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Sexual Impurity to Slavery Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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May 24, 2020 4:00 pm

Sexual Impurity to Slavery Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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May 24, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week's show deals with some difficult to hear subject matter, but is a discussion that must be had and heard. Roy and Will talk about sexual impurity and the sex slave trade with Mark. Mark is a gentlemen who works for an organization trying to end the child sex slave trade.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body




This is the Truth Network welcome to man talk to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where there devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white mantle and I will Hardy the black will we appreciate you doing this today for program were excited to have German joints by the name of Mark and that will have to leave first thing only because of his identity, but were excited to chat with Mark about some of the work he's doing in country and out of country are related to sex slavery in children and also program the topic matter. Tonight we'll today as they were going to talk about moving from sexual impurity to sex slavery and how those correlate each other and you know for you man out there and for the wise you might be listening with the man.

It is a very sensitive subject matter that were going to be talking about, but it's one that's needed and pertinent in our society because we are face with this evil is basically what it is and and you know it's it we are bombarded with it from all sides. You know, radio, TV, magazine, Internet so it's it's all of this compacted into our lives which calls us you know to think differently if we allow our minds to drift what it's exactly right will let's go get Mark on the line with us and are welcome to the show. Welcome Mark and Lloyd will be about what we had the honor of here Mark story last year one of our men's gathering so that we typically do on Friday morning, the first and third Fridays want to get them started back to real soon for listeners as you listen to Mark story to our dialogue going back and forth to this know that we will be having a fundraiser to to help Mark's group out here in a few months will give you a few more details about that, but as the summer progresses. But Mark Leslie just open up and not just a little bit of background about the work that you do and they can be good to disclosing of the information but just talked to spoke about the work that you currently are doing off offshore though got put together a great name I always marvel at their air combat Lee and their tactical capability. Opening needed retard long for and diagnosed community and putting them in play. Really the only international tracker throughout the country and we do this. Start though we go to the country board at the height so that we can with their country and established a an effort to destroy that word. You know, you destroy the traffic problem in their country because that's our goal. Note in that we are able to read victim of justice is a big part of it. We won't got to be brought out now might begin to show you cannot you cannot read you your way out of the problem, extracting you know we have to wait there. There, that's what we do.

What was Mark. What was your motivation.

Click click was it that you saw or heard or read about or seen that point, your focus in this area that you know you wanted to get involved in an you know let God's will be done. You know the got God word on that story probably really work. My wife's prayer and then my heart too much is given much is required and that really helped me play you the ability working again. I and working to extract children from a man of that war zone and seeing what I was doing with sex slavery in which children it really opened my eyes to the greater problem around the world which read about a $50 billion industry of victim hundred 50 billion that it such a large space that will begin open heart with a heart around me to come together and do something about this. What can we do and there deftly think that will like that dog I that would just about children organ have been rendered. Children body part extremely abused by eyes that failed you know this had to do something.

The Lord really called what I want you to do not feel very strongly that call yesterday, where my wife, my wife would pray that God helps those who are abused or that the abusers will become thick and when that came to Christian black and well and never knew you that prayer after that event, and no study but really God called me and try to willingly obey Mark. Let's stop simplify the piece of this is about supply and demand is not so if there was no demand for this than there would be no activity.

My children would begin putting the six labor if there was no demand for a perfect world.

There was no demand right so number one, number your head that your Right. That's what you may have the number one consumer Koppen art of child not just profit often taught all the illegal children of whom are in the world is America that is really sad and were supposed to be the nation is founded on principles of the Bible undergone the truth that is really only listen folks listen Mark say that one more time because I want the listener.

If you are listening and you're struggling with any of this addiction.

I want you to listen to what you're feeling downstream and it doesn't matter.

It really doesn't matter if you are involved in pornography of any sense, but specifically we're talking about child pornography so listener if you listening and you have these urges for pornography. It could very well lead down to self that is right and lead you down this road. Well, that's where I was headed with this This let's get started. Let's go back to the beginning it was sexual impurity. As we opened up sexual impurity leads to slavery, i.e. six labor, child slavery, all these things were talking so Mark you.

You've got the benefit of having quite a bit of exposure spiritually and in theology basis of watching this develop over time.

And of course, be a man of action that God put you to this place.

If you could sum it up, and then Lori, maybe just we start walking two steps. What role does pornography's play in this endgame of of child pornography i.e. slavery well you know what happened on the individual level with the man will know begin to look at think they should look at okay believer probably date date date here that caught the level that they know begin to look at something that they should look at lucked out.

And in their mind and make you can't find it by without first walked out, or they're getting paid for that. I'm just a vagrant. But the reality of what they might understand out side of America and even in America that girl who are being sexually exploited have reported that 63 per of the victims reported that dog was being made them while they're so out in the industry. Over half of those participating in it are for this study and it and maybe against their will and manipulated, but a large portion of those are victim who are being video in this way and so when a man watches that they think the effect they learn to stand there there involved, you know, and there's a large case right now. Get one of the largest photography website out there right now there's a petition the cathodic trafficking tracking of because what they found out that American not die, they found out they were girls under age grant to be great in the vehicle be posted and only they knew about it, didn't care continue to build up in front of their viewers spell the video and so pornography is tied so directly to not get equitation but extracting because of that, so Mark share with this. I know the story that you shared in the of the link out of country and I believe it was someone in the southern southern area that someone had, so a couple had sold their daughter to one of these.

And it linked back to a person in state.

Is that okay to share that piece of map you know and what not want. This is one of the many just like okay just like it back I get to a nearby island outside of the country that got over about eight very very similar to what okay that their American usually behind because you're the boomer we have a lot of American you know I found a website where you know I'm sorry cannot be and what you plead and no longer now looking at younger and younger and younger more covert you know we can talk about that what happened that die from art ardor are not American begins to view underage children and these are real children and then what will happen if the buyer knows your viewing. You know from login information. All the information I'll let you what would you like something else. Thank you for I'll make sure that the American businessman whatever America yeah I would like to see more videos. I like the pictures make the thickly just like this for me. Compound that run through you know another country like European country down into 1/3 world country and what they're doing is there there having someone on the ground abused the children take the picture he collected the love that you know and then serve directly to the American no evil chain in place and you know the end result sometimes of all that now, so that's all right there. Marcus is here with said that sometimes the person the fire of the images now wants to go pick up purchased the child will come back to that here in just a moment so we were so blessed and thankful to have you join us desires is wake up. A lot of people right so we'll be back in just a moment to use CM and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is in their voracious poster First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock, hearts dominated first-time visitors eat for free.

Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point.

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Is that what I'm hearing you say yeah yeah what often occurred.

Realize that you are not far away in Comerica South America. Caribbean and European-American. The light will most often make arrangements to fly to that country and then the family or the owner of that children willingly going pictures of the child.

Trust me. They all felt all directly and become on their vacation and ended this happen all the time it happened every day all the time country that we as American indigo to go on vacation.

I will get the just not far from our store. No and Kurt quite a bit.

You know, we affected our weekly of our politicians right that you trust me it is happening, you know every level. What is Mark when what is the what is the age range that we're talking about with respect to these children. How you know that sold or involved in this click okay that way with mentioning there was actually a five-year-old and 88 Michael oh my, and then enter my 13 year old yeah and an art. You know, we grant you know infant in our everyday and Goal and how you feel, like 12 and 13, but now probably average about nine weeks of my working. Marcus is both sexes yet. You know, of mostly girls, but is definitely there but you know we went out about you know we were talking about earlier how easy we start off with that sexual perversion James chapter 1 and verses 14 to 15 says every man sins when he is drawn away by his own less and enticed. So he's enticed by his less and then when that lust is conceived, it brings forth sin and then seeing what is finished, it brings forth death. So you have this is less see that's planning. But what we do is we we start to entertain these things. These thoughts that are given to us from the spiritual realm we entertain these thoughts in our mind and then we receive these thoughts as our own. Because no no no, thought that we think about it is really our own. It's it's often the spirits driven from the spiritual realm. And we know why because of Ephesians 612. You know, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers of wickedness in high places. These are the things that are bombarding us every day.

So when we open up high gates and ear gates to these channels, then what happens is we we continue to think about it and then let's see begins to get planet, it begins to get water and all of a sudden sprouts well one thing you're saying there about being at the rally, your lip if there is a man out there now all I would never look at. I did look a couple things on the grammar book or I just look at you know every occasion. Here, there might know the man if that's somebody out there listening right now. Everything.

No individual that we've ever know the rest of the perpetrator of the lot to get up one morning and thought that they wouldn't be what they're doing now to argue deeply wicked and all of it. Every man I tried out every man and every man may have a list.

Include everybody realized that you can't dabble with it because when gluttony when it starts going forward will it will take you to places you never thought you would get in the human mind to rationalizing that that's where Satan has a playground exactly looking know your wife's not paid attention to you.

It's okay look at this. It's okay to go over here just this once Wilbur wants becomes 22 times become a dozen and the next thing you know you've done it multiple times and that no longer works that first step marks referring to here no longer work so then what happens then you got a ramp up the playwright. So if it was the innocence if it was a small looking. Just a normal picture that no longer work so then you ramp up and it goes to more to a video line.

Then he goes to violent video line and then it goes to the videos no longer works now got to go and physically engage in order to get to that next level you know Roy when you were talking about that. He reminded me of an individual who I counseled many years ago and it actually didn't start with his wife neglecting him. It actually started with him from like a Sears catalog watching women in bikinis and leaving sets of her that so so this is where it started, so he looked at this and say you know I can have this what what can I do to have this if and if I can't have it physically then I have to have it mentally and so that's that's when they start drifting off and I start taking those ladders that you mention right know Mark does your average American is even aware of this. I guess at this level on the incident thinking with the ministry work that were involved in until you came and talked to us last year.

I don't believe I was as aware as I am today because of your conversation with the switches and I think about going after that?

I will talk some more about that. I don't think I don't think we are. I don't think I think most Americans. There are, they think they're informed, but they really aren't. And there are still a lot of things that understand that the product industry that it 90 billion $90 billion record born. It will mean $90 billion country dental progress just in the US yeah and then on top of that yellow Americans don't understand the orphan crisis under Christ.

You know, around the globe out or not.

They say that when the demand for child pornography. Meet work in Christ. Those two thing you know, end up in creating an environment work is attractive because of an orphan or you know if statement are bonded by somebody else you can anyway that they want to, or the hunger Christ they're so hungry and desperate their spelling their own shield were start date. You know this particular crisis right now that we created our country were creating an environment that there are single moms out there do not depart where I live actually mom in the last couple months, was arrested she was going hurt earthy two-year-old daughter so working okay increase in state because when people are hungry people are expert they will do the thing don't tell other people know you. It is likely Marco come back to her sick with yeah I get I I think what Americans can do to understand it and I'm glad there listening to your show. They need to Read more and really honestly truly they need to travel. They need to get outside of the country and inserted into something in another way and realized all my children are being exploited in every way right. I think this is one reason why mission work is so important you know for for the local assembly in churches at large. That's in America you know that young people get out and and really get a taste of reality. Because when you are in the country and you can go to the store, turn the faucet on and get some clean water and you don't have to walk 2 miles with a pot and put it on your head or whatever to get you well to get some clean water, then you know you really can't fully grass the impact and the responsibility that we should have and educating ourselves in this way so that we can have an impact on on this enterprise because that's what it is right will come just sitting listening to this and this is going to reminded were so wound up consuming special interest topics in the US and we know there from. There is a disease. Doesn't matter what it is and is the and it comes back you if we do not stand up against wrong and that becomes the we make it right and I think what what the market share here is that you know we got a $90 billion industry just in the US for pornography. What part about that is right, what I would what part about that is right I mean morally. It's wrong on every facet and you then you roll back the fact that there's no control own cell phones for 90% of the children to run around with smart phones and words were creating monsters and more and more issues for the future women of of of these young men the future lives in an and I think this could be such of violence that's going to emerge over the next 10 to 15 years sexual violence that's because of all the stuff there were deep routing now in these young men and children for the young men expressed on talk about to two marks .0789 10 that are being exploited, whether also being exposed to this stuff. So Mark I how can a listers get involved. How to become more educated to collude a couple minutes but I want you to, what you point them to this one though one website think a little bit ago that you mentioned that they could look at and certainly registrar thickest trafficking hub and what else can they do to make a difference. Mark no family that talked about all of that primary place and you know. Got that's that's really good market so that's trafficking market and listen with more adjustments about take control triple X is a monitoring service that plant you can put on your children's phone.

I encourage spouse good for each other and also covenant eyes but those are two great software is and will help keep each other in check and takes another tool away from Satan and you're going to children for the future page orders next week marks will come back for part two of this conversation. We want to deftly continue to so you keep listening folks will see you next time.

As we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meeting drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future.

Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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