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Wrestling God into your life

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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October 6, 2019 4:00 pm

Wrestling God into your life

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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October 6, 2019 4:00 pm

Will and Roy discuss what being a christian means to Nikita Koloff former professional wrestler. 

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This is good Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by DAW. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race accommodation challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy will provide Hardy son how you doing so today for the show.

We got a very rude or special gift to cool off most of you recognize his name. We had them all back early in the season we first started the show and come join us in person studio so welcome Nikita. Great to be with you guys hello that black white guy and tonight a Russian guy kind of shuttle stop drinking beer.

You know it's it's it's a thrill. Having Nikita here. We thank Nikita for coming by to spend some time with this and you know we want to just get into right away talking about the days before Christianity the days before you gave your life to the Lord.

What was that life like in and how did you you know while you are out there. What what was it about that life that you look back on and say you know if I could do something differently.

What would it be was a great question that I guess if I were to condense that down to do simple answers possible, I would say it was a path of pursuit of self fulfillment in changing chasing that that that you want to call it an empty chase of success of of fame, fortune and glamour. I was always on that path and and succeeding at it it in one sense you're becoming multiple times a world champion in the NWA WCW world championship wrestling days and wrestling all the superstars of Wrestling Rick Flair Dusty Rd., Steve Austin stone cold off all the guys next Luger stingless goes on and on and and with the championship belts and the roar of the crowd and the accolades in the autograph seekers and everything it came with its fill the void filled in emptiness for while for a while only to come to the realization that it was an empty chase and it was a life built upon the sand and then the revolution understanding one day that has to be something more. I need something more and actually it's it's coming up here soon my my spiritual birthday something October 1993 when I walked in.

I'll not to be did need not to be did enjoy Rick flair's are walking out to meet demand a real man real champion for the world of the world. Jesus Christ became a Lord and Savior. A man praise God, while SS is this tremendous help and just to interject liquid self went from from the fulfillment of self then have the understanding that there's somebody else that had a plan for me, God, and now I all of a sudden headed had purpose. There is also more awesome purpose and one from really being unfulfilled, becoming fulfilled understanding purpose for my being here more than just entertaining wrestling out. That's interesting Nick so you think of you played high school athletics college football and you most men would say that's that's pretty awesome effect. You got to do And then you get to be a professional athlete traveling all around the world and yet I heard you say that that you want for field and now when did you really recognize that you want to feel how how much success had you achieved when this recognize that emptiness and that they could vacancy in this life. So after wrestling.

Could you know I am.

I walked away to my own terms. The tail end of 1992 the beginning of 1993 on this quest of sorts of what's life hold next for Nikki to call off. I had some health club student and down in the Charlotte clockwork Annapolis area had some health clubs like this this thing that I would do this to rest my life. This is not the answer. Answers during that that season of time. In 1993 when I was really pondering what life held beyond the wrestling ring right and all the roar of the crowds that so I came to that understanding is something's got you more Mac. I climbed the pinnacle of success, and in that sport anyway. Like I'm a world champion was only satisfying for a moment there was no long, long lasting's sensor case edification satisfying satisfaction. That's the word no is so essential because were the cement talk radio so we got a lot of men out there listening to the program and I'm sure a lot of ladies as well. Men typically think that constant acquisition or attainment or achievements is what fulfills your life. Here you you for all intensive purposes and that less than 1% of the population made to professional level. Whatever your love wasn't sport and yet it wasn't fulfilling what enough so I guess what we want to tell you for listening. The audience that is that hey, here's somebody who's been there done that and as I often say a man with an opinion has no argument with man with experience in you been there in here.

You hear that even if you're in the middle just her day-to-day life. You think there's something more to be had in the secular world. It's not that I have initially only only so many fancy cars you can buy only so many big houses and you know or jet planes or corner offices are no gold watch should be a butt but no matter why it's like goodbye my dear friend Lex Luther said one time. You noisy prior to his conversion prior to his transformation surrendered his life to Jesus people to stop a stoplight with apparently an ending next to pulls up with a Lamborghini that you just want to be held after building a Lamborghini you know you pull up on the tarmac with your falcon is yeah and you know that the shop pulls up with is your DC-9, someone's always got more man answered about how much you God out there in the world you find somebody's always got more insight getting the quote was from one of the millionaire billionaire guys how much is enough. Rockefeller and is you doing said that another dollar one dollar more right really one dollar more empty chase, yes message to you if you listen to us today is this that we've got a message of hope for you that will fulfill all those earthly desires because is not the desire of the earth is really inside of you scotch on the knuckle and hearted open the door for you, absolutely and and you know where again where this is man talk so we taught in man stuff and so Nikita maybe you can share with some of the listening audience out there. What were some of the demons that you just fought on a daily basis you know. Looking back, I mean. Unfortunately, since anyone that follows wrestling and innovate know some of the stories of many. Unfortunately, many of the guys not to some of the guys bulimia died of drug overdoses you died of alcohol poisoning got, you know, just to suicide. Suicide committed suicide. Your heart heart failure, which is usually typically from a combination of things right. In fact, little side note story here. So from my high school limits in high school. There were seven of us from it within a three year. That all broke into professional wrestling really made a name for ourselves. Well people recognize name ravishing Rick rude Mr. perfect Kurt handing this email in time sink and probably less you know Brady Boone what I what I mention those four guys. They graduated one year ahead of me in high school one year and all former no longer with us all.

For a while an annual Kurt unfortunately is found in Hotel Temple Ford of a cocaine overdose that is so.

Fortunately for me I did get caught up in that world turns battling those demons, you know, drug addiction, alcohol those sorts of things.

I guess for me it's like I would call off a dime can order my original partners with the world.

Take champions part of the whole story of being nephew Nikki glided on your belly said you know, even before given my life to Jesus you are you are a pretty good guy right you you are the bad guy try to treat people right so honestly for me. I can't say that was a whole Lotta struggle as far as is for battling demons for me more for me was just the understanding of that I'm successful but I'm unfulfilled rises just just no contentment. There it in and so yeah so I am in. I guess your question, yes. So, although I know there are plenty out there like again play my peers who did struggle with all kind of different demons like that but is very fortunate in that sense not to have to battling Nikki was the funniest thing ever happened to you on the road listlessly really get the personal side of what sticks out when you think about Polaris moments me and you know Gossett six. It is a good question, Amanda narrowed down or or or pin it down. We give them only think about, maybe there's something was the worst thing that ever happened to you. The worst thing you guys are constantly were you knowing you're in Greensboro one night you're in Raleigh the next night you're in Brixton South Carolina the next night and also the other six are job to get to the next out the following day, and I mean yeah I'm sure you sing a lot on the road. I thought it might be interesting for summer listens to something. Well, I just mean that the behind-the-scenes green that we we had.

We did have fun me. There's tyramine at one point it was Lex Luger myself staying in road were animal that you see can all travel together in the same car and then back in those days, you know we'd we'd share hotel rooms. You know you guy I'd typically I share with animal sting and louvered share room together and it and wearing it. Now how funny the listener out there was ever that I remember we we're in Iowa were traumatic from Chicago did to the next town where was it. Sometimes you booked a hotel sometimes didn't and we didn't this particular time lately. Need a hotel room and in it we ended up now.

I don't even know what down and I will always be.

I know that was a time when was one of those motels was know it was no outside entrance will yeah like it was I said after one area in history and that I'll never Luger was up all night with a flyswatter could sleaze a big black guy. He does not like blogging, no matter the room was infested with flies all kinds of bugs and he was up all night was swatting flies. We got medalist. No rest that night and where breakfast the next morning and he orders this meal puts a little pulldown restaurant. It was nothing like you were my God, she was beside us. We roared. For him. He didn't seem probably paperless that happens, let's not know the way we appreciate you.

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As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the West Lexington High Point Hall 336-885-1987. We're back in time are you talking with Mikita, while we're off there was just you have a great it is. There's a lot of things that you have seen in his days and it was the funniest thing you have to know all of you are thinking were laughing at what the funniest thing that happened when exactly the worst thing that happened that I cannot share on the airway is spent and you know, for all those for all those guys out there kiddo. Could we talk we talked about you know me in wanting and having that desire to to surround themselves with work in and money and and do those things that they think that if they are successful at them.

This is what actually makes them a man what you say to the individual who is out there thinking that what really defines not know we have enough time on this.

You talk about it really, but actually I cover some of this. I do we make it into this, but I do a one-day conference call man up his time to man up and in one of the things I talked about in the conference is the difference between the the worldview of manhood versus the biblical view of manhood which I really, what is your making a reference to for me personal testimony. I came off and experience back in 2006 were for the first time for me.

I was exposed to really are an incredible teacher. What true biblical manhood look like I want that call as my pastor. I can speak on on on the platform for five minutes. The following Sunday and I just a piece of this for 46 years my life I was a male for the first time I life I stepped into manhood is. For the first time I life at age 47. My birthday was on that event I I I was on ice was exposed to what biblical manhood.

So that part of the problem as part of the challenges, most men out there like myself for 46 years had one perspective. Review of what manhood looks like. Again, the pursuit of a successful job having a new family with the pursuit of all these other things went when in our eyes. That's in that's kind of how the world but God looks at a completely different way right man looks at the out moment here is right. The world looks at your outward success right but God's work is different Heart and the inside of a man and at the heart of man, and that the key word there is character. The guys looking at characteristic character Christ likeness are synonymous.

When I comes to true manhood terminated here because, see, I think that that is something I know they were when I asked talk talked about on the show before, is that a true man of God is a man who has that character but when he's not around anyone right. It's what you're doing when no one is around. Are you yes right.

Are you still living that life. Are you still committing your self as if there were 100 people around thousand people around because God is looking at the motive of the heart. Why we do what we do and in so here's look maybe to paint a picture quick picture for the for the listener out there, so most men because they have been greatly the grown-up to learn worldview of manhood at a not been exposed to a biblical view of man.

I live lives of the call ill mentor like waffles right to live life of compartments and so maybe maybe a certain way in church on Sunday if they're going to churn out in the marketplace on Monday a completely different and then over here you know all on the recreation room there. So make it so that you live in all these different compartmentalize logic hey don't you dare have some in my church box jumping to my business boxes. They really saw how I conducted business, you have a different impression of me then how I conduct myself in church. All right, when really what God wants is is not just a little like compartmentalized extent ebon flow altogether would write same man that we are on Sunday morning. On Monday morning in the office on Saturday afternoon on the golf course is and who we are, weaving around vacation. Have a recreation that same Nick to get that's the very thing we talk about quite often.

It's almost verbatim.

If you Sunday face looks different than the Monday through Saturday faces a problem right and that's exactly what we tried to echo the show here that there should be no difference in the more portly or equally as important is that the people that are watching you start walking in the walk are watching how you can act Monday through Saturday they know you go to church on Sunday. They know that that's your proclamation if you will, but the reality is the way you walk it Monday through Saturdays. What really speaks to them that absolutely quick strand that there my dad to Mr. one time about his brother who had never met all grip. It was parents raised them in church. My grandparents raised them in church brother ended up here or his brother ended up converting to to Judy married a Jewish gal that was the main reason he converted to Judea. He converted from Christianity to that because he said the same deacons and elders and men in church on Sunday were a totally different man on the golf course is if that's Christianity I want nothing to do with that. I only want to hear about it anymore and that was the reason for that's another one reason you talk to a nonbeliever or somebody who released his miniature some point in life is a very first thing they say it's a full bunch of hypocrites and we all know it's a hospital for the injured and the wounded and sick is what church is all about. Come, come to Christ because he can heal oversight. But when you have you who who are not admitting the struggle with anything of theirs that have that face on Sunday and look totally different. Monday through Saturday. It does more to hurt the kingdom and building of the kingdom than if you never showed up in church at all.

Yes because that's that's exactly what they know what they're knowing is the person who is not living according to the truth.

You know on on Saturday through the rest of the week what they're doing is they're creating a stumbling block for the brother to those who want to come to Christ and and it's almost like when Christ said you know it's better for you to take a millstone hanging about your neck and cast yourself into the sea. Rather, rather than to cause broken off in a van. One of my one of my little ones right in and which Bible says I don't. Don't be a stumbling block in who I like to say that this really about the hypocrites I got I rather be in church with them to be out there in the market. Anxiety is actually ahead of schedule with visually self open up a chance exactly that that something is going to happen in that environment. You know versus the never going to church and and perhaps in never changing, and remaining a hypocrite. The entire light we know that that legions of great point for our next next topic is and which will as we chat through this whole thing from convert to disciple, which is what will talk about in the next week show with you before September to the back with skin next week.

But as we will have spoken of lesser weeks that is important for men to understand that there's a difference between being a convert and moving to discipleship the convert would tend to fall more than that person that lives differently Monday through Saturday.

Love the Lord has accepted the question, but hasn't surrendered himself and that something you want to talk about. Maybe you could even talk about that Nick is you've got to your journey.

You mentioned that you got saved and 93 and if I remember the story correctly. There was another transition that occurred about 12 years later, if I remember correctly, maybe 11, exact date was big.

Different markers along with the path in my my journey but I can see I can deftly speak into that in the discipleship and I have a testimony for the good will pick that up from next week show that the note gets a few more minutes to check today so having said that, Nikita has People come up to you and said, by that very comment acknowledge the fact that they see you one in the same unit will seek recognition but have they seen and were like that you Nikita is that, no differently time to see whether your signing autographs are your church servicing the marketplace with the GNU the same guy that's always sharing the Lord with me that's my goal. My objective every days is that villages see the end of the Jesus and went when they walk away from from meeting near the having some time with me. I guess you know some the greatest compliments I've heard from others rights. It him but I met Sean so said the words they use some of the word. The phrase the uses know he's the real deal or not. I've heard that mentioned before he he's the he's the real deal and and which that expression encourages me that that feel like I'm doing something right for people to have that impression and and and into have that type of impact or influence on others that that when I meet them and they walk away. They sense that know this authenticity, the genuine you know sincere and and that I am one of the same weatherman the gym working out door in the Senate on a pulpit, preaching in the middle of a convention at an autograph sign and I know we we were talking about some of the words that you mention on a all and a a man's conference a few weeks ago and that was one of the words that came up with being authentic and being tenacious in a having having and demonstrating tenacity being at a point to say my life is consistent and when I'm not consistent. Don't judge me and we can talk about that too on the on on next time, don't judge me for the fact that at this point in my life I might be in the valley but I pray for me that God would give me the strength or send someone to walk alongside of me so that I can now be pulled up out the valley because we supposed to be exhorting one another, according to what the Scripture says, and so much the more as we see the day of the Lord approaching every day we wake up where one day that day closer to seeing Jesus Christ, amen. And that if that's a wonderful thing you as we close out shows always the center except the blood of Jesus Christ given as giving the heart to anybody feels doing something talk radio and will see you again next time gentle and we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings opposite note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk.

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