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Are We In The Last days Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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April 5, 2020 4:00 pm

Are We In The Last days Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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April 5, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior. We welcome back Nikita Koloff to continue the discussion about the Corona Virus. This is part 2 of a 2 part series, where Roy, Will, and Nikita look at scriptures and recent events to tell if we are indeed in the last days.


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Welcome to Man Talk, brought to you by TAWCMN, talking and walking Christian men's ministry, where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination and challenging men to take their God-assigned role. Here's our hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr., a black guy and a white guy. Welcome, welcome listening audience. I'm Will Hardy, the black guy.

And I'm Roy Jones, the white guy. And if you were listening to last week's show, we had Nikita Koloff and we were talking about all of the insanity that's going on and all of the fear that is going through not only the American public, but the public worldwide in reference to all of these COVID-19 virus and everything like that. And when we ended last time, we were talking in scripture and you referred to 2 Chronicles 15 and how we need to seek God. When we seek God, then God will basically make himself available to us because we are the seekers. And so we're seeking him out and God is revealing himself as that loving God in the midst of all of this fear that we're in today.

Yes, Will. And welcome back to the show. We've gotten Nikita joining us again this week for the second part of this discussion. And indeed, Will, God is looking for us to pursue him. And I think that's what, again, like we mentioned last week, that's what this is all about.

He's allowed this to happen to get our attention. We've walked away from right and wrong. We've watered down the scripture. We've watered down the gospel. And we're trying to become the world in the pulpit instead of the pulpit to the world. We've kicked God out of the schools. Yes, we have.

Out of the workplace for the most part. And one could even say we've actually kicked him out of the churches because when you preach against his word, then you basically are turning your back against God. So Nikita, good to have you back with us today. Great to be back with you guys, as always. Thank you for having me on. A little trivia before we get into the show.

I wanted to tell you, I was going through my safe, which typically when I do that, God always speaks to me in a special way. But this time I had you on my mind, Nick. I had wrestling magazines from back when I was a kid that my dad drug me to the Greensboro Coliseum to see Johnny Weaver, George Scott, was it George Scott? Who else?

Ricky Steamboat, all those guys. I don't think you had quite come onto the scene yet because you were just a few years behind me, a few years ahead of me getting out of college. So I don't think you had come on the scene yet. But it was kind of cool. I was thinking about you then.

I have to show you those next time you're in town. And you know, you notice Nikita, he said, Dad, drug him. Well, I think I asked the question, did Dad actually drag you there or did you drag your dad? I was, I was, I was father time deprived. So I went willingly. I say dragged him.

I had very little time with my dad. So what few times I had, I jumped on him. Didn't matter what we were doing. There you go. That's good. I look forward to seeing those magazines. They'll bring back some memories, I'm sure.

No doubt. So Nikita, since we last talked, what has God put on your heart about this thing? I know one of the things on your heart is about people not panicking and not losing sight of, this is a season we're in, right?

So what has God put on your heart and spoken to you about in your own walk and how to minister to others through this journey? Yeah, because I, the first thing that's mine is this too shall pass. I mean, we're, we're, this is not a forever thing here.

I know all, it's kind of a $64,000 question, right? Well, when, when can life get back to some, some sort of normalcy, right? And, uh, which nobody seems to have the answer for that currently. Well, we hear a lot of talk when it flattens out, when it flattens out, well, what's that, what's that mean?

Like when there's zero, no more cases. I mean, what, you know, when are you going to know? So, you know, that's kind of the question pondering everyone's mind, I think. But for me personally, you asked the question, there's, I've been praying into this fasting with all this extra time on my hands. You know, I feel in one sense that, uh, almost like the Lord's given those who have eyes to see, you know, like the men of Ishkar understood the times in which they lived. So if you're dialed in and you're understanding the times in which we're living, um, and you have eyes to see, I feel like the Lord maybe given us a peek behind the curtain of, of what, when those, when those very last days come upon us, um, what, what life will be like then? I'm reminded, I want to share with you guys, uh, 2 Timothy chapter 3, um, things, things that will happen in the last days.

So for those listening out there, see if this resonates with anyone. You must understand that in the last days, there will come times of much trouble. People will love themselves and love money. They'll have pride and they'll tell of all the things they've done. They'll speak against God.

Children and young people will not obey their parents. People will not be thankful and they will not be holy. They will not love each other.

No one can get along with them. They will, they'll tell lies about others. They'll not be able to keep from doing things that they know they should not do.

They'll be wild. They'll want to beat hurt those who are good. They'll not stay true to their friends. They'll act without thinking. They'll think too much of themselves. They will love fun instead of loving God.

And they'll do things that make it look as if they are Christians, but they'll not receive the power that is for Christians. I wonder if that resonates with anyone listening to our audience out there like, Hmm, wow. Why don't we check any of those, check any of those off right now? Well, about everyone I heard from you, I've seen or witnessed or know of going on right now in our society. That's right. You know, because the, uh, the last days, you know, when we talk about last days, um, you know, Jesus, he made it very clear that as we see more and more of things happening that he mentioned in, uh, Luke 21 nation rising up against nation, kingdom against kingdom, great earthquakes in various places, famines, pestilences, and, and there will be fearful sites and great signs from heaven. See, and that's, that's the thing that people are doing now. You know, we've, we've talked about this fear, you know, people fearing. So with the running at the grocery store, getting all of the goods, you know, uh, Roy and I were talking, uh, I went to, uh, the local, uh, store to define some TP.

And for you who don't know what TP is, is toilet paper. I know someone would wonder TP, you know, so, and, and so they had a limit. So here I, I grabbed up like four or five rows, you know, individual roles. And so here I am going up to the counter and the guy goes, uh, excuse me, I'm sorry, but I can only sell you one.

And I, and I said, well, I didn't see a sign on this one. He said, well, someone may have pulled it off, but we're only limiting one. I said, but there, you have a four pack back in the back and that's, you know, that's one per person. So I say, so if I get four individual roles, that would equate to a four pack. But he said, no, no, because that would have been logical. Exactly.

Exactly. So, so in my point being, hold on a second, let me stop prayer. Never fear folks. His brother from a different mother, the white guy has brought eight rolls of toilet paper, 10 rolls, I'm sorry, two full rolls and four partials of each that, and they were the partials only because they're selling them as partials. He helped me out.

He helped me out in the clutch. So, but, but I, I make that point because people panic and people are in fear buying mode. So when you go out and you start doing these things, because whatever amount of food or resources that you have in the home in their mind, it's never enough. Oh no, it's never enough. Yeah. So in the key have you been out buying the extra groceries? Not extra. Here's the irony, all the things that are sold out, I basically don't eat anyway.

So I'm having a heyday, man, all my food is there. I haven't, honestly, I haven't really missed out on any of that. Now the paper could, you know, that that's been, that's been interesting in and of itself. But again, the, the fear, so you mentioned interesting, we talked about the last days. I want to have a missionary friend over in Bosnia and was reading his, his monthly mission report and, and speaking of earthquakes, just to your point, a couple that recently came to mind was the one in Salt Lake. I don't know if people follow that, but it, you know, the, the, the, the, the gold angel, whatever thing on top of the Mormon tabernacle out there, the trumpet it was holding, the arm got broke, the trumpet fell off. It was that big an earthquake. And then over in Croatia, the capital Croatia experienced just just a few days ago, the worst earthquake in 140 years. Oh my goodness.

And 140 years destroyed many of the old old buildings in the center of town. And so again, you know, in, in the midst of all this fear, you know, my courage with the people is, is if you have that relationship with the Lord, God didn't give us the spirit of fear. He gave us a sound mind. He, he gave us the faith, the trust and believe in Him. And, and it will, I think you said it last week, if you're struggling with, if you're a believer and struggling with fear, press into the Lord, what an opportunity for you to increase and build your faith, your trust and belief in Him that He's going to take care of you. And if you're not a believer in the midst of people buying up all the grocery goods and, and hoarding and everything else, uh, consider giving your life to Jesus and, and if He could set you free of that fear.

Amen. Because, you know, when Jesus talked about these last days, He equated it to a woman in labor pains. And, you know, uh, all of us who, uh, had wives and, you know, they gave a birth to our sons and daughters when we were there, uh, you know, we, we understood that as the, the baby started to come, the labor pains intensified. So when we start seeing the intensity and, and when you mentioned there Nikita in reference to, uh, you know, the earthquake, um, and then how it's been the worst that it's ever been. That's what I'm hearing more of when I look at the news and I, I see tornadoes and I see, uh, all of these things happening around the world and you, that when they start to interview people, they say, this is the worst I ever seen it.

This is the worst I've ever seen it. So it's, it's that, you know, uh, progressive type thing that's occurring. We are coming up on a break right now, but when we come back, we're going to continue this conversation in reference to the last days. TAWCMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month. They have Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town. The meeting location is at their gracious host church, First Christian Church in Kernersville 1130 North Main Street in Kernersville.

They have a hard start at seven o'clock and a hard stop at eight o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your hosts, Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr., a black guy and a white guy. Affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash patient. Dr. Jeff Fricke has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years. Physical therapy such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation, comprehensive care for auto accident injury patients with no out of pocket expense. Remember affordable chiropractic on West Lexington Avenue in High Point.

Call 336-885-1987. Welcome back to the show, folks. And want to just make a personal thank you to Dr. Fricke for his sponsorship of the show there at Affordable Chiropractic. And what a great guy he is.

And if you need any help with injuries or back pain, please get out to see Dr. Fricke. What a great guy. He'd love to see him. So let's talk about Scripture. Back to Will, what you were just talking about and Nick. Let's read here on Mark 13. Let's pick up in verse five. Jesus said to them, Watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name, claiming I am he and will deceive many. When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen. But the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places and famines.

These are the beginning of the birth pains that you were talking about, Will. You must be on your guard. You will be handed over to local councils and flogged in the synagogues. On account of me, you will stand before governors and kings as witnesses to them. And the gospel must be first preached to all nations.

Whenever you are arrested and brought to trial, do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say what is given to you at that time. For it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit. So when it goes on to talk about brother, we'll betray brother and et cetera and all the other things that are going to be signs of the end times. But to the point, the birthing pains, we're in the middle of it. We've got famine across the globe.

We've got the earthquakes that Nick was just talking about and the most recent ones we've seen. We've got the wars that have been going on for years, nation against nation. And so we know from the day that Jesus rose, the day after Jesus rose, the end times started.

Right? So now we're 2,000 plus years down the road. So people want to know, are we in the end times? Well, of course we're in the end times. Darrell Bock And see, when you talk about end times, Roy, you know, all of the catastrophic things that have happened in human history, when we look at things like the Holocaust or the bubonic plague or, you know, even the bringing down of the twin towers, the tsunamis of Indonesia and all these things that have happened, people during that time have said, are we in the end times?

And see, all of these things have happened at different times in history. So they thought that as these things were occurring, we're in the end times. So that, I think it puts things in perspectives that, again, when catastrophe happens, that these, as Jesus said, are the beginning of birth pains, but they're going to intensify. And as they begin to intensify and intensify and intensify, and all of a sudden, that baby comes forth, that's when Christ is going to come.

Nikita, no, go ahead, sir. Dr. David Zilch Well, I was just gonna just tag on to that that, you know, the birth pains, you know, to your point are already, again, for those who have eyes to see, I want to emphasize that for those who have eyes to see those who are dialed in with what the Holy Spirit is saying what God is revealing through all this, the birth pains are being felt presently. And again, as we already mentioned, but just to reemphasize some of the signs, you know, violence upon the whole earth, famine, pestilence, right? Which we're in the middle of right now, this pestilence, this virus, right? Earthquakes, I mean, nations in distress, you know, perplexity, right? And then, of course, some of the other signs in the end time technology.

I mean, my gosh, we talked earlier about, I think last week, or maybe earlier in the show, about, you know, churches, the church doors being closed, but pastors like yourself and others, having to find new creative ways to reach out to not only their congregations, but to reach out to their communities. And certainly, the advent of technology, the advancement of technology has made that possible. And so, you want to, you know, obviously get a whole, that could be a whole hour, right? Talk about end time technology, but a couple other things real quick, you know, just different nations aligning, you know, for prophetic fulfillment would be another one.

That's right. And, you know, some of the, even some of the, and we don't have time for this one, but even the move towards a castless society, can you imagine and say, hey, since this virus is transmitted by paper, maybe we can just do without and get rid of all the paper money and just go castless, right? Exactly, exactly. Little things like that. And then last but not least, a nation being born in one day called Israel. And so, just some of the signs of the times for those who have eyes to see.

Amen. You know, the thing you just mentioned, Nick, about the money and the castless society, I remember when they first came out with debit cards 15 or 20 years back, maybe a little bit longer, I said, Well, this is not good. I mean, this is not good, because it was that very first step. And now they're talking about using fingerprint technology to use to basically identify you in your unique identifier into them into your accounts. And yeah, and chips exactly.

That's the other thing to embedding chips in your wrist or wherever it may be to easily be read. And interestingly enough, I was at a grocery store chain the other day. Great chain, but the folks were wearing those latex gloves as they were handling the groceries, right? As they're checking you out. This one was places where you pack your own. So you can figure out one of a couple.

Great store. So I happened to look over and I said, Well, do you not change your gloves? He said, Oh, no, it's all about handling the money. It's not about your groceries or I said, Well, you know, if I've got the virus and I'll handle my groceries, and then you handle my groceries to put them back in the cart, then the next person that comes, you're going to spread the virus potentially to the person behind me.

Well, no, no, we don't change. It's all about handling the money and I don't put my hands around my face. So it wasn't about us. It was about the money to Nick's point. So if the cash goes away, then that's not that's not a threat in this type of environment.

And you know, Roy, we don't think about the fact of how many germs are on money, you know, and I think things like that will be a reason for the banks to start going to this cashless society because they're going to say, Okay, so if you want to still handle cash and keep checks and all this other stuff, which could potentially carry viruses, then we're going to have to tack on surcharge fee. That's right. That's right. They're going to tack it on. So it's like, you know, I'm paying them to actually conduct business, you know, whereas this wasn't happening before. And you sit down and think about it. And then it's like, well, I don't want to pay all these fees.

So I'm just going to go cashless. But but I think that's how they're going to sort of like get that mindset into society. Yeah. Well, that is and again, there's I think there's more to the there's a much, much bigger picture here than we even have time to discuss on this show tonight, or, or several shows. But hey, if you're not familiar with or aware of do a little research that the listeners out there, in fact, you can find some things on on YouTube, Bill Gates, we know that name, right?

Bill Gates. And I haven't done all my homework yet. But he's either already developed or is developing a microchip vaccine implant to fight to fight viruses, etc, etc. And again, just another step closer to the return of Jesus. So you know, so it's all about microchips. No, it's just interesting stuff that's going on. Well, you know, Nikita, when you mentioned Bill Gates, someone has sent me a link to a YouTube video that he was addressing some conference in 2014. And basically, what he addressed is the situation that we're in now. So he was he was talking about how we are ill prepared, should a some type of virus or germ, get out in society and begin to spread and then he was saying how, you know, we we need to be equipped with the necessary resources, have the necessary technology and things like this in place. And so I'm listening to this video and I'm now looking at the newscast. And the news is saying, okay, we're running out of masks, we're running out of gowns, we're running out of face shields, we're running out of ventilators. And I'm saying, okay, see, we're ill prepared because we didn't understand the enormously of what we're faced with.

Yeah. Go ahead, Nick. Bill was speaking. Bill was speaking prophetically.

He didn't even know it. That's exactly what I that's exactly what I told the individual that sent me the video. That's exactly what I told him. I said God is here using just the common man.

And I don't know if Bill is born again or not, but using the common man to bring about a word for the people and no one listened. Hence the distress we're in now. He says, okay, if you're not going to listen, then let me let the stress come upon you.

So you will hopefully tighten up and start to walk towards me. Exactly. Exactly. Hey, I want to, this just popped in, popped up and cause we're talking about Bill Gates and I was listening to a sermon recently and it actually, they referenced his name and talk, you know, obviously Bill's got a little bit of wealth and just a little bit, a little bit. The point of his message was if you consider the wealth that Bill Gates says, from an external perspective, it's God's desire to have that type of wealth internally.

Internally. In other words, as wealthy as he is, you know, financially wealthy externally, let's be that wealthy. Let's have that much, that deeper relationship with the Lord. Let's have that much love for God.

Let's really pursue and gain that level of wealth because that will far exceed his bank account or anyone else's for that matter. Absolutely. Absolutely. That's a good word.

It really is. I think it brings about and put things in perspective on exactly as a nation, exactly as a nation, where we are and then where we need to be. But it's no doubt that our emphasis, our focus, our mindset should be on the Lord in times like this. And I trust and pray listening audience that if you are not born again and you're hearing the things that we're talking about today and that you're seeing the chaos that's all around us, don't put your faith in Washington. Don't put your faith in government. Don't put your faith in the President or Congress.

Put your faith in Jesus Christ. Amen, Will. Amen. Well, folks, it's been a great show.

Nick, thank you so much for joining us back to back weeks. A lot of good wisdom and a lot of good word there. And I think, folks, just to mirror back to you, you're in distress for one reason. That's because God's wanting you to come on back and get into fellowship.

And if you've not made that commitment, he's asking you to make that commitment. So in order to move us in this country, in this world, out of distress, we have got to move closer to God and get back in that loving fellowship and relationship with him. How do they become born again, Roy?

Just admit being a sinner, recognize that Jesus Christ rose on the third day and he is the way to the Father and given body of fellowship. Amen. Amen. Thank you, Nick. Thank you, guys. Thank you, guys. God bless you.

God bless you, too, sir. As we wrap up today's show, be assured that TAWCMM, Talking and Walking Christian Men's Ministry is building a community of men that are Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings. Drop us a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on Man Talk today. Find us at Men walking the talk.
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