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Men's Health Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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March 1, 2020 4:00 pm

Men's Health Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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March 1, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to the first part of a two part topic on Men's Health. Roy and Will welcome Dr. Bob Evans to the show to discuss man's Spiritual Health.


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This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol Rocky by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry were there devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation challenging and to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy welcome welcome will Hardy the black guy Roy Jones. The white guy and you know Roy, we today we have some subject matter that it's sort of near and dear to my heart because I remember writing about man's spiritual health. On talking website is one of the first articles that God blessed me to write him and he was talking about man's spiritual health, where they are. You know in their spiritual walk and so when we talk about spiritual health, was that mean you well.

To me it did mean Saddam is a good place in my relationship with God means that the gun I'm pretty much stable.

I don't go to war a lot because a note no matter what trials come through that he's got he's got me undergirded, no matter what the spaceman the front will know without a doubt he's going take me through. And if I'm not in good spiritual health and or starts to set in the frustration that panic if you will insist that that's the difference ugly between the two in Sammamish, mixing daily study with the Lord you in the word daily prayer some exercise in my spiritual being everyday part of the best way to put a man is good, because I think what it shows is it shows that if a man is able to live out his faith than that man can say you know and and be view his character can be viewed as a man whose spiritual giant you know it didn't take you to be a Billy Graham to be a spiritual giant because every now and then we need to spiritual health check and when we get that spiritual health check. No man it talks about whether or not you are walking you know, in accordance with the word of God and God is clear.

I think when he talks about welcome walking circumspectly and walking in the light as he is in the light, you know, John 17 and being able to have fellowship with one another. So the spiritual health of a man we need to check that spirit periodically and some of us needs to do it daily because you were God tells us to renew our mind.

You know others it it may, we may have to look at that'll have a spiritual have check a little bit later longer during the week because everyone is not same level know they're not willing, that's a great point about the renewing of the mind we know we talked about the past and passed on the show here. Averaging the mind I think one article I read said between 50 and 70,000 thoughts a day because of things that you don't really realize you think about if you think about the fight. We never really bad about this not spend daily, the word statistically. It's a proven fact.

So if were not spend time in the word got 57,000 thoughts a day, Vermont. How can we really be spiritually healthy and not in the word and praying everyday yellow that's so true because you know though. That's a lot of thoughts. First of all, but I like to add to that that you know we are thoughts that we think there's we adopt those thoughts. So it's it's not really our thoughts because everything that we think about is coming in from the spiritual realm and some sort of suggestion is take you down the path of thinking exactly the BTV your as we told many times on the show forfeits an appropriate material that you're looking at pornography or and now talked about other distractions is gaming unit which also takes down about the future and his battle games you get keyed up about killing people, even though it's in the game it starts you down evil thing specific about fundamental you also Murder, etc. so if you really want to get technical you're playing the game here. This is key, and then on you murdering people. So how can that be a healthy mind check essay and again you know it it's it's adopted yet thoughts are adopted from the spiritual realm. So you know when we allow ourselves to be drawn in James chapter 1 verse 1415.

You know every man sin when he is drawn away by his own lust and entice see that enticement comes from the spiritual rim. So we are entice to do something good or we are entice to do something evil and so as a result of that we adopt those thoughts and in the course we go out and and we we fulfill it like the reactions of my life and I wonder how much of that occur subconsciously. The thoughts of been adopted and we been so entrenched and so ingrained with that thought process that we sometimes react not realize how we react as a result of that very thing, that it's been introduced through the top thought process or through the spiritual realm and saying, this is why we need the word of God, you know. Second Timothy 215 study to show thyself up in God this is that the word needs to filter the thoughts and as the thoughts come and we let God bless us to filter them through the word, so we have to know what the word of God says in order for the filter to be to work in all interactive and if we are not studying the word. Then all of a sudden we just grab it run and go with it and then next thing you know that's thought that one thought and we acting upon that thought is now going to have an effect on everybody. We can and can't tell you so. So what you say to the princes was doing.

Tonda workman spiritual. Well, I say to him, then you find time to eat you know you find time to go to work.

Find time to sleep. So if you're finding time to do those things because they are a necessity in order.

You continue living. Then when you look at your life spiritually, you said I have to feed my spiritual man and my spiritual man is not going to grow. He's going to be stunted if I don't feed them just like I feed my natural man and and you know some of us I think need to push that plate away from table to you and said that that's the only one here I thought what you know we talk we talk about that all of that I think plays a part in what we need to do in order to check our spiritual health and seek wheat we shouldn't take and look at other people to make ourselves look better. Start by looking at ourselves. Yeah me know when you try to compare yourself to someone else and we can always do that leave her since before the lookout for me. Someone's always seem to have it better and he and I looked behind me than someone always seems to have worse the 2.4 trying to measure ourselves in front or back positive or negative. We can always do that. Bless the Lord God wants us to do.

God wants us to measure ourselves against his guidance and direction what his word tells us to NLN and that leads us into verse and Corinthians, I was reading the other day when God was blessing through the apostle Paul here, the they had all the super apostles and God bless DuPont to say you know heat. We don't allow ourselves to be numbered with them because what they're doing is they're comparing themselves among themselves and measuring themselves by themselves and he said that's not wise but yet we do it and that I think is could be a stumbling block to our spiritual right. It could be you that's that's one of things it certainly can contribute to think about spiritual help will what we taught many times we show about things get men distracted and you're one of the things it still comes back to the forefront and what documents become hard abounds. Pornography piece there's there's it's hard to be spiritual help or you can't be spiritual helping struggling with that new looking federal daily basis because that such trash in trash out and if you're not breaking so freely that in you.

This person can't break free of it than we recommend you get someone who can help walk you through that pray for you and help you be delivered from a that's the part of the single largest thing that men face today.

Right we would be that distraction and in doing pornography and then second piece of being gaming being gaming so that's one of things, it we've talked so many times about I don't think I can speak enough about with us. We certainly stepped forefront on this program until we get men lined up and in proper alignment with the with father on the on the spiritual health, exactly, you know, it's a it's a driving, literally. It's a driving force for us as man to be able to understand that without you know having the word of God to filter and not being able to bring ourselves to a point to say that I'm going to have us spiritual health check periodically in my life and bring about meaningful change so I can affect my family in a positive way I can affect my church family in a positive way. My community in the five a positive way and you know in my work environment that's very good. Will you one of things will talk to lots her physical health and would been blessed to have the Dr. Bob Evans ugly Dr. Joan line with the snow yet. I am Roy great to hear from you is good to hear good have you join us this evening. Dr. Evans will just testing the first humans talk about spiritual health and not just going to be heads up will be going to break in just a moment or two, but will go ahead and get started with you in the and it will chat just from him several break Dr. Evans. First of all thank you for joining us. Dr. Evans is a urologist but also a close friend of mine is world-renowned for his pain management here at Baptist Hospital and also has private practice along with his practice in teaching their Baptist and thank you so much spot on the West Coast of little bit hard just to urologist meeting.Dale Arizona though It talk with y'all between my very buddy, you probably welcome a little bit of a break. I'm sure say yes yes sir, I have about the opportunity just gives a quick rundown if you will just how long you been practicing and then the public your son to break and that would get into some your topic. I have been a practicing urologist, 1988 or 1982 and started out it built to me in private practice to build that up to 14 man group a dead I had been involved in research projects along the way.

Got it back lately are about 11 years ago now though. Currently am a professor of urology and gynecology at Lake bar and like like that and 18 resident and fellow different discipline.

If there is a very full career. That's fantastic. Love break and notify the race come from just a second. In fact, I learned something tonight as it draws you in the process of gynecology as well so that this is to move it to our conversation as well that we have a delicate public health rainbow trout out to see how I am having you join their community and for breakfast and fellowship.

After the best breakfast in town location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church encouraged 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will party Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash.

Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987. Welcome back to man talk radio and we have Dr. Bob on the line. Go Dr. Bob, this is will Hardy and you know when I first had the opportunity to meet you.

You know you were at the man some and I forget which summit correctly. Yes, it was in the air and it was it was just a pleasure to hear the work in which God blessed through you to perform on on one of our brothers, who was part of the ministry, but it and you certainly a man of renown and again we thank you for the opportunity just to be talking with you yesterday so I want to ask you a question you know man man being man.

You know where we're stubborn and we're pigheaded sometimes and we're we just want to stand in our own sales as a physician, what do you see or have you seen as the reasons why man don't come in for like regular checkups or things like your you know, I think. Now man from the time their little boy.

Oh, you know Don't cry it out rub it off you'll be fine near your feet be a man and you know what we we didn't tend to think that you know why God no big deal I could get yelled at you just get through this and we I think Mr. White we have it duty and obligation to our spell to our family and and to the Lord, take care of our spell given that yeah Emily. Don't pay attention. We don't take care of it and wait.

I think I'm doing it there. It worked out door for me, but I think it it doing it there but the God I really do believe that II think that we we have a real obligation take care of it positively for gifted and many men are awfully good about that date. They just think that they can now make it a bit think they know better than they could take care of elsewhere.

Women are really much more to take care of the belt.

I think you know realizing that they have an obligation to care for the Delta daycare for their family. Well, I think that we had the think think we kind of forget about it and neglected. That's great, but we talked about that this relates to spiritual side of things that me intended not reach out one open themselves up say I'm struggling with this and need help in this area sit down and talk so brother can pray for me and also hold them accountable thank the Lord, the Lord put it in early. We help we were never mind I know that certain communities really evident but having your personal relationship with God and that the board That you have to have that but you don't and never should do this in isolation the church with the belt so that we will lift each other up and without the outlook worked on this planet. Yeah, I think it will be dealt only we don't allow ourselves to be lifted up by those around. We really are doing everything really not the word of God is great is we want get into if it's okay with you. We've talked in the past.

Some show about this whole issue of pornography and how it's affecting men and younger men.

Recent studies. I know in the in the lot of practice are in you deal with impotence as a yes we do, and all yeah I would like. If you can feel free to share if you feel okay to do that. We've seen statistics related to younger guys or start a struggle more with the earlier age group like 15 to 25 know what we are doing that and only take a look at erect out. Everyone ought we do different different subtypes you know are older man, usually we can find some sort of problem you know it may be related diabetes or high blood pressure or natural drop-off at the thought occurred eight working an increasing number of younger bad physically have absolutely no problem, but have terrible problems with but will often refer to it like it Jenna get there impotent data psychological reasons and in some cases it due to the development of the absolute unrealistic expectation based on really early exposure to pornography and I think that there is a couple think that really commanded that that are very detrimental to a young man in the first. It is you have unrealistic expectations about what you should look like they'll bear some of the folks that are involved in pornography got their jobs because the extraordinary physical attribute to the average man like that so you know it it all the funding at shortcomings.

They feel that their inadequate and they happen. The limited well but think that when they happy the thoughts that are so natural, unrealistic, they they feel that they can't they can ever perform at that level and therefore even though the whole thing. Dr. King on on the videos and whatnot it difficult life did what all they give me.

I think the people are super human in their it it can't have really I think disrespectful and and unhealthy relationships with women you know so much of our RFP treat women and it is the object and really not as you want as yet your is your helpmate going through life together.

The way the good Lord ended it though. You know, I think it it it on at this prompted her unhealthy expectation unhealthy relationship and I think the easy access of pornography through stealth bail and help the 12-year-old that I really do find it very worried. We talked about that many times so that very problem is that it's what used to be something you have to go out to a store which permits you out in public had pursued a certain amount of I guess deterrence there because we wouldn't want spacing but buying that sort of thing Ray is right much overage, but now if her child that is going to bedroom door close the door of the parents haven't put the controls on. They've got a wide open. Literally worldwide access to the worst of the worst is released. Pornography and I think it was one thing when you get out the value the girl next door with her clothes off and it's a whole is the fact that there are no violent and no disrespectful email or that they begin to think that the way women really be a permit relationship issue doctrines.

What do you think the long-term prognosis is relates to young men society might my worry is that this can get much more violent. This will be more rapes and those source things, but for that very reason. Because the norm while I certainly think that that we have a very difficult time and diet. It will and in many ways is becoming almost post-Christian people are getting grounding in and religion and morality do not get that kind of teaching in the home anymore and so as we become more more secular.

One of the restrictions or restraints to get a hold people back from behaving this way and if you think that the normative behavior behave like a deeply daily while watching pornography that that's how you're going to behave in. You know that that is really just a problematic future body. The future of the family.

Those are all think that worry me because I think you know Dr. it gives us man in particular this false sense of security with respect to you know how they can look as you mentioned in earlier and then they start doing things to their body to try and enhance yeah yeah and I mean that and it will get people coming in. It probably perfectly normal and at this really almost the body more, they are just convinced that they are abnormal for something and believe me there are people who will pray on debit due on that. Surgery injection will start to think that are just really were all and warming and I just don't like and I am not sure what the answer is other than it is the answer I give most people when it comes to issues like that that that well you know I'm not sure you can stop a lot of stuff that they get to get your get the church at the start. I think that the that that church to bury it really provide the proper role modeling that you need. But if you if you don't have that you don't you see that BL man walk with the Lord. Don't behave that way and they treat their there, yell there, there, why children in a godly facet. If you don't see that you see that model you get a behave like the modeling anything you look down the street are on the Internet and your get your behavior really deteriorate for those who listen to Bob for the scalded blog hitting on so many things we talked about the role of the husband.

The role of the fall of the importance of the family so that's just a God thing tonight you the you decedent that on the things we've been trying to stress over the last several months later that it you got your spot up at me anyway. But I think that yell at you get out, meet one of you want to treat your wife in such a way to model the behavior figures at this thing you want to model appropriate behavior for your door that it cheetah feel pressure to it yet to do except somebody is not treated properly and now if all false teeth. Everything is limited, get abused, take it there so you know you you you you want to make sure that you behaving properly and believe me it is always been the case with children.what do you think a safety meeting your wife with back in there and expect that their confident in your side of the street lights respectfully safety you going to church that you know you got a hold on the I think we have to be very aware is effectively on you have today is a very good point Dr. we need to just a moment with us your

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