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Sexual Impurity to Slavery Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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May 31, 2020 4:00 pm

Sexual Impurity to Slavery Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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May 31, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week's show is a continuation of the discussion from last week, about sexual impurity and child sex slavery. Mark is back on the show to add his expertise to the topic. Mark works for an organization trying to end the child sex slave trade.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body



This is Truth Network welcome to man talk to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, challenging will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior a black eye. I welcome and I will Hardy the black guy. We appreciate you taking your afternoons been little time with us were welcoming Mark back for part two of our conversation between the from sexual impurity to slavery and is that we ended last week showed we didn't just really starting to scratch the surface will what you think. I think so. Roy, you know they were so much to this topic that we just the listeners and myself that we just didn't know that was happening and how how much money is being exchanging hands. As a result of this, you know like it, it sets is such a sad topic but I think it's one that needs to be vocalized in our community are great if you didn't hear last week show will give you a quick recap $90 billion a year is being spent just in the US alone on the pornography industry and is in the supernatural. You will respond that many magazines are world look at that many websites that cost with books is not just that and that's bad in itself, but it goes beyond that, it strikes the very heart of our nation and our children, which is our future generation of future leaders and as we get into this conversation Mark one little bit more about that but think about numbers 19 billion. That's be with the billion and most of the consumers.

Roy, as we heard on last week show most of the consumers are Americans, yet globally Zechariah the highest consumption in the hospital and I think I Mark what did you say it was 257 billion. Globally I believe remember correctly baited to be $100 billion. The trap of globally. I'm not sure the number but hey what dried you to take one of the largest worksite that America all take that from that one night and 92 million that are day a day worldwide night million people every minute. 54,000 visitors arrived while I understand that that's happening but when you look at like you missed the last several the foam and the unaccountability that we give our children to do whatever it is no wonder that you know that there is no wonder that 5% of 14-year-old. Are you looking you being it. They arty know how to active every you know that that is just shocking because what that what that is creating you the flight and spell either late this desire and yet the schedule being that person that we bought the door down and later in life right now to mark one of the things we're talking about the other one to bring into the show that prior to starting today was Ted Bundy in for those that are old enough to remember the story there James Dobson several years ago interviewed him in one of the things he made very clear on the interview with James Dobson, was that it all started with pornography.

It all started with pornography and pornography went from writer pornography to violent pornography in the net no longer work so that it had become a physical act to get out and engage in which then resulted in murders your serial killer and see from guys like this you know it's it's like to saffron Jeep DZ act type of thing you know it's it's bringing them to that next high level. You know, mentally and and they experienced this thing through the either the sexual act itself which leads to abusing the victim and and or intense Bundy's case is murdering them after he's done this run so let's go back to the heart of this thing Mark were referring to the child slavery, the sex slavery and folks we didn't join us last week. It's and it's it's really it's a sad sad stat that were talking about globally in many of these children is market shared with the server, either coming from desperate families hungry or unable to care for these children that are selling them to other people that are marketing them using them for the sexual abuse and then also within the pornography industry itself. Mark shared with us last week that many of these young ladies and children are actually being abused in great as part of the filming process so it's actually an event that's occurring that you may as a consumer. If you happen to be looking this may be think well on the spectator but no your actual witness to a crime because from what market share.

These folks are actually being attacked and raped in physically assaulted because it you know in your example in the Netherlands, investigators were able to calculate the profit that was generated by two different spectra of their victim one tractor trafficker. He earned about $20,000 per month or victim.

While the contract tractor.

He earned almost triple that in 14 months he called he was exploiting them not only to buyer but with building. It ended going in and going tractor pornography.

It is a big part of their income be called they can double into the victimization of the girl of the perpetrator that they're victimizing the girl and then they can fill the form to your American and no end and a paper that well Mark I have a question for God's heart. Indirectly, we have accountability for the things we do, whether it with her directly involved or indirectly involved, so must you question. Does the individual did does not take care of what's going on with the child's phone of the indirectly engaged in supporting this industry, mom or dad think or a you know they think it's efficient that they'll young man you know is struggling already spell it. Just don't go to the website.

Be careful with your own that's not enough, not enough of me. The fact that you know of 12 your phone connected you know, not just like the hardest heart that you and I did just what their thank God and if we had everything we had built from a magazine or kid a boy or girl with her fingers to the fact that no Mark you know you when you talking about last week. How do you find out about you know the various victims working we've got, you know we all have the path of international work.

We've got networks around the globe and we work with sometimes even American American agencies internationally, but we also work. Of course with those countries that work in and so they have established intelligence group help just don't have the resources to follow through with that information so we help them with that some countries were working out. The thing I do anything you have gas for their vehicle so we we start by training, a foreign unit that has jurisdiction over that whole country we come in and we collected a group they train with the monthly train and tactics. Everything rescue operation octave situation and then they begin to work.

We work together and all that working through nightclub vibrato but I can't get a rating that is pulling out victim and then making the arrest.

The end goal that eventually their doing on their own country. They're combating it in their own country were not there. You know where you have that have yet to countries that do that fairly well, but intelligent is not hard to get people wonder, but it's really not hard you you go to a country that they bought me a girl thing over there debating it being operation.

As well, but you know that there so much out there really people laboring like they slavery their like slavery, labor, slavery form, attracting 40 40 million in a world far greater than any number civilization history. There are more slaves today there ever ever happened and that's on both sides of the fence right marked as men, women and children so well you country in Asia know my teammate bodywork back down a lot and I worked in every well because the Company there just tremendous amount slavery in the family may borrow $20 and if the trying to work at all.

10 year product that their daughters are way that-year-old girl in their old night the old man in all because it slaveowners that we got will be an interesting Starbright's Christian lot Christians are taken advantage of the world lot. Can you elaborate a little bit more on the mark yet sure you know the subject, but you know Islam is evil and it is a great persecutor of the Christian faith we see that rising up of the mentally we typically see in Africa right now in that year, Nigeria, and it takes possession of people and and it persecute the infidels on their mind. The Christian life, though that is happening more and more something like if I read right Pakistan 80% of those better inflate the pack and a Christian well it goes back to what will mentioned the last week show that we just don't understand what it means that we can go get a jug of water right on the faucet where the countries they got a hike 2 miles and then that's just from a staple standpoint and then this stuff is happening that and we just don't hear much about it. I mean if you're on the Christian poster. Some of those other publications you may see some of this mark is referred to but that's it goes back to the media is all about this inner dinner in our own borders if you will.

That's what we hear about most of our stores and these days it's all politicized and when I hear about real issues. When I heard about God issues my heard about eternal things very early oh and about 19 to be careful because our government are there expert, making you refocus on something they call it right that we avoid the real Christ.

That's true.

We have got real Christ around the globe. Right now there are worse outcomes. 19. A court you are right now healthcare it's a come back to that and what the ramifications are in the real process is focused godly to come home so Mark, thank you so much Joyce will be back in 10 years, CM and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is in their voracious poster First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free.

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Roy I thinking we start really looking at the issues that I have hand.

Then we as the church can do something about what we are hearing today and if you have a heart for the Lord, and you have compassion for people, which is exactly what Jesus Christ had then you need to get involve you, not not just listen to us talk back and forth about the problem because it's a problem out there but get involved and gave you some websites on the last show will give you some more on this show but this is where it has to start Roy.

We talked about it starting at home first.

So how how do we as men of God and representative or supposed to be representatives for the kingdom.

How do we go about and we pose this to Mark to how we go about getting starting with our children and addressing issues like this. Well, I'll jump right in the mark you feel free to chime in right away but actually talked letters good controls on the phone because, as Mark mentioned earlier when we were all growing up.

You had to go try to find magazine had been thrown away or you buddy taken one of his dad's collection something so you might see some soft pornography.

I you a picture of a naked woman but in and again we we don't know these days what kids are looking at.

We know what they have access to.

But it's got a start on the phone with the house. If on the head of my household over that young men and young women, even best thing ever talk much about conflict, but this burden on the young boys and Mark. You can sure about the stupid more and more women and young girls are getting engaged in an arcane statistically is going up. So if I'm the father of the household.

I'm going to have triple X or covenant eyes or something to that effect effect to the show we decide we can put the links to those protective mechanisms on our website W WW TA Debbie make that available to you. So Mark, what are your thoughts yeah I mean.

The shift in our world happen without warning.

I made a call about anything and thought it disappeared and the reader must rethink out. Oh, 2008 eight and it found that 40 over 40% of American men said that one was okay. You know that that is truly the heart of our nation.

Problem having no end in almost 20% of women described being addicted to pornography the parent got to get that phone out of that child and input. You know that android got bark loaded on it or covenant like that that have the restrictions I cannot phone you to get that out on a restriction on you possibly can parent and then you need to monitor their phone it out and look at it and I want because you're not coming.

There's so many correlation photography in an marriage link the marriage is so much information out there that didn't do makes me realize there is a war going on and parents need to take note and you know Mark, people have a tendency you note to say headman say this is in counseling will not hurting anybody by watching it.

So what you say to that guy who said when I'm not hurting anybody what you say to him looked into the high hollow. I girl you not read you have been subjected to light video camp.right now with pandemic campsites for route route because men can't leave their own yard or not they've not been out doing what they normally do. Traders are doing that, but they're still finding a way to fill their aggression and there are and are using illegal campsites.

There are girl you are going to know and not watch that there was no harm in. They have no idea. All of the victim here. The years the tribulation went. And I think see that. I think they don't understand land that on the last show we talked about planning. Let's see, I don't think they really understand that a seed is being planted and the roots of the sea are bitter. It's bitter roots and it begins to propagate, you know, underneath, until finally it starts surfacing you know to the forefront of an individual's mind and heart and then they want to act these things out that they see. So now they see girl lower lady walking down the street, you know, maybe with a tight fitting dress or some blow cut shorts and now you know they are picturing themselves. You know, doing things that they seen on the Internet with this person who they don't even know they just see off the street so it's, it's, you know it it's it's a it's a virus is what it is you know we're we're in the midst of the virus and outcome coronavirus, but this is a virus is virus. However, it has permanent effects. If and only if we submit to it. So when we keep our eyes on the Lord and I'm talking bout you may not hear you say you are born-again you Christian and you you are doing those things for Christ. But yet you have this secret identity of going in the bathroom or in the basement or to your car and you're doing things that that's unseemly, and the eyes of God is watching so to you man, I say that you will not you might get by, but she would never get away. You will never get away with the act because for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. If I could quote the science so that there is Mark what is the number of Christian men you gave some statistics of moment or two ago, 40% of American men are the horns okay 20% women admitted to being addicted to pornography, do you know what the these percentages of men in the church that are watching the clip and are fairly regular basis now for a little bit research to verify that I heard that that all of you among Christian non-Christians. Not that different. Well, it is almost the same.

That scary that I was given a save Mart that is very scary and I think this goes back to we watered down what what used to be wrong with accepted as we don't say anything against it and we've also said well that's not really betting this up to the individual but wrong is wrong, folks, and that's especially for walking with the Lord and follow Christ wrong is wrong.

You don't need water down the gospel's word has has all the answers and you don't need listen to my opinion about her wheels remarked something about it that you need understand if it's in the Bible.

He says it's wrong is wrong and we know that sex suite. We we assume this is understood, that was designed for man and woman in matrimony. Not not to be watched by another person not to be experienced prior to marriage, not synagogue can't heal you from all the stuff but that was what was originally created in what was intended for. He intended for that to be the bonding the soul tile between the man and the wife if you're doing all these other things your planting seeds for Satan to manifest at a later time when it things get difficult your marriage when your marriage is not intimate like it needs to be all sudden start rationalizing these other things by close of the mind to convince you of anything you sit there and work all the stuff out to folks. We need you youth your listing today. We need you to take a stand for your brother for your sister for your mom for your dad for the person sits next to you in church for the person that you will never see that's that's next-door that may be abused or being violated because you can make a difference in as many ways you can do that and the stars in your own four walls so Mark coming into last few moments tell the people on what you what is your heart what what keeps you awake at night, or what wakes you up at night that you wish you could tell every person that you could touch speak to her you know, a beautiful world and truly American we experience saying that we take for granted there so much comfort here. There's so much in a great think that they could manage up and out about you know you don't need RT to be happy in a country that there's so much available to it and it shouldn't be a temptation become God the father that a lot of life left her with so much.

With that said, I believe that every Christian man has a responsibility to do more than he doing now and for me that was that. I need to use my resources and capabilities and training to go overseas and rescue girl and individual man. I can't say what it is but it got the first that out with the Lord because the American dream Enough to provide for your family have a two car garage and a paved driveway car and a dog and all that that is not what got you and I hope that many here this know one another's energy still beat up right now. I hope you are thinking. They got everything that's very close will, Mark.

Well don't use excuse well I'm trying to spice up my marriage that's why I'm going again.

When you do this your planting seeds and God wants to remove the seas before they get into the soil and take so that's my final comment. Roy think you will and this will close now for someone just asked to pray for Mark is doing a little ask you to pray for these children that you don't know overseas and we will think God's work a miracle and brightness pornography of the sex slavery of list get our get our world back on track to follow Christ. Amen so much for joining us. Mark is been great having him look for citizen as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings opposite note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk

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