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Men's Health Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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March 8, 2020 4:00 pm

Men's Health Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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March 8, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to the 2nd part of a two part topic on Men's Health. Roy and Will welcomes Dr. Bob Evans back to the show to continue their discussion about men's Spiritual Health.


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This is good Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by DAW. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry were there devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation and challenging and to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy welcome and talk broadcasts and last week we were talking with Dr. Bob Evans and we're going to continue our conversation this week and you know Roy, we were saying how it is like God just blessed in he was hitting on all cylinders with respect to some of things that we had been talking about in prior weeks and and even at some of the summit that we just had all you're exactly right wheels is really neat how Dr. Evans just the things he was charming in the family helper individual help hell that taught them together were not doing justice to God for not take care of ourselves and then roll the father says perfect timing and the doctrines of ledger will join us again were would like to come back into the conversation. Last week we really get to have a lot of time but back to what we deal with the young man today and then in general. So if a man's got to listen. Dr. Evans and yet that's a very private thing you know if they're struggling in the intimacy area and the these days get more more prevalent Gasparilla on TV more commercials about what what would you say to that member maybe is not step forward to come talk to someone like yourself about that, put him at ease if he's listening today.

Well I think it important to understand that they are healthcare, and that it out there and help them died at getting proper treatment for their issue but but but I know that and by outback a little, but I need to talking spiritual perspective because you know you get writing your own have a hard time getting writing body you got it out now that you've got to have my body all all working think the thing working out and and yet the good work. I have shut you down for reason I were finding best work on that while you know it's like no we did not audience print Dr. Bob for what he's saying here. But no. He is hitting on all all all cylinders. Do you know it is interesting what you spoke about in reference to last week when talking about man and the issues men have and how some of these things men began to act out on an attempt to, you know, enhance themselves as a result of things that they see, and so they want to be that individual not knowing that you know these are all deceptive Tory means of perhaps pulling them into a area or taking them down an avenue that they were never meant to go so I for a great year for the for the man listening out here and I think God Dr. Bob for modern medicine. I thank God for modern medicine and and now I want to speak to that individual out there who perhaps is saying, well, you don't need to go just believe God is able to do this. What will you say to a man like that you know what more more I learned over the years about the bag of of the human what we think it out intricate and elevated weight behind it all. It you know it could make it.

It almost black feel that way are you the good Lord put knowledge into my head like colleague heading guiltily have in order to help, but yes, you know, I bet. I believe that it did not properly benefit from. The real the real thing. I believe that the calling and I feel that you know I'm here in order to try to help the person by total focus what got somebody in that room with other PLR or or are in a complicated situation in the opposite. You know what it one of my being at. How can I help how can I knowledge I think it could make them a better first and know the Lord put this out there for you. Jesse did how I spoke take a second, but the joke but now that you know the because his primary care doctor. He felt that there about the circuit and it will take care of you know the got divided by the right over it that it go away. A year later he goes back a little bit though.April 30 out out the radiation and radiation called document that shall be up and get on the prayer list and that your later if they'll spread everywhere out the finally the guy that Frank got Frankie why did you help me and all the years this boy that was circular radiation called could you meet me halfway. This not this knowledge did not develop it back and it made all of the faith healing thing yeah you absolutely have to think that the only get you through your online but you gotta have faith in the people that the Lord sent your way were here for a rate that's right, you were all here for reason we all have our plate exactly you know when people asked me that you know about doctors in all this and I tell them I said you know when. If you look in Scripture. Jesus never healed anybody same way twice. And yeah I mean and and will in one instance he he spit on the ground and made some mud and put them on the individual's eyes and the individual came saying so there's all kinds of ways and I think that's perhaps what Jesus was trying to show us that there there is not just one way. You know that God has many means and he has all knowledge, and as you stated so eloquently he's given us this knowledge for a reason for the betterment of mankind, not a detriment to mankind well said by Fred think that through. Very good.

Well, you're back to what Dr. sings to mom's abilities. What is in the operating room or he's with the patient in witnesses personally takes time to the two will make you well informed about what's going on and what your options are is one of the few doctors that uses a personal friend but also a physician, but he's for the few doctors who takes time to make sure you're comfortable with everything that's going on and explains it in a speech generally interested in you is the person and the overall health, not just that one component you might be there visiting about and you know that I think that to say it rolls back into the healing of the whole man and a lot of these things that we perhaps are encountering you know they are derived from our spirit being spiritual unhealthy and it it rolls over into the school's physical aspects. You know, so we as we as God's man and you know, understanding what we need to do. I think it it's says myriad's and myriad's of things but in particular it says that if God owns all knowledge, and he does and he uses that knowledge for his glory which he does, then we should be obedient to God and let God bless us in the time that we live in with the things that he has given man that knowledge in order to make man a better man physically, spiritually at you holistically right doctors you about say something just a moment ago. Well I bite bite out through that last statement. What an I'm also currently reminded about how people help really deteriorate when there when they're really feeling under scrap me. We had several here describing certain conditions. That being beta by stress being brought by strapping by scrap and you know to me so much of what distrustful of the world it went. You don't you don't have your spiritual life. But together, you know, because all listed all of us are going to have archived the trouble but when you go have spiritual practices that led up to allow you to tap into that right that It will hold you and you're sitting there in your field. I think you well you don't have the ability to take on of these issues that come along.

I mean yeah I look at things like I had not had faith that my wife and that will break faith when she had died yeah Howdy well you know what I I've always been on the ideas it you can walk towards when operating room as the patient did have faith. I would blather, but with without it you know I don't have people in a people to know that they don't have that bedrock fate stayed during tough time that I have a lot more time and I more important which we could get people back better spiritual practices that the girl will help. We totally agree with without question one of the things that we've talked about the past is the spiritual health as well as the physical health is the ability for Satan to get too distracted so for not spiritually healthy, and you easily get distracted was could be worrying over problems which creates more stress which creates more health issues but if you're spiritually grounded, but your point betterment taproot and those storms don't don't move the tree? You don't sway quite small yet well 8888 I got a lot of our technology and modern technology. We want to thank Gen. Boykin talked with us several weeks back about was. Not only is pornography a large destruction these days, with appropriate content. Now gaming Dr. Ellen Sabato is currently a big thing for men and you know men Artie come to detest. If you will, from their families for other reasons and now were detaching them with gaming center from TV while the kids are doing back in the room's own competitors or whatever. So yeah so yeah it's just as this continues to get worse and worse and were were hopeful and prayerful that God's work in revival among men through the show and through the events and instead nationally there's more men's movements to start up again. I think the people start finally realize that men gotta be Jason or for us to get back to healthy state that we are coming up on another break here and we want to come back if Dr. Bob if you could hang around with us if you gotta go there. We understand that to be coming back here on man talk radio stick around with this great WC MM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is in their precious posterior First Christian Church in Connors 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock from a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will party Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for this condition, such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987 man talk radio this void. Jones like that. I will party like Dr. Evans. Thanks for doing so. We wanted fewer questions for them and thanks so much for taking two weeks with us on the show to get these questions answered and get you inside in the several things with us. If men are listen as well as ladies right now would like test Dr. Evans what are some of the signals for men out there that the things that they should start thinking about as they move through life. Your early life. We talked about potential intimacy problems. Bob, if you don't want to share with the healthy man were some of things you can do to be watching out for things it might be symptoms of a larger problem and then at what age should here maybe think about the essential potentially looking for signals. What I think. I think what would be helpful if we went. Some of that think that one should be doing it certain age so you get our recommendations from what you should do it at at at 30 you know at Ed Mann in their eight year and in 18 31 of the important things before and after strike young that they should be examined without monthly the same way that women are supposed to correct the neck. The wall is.

Is it the 23rd want to start the established you know proper nutrition practice schedule appropriate way make the good blood pressure and and that diabetes control because those are think that all to be dependent on your overall health and that as we progress along with additional cancer screening think come along. Many people thought the answer we start wanted it that 30 to 40 range. You want to start looking at cholesterol level because you don't think that you could really do that to maintain yourself in the best possible shape for the longest. I'm are think being good blood pressure painted about diabetic sugar level made Robert left all and though much of that is the thing that we should now be a proper diet, exercise, these are all things that if we can mark the pattern at a young age to prevent a lot of problem down downstream and to me, that sort of taking care of the body that you been given and like any other get the one that you want take care of it joy it that's great, Bob.

If you were to talk to some of the fathers of that I dislike milk is for what were talking as leading profit leaving family probably don't move as you were talking to the piece, I don't know that my dad have those conversations with me is been an athlete in high school and college. Some of the seizure, normal, and I just learned behaviors and still to this day chose the Congress, the most of those things but I'm just wondering if how many men out there even think about that if they've never been engaged into two athletic well you but you don't have to be a great athlete of the Rigo you know it. It may be that you don't do a lot of outdoor thing go for a hike or bike ride. Much of what we the best teaching we do it by example.

You know it it it it is watch what you know you now if you find think that your life there worked it down.

You share with you model that ain't there though.

You know your doubt the work that you get out there like the hike that you think your little one law and that you act that you can bottle the proper behavior for a young man growing up. It no difficult because I think manner confused right now. I think we got nobody back go through life not knowing what they should be. Not knowing what not really knowing how to be a godly unit and being how to be a good out of the product and appeared at upright for you. There's no many competing for dinner only build a different directed, leading them astray that you got defeat at mobile for your children and you know Dr. Bob think it's a it's already difficult enough for me in and I think this is where Satan perhaps uses these things to them to his advantage to give man to adopt these particular thoughts and that is is that well you know when I go to Dr. I just don't want him feeling down there you know it in giving Armenia so it's it's it's like I have this embarrassment because they feel that you know it's I'm in a compromising position and and again these are the thoughts that I think the from the spiritual realm is given to man it may adopt these thoughts and that might be some of the reasons why they don't go to their physician. The way that they should because United States they sat around and talked to the mammas like you want no man going down there and doing those things and and again yeah you know it's all it's all about God-given knowledge.

So if that father who is listening. You can take your son fishing you can take him hunting so why can't you talk about taking him to go and get himself checked out. Yeah well you know what will it at 8 AM nationwide for a number years screening and one of the most effective.

Absolutely not effective think that we did was we targeted the barbershop in black community and we would be with and we could get generation regeneration about why is it it it it the different lack white work that we wanted to get an early, and though you know we found that if we could get the people to that date to their ship there their adult children and you got a Man. This is important is important for you and we got the word out that way though.

You know, I think we can overcome those thing though the concern that those worried the sort of false narrative.

The people put together and thereby by proper education.

You know it it it it's one thing, it accounts for May at the whole all I want work with W respect whether the father father figure, think, think that we do love that community and Bob think that the crucial beginning of good long-term outcome. That's great. Love to ask you one thing is the statistically speaking, what is the ratio of prostate cancer among white males versus black males well you know Macy is infringing yeah the recommendation of the walk by with it. We should start screening African-American meditate morning and okay or white that eight and built sure that there are minor changes to direct the patient but we wanted want to look for propaganda earlier because not only were we protecting at a later date in our lactation but it it's like the disease was more aggressive and and it really sleep was not because they were getting check only did it to Leica. Of the eight that the were, but I got the exact same healthcare. The disease will still work in black is a more aggressive answer. You've got to get it out early and get out and you and you really reluctant to get up a simple glut that the rectal damnation. The late felt that Brett because it means these are these are easily treatable and curable. After you get the more if you don't get the more I get out what the cat out of the bag like direct the bell lately no not want that it would only curable condition.

So man if you listening right now then do what the doctor says this is something that is very very serious and that that's why Roy and I were talking about the subject today and were grateful to Dr. Bob is his own talk about is because this is serious.

This is something that you should not be neglecting this is something that you as a man needs to understand that you could potentially have something going on with you right now and not know it because you've been stubborn and you know you've adopted these these thoughts that the enemy has given you, and you need to make that fool 180 turn and say I'm going to be obedient to God and I want I want to be around for as long as possible, and I don't want these things to ship me by surprise know that's great Willie and Dr. Evans. The Minnesota Sioux Lookout all have any pain don't have any trouble urinating.

Well that's okay you know what that word or you is like you need to find out what it curable and thing it but we all want to be there for our children. I like to be there for my grandchildren and beyond. If I cut my bio file bothered better branch out.

Now you want to let you live want to the next generation carried that you don't like.

Take care yourself by getting right getting check regularly following proper guideline to the advice because of your primary care doctor doing their thing is not that hard to follow through and follow through because you want to do this for your yourself, but more importantly for your wife and your children.

It it name. Once you their name and date beat you there so good Dr. is.

We Dr. is this give you most of you getting things like sure maybe that we haven't asked you about got another minute or so feel free to let us know something is really on your heart. Well, you know that the one thing I always tell everybody you know what went away when he difficult time. Never forget that prayer work in Alameda.

You may find it yet, here is your Frank first year that what happened, but I promise you it will lift you up and get you through self prayer.thank you to practice your best something to say, fairly here on yelp and do it and follow through with your habit that's not what you feel you feel so uplifted by the people in your brain that is like to me at your back.

You will feel it, I promise you well. We thank you we we thank you Dr. for joining us because this is a very important subject, and we just want to thank you again in our time is drawing to a close. Like you, Dr. Evans. Great talk and safe travels. I thank you. Know that you do a lot of for think I found my leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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