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Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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October 4, 2020 4:00 pm


Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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October 4, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week's show focuses on when individuals fall into unethical behaviors, infidelity, and the Jerry Falwell Jr. situation.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.


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Podcast network. This is good Truth Network welcome to man talk brought to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race, challenging, and to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy. Welcome to man when I will Hardy and I'm Roy Jones Junior and Roy today is a very sensitive subject matter.

You know it's something I think that man have struggled with in women as well.

For countless countless years and it's it's concerning individuals who get themselves involved in dealings that are not ethical and also the issue of individuals and infidelity and things like that so we are subject matter. You know, we're talking about something that's been in the news since probably the last for five weeks or so. 60 and so is concerning the fall of Gary Falwell Junior now before we began. I want to make something perfectly clear to the listening audience. We are not here to air out anyone's dirty laundry That's what we're not here to do. This is an issue that man again as well as women deal with and so we want to bring this out.

Even though he is a public figure.

We decided that this is something that those who have maybe looked up to him or have viewed him more than an individual who is capable of allowing themselves to fall in this situation, you know, so you should look at your pastor, first of all and and and out being one myself. You should never look at your pastor as some type of idle or little demigod right and in doing so I think what we do is when that individual be subjected to some type of temptation and ultimately fall into that temptation. Then all of a sudden we have this whole new light and new look upon our pastor but they hat you have to remember he is a man right and so we're talking about. I guess the challenge that everybody goes through that serves God and Satan's after those people following Christ.

Even more so the people that are following Christ is Artie got them exactly the moment so he's always attacking and tempting. And John the cool people down and take him. Of course get distracted and in the case of Mr. fall will talk about you know it's like any time something like this happens whether Tim numerous others would go down to list your President Clinton class. All these other different things that happen with men of position that the prod goeth before the fall exactly like Sir comes before the fall. So the got some product powerful and prideful if you will, and proud because it is usual multimillion dollar yacht that was lung to about one of the racing team owners of number correctly so you just taken snapshots of Instagram pictures and you and the one thing comes to mind was racing us always the caption about him have his pants unbuttoned one of his assistants, pants and button and the comment was she was pregnant and so therefore she was trying to be comfortable, but none of it was appropriate. None of was appropriate but there again. He thought he was untouchable would be my perception of all this that he's in a great position very successful school fall of his dad who built all this which you talk about her from Scioscia so folks, if you listen doesn't matter where you're at, or in your walk. Always be conscious of Satan's coming after absolutely and what he does is when he comes after he's coming after you with both barrels. This is now this situation here starting the course we we have some material in front of us from the Huffington Post, but was also the information in the Wall Street Journal, and it was in the Washington Post, and all these other prominent magazines. USA Today even carried the story so it's it's public knowledge. But I think what we want to look at is we want to look at all of the reasons or some of the reasons why men fall into these situations. Now what this man does in his private life with his wife behind closed doors. We say it should be just their business but should be should be when you are prominent figure now is something that you are doing is on ethical or it goes against the word of God right you know and course.

It started out with this. This pool boy right there was a mutual relationship with the pool boy. He had a relationship with the wife is with that which the article reads and the father and husband knew this was to follow new years and then you when that toughest of services that all of a sudden there's this finances the command behind it that he's help this guy get the business started in just those of all the red flags exact all life is. Also, you know, and there's many reasons I guess why men do the things that they do you know it in reference to maybe having some type of infidelity and we don't know where that started in his mind or how long actually was going on yellow and with with the wife right it to the point so but I guess the larger picture that we talked about want to talk about and show you and I talked about before start is that men and women. You need to be very conscious that Satan is out still kill and destroy. So it doesn't matter what you prominent figure just an everyday person absolute will and that you just out doing God's work, build the kingdom.

You've got to be on your guard at all times. You got you got to put on the armor that God has on her own and he got himself webinars with the word of God in your heart and your mind so that when stuff starts to commensurate you remember what God has told us about these things and how Handelman what to beware of it always 20 should never forget and is there still kill in the story like this it still kill and destroy destroy families, kill your motivation kill your walk with Christ. Destroy your favorability within your community or favorability within the family all those things are at that risk.

I tried Nancy and that's John 1010, because the latter part of that. Jesus said I've come that you may have life, and to have it more abundantly. And you can't have the abundant life, unless you first understand that the life that you were living was not a life that was pleasing to God and am glad you went down that path will because too many to many to many of us want to get fire protection if you will, and talked about before. The one Saturday I believe in Christ except customer personal savior and admit that I'm a sinner but then they want to go back to control parts of their life and so you've got to be all in or out, got speak very clearly about being lukewarm. So if you're in the skin is hot you can stay in the standards and you've got to live in a moribund way to live life more abundantly, is about pursuing him more abundantly. If were not doing that.

The move will live a more abundant life. If you've got sin in the midst of all this in the midst of all this relationship with Christ and you're trying to walk with him and yet you still live in the door wife if you will double his life in your keeping those things private that are your business folks is not your business. It's God's business absolutely what you put the badge alone like you not talk before will you wear the badge the needed live by the if you say you're a follower of Christ be a follower of Christ, not a worldly Christian. That's right because when people see ultimately when you succumb to this type of temptation that he succumb to in all of the reasons behind what led him down this path. If you're trying to spice up your relationship, so to speak, by trying to bring 1/3 wheel into the mix. Then again, you are setting yourself up for disaster because this is not the standard of God. The standard of God is one man one woman for life for life and marriage in a marriage, not premarital but intimate Anna marriage and so when you when you have that bond and you know you joined to each other because you were to it now. You become one right right and so now you need to start doing things together. So get up off the couch man and and women put down the romance novels.

If you read them and get in there with your husband and say let's have devotion, let's sit down and less truly, let God bless us to live out this life that we say he called us to right and back to the abundant peace. Abundant means full full on fall in abundant means in the means that that beautiful relationship physically and intimately. God designed to be, but if you got sin spinning around in the midst of that relationship weathers behind closed doors, watching pornography, reading, pornographic blowing, I these romance novels which are very rare.

A risqu from what I understand have been on the past.

These are the things that will pollute and dilute they will pollute and dilute your relationship with your spouse and also the relationship with Christ, if you're in the midst of this, you gotta turn away from us. No no rationalization know nothing will talk about this supply chain at some point the jury contributing to lead to pornography if you're in either of these aspects absolutely because see with the with Jerry Falwell Junior for example, see he was an attorney responsible for the real estate with the University according to the article here that we are reading and see he he had all of this. This access to these things, so he was making these deals. You know with these the companies and that he was either associated with the work through some third-party and all of a sudden he just start falling and falling and falling and then the next thing you know because he had all this other saying that he hadn't dealt with upfront.

Now he turns to alcohol and so we we read in and one story here. In any article where now he started drinking and he he was drinking so heavily he fell down the stairs. His wife called the 911 and that was one of the questions the 911 operator asked had he been drinking since he said well I really don't want to answer that will answer no answer. As with most people's minds is the answer exactly if you have been dreaming say no is not been drinking but he has been doing so I don't answer that is omitted that the note that the lack of answer is the answer is yes. So the least that would be what we would ascertain from the conversation so the thing we government about Falwell Junior is that he was not his fault.

He was not the pastor he was just assigned as the leader voted and I guess the head of school at some point time.

So what's this goes back to viewing where the badge lived by the badge. He was part in overseeing the school at requirements of no drinking no no no cohabitation. I they didn't allow up to six and that each of the shrooms dorm rooms and favorite stringent guidelines to help people stay on the moral track here his own histogram with a dark water black waters. He called this probably lasted one day, folks. We're so glad you joined us not to talk about will be back in just a few moments and we have a great Sunday 10 AWS CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their gracious posterior First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point.

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Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987. Welcome back man talk radio will and I were just talking for the break.

If you going to wear the badge delivered by the badge. What we mean by that focuses you so you are a Christ follower then it should be your day in day out mission to live like Christ lived that we know perfection is not possible within the human soul or spirit because that almost was broken back in the garden and we all agree to that but you can you can live a disciplined life and the life that's holy and without constant sin in your life and I think logarithmic mistakes everyday we all do have a sin that happens with FS for forgiveness and repentance. But you can't consciously choose to sin and where the badge is just not right and should not be doing exactly.

And although we don't have.

We are not perfect. We have a perfect person who resides and unless this so as long as we are yielding ourselves to him, then we are walking in perfection. Now notice what it doesn't say we are perfect, but we are walking in perfect perfection because we are yielding to him and he is leading and guiding a mentor and directing our steps. So when when you were talking about in the first part Roy about how it's you know when a person says this that I'm doing is my business and nobody else should know about that and you said it's God's business.

Well that is so true because what happens here is in the article it says that this is why a lot of individuals fail to be drawn to the church is because they see someone who's supposed to be a leader and directing this school and have all this responsibility and now and I'm quoting from the article now from from the Huff Post September 5, 2020 at 9:31 AM and it says rather than serving an institution be the church University Corporation Congress men such as Falwell pervert institutions to serve their own ends.

Financial, political, sexual, etc. they use it as a personal platform rather than subordinating their own agenda to the greater institutional good right and so this could even be said about the relationship and the bigger picture with Christ. Learning if we do not subordinate our own good for her own agenda for the greater good, which would be the kingdom exactly can be caught up in the same type of messing right in the same the same sin if you will the same failure. So in the end too often people get in these higher positions. They forget who put them there with God or putting there really was a partially followed in his father's footsteps. His father had laid this legacy of the school God had just blown the thing up to an amazing level absolutely, and in their own lawn student enrollments.

Unbelievable 20 or 30,000 maybe over hundred thousand Antoinette's huge amine and then people people who actually want to come to the University were coming from all other countries all over the world yesterday assistant to come to this university because they they heard of of how the. The values of this institution and the school and then the quality of the education by which they would receive something that would be rewarding for them and in making a clear picture and and certainly with children and build into their spiritual journey as well based on the foundation of the school. One of things we talked about will before the show started that I think his listeners in the and we as fathers and husbands and men need to be aware of is that no one Scripture tells us to honor our mother and father that doesn't stop when we get older that doesn't stop with Jerry follow Gina because his dad was gone and I think the most disappointing thing for me personally to read this article and here.

This was noted how hard his father had worked for the kingdom and work to provide a a Christian-based education's facility with world-class world-class facilities there for Christians and followers of Christ to be educated and those who maybe want false Christ would have give them opportunity commit to it. But here about Christ and that's that's probably it is the second largest failure of this whole thing. The first is is let God because he was he was given a task and sound rollover God's people majority the folks there later and so I guess for me thinking you not talk about that he has. He has not honored his father know he hasn't dishonored his father and really stained his legacy. Yes, you know, because as much as someone who may or may not have liked what his father had to say but I believe he was grounded biblically. Yes, you know. And so when you put this stain because because this again this this article. Here it says that one of one of Falwell's greatest passions was the accumulation of property. In other words of one liberty men and administrators said we are not a school will we are a real estate hedge fund.

Wow so so again going back to the legacy piece you know this. This this school and the foundation that his father laid so that people can build their spiritual lives toward to help other people out there around the world and and there's all kinds of liberty graduates all around the world that you not doing all kinds of missionary work in doing things for the greater good and so now you hear things like this because now all of this was hidden and now God is bringing it out to like and see this is this is what I share with the men.

A lot of times Roy when I'm in counseling sessions with them is I tell them, beware, your sin will find you out this it will. It is just a matter time and so you can only go for so long and then God is going to pull back the covers and expose individuals for exactly who they are because we're getting closer and closer to the return of Christ and in in all of this foolishness and that's what it is it it really is it's foolishness. When we allow ourselves to be sucked back into something that God has brought us onto it with.

So true. Will. What it boils down to this is the need to be fulfilled in their seeking the fulfillment people when the getting the stuff but fulfilling the wrong desires to fulfill the wrong wrong vacancy in their life. The voyages they are, but because we have to wonder is Christ really drawing within is the Holy Spirit really there or are they allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work you was intended to. Once he resides in us, so it is a constant battle, especially for men. We know that and I think the more and more time that passes, and more women get involved in those inappropriate things that we talked about a lot of stuff that it becomes a bigger cycle and more more damages been done to the family unit. More people getting dissatisfied with the current status of got to have more of that have morphed to be doing more need more the more this more that was pert belongings. Whether it's activity of the physical nature of all the strict social things right so it comes back to fundamental peace and joy today live the day know that tomorrow is not guaranteed and work to build the kingdom. While you're here today and seek to have that really deep, deep love relationship with with her with her Savior, absolutely because again going back to James chapter 1 in verse 14 Everyman San when he is drawn away by his own lust, not the lust of your neighbor, not the lust of your wife or your children your own less and enticed so so you drawn away through the I gate the ear gate to the Smail gate through one of these gates and so and so now you're your you you let down your gate and all of a sudden you have this blood. This of Satan's demonic power because he is the Prince of power of the air, and we're we're in battle. This is a spiritual battle.

Ephesians 612. We are fighting this spiritual battle. And so every day we get up the forces of evil are attempting to bring us to the same point that God delivered us from so what are we going to do if you're listening today what are you going to do as a born again believer are you going to allow yourself to return to the mother in the muck and mire that God brought you from or are you going to stand up as a man of God and a woman of God and say these things, although they they may be around me that I'm not going to let them separate me. Romans 835 what shall separate you from the love of Christ shall tribulation, shall famine shall persecution shall nakedness nakedness.

There is ship peril, or sword. If these things separate you then that means that you are not putting on the mind of Christ. You're not noted, not if it separate. You can guess what you're more more susceptible to talk about to the opening that gateway for Satan to come after and then think about folks is not just you that gets impacted the collateral damage that most people don't think about until the light shone on the darkness and then they see all the people that they've impacted the children, spouse, the parents, the aunts, uncles, grandparents of is when stuff blows up everybody knows about. And there's one thing you can never go back and fix it if it's one thing if you must tell a lot about you. You disrobe through that.

It's a whole another when the truth blows up in front of you here it is. And everybody sees it for this, then you get all this these years ahead of you that you got the restored trust you get restore your reputation. You get restore all these things and and I'll even go this far will, there's a piece that you may never restore that. Is there if you put on the badge and you done this, you may never get to talk about where the bad because they're willing to sell you. Everyone is talking about going to church to be a Christ follower, you will have the first thing that really I read about you in the paper.

You know on the Internet. They are saw you on the news yet and so what happened or different. You could be folk versus doing Dixon and you not being honest with yourself about addiction for the pornography drugs alcohol with the same result. Folks talked a lot about shortfall and the easy fall into the trap if you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Please take a moment, close your eyes asking in your heart admit business and repent first incident asking to be hard to turn from sin recognize he rose on the third day for you will be your personal savior didn't turn in the near future for the long interested not guaranteed to more effectively join us for a great show. Hope you have a great rest of Sunday afternoon talk to you next week as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments.

Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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