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Restoring Biblical Manhood Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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February 2, 2020 4:00 pm

Restoring Biblical Manhood Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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February 2, 2020 4:00 pm

Roy and Will welcomes back Rick McGee from Kids Outdoor Zone, and Randy Wilson from the Family Research Council. This episode is a continuation of the discussion from last week.

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This is good Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by TA W. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, challenging men to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy with regimental good leg and I will Hardy the black guy and Roy, you know, last week we were talking to Rick McGee and Randy Wilson with FRC and kids zone and so we would pick that back up this week in reference to seal some things I don't and here's some stories that have come out the kids outdoor zone and some things that FRC is going for me, that's great. Will think that will just be writing to with Rick. So Rick I will talk about maybe a couple of examples and testimonials from what you sing with the children young man ministry that you folks been working with. So maybe concert a couple stores with us and are in a madman if you listen to this.

This will be phenomenal to me. We we had a sample at dinner, but you're about to you about to hear just absolutely amazing story, so sit back, relax, and give ear thank you kids outdoor zone.

As we said last week is an outdoor ministry for your local church so a group of men would would train with. We've had we provided training for and they start meeting with these boys. One Saturday morning a month and a day. We provide a devotional start the morning and we help the men with what they could do for an outdoor adventure so will take him shooting or fishing or hunting or hiking or camping survival just the list goes on. We we provide those resources so you you don't have to make it up as you go and and so the boys are having this activity. They have a strong biblical truth that morning from the word boys attention spans are short so we do keep it antenna 15 minutes we really work hard at making the adventure that we suggest craft into that Bible story, so an example would be Jesus is cooking the fish for the disciples after his resurrected right so you can give that devotional that morning before you finish and then you cook fish that afternoon that you caught and revisit that storm while in so you can teach 100 Sunday school lessons on that scripture, but a boy learns experiential rights as a man, so we had our first KOC in 2013 and we did it was birds of the field.

It was September Doug season and so we had Serge Moran come and we went to Adele field and and he showed us what the birds like and what you're not supposed to do and in the gameboard. That was a first time some of the media game warden and to experience a law enforcement officer in a neutral, positive way right right and so that was good. We had him shoot skeet with shotguns had a gunsmith combat show the different mechanisms of a shotgun voice just don't know what they don't know right and where we haven't epidemic of not teaching voice so the big man no no in our cars.

Adult leaders are learning from the different things right put on. They just don't know will one of the boys at the end of every KOC we get them to fill out a 5 to 7 index card and we just want to tell us one thing they learned that day and one thing or two that they want us to pray for one of our boys. We started when all the boys left. It wraps up it starts about eight in the morning wrapped up about one we feed him hot dog or something you know and then have the sit spot times with a right on your cards and they had home while the adult man sit around and take each one of those cards and we read those cards and pray over and where you know some of those cards or silly things like, you know, pray for my dogs. Not feeling good cat right whatever we get to 165 card and it says I finally feel like I'm not alone while in all these boys were church boys was were in Sunday school the next morning while, and we just get this this kind of thing starts at and we had a church in San Antonio. I'm sorry to try and know just north of Austin and they have a real in reaching to the foster community and there's a lot of Hispanic Oaks Erin slow anymore in foster care. The leader was named Tommy Thompson, Thomas flipping pancakes but boys as They done a camp out Friday night and he flipping pancakes and put pancakes on voice plates and this little boy eight-year-old looked up at Tommy and said Mr. Tommy nobody loves me like you did last.

A man who this boy. One Saturday morning about, but he had been in about three or four foster homes over the course of his will at your answer when you give a boy so simple.

We affected it struck me. We first started is just simple but is profound.

We had a boy give us write a card in our church up in Lynchburg Virginia said my grandfather's Don. I'm sorry my grandmother, grandfather sick. My father is dead and my mom is in jail. Pray for me on losing hope all the heat he had no other place for that to go, goodness, and he got it out and we started seeing him turn a core some of our men knew what been there learned what he was going through so they just started lovingly over the weeks ahead.

They started seeing him, even some of our ladies that go to church with John's pick. He's really changed as men were invested in them eventually and Karen for the stories they really are and is just a Saturday morning.

You just taken fish and you know the name but the boys just need time with a man and we have such a deprivation in our culture and what were found in his the voice videogame in a pornography that we live in.

In a substitute world. Everything we have a sheet rock and Lassen asked you get a boy in the dirt and he's actually able to we. This happened in Lynchburg at another church to February's ago only been two years ago this there is a first KOC and the guys brought rods and reels that the subject was maintenance show the boys how to work on some somatic change or change in how our restrainer rods and reels are cleaner gone, sharpen a knife will this this church every chapel Lynchburg.

They they brought knobs for the boys learn, sharpen, and when God brought his rod realist is restrained enough fish and land restraint always run real. I was a little bit jealous. Smart man, so they restrung the nine or 10 rod rails. They taught the boys had a short knives within the boys took those knobs and little their hot dogs as they cook hotdogs and opened fire ON a lot so great day right. Three of the boys get in your car told her mom separate car separate voice of families with the leader was taken to the car differently. This was the best day of while was quoted well you know and listen as if you hearing this, and your heart is not melting. Then you need a self evaluation because this is real life experiences that these little boys lives being changed by someone who has that open mind and open heart and desire led by the Holy Spirit to just get involved with these guys.

You know all of of what we say when we talk about things we can verbalize it until you know where all blue in the face but if lives are not being changed. If a person is not saying this did this for my life and now I'm carrying it forward so that I could help someone else who may be more underprivileged than I am. I'm giving them a chance. Just like someone gave me a chance will know it's in well want to build on that real quick.

Will you said someone, but I think it needs to be a man in this particular case, I think that's part of the problem which goes back to the start of the shows were trying to engage men because the women are step finance over a convincing family start this program are the child and gaze will guess who ends up doing mother if we got mended on the sidelines and not helping make this happen so it's important in that you realize that God created you first therefore more responsible and accountable for everything past that that means all creation. We had domain over that you're responsible for leadership of your wife or your children from loving on the MS, the second voice command to love your neighbor as yourself.

And that means love everybody. That means love.

The children love the neighbors love you coworkers everything but if you are not exemplified and taken as young people to move a generational break and a gap which are already soon as we talked about earlier. A major gap in manhood, and I don't know what is going to be called once we forget that men are being men anymore because it's coming. If the rate were going long since softened up as a leader. Talk earlier off-line to the weakest man that they've ever seen in the history of the armed services. And that's a result of sitting on the couch playing with op-ed playing games with things he shouldn't be doing to not out enjoying what God created us to be doing and that is been out Sonesta holding John Eldridge writes the wild heart that's what's with Menard introduced me outside jump out of the tree dwellers, roof man, things then the tender pieces when they see another man love and and that for that to be the very best day of their life. That speaks volumes. Real quick. This is a whit we have the title kids outdoors on that this is a masculine transfer biblical masculine transfer where specific to only men mentoring only boys better. It's it is a boys ministry men mentoring boys ministries and just know that as you ponder it. If it's something you want to do great Rick got go to our website kids outdoors on the felt like it was.

But when the and the and when we talk less.

If you listing the lovely listeners we want to be very clear about this particular piece that that we're charging man to start getting in motion the charge man. So with that will transition back to Mandy to check just a little bit more about what's going on with the stent placement and I think Randy is spending some statistics we talked about related to the gaps that were sitting between the purity and the thing that that Rick was talking about earlier… Talk about in the whole impotence piece that will start seeing the younger generation was it so important for men to make a difference to get back in the game again where I think the fact that men have, particularly fathers, have you see this throughout Scripture is the man is the one that confers identity and you see this in research in both on the girl and the boy side. There's a book that came out by a physician called strong father strong daughters in the premise of that is when a father is engaged orderly as he should be with his children in pays attention to and speaks to the beauty needs and encouragement identity needs of his daughter, she becomes stronger and is launched out of the home, confident when you take on the world not to be consumed by the world a message at all has to do with relationship and the conferring of identity and so much so with the boys you see that in the patriarchal blessing know in the Lord bless you and keep your registration upon immigrations to intern his face towards you and give you peace. And so when fathers I have turned their attention to the children, even in an unspoken way.

There is, I entity past from one to another, I'm important. I'm significant time value is the attention that's greater in the movie remove into practices moment here but validation for all of us, even as adults were in the workplace. The fact that the good job at that mean something person coming up alongside of you said thanks for being there for me so will be right back with you in just a few moments that this man talk radio. Thank you so much for joining us with a short break was back in about a minute and half to AWS CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987.

Welcome back to man talk radio and you know we we were allowing on the break.

Randy was giving us an example of exactly you know how men are fashion how men are made, the things that men should be doing and you know earlier when I was saying someone Roy, you know it's man talk the man talk radio not woman talk radio that his nephew had more but I just want to make that clear all over and went into listening to the mess up our belated praise be to pick back up on on that one thought that the Randy was staying with us at the break. If you want to go ahead, Randy will is where is your talk and men confer identity in the that is really a absolutely critical role in the health and well-being in raising their children and when things came to mind is that twin grandsons, but for now, when they were just crawling and beginning to walk is able to spend about six months because of fathers deployed special forces good and what I noticed is the they loved it. To be chaste.

There was a thrill there.

There was a risk in them that they they loved to to to experience in Linda Hyde's are still running and then they they wander around were probably going to jump out of a closet and just scare them to debt is kept coming back chases Papa chases anytime there's that opportunity to to expose or to call out the risk in the they thrive in that because it's clearness meant to run into the shower of bullets out of out of a machine gun nest nisi stories to the World War II through World War I and other battles that men are the ones that do that. Talk about it at the risk of their lives they get up outnumbered with just one gun in the they they charge a machine gun nest and you see that they end up winning that battle. They do that they so discombobulated. Those that are behind this machine gun… Guide it messes him up and he's able to advance and take about we as men need to understand that in and help our young boys into those positions where they can risk risk, danger, risk getting her even and I tell you what in our young men today in our young boys today.

There is this level of fear that represents everything that the enemy is your man. Of all the other things in life we need to take them into that fear. Intel them and really thought it the at the base of that, you know, if God before us, who can be against is your year's days are numbered by God the creator so no matter what happens if God want you to press to make it through. You will and he calls you to those battles and calls you to risk and tell you what we need to provide those opportunities and and Rick.

I see that it is you do your work and you come alongside young boys that don't have a father and in maybe most of them walk in fear. You help them out of that and then stand up to be courageous men.

Which is why we call this stand courageous this ministry to men by the family research Council and we work through these issues based on biblical masculinity and who we are created to be. And you know as you as you are talking about that rainy room just reminded me of 9/11 already had.

You have all this from wave of people running from disaster by Chinook the first responders running toward the disaster and and you know that that picture in my mind it it's it's sort of like reminds me of what Jesus Christ do here we are in the rubble of society. We are where things are falling down all around us, and yet Christ is running toward us.

He's key he's heat.

It's almost like that. The picture of salvation if you will know in and will and I see that in and here it is this what Christ had Christ knew his purpose from the very beginning. There is 12 and he stayed back to the Pharisees and Sadducees in Joseph and there's a what's a matter what you are supposed to be with as I was with me about my father's business. He knew his purpose and all through his life and into those last three years knowing his purpose, he was able to press through where he pressed through the suffering the agony of going to the cross wife because his purpose was to die for us children to be a sacrificial. I am new at the end would be, we gotta confirm that to our young boys that God has a purpose for you nest your value in your worst. If you if we help them understand and nail that purpose.

They can fight through anything Randy what that brings to mind is is is. Maybe that part of the issues as we as men often we live this life and the value of the moment and not for the eternal purpose right now. If we have supervision and if we live for purpose greater than this life. Yes then then the momentary losses are are so small for the greater reward and then when we live that way were sure when our boys that they were showing our family that and it becomes larger than us and becomes larger than the momentary thrills of pornography or gaming are the distractions that are so easily hooked are even our work, our work, our hobbies are vacations time consumption absolute. That's great, Rick is greatly so I I'm just perplexed and amazed the student the house. Simple solution is how complicated we make it. I mean it was so about being busy but it's not about kingdom works not about eternal work and you think about some of the other cultures they can see 50 years down the road they can see 30 years down and they'll bill plan for strategies that take them, 30, 57, yourself and if we as followers of Christ will get that eternal vision and do everything that we do and all that you workaday do as they do for the Lord Jesus Christ and focus on the eternal mission. Think about how much better we would be as a country as a body of believers and body of Christian men looking at things people circumstances situation looking at them through the eyes of Scripture.

If if we name the name of Jesus Christ. This is what we must do don't if someone. I mean I get this all the time.

Roy you know you meet someone and they go to specific local assembly and they'll say what are you you sexy. So what they're what they're looking for is baptism that is presbyterian AME design you know Suffolk and I'm saying okay so this is how you identify yourself you identify yourself by a denomination and what is the ministry all about breaking down the walls of race and demand denominational nation so we shouldn't be wearing denomination said and asked why would a street corner street strata different church on a different name that always to be together some point in time and now $15 split because I did like the scooter.

I did like your belief on this case and think about your hair was too long so it's my case, is not a problem Phil had her hair becoming stiff.

Maybe you will have a table on his subtleness is fully his music to me could be all kinds of things would you limit yes or Roy will lose things we did this past week that Stan trailer the summit, a men's conference.

As we finished with the father's blessing.

And that's another way to confer identity to others demand and the importance of a blessing spoken from a father to a son, and that's God the father to his son as he did in the in the Gospels but God the father to us and we take that role and we speak that are not just to our set our children which we should. We can do that. Rick to the other young boys who don't have a father. They are desperate or that encouragement that value and worth, that spoken to them and then somebody ethic lost track of time. We good on time, that one moment or so minutes okay formance stepped into the sport -assisted informants left us a well and I want to come back with Rick and and see if you had any final thoughts in reference to some of things we talked about or some of things you want to convey in reference to kid outdoor zone, you know, I thought about our session from last week and and even today.

Really what we did it all comes back down to biblical community and stay in steadfastly the apostles doctrine and in breaking bread together all those things and ask 242 and men being men and it's our our our objectives are desire any man that wants to build community with a group of boys.

They desperately need. The boys are literally dropping off a cliff of society they are hurting terribly hearty and and and that is just so simple yet so profound for use been one Saturday morning a month with those boys and give them a role model. Even just in that social short period of time.

We are mission is to help you do that, that's were successful hours on Saturdays to what your profile is one it says four hours out of roughly 5 and a backup. It's five, it's 821 difficult it is as it's a five hour window out of the hundred 68 hours a week times 45 in the which month went right so it's a minuscule amount Thomas fractional amount of time in animation yes and look at what those five hours in that one month to do it could be it could be the next Billy Graham raising up it could be the next president of the country. It could be the next pastor of your local church.

More importantly could be the next father, the church building for the future which is gonna break this legacy were in the middle and how much how much time or how much value can you place on 4 to 5 hours of time in a month that you are going to have an internal impact on someone's life is invaluable. It is this. This is no input value on it. It is, you know, so if you listening.

Engage yourself check out the websites of of our guest here family research Council kids outdoor zone. If you don't have anything like this set up in your local body with your local church. Then check out the website to see what's available if you want to start something like this. As Ricketts said no, they do all the training. Check it out and give them a call schedule it and you will be so glad you did this with that will close out with rain and wind about a minute.

How about that you take and sell at the thought. Maybe you got from your hard last that last hour must have are with us was at its get a call to men, then you have everything you need God. Just ask you to stand up what he says the Scriptures, if you stand up, I will come and I will do the work.

Just tell me that you have need of me and I will come for Mr. we work is to get this message out to cross the country follows the Amen we always safely take the step from the natural skin to skin, lungs, and loosen his work in regards to my lungs out the latest version as well.

Doors that will hearty wrapup today show.

Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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