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Men's Summit For Men Issues

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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December 22, 2019 4:00 pm

Men's Summit For Men Issues

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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December 22, 2019 4:00 pm

Will and Roy speak with General Boykin and Nikita Koloff about issues facing christian men.

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This is good Truth Network commands on the launch of IGA W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, challenging, and to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy is for mental and I will Hardy got to row special dress with us today. We can curl off the W professional wrestler champion. We've also got retired to work in June.

So welcome to use good to be with all of you including the general will of what a privilege. What an honor to consider something like you guys run to live a couple general. Thank you for joining us work soon so we want to talk about man issues. Tonight we've got a summit coming up in January January 24 and 25th in the Friday night Saturday and were excited about having the two men with this one was cut open up and will want to say hello.

I will get started well. We just like to again thank God for all the listeners out there. We just want to thank God for Gen. Boykin for joining us again and indicated I will start with the Gen. Boykin Gen. if you could tell us how did you come to know Christ was that moment in your life that that brought you to the feet of the cross really rejected Christ are like Velcro when all through college, playing football and track and deciding that I was going to have it my way and I'll go enjoy what I was doing but then I took a commission in the army came to go through my training opening. I just felt God saying to me.

I have a purpose for your life will never build unless you submit yourself to me by myself on meltdown. I do that I had to do on meltdown or to become my life, but I will tell you that it was tormenting metal because the enemy came and told me that I possibly 10 years earlier when that traveling evangelist with government problems. If you don't come to this altar tonight. You may never have another you didn't go you felt like calling you there you go. That was your last chance and I got. I was miserable for two weeks until I got to my mother who does not have a high school education, but she knows the word of God, doomed to fail. She said Wausau I said because prospect either naturally altar call 10 years ago and look at me and said that is the oldest trick in the book so that you can fester said yes. Paul asked him to be a Lordy or yes you said that your say and believe the word of God and man, while that's fantastic that is actually fantastic. As we have a lot of individuals out there. I think who we may share the gospel message. You know there's always that all ulterior motive, but but God really let you down that path and you know brought you on that, straight and narrow, and with thankful that you are where you are because you're doing great work for the Lord and we just thank God for you this so Gen. would like to also ask you love the minimus. Not here. This, therefore, to make a commitment. There standing on the sidelines as you know Mrs. Tom Getman often sidelines those are in the church, but also those that are that aren't even in the body of Christ.

What we call men's men mean you are God's man, also man's, man. You know you don't sugarcoat things you speak truth to speak at all love what would you say to those mouse it out there on the sideline tonight to set out. I just not ready to make a commitment and we know not guaranteed tomorrow but what does it mean to be a man's, man walking with God occurred toward courage to commit your life to Christ and to be open about maybe in people's place, but I mean living your right leg living your occurred in a thing that I've no law there was some about courageous man all left Canada for writers, and not think Nick would tell you the same thing that takes a lot more courage and your courage and live it because there is no disadvantage to that. But there's every advantage of knowing the Savior little. Never leave you go for slightly every situation you go postal time about how perplexing your current circumstances.

That's exactly what is new life cause all sorts of people's will find that one thing that we found a lot of our discovery of conversations.

No reading studies is that men are typically lonely and they're missing something in their life then took Lisa to close friendship, but only one one person Jesus can fill that friendship and that that that void in men's lives but to all throughout this chasing everything but so will walk as children from previous program. With this you know you looking for fulfillment once you get to the pinnacle are still feeling extremely avoid what you say to those men out there like Gen. Booth was assured what you waiting for, what would you say to those men that are just just on the cost of making that decision while watching Amanda's listen tonight come off the fence. What I think. I think the Gen. hit the nail on the head in.

When asked the question, what are you waiting for me really what what are you waiting for. I mean wait for the know that the sun to come up next year or you know, waiting to land.

The next new job or or the one thing I have found even listening to the generals story in his testimony testing to make it whether you whether you lieutenant general in the military fighting on the battlefield or as I have done as an athlete elf fighting in the professional wrestling ring no matter what you accomplish in life, as we have discussed and talk is still going to be that that that void that empty feeling that feeling of loneliness you're talking about for me. I find it interesting the number of men and been involved in this ministry the many years I have voice that will say I'm just I just feel so lonely, so they chase all these other things I'm trying to fill it.

But when we well know all of us all on this program tonight know that there's only one thing is you mentioned a personal relationship with Jesus that will fill that void that a fill that emptiness and bring in whatever sense a feeling of loneliness will will will address that field loneliness for those who are sitting on the sideline sitting on the fence that's a great question what what are you waiting for something to – is it what it what am I waiting for any and and if you can't come up with a decisive answer than perhaps tonight's the night just find the courage was the general said breakdown surrender all to Jesus and open up your heart and move forward in life's journey with him by your side so look one question, what would you think the biggest challenge that men face today is in their lives.

Biggest challenge I think you know it's again we try to find I think is man we try to find satisfaction if you will and in the pursuit of of success which comes in different many different forms in a predicament for summits in the workplace in the marketplace. You know, climbing the ladder success in the world for others you know athletes trying to go from one level of athleticism to turn another elite level or so there's different things or people chase in order to pursuit of all that, but here again I mean once you use of the word pinnacle can you reach the pinnacle and yeah I did that I realized I was still lost and still on the Valley still empty in and something was still missing and that's just that's iPhone that's just the race of the biggest that there's any one want to put one of the biggest struggle struggles but I will throw this road out there for discussion. The word pride word pride that that we as men have a tendency to be very prideful, especially for have any sense of accomplishment whatsoever from ABC. To look at the general go reach the rank of Lieut. Gen. while they be easy for him if he's not mindful to get puffed up, and pride.

The fact the guy reached the world champion status and professional wrestling be easy to get puffed up in pride over whatever accomplishment right so I think the answer to the word pride would be great answer to that question right's agenda book and we got a book coming out the spring that will talk about her just a few minutes would it make a break for just a moment, but Wanda if you don't mind, just contemplate that question for just a moment and maybe another way to word his was the biggest temptation that men deal with because I think that's what separates the relationship with their wives with her girlfriends with her family and then with Christ right there. If there are men walking so maybe we'll come we come back off break and just couple minutes that will chat through that. But thinking about that when Gen. Boykin forcing Nick and then this is what made movement to break in just a moment will like to also as a pastor in what are some of things.

If you don't mind me thinking about you seeing with the people you counseled with the challenges that men dealt with and is coming through the serpent today would like to challenge each man's listening is an opportunity to make a decision on this program listening to its following Christ is no need to write and talk more about that will appreciate you doing man software, so I would have Gen. Boykin let us off to WC MM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is in every system. Poster First Christian Church encouraged 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free.

Join your party.

Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for this condition, such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987 that man talk radio and right before we went to the break or you had some contemplation type of questions that you must think about you know Gen. Boykin. I know he has spoken to all kinds of men's groups all around the nation and the world and so too lenient with that question that you ended with on the break in reference to man struggles and some of the things that man have that you see in general that men are just struggling with end and it just seems like you at every turn, have this temptation struggle all over the place and that I would. I would say right now you're getting even for adult male.

I'll let you spend way too much, and another nonproductive time that I like to be with little to be doing something really productive but one of the Josh McDowell and Josh McDowell of the families in the short Body and That I Am like That's Addicted to Log My Goodness, Tell That Lightning and in the End If You If You Could Get A Lot Of Majority of the Men in the Church Would Find out All Maybe Not on a Regular Bike, They Have Got All the Web Internet and Viewed Pornography Thing Because I Was Supporting Them from God Become the Girl with This Is for the Man Is in Columbus and Then There Almost As If There Humiliated by the World for the Lord Help Me Got on the Youth to Help Me and Not Just Been Webmail Problem and Every Says It Best Not Have a Problem with God.

It Does Not Know What Going on the Average Male Dog Dog Dog That Is so Scary Mostly Little Realizing We Need to Talk about Them. Glad You Brought That up. This Is the Physiological Effect That Has Because the Body Reacts to Stimulate Stimulation Right in the Mind the Racks to Stimulation and over Time That Stimulation Has To Either Change Will Get Stronger in Order for That Same Stimulation Effect to Be at the Same Level. So If a Kid Nine Years Old Young Man's Look at That Stuff and I'm Not a Bit of Hard Enough Discussion about Certain Gen. Unit Probably As Well That Some Point, the Body Quits Reacting with Just What I've Been Looking Right. That Is Exactly Right and What Researcher Showing Pallets That You Know in the 30s and 40s Reaching Where There No Longer Emulated by by Their Why and That Is Greatly and Look through This You Know What You Would You Go to Website.

And There's an Ethic That Endorphins Are Released into Your Money Okay Brought but Got a Couple Where All of the Cumulative Effect of That Set You off the Table about Normal Heterosexual Relationship with Your Wife and That Is You Know Gen. While You Were Saying That It Reminded Me of a Couple Many Years Ago That I Had Counsel and the Husband in That Relationship. He Actually Started Just Looking at like a Sears Catalog You Know Them, You Know, Though, That in the Undergarment. That's Right, This Is My New Type of Thing.

That's How He Started in the and He Got Stimulated by That and Then It Lead to Other Things in the Course You Know He Had That Desire for More and More As You Were Talking about the Endorphins and so That in and of Itself Eventually Ended Their Relationship, but What I Was Speaking with a Lady Yesterday That's Involved in Women's Ministry to Promote Our Men Summit Coming up Because You Were Trying to Hit Both Channels Because There's A Lot Of Wives out There and One Ladies like Heather, Husbands or Sons at These Events Because Are Trying to Get Them on the Right Track of Leading Property Is Telling God and What She Said. Newcomers to Some Level, but She Said Really in the General Gist I Consider More and More Women Getting Involved with This Than What We Realize There Are Women Getting Addicted to It As Well, but the Physical Damage That Occurs in the Relationship Bath Is Coming. She's Commented That the Minimum a Couple She's Counseled with in This Case and the Lady Systems.

Physical Harm Coming to the Ladies. As a Result of That. My Comment Earlier Stimulation with the Visual Level and Normal Healthy Relationships in General Is Mentioned Is No Longer Adequate. So They Have To Move It to the Next Level, Which Means More Physical Domination or Contact Her Physical Roughness If You Will, and in Order to Achieve the Same Level of Performance or Activity with Their Spouse and Catholic about That. That's Scary to Me Because the Lady Was Personally Protecting and Coveting and Being Heard Warrior and Loving Way Was Treating Her As a Result of a Bad Habit in an Addiction That You Got No Proverbs 25 and 28 Says Whoever Has No Rule over His Own Spirit Is like a City Broken down, without Walls, so I Think That Sorta like Talks about, You Know, an Individual Who Has No Control, No Self-Control Right Now They They Just out There You Know at Full Blast Fulfilling Those Desires As They Come. When You've Raised Four Dollars so the Gifts and I've Got Two Daughters and This Gives a Whole Different Context and Then I Got My Two Dogs Are Made Some Severe Thinking Is a Potential Following All to Some Young Man, the Court, One of My Daughters, I Know What the First Questions Will Be Is Going to Be All You Expose Addicted to Pornography Me. That's Going to Be Because I'm Sure That My Daughters Could Be Exposed to a Healthy Relationship, Especially If Know the Both of Them.

True to the Course Right Now and I Want to Make Sure That's That's Maintained His Father's Husbands. We Got to Do That for Families, so Count Your Daughters. That Woman Married Right through Me. 11 Not yet Is Probably in This Courtship Stays Now. Somewhere Close and Essentially Good so I Was Effect to His Father Four Dollars to Hear the Stuff Part of My Prayer. Early on, You Know, in My Walking Journey with the Lord Prior to Any of Them Any of It Being Made Was Was That the Little Lord Would Bring a Good Godly Man into Their Lives. Someone Who Who Loves the Lord with All of His Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength and Then There Were Certain You Might Say Criteria That That I Established It with Any Man That Was Seriously a One-Man Premarital Premarital Counseling As Well As Attending Know One of the Amendments Events That You Drive Facilitators or so.

Another Facilitated That Address and Deal with Some of the Stuff on on Those Events and and so Do My Due Diligence or What Satisfied Me to Believe That If the Other Being Honest and Truthful. Dave Then Address That If It Was an Issue.

Or Maybe It Wasn't an Issue in an and and so Just Both of Those Men Involved in Promoting Counseling Is As Well As Being Involved in a Men's Immense Type of Event like the Summit, There Are Other Events That Are out There That That Would Address If It Was an Issue It Would Address That and and Maybe Cut It off and since Good so Journaling Is a Think about What You Say to Think about Disappointment Wills Is Referred to from Scripture… Assigning Specific Role You're Playing out the FRC Is the Morals the Symptoms Have No Moral Compass Anymore. What Is Your What Is Your Take on What Can Get Our Country Back on Track on This Is Gonna Be a Revival. But How Is the Man Does Listening to This Movement Pushing and Pushing Men Just Takes One Person Stopped Stepping Forward and Tuned in for the Night.

16. What Is Your Thoughts about That. Generally Good about a Minute before Go to the Next Likely Order You Can Develop All All Family Reflective of Many Ways, All I Would Buy and Inculcate Children.

Amanda Why What the Queen and Demonstrates That the Children I Think That I Think That the Poor Morale Man Lived That All Let Generally Held That and Ambulate a Man in Response to Come Back Let's Talk about That Very Thing. The Next Program Because Were about to End This Show so but the Good News Is We Don't Keep These Gentlemen Little Some of Them Go into Mexico and Will Be Back Next Week Sufficient to Continue This Conversation Thank You so Much for Doing Man Talk Radio Move Jones the Right Guy and I Will Hardy the Black Guy and We Appreciate You Listening. Join Us Again Next Time We Wrap up Today Show. Be Assured That TA W CMM Talking and Walking Christian Men's Ministry Is Building a Community of Men Christ Followers with a Desire to Be Servant Leaders in Their Homes, Communities, Churches and Work Environments. Check out Our Website for Upcoming Events of Regularly Scheduled Meeting Notes for Topics That You Would like to Have Us Visit in the Future. Thank You for Joining Us on Man Talk Today. Visit Us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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