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Are We In The Last days Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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April 5, 2020 4:00 pm

Are We In The Last days Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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April 5, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior. We welcome back Nikita Koloff to continue the discussion about the Corona Virus. This is part 2 of a 2 part series, where Roy, Will, and Nikita look at scriptures and recent events to tell if we are indeed in the last days.


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This is Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by DAW. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation challenging and to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy welcome welcome listening audience will Hardy the black guy Jones the white and if you were listening to last show we had the cuticle loft and we were talking about all of the insanity that's going on them. All of the fear that is going through not only the American public, but the public worldwide in reference to all of these covert 19 virus and and everything like that.

And when we ended last time we were talking the Scripture and you refer to second Chronicles chapter 15 yes and how we need to seek God when we when we see God, then God will basically make himself available to us. This because we are the seekers and and so we are seeking him out and God is revealing himself as that loving God in the midst of all his fear that we are in today. Just will not welcome back to the show. Got to keep doing skin this week for the second part of this discussion and no indeed will God is looking for us to pursue him and I think that's what again will equipment.

Lastly, that's what this is all about is allow this to happen to get our attention. You know we've we've walked away from right and wrong move water down Scripture that's right you water down the gospel and were trying to become the world's in the pulpit instead of the pulpit to the world we kick God out of schools. Yes, we have workplace for the most part in the and and and one could even say we've actually kicked them out of the churches try because when you turn against. When you preach against his word that's exactly right square turn your back so that you get back with us today right back with you guys always like gravity. A little trivia before getting to the show. I want to tell you.

I meant I was going through my safe was to do that. God always speaks to a special favor this time is your mama Nick. I had wrestling magazines from back when I was a kid that my dad drove me to the Greensboro Coliseum to see Johnny Weaver, George Scott was George Scott who else Ricky steamboat. All those guys. I don't think you quite come onto the senior because you're just a few years behind me a few years ahead of me get because I don't think you can on senior calculus. Think about you, I'd show you the next time you're in town and you and you know how you notice Nikita.

He said dad drug him. I write you write your was that I was I was father Tom deprived. So I went willingly as a Dragon. I had very little time. I then select few times I had. I jumped on what we may yet. I look forward magazine will bring back memories of sure no doubt so Nikita since we last talked what it is God from your heart about the this thing in the one things in your hearts, but people not panicking and not not losing sight of this. This is season or in right so what is got from your heart and spoken you about in your own walk and how to minister to others through this journey bided you shall Be work work.

Not a forever thing here at all. $54,000 question that went with it like get back to some normalcy right and which nobody seems to have that early while your livestock, but it blacked out.well, whatever you like with no more cases you know when you still get everyone blind. I think for me personally that the question is rated fasting with all the time on my hand on one board. Given those who have I you know are understood at the time in which they live. So I think the living all you by the Lord.

Maybe the peak behind the what those those very last date on what what life will be like that. I'm reminded of a security guard.

Chapter 3 things that will happen in the last date for those looking out there. If this resonates with anyone you must understand that in the last days there will come find so much trouble. Love the L love money they'll have. I know all the things they've gone will speak against God's children and young people will not obey the parents people will not be thankful they will not be holding they will not love each other.

Don't get along with. They will my about others will not be able to keep doing things that they know they should not do, they'll be while want to be those who are good, though not a true to their brand Without thinking.

Don't think too much of them that all they will love one that a loving God the things that make it look as if there was Bill, how that is that resonate with anyone with your audience out there like wow you check any of those those off right now. Well not everyone not heard from you seen or witnessed or know of going on right now our society. That's right, you know, because the the last days, we don't talk about last days. You know Jesus. He made it very clear that as we see more and more of things happening that he mentioned in Luke 21 nation rising up against nation kingdom against kingdom great earthquakes in various places famines, pestilences, and and there will be fearful sites and great signs from heaven see and that's, that's the thing that people are doing now we know we we talk about this fear of people fearing so with that running at the grocery store getting all of the good that you know Roy and I were talking I went to the local store to define some TPM for you who don't know what TP is timeless and some of the women so and and so they had a limit. So here I grabbed up like four or five roles you know and see him sit individual individual roles and so here I am going up to the counter and the guy goes excuse me, I'm sorry but I can only sell you one and I and I say well I didn't see a sign on this when he said well someone may have pulled it off, but we are only limiting one. I said, but there you have a four pack back in the back and Max, you know, that's one per person, so I say so if I get for individual roles that would equate to a four pack buddy smell large and actually so my point being that little sailor stopper and never for your folks his brother from a different mother why God brought Rosa told her 10 I'm sorry to fool rolling four parcels of each and there are parcels on because there seldom is partial to help you so late but I said I make that point because people panic and people are in fear buying mode so when you go out and you start doing these things because whatever amount of food or resources that you have in the home in their mind is never enough on the is never enough to Nikita, have you been out by mixture grosses not all the things that are foldout.

I don't anyway so I really doubt on that, the paper good.

You know that that that you know but again that the year will the last day what I wanted to have a missionary friend over enough you read his his monthly mission reported, and speaking of earthquake. To your point couple that recently came to my was the wanted Salt Lake with no people follow that you know that the gold angel.

Whatever thing on top of the Mormon Tabernacle of their property was holding the arm got broke trumpet fell off. It was that big an earthquake event over a creationist boy experience just days ago the worst earthquake in 40 year. Oh my goodness hundred 40 or destroyed many of the old building center founded show I can. You know all this fear by the people is is you have Lord God give us the spirit of fear, I found my favorite the trust and believe in and it will.

I think you sent last week. If you're struggling with your believer struggle with fear press in to the Lord. What about you increase to build your faith or trust and belief and yeah you can take care of you. And if you're not a believer in the midst of people buying up all the grocery good working and everything else are given your life and she could set you free. Of that figure. A man because you know when Jesus talked about these last days he equated it to a woman in labor pains and you know all of us who had wives and you know they gave birth to our sons and daughters when we were there, you know, we we understood that as the baby started to come, the labor pains intensified so when we start seeing the intensity ends and when you mentioned there Nikita in reference to know the earthquake and then how it's been the worst that it's ever been. That's what I'm hearing more of. When I look at the news and I I see tornadoes and I see all of these things happening around the world and that when they start to interview people. They say this is the worst I have ever seen it. This is the worst I've ever seen it so it states that no progressive type thing that's occurring. We are coming up on a break right now, but when we come back we're going to continue this conversation in reference to the last days CM and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their gracious posterior First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free.

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Please get out to see Dr. Frick will Greg I love to see. So let's talk about Scripture back to will what you were to talk about and Nick.

Let's read here on Mark 13, let's pick up in verse five Jesus said to them, watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name, claiming, I am he, and will deceive many. We hear of wars and rumors of wars cannot be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come, they shall residence nation kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of the birth things that you were talking about will must be on your guard, you will be handed over to local local councils and flogged in the synagogues on the calendar you will stand before governors and kings as witnesses to them in the gospel must be first preached to all nations. Whenever you are resting brought to trial. Do not worry beforehand about what to say to say what is given to you at that time but is not you speaking that the Holy Spirit then goes on to talk about brother will betray brother and etc. not all the other things it will be signs in times but to the point the birthing pains were in the middle of it. We got famines across the globe. We got earthquakes that Nick was just talking about the most recent ones we sing we got the wars have been going on for years nation against nation, and so we know from the day that Jesus rose the day after Jesus rose the in time started right now are 2000+ years down the road so people know and then times will, of course, women in times and see when you when you talk about in times Roy you know all of the catastrophic things that have happened in human history when we look at things like the Holocaust or the bubonic plague or even the bringing down of the twin towers of tsunamis of Indonesia and and all these things that happen people during that time have said are we in the end times and see all these things have happen at different times in history so they thought that as these things were occurring, wherein the end times so that I think it it it puts things and perspectives that again when catastrophe happens that these as Jesus said, are the beginning of birth pains, but they are going to intensify and as they began to intensify and intensified, intensified, and all of a sudden that baby comes forth. That's when Christ is going to come. Nikita Naugle hits a good God that you're the birthing it all out here point are already get those red light like that. I know Stuart dialed in with the old.

Saying what what God is read really all this, the birthing are are being held presently in it again it's very just reemphasized some of the sign don't file the clock upon the Lord Abbott, which were in the middle of right now.

This virus right away nation for distressed you know perplexity right and then course of the other the other side and high technology. I got talked earlier about last week or maybe earlier show about, you know church is the church doors being closed, but but pastors like yourself and others having to find new creative ways to reach reach out to not with your congregation reach out to their communities, and certainly the that the advent of technology in management of technology as it has made that possible.

So you want to know if that could be a whole hour technology pickup location rubric just different nations. The Almighty you know prophetic fulfillment would be would be another one that's right you know some of the fire for this one. But even toward the cashless society they this virus is transmitted by paper you without you get rid of all the paper money at this is actually exactly like that that last but not least I nation be informed in one day Israel and just job of my time. For those who have I a man dismissing Nick about the money in the cashless society I met when they first came out debit cards, 15, 20 years back, maybe a little bit longer so will this is not good.

This is not good because it was that very first step and now they're talking about using fingerprint technology to use to basically identify you in your unique and far into the into your accounts and the gaps and chips exactly that's the other thing to embedding chips in your wrist aware may be easily be read in its enough. I was in the grocery store chain the other day greats great chain with the function wearing those latex gloves as they were handling the groceries right is in checking out this was places we pack your own to contrast one of the couple gray store so have a look at our facility not change gloves to know knows all about handling the money is not about your groceries or Selena if I've got the virus and I'll handle my groceries and then you you handle my groceries to put them back in the cart and the next person that comes human to spread the virus potentially to the person behind me without a little James thought about handling money and that'll put my hands on my face so wasn't about us. It was about the money to Nick's points with the cast goes away and this non-that's not a threat. In this type of environment and you know Roy, we don't think about the fact of how many germs are on money. Another now and I think things like that will be a reason for the banks to start going to this cashless society has they going to say okay so if you want to still handle cash and keep checks and all this other stuff which could potentially carry viruses then we going to have to tack on certain RD that's right that's right lately on track and also it's like you know I'm I'm paying them to actually conduct business.

You know, whereas this wasn't happening before and and you sit down and think about it in this like why I don't want to pay these fees so I'm just gonna go castings but but I think that's how they're going to sort like get that mindset into society well doubted it again. There's more to figure picture here that we even have time for show tonight or several shows but if you're not, you are aware of Google research that the listeners out there that you find things on okay. We know that they right okay and I have done all my homework yet either already developed or is developing a bike for vaccine implant fight the fight by recent again. Just another step closer to the return of all, microchips no stuff that's going on. You know the key when you mentioned Bill Gates, someone has sent me a link to a YouTube video that he was addressing some conference and 2014 and basically what he address is a situation that we're in now, so he was he was talking about how we are ill prepared. Should a some type of virus or germ I get out in society and began to spread and then he was saying how you know we we need to be equipped with the necessary resources have the necessary technology and things like this in place and so I'm listening to this video and I'm so now looking at the newscast and the news is saying okay we're running out of mass we are running out of grounds. We are running out of ratios. We are running out of ventilators and I'm saying OKC. We are ill prepared because we didn't understand the enormous see of what we're faced with the good illustrative prophetically.

That's exactly what is exactly what I told individual to submit a video that's exactly what I told. I think God is here using just the common man and I don't know if Bill is is born again or not but using the common man to bring about a word for the people and no one listened. Hence the distress when now he says okay if you not going to listen and let me let stress come upon you, so you will hopefully tighten up and start to walk towards me exactly exactly what prompted popped up and probability the sermon recently and it actually made a record daily talk, you know, obviously built a little bit.

Well, just a little bit little bit.

The point of his message was that you can share the wealth that Bill Gates dad will perspective it is God's desire to have that well internally internally. In other words as well. He is financially wealthy extra weight. Let's be wealthy. Let's have that much that deeper relationship with the board but love for God that much really pursue anything that level well is that far in his bank account or anyone else for that matter absolutely absolutely good word really is, and I think it brings about and put things in perspective on exactly as a nation exactly as a nation where we are and then where we need to be black is no doubt that our emphasis our focus, our mindset should be on the Lord in times like this, and I trust and pray. Listening audience that if you are not born again and you are hearing the things that we're talking about today and that you are seeing the chaos that's all around us.

Don't put your faith in Washington.

Don't put your faith in government. Put your faith in the president or Congress put your faith in Jesus Christ name in the folks it's it's been a great show. Nick, thank you so much for John's back back weeks. Not a good list in London were there and I think folks just a mirror back to you. Your in distress for one reason is because God's will come on come on back and get in fellowship and if you not made that commitment he's asking to make that commitment. So in order for us in this country in this world out of the stress we have got to move closer to God and get back in that loving fellowship relationship how to become born-again Roy. Just admit being the center recognize that Jesus Christ rose on Thursday and he is the way to the father and given body file event. A man thank you Nick. You guys thank you God bless God bless you to set as we wrap up today show.

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