Check it out and and and bring in any other guys that he needed in order to rectify whatever the situation was and he cheated on his wife, and every time we would call to bring him in the plan. He wouldn't be there 30 minutes and his wife would be calling to make sure to make sure he was there and she obviously had never forgiven him. And so sometimes I would be in the office when he would pick up the phone and I could see the disdain man in his face right you know in his countenance a fallen and he was like wow, here she goes again.

You know it was like am I ever going to be free from the mistake that I made and I felt really really bad form, but she would do it every time and so he she had basically bind him and he talked about that. Yeah, I'm glad you brought that argument read that was his first make sure your forgiven husband Wallace is this his many wives do not forgive their husbands without forgiveness. She holds his sins against him and bonds them to him. So think about that folks.

If you bonds into the person then it's always going to manifests itself either in your imagination that your thinking something's going on or you can continue accusing or pursuing it with that person and then it happens again because her saying hey there.

I'm at the Morgan blame for this so you're in the fall. Temptation again because are you been not trusted. If you will yeah that's giving them an excuse of giving them a reason in a course halfway to absolutely and even though the person knows if or not they're doing this they should not allow themselves to be pulled into the mire will ultimately the demand is going to have to make this decision to say if my wife is continuously thinking this and I can't do anything otherwise to change her mind. I'm just going to have to continue to trust God says many men who generally desire to become the man God wants them to be on themselves battling to be free from the wise bondage of unforgiveness. So there are bound by the unforgiveness of the can't be the man that God wants me to be a trite and and secondly he says he says love them. He said that's a simple statement and then he can. He talks about first Peter chapter 3 verses one through three in the amplified and he says you married women be submissive to your own husbands and adapt your sales to them so that if they do not obey the word of God. They may be one over not by discussion. In other words, you can talk him into being born again, you just can't sweet talking, and to be being a child of God, but by the life that you live so he is going to be looking at your life so women if you had a man who cheated on you don't suspect that every time he is doing this in particular if he is a man who wants to, you see that he's making an effort to get himself back on track. Because see that that's the two things Roy either.

He's going to want to be able to get back on track or he's going to save. Forget it. I'm just worn out this marriage yeah because you can never overcome the failure subject rent in the what is says is when they observed the pure and modest way in which you, the wives conduct yourselves together with your reverence for your husband, which includes respect revere him honor and esteem appreciate prized in human since the door him. That is to admire. Praise be devoted to deeply love and enjoy him and this is what your husband women.

This is what your husband desire, but if you are living a godly life. God promises right here in first Peter chapter 3 it's a promise that God made and God cannot go back on his promise said if you continue to live a godly life and it may not come. You may want to see results in two months, six months, it may take a year.

It may take a year and 1/2's for some it could be a week because everyone is different and everybody's insight as to whether or not they want to be drawn closer to God is different so we just can't put a number on it. It may take for five years force for some you know them and I want to things here men that you can do to reassure your wife is tell her that she is the one that God wanted you to have and reinforce that exactly. Don't ever give a doubt that you were the she was the one that you wanted to be with because the marriage vow is a confession that causes commitment, but a lack of commitment is a major issue facing couples. Many men feel they were coursed intermarriage say manipulated or course by you know some some circumstance that they get into and see. Likewise, the women now women marries because they might slip up, get pregnant, or for some financial insecurity, or some other pressure right. She is often uncertain that her husband is God-given.

So if she is saying we gotta get married because I'm pregnant or because now my inability to work is gone and I was a working woman before you came along and got me pregnant.

Well, it takes two to tango deftly takes 2 to 0. You can use.

You just can't say you know it's all one person or another because if you mutually having intercourse. Then there you have it you know what is good yes mutual decision so and along those lines if if you've been and have experience that prematurely. I would encourage you as a couple.

Now married to sit down and pray for that sinful behavior for repentance, but also break that what we used to refer to Haverford to the so-called either because of the union of the Kirsch. It wasn't designed pre-marriage to be done exactly that. So God can restore infected later one of the other chapters, he talks about the very thing that caused some challenges in marriages today so and want to hear us as men. You are the priest, so you must minister to your family because every husband needs to realize that this the sacredness of marriage union and is God's highest priority.

In any marriage, every man needs to settle it in his mind and he needs to understand that if I if I am Mary my reasons for being married should not be forced upon me, because if I am being forced into a marriage or if the woman is being feel like she's been forth just like you say is here they going to say you, you're not the man or the woman for me and then one thing that Edwin says in this chapter. Be mindful that you don't own anything that's right, it's your only the steward God is stewardship over those things. That includes your family good steward of your family biggest priest that you need to be with. He's given you a wife with. He's given you children then you are the steward over them and what's going to happen is God is going to hold you accountable on what you did as a man like you for joining man talk radio podcast as we wrap up today show.

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