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The Backslider | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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May 25, 2022 8:00 am

The Backslider | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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May 25, 2022 8:00 am

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Global findings do you see Byron Tyler. We'll see you fighting Jerry today we continue our series of work to the wise, these messages all from the book of Proverbs, probably God will give us wisdom but also believe that we need to live out the marks of maturity. In other words, we need to do the things we already know right prayer read his word evangelize. You know, we need to play that out in and be obedient in those things that God will open up the door to more wisdom will all the messages in the series a word to the wise are available. You can go back and listen to or pick up the app my LWF app and you can listen to great resource available to our listening friends are curious, because of some stubbornness and self-will that we sometimes can find yourself trapped in that we can become backsliders and that's really the title of today's message the backslider as we looking Proverbs chapter 14 yeah it's hard to get to things is hard to get self and sin out of the way, I'm reminded Proverbs 2813 he who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy. What example 2 of King David. You know, though he was a man after God's own heart.

He was a great sinner and a backslider to in second Samuel chapter 11 we see where he committed adultery and covering it up. He committed murder but we find that David was also a great repent or he turned from his sin, and this exemplifies the way back to God.

After we sliding the sin and that is such a wonderful thing to know about his grace. Well, that's right. And David goes down in the history books as a man after God's own heart. So it's God's grace that we all are blessed with them.

We have a we have a do over in life but you know to get sin itself.

The way is a task, but once we do that, I believe that God will bless us with his wisdom, but I think we need to be careful.

Again, David's casualness was quickly turned into carelessness in the compulsive affair with a married woman and we've got a guard your hearts we've gotta make sure that we have an accountability system, and they were staying faithful to Christ.Rogers once said you wouldn't put garbage in your mouth. So why would you put garbage in your mind. And that's a great great reminder to us that we need to really be buried in the word of God are so good. Well Nicole for ministry services is back with us this week Nicole I'm really looking forward to sharing the story of you don't lover finding we talk about reaches so many people around the world, but it also has a ministry in prison, absolutely Byron and this one is a very special testimony and I just want to thank you for inviting me to be with you and Carrie in the studio today and I meant to share this testimony from the prisoner and I know that our listeners will be encouraged and blessed by it.

The letter says I came to the Lord Jesus, about 10 years after I came to death. Read since then Leavenworth finding has been a continual blessing. Brother Adrian Rogers is one of the best teachers of God's word. I have heard one day saying I plan to tell him this myself that until the Lord comes or calls. I want to encourage you all in the faith stand firm and continue to fight the good fight know you all are in my prayers this day. Wow, that is powerful. That is so powerful. What a great testimony old things have passed away behold all things are become new. That's exactly the Ministry of love worth finding that were mass communications ministry, but the essence of radio and those radio outlets going into the prison. Going into the souls of people and what I great opportunity so thank you. Those that listen those of support and pray for this ministry that is a tremendous tremendous tool for us in the days ahead will what today's message the backslider part two here's Adrian Rogers. David did something that he was ashamed of doing that humiliated him, but he did it on impulse in a moment. Are you listening some of you are going to fall and you're going to fall hard and when you fall, you go to be surprised and amazed God will not be surprised because you been casual about your relationship with God. Given careless in the things that you been saying and doing and saying and places you've been going and then when the devil had you write the right moment. You are going down going down all be made and you sit there right now you protest, you say, not me. I would never do anything like that that three-person sitting in the chair that you're in this morning. There's a person you are right now and the person you could be forgot. I tell you, very few people realize what God can do through you if you would give them everything. I mean if you were just to get sold out for God. You cannot begin to bring what I want God to do in your life but I want to something else is a person sitting in that seat that you occupy that you would hardly recognize that has a capability of evil and sin or you say, not me. Yes, you yes you that old life, that flesh is still there. Paul said I know and be in my flesh. Well, no good thing and if you study the lives of God.

St. almost every one of them. There's been a terrible horrible episode where they took their eyes off the Lord Jesus Christ and God understand and you listen to me. I told you this message better than David wiser than David stronger than David God put this here in the 11th chapter of second Samuel as a warning to every mother's child among us, he committed the sin of compulsiveness. He did something in a moment he did something that he had not intended to do about doing from casualness to carelessness to compulsiveness and now he moved to callousness in the same chapter you're going to find out and had I time I would tell you the whole story, but many of you know the story how David in order to try to cover his sin had Bathsheba's husband put to death. Now what happened is this that David wanted everybody to believe that the child that was conceived was not David's but indeed Bathsheba's husband's name was Uriah, but what David did and by the way Uriah was one of the finest men in David's army, David, in order to try to cover for sin told Joe at the commander-in-chief. Uriah out there in the hottest part of the battle and when the battle is real thick and when the hours of flying and when there's great danger. Tell the rest of the soldiers to withdraw leave Uriah out there stranded he will be slain, nobody will know what has happened, they will all believe it was but an accident or an act of war, but it was at the best manslaughter at the worst. It was murder and David did this thing now pay attention with patent when David committed sin with Bathsheba that was a warm-blooded sin.

But when David put Uriah to bear. That was a cold-blooded sin. He had to think about this was not a sin casualness.

This was not a sin of compulsiveness. This was not a Santa carelessness.

This was a sin that was can I was a sin that was planned. It was a Santa callousness. I can't believe that David is doing such a thing. David was Uriah's friend. He was Uriah's cane. He was Uriah's commander-in-chief, and as such, he should have been his protector, but rather than being his protector.

He took his life and Uriah would have died. David's honor died in David's hand. How could David do such a thing.

The devil knew exactly how to get David David a man after God's heart became careless and from that time on he went down. That's the calls. The calls of David's backsliding. Some of you have come to the part where David is right. David got so calloused and so hardhearted that he wouldn't even admit his sin and to some of you that way listening to me was realistic know God and love God in the heart, but you have become so your sin that you actually now scheming and conniving and sitting with your eyes wide. Second thing I want to see not only do I want you to see the calls of David's backsliding but I want you to see the calls of David's backsliding wanted to do. Remember a few Sundays ago I preached on Proverbs chapter 28 where the Bible says he that covers his sin shall not prosper. I want you to see that God took the prosperity out of David's life.

I want you to see what sin did to David because sin has its call and began to calls David very much what happened is this that David went for almost a whole year without confessing his sins.

The Bible tells us about it and in no Psalm 32. Turn to Psalm 32 with me for a moment. Here's David's testimony.

This was written after David got right with God.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Why want to tell you want to backsliding is right with God.

What a joy.

What a relief it is.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven of sin is covered.

Blessed David says is a man whom the Lord imputed nonequity spirit.

There is no guile that is noticing these quit trying to cover his sin, and then he gives his testimony.

He tells what happened to him. He says when I kept silence my bones waxed old what happened to David in that year he aged.

I imagine 10 years. Sam causes premature aging Mary heart good like a medicine but then he went on to say that sin causes brittleness. The dryness of the bones that's what he saying here he saying that the physical strength when out of me for here my bones waxed old and they look if you will, in verse three he says through my roaring all day long. Now the word roaring bullet that fully what it literally means is through my groaning all day long all day long. David's heart is vexed with any because he sin I want to pay very much attention to me because if you don't pay attention.

Some of you going to get misled. Some of you who are living in adultery are some kind of sin say well it David went to heaven. I'm going to heaven to well I hope, dear friend. If you are living in that kind of sin the same thing is true about you. That was true about David. You know what happened to David. I want to tell you David was having a turmoil in his heart. It was part expression eating his guts out my roaring all day long.

When God saves you Mr. God doesn't fix you up or you cannot send anymore but God fixes you were.

You cannot sin, and enjoyed in a more most miserable man in the world is not a lost man most miserable man in the world is a saying man out of fellowship with God and David talks about the hand of God that was upon him. He goes on to say by hand verse. Paul was heavy upon me night and day when your child of God, and you do this way the Bible says those in the Lord loves he chastens and God laid his hand upon this man.

God had David in his grip God was shaking David and reminding David of his sin know sometimes you go out soul winning you knock on the door and somebody will come to the door. You know sometimes be a man and a undershirt to know what a cigarette is what you will. Well I'm here talked about Jesus with only only talking about that I know about that. I just remember the church down there. Yes, I'm just an old backslider hi hi hi you not a backslider he's lost and go to hail no backslider laughs about it months about. I mean if you listen you claim that you gave your heart to Jesus Christ and the sin in your life Mr. I want to tell you if you are saved, as surely as I'm standing here is going to cost your sin, you cannot sin against your God with impunity. David said, my hand was heavy upon me. He goes on to say in verse four.

My moisture is turned into the drought of summer.

What does he mean by that name is all the joy is gone out of his line all the juices going out of his prayers. Pray is your faith Dalen dry you say I don't know I just don't enjoy going to church and will I enjoy singing in a more tell you why I tell you why your faith is so broad was your backslidden remember when you are right with God.

Think back about that time you love the Lord the most. When you are right with God you get in the car and rolled up the windows and sing and you lift your hand off the steering wheel and praise the Lord just say Lord I love make up little songs and sing songs to the Lord was sweet as rail and went to St. Simon to cheat on Dawn gone now know David did say Lord restored to me by salvation. He said Lord restored to me by my salvation dryness barrenness that comes when sin gets in the line all the calls because I want to tell you, dear friend. The cost of sin is high and the pleasures of sin are brief for the child of God.

Let me go on I want to talk to you about the crisis of David's backsliding. I talked about the cause of it. I talked about the cost of our talked about the crisis.

Did you know that a backslider if he didn't get right with God will come to crisis that God will bring them to crisis is a God just letting go on and on and on. God moves in and is a time known to God alone.

When a crisis is precipitated when a man gets out of fellowship with God. Now what happened to David. Was this God deals with a backslider for always and you be with you the same for always step number one is conviction God will convict you of getting away from him, he will convict every child of God gets out of fellowship with him. That's what David meant in Psalm 32, when he said by hand is heavy upon me. God lays his hand on you and God shakes you and got says that is wrong.

If you can send without that conviction coming in your life you not really not really say that conviction will come, God will place you want to conviction by the way, that's the time to get right with God. That's the time to repent. The Bible says agree with thine adversary quickly while you're away with it. When God tells you that you're wrong.

That's the time to get right. We raise four children. Some of those children are not day which ones in order to get the attention you had to take off your belt. Others of them all you do just speak a word in the tier would show up with Chana Trimble and I said I am sorry. So you have to spank some as nearly as much as others and if you don't have children like that don't. I do know someone just like him you want, and others just before we need to be that kind of a child of God can just speak to for the Bible says if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judge that we should be chastened with this world if we would just say, Lord. I'm sorry Lord you have to do it. You see when we equip our children.

When I try to get even. What were trying to do is to correct them to correct the guy got try to get even with all God wants to do is to correct answer.

The very first thing that will come listen to attention the very first thing that will come is conviction after conviction. If you do not get right with God, chastisement, whom the Lord loves he chastens and scourges every son whom he receives. That's what the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 12 verse six Lord loves he chastens and scourges every son whom he may receive God will lay the rod and you know I got to.

I know God will lay the rod on you.

God is more interested in your obeying him and knowing him that he is your driving a Cadillac God is more interested in your knowing him and obey him that he is in your being helping God is more interested in your knowing him and obey him, then you're having a lot of friends in a big time God wants you to be right with God and he knows how to bring that chastisement in your life. Does it not because he doesn't love you, but because it does love you and the chastisement that was upon David was because God let me now the third thing that happened if there comes that conviction and you don't turn in the comes that chastisement and you do not turn there will come a challenge. God will bring a challenge to you, God brought a challenge through Nathan the prophet Nathan the prophet came to David and confronted David and I if you had time to read in second Samuel chapter 12 where Nathan said to David, David, you sin against God. You are the man I want anyone that challenge came at David not gotten right with God. God would kill David Wright. Some of you are going to die prematurely. If you truly are backslider and God is convicted you. You don't get right and got us chastens you and you don't get right that God is going to challenge you and if you don't get right there comes a consummation the conviction that chastisement the challenge the consummation ballot measure what I'm talking about looking so I can send the chapter 12 and verse seven second Samuel chapter 12 and verse seven and may consider David thou art the man that is God put his finger upon David and thank God that David had enough sense to get right with God. Look in verse 13 and David said underneath and I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan said to David Lord also have put away thy sin. Thou shalt not die. Thou shalt not die.

Had David not gotten right with God, David would have died, God would have killed David prematurely, Moses died that way. When Moses sinned against God, and refused to get right with God. He died on Mount Nebo and the Bible tells us as I was, not dimly.

That was a strength abated.

Moses died prematurely.

The Bible tells us in first John that a brother can commit a sin that is on today that when God places a challenge house that challenge come back challenge can come in many ways it may country why it may country a pastor. It may come through a book that your reading this sermon may be God's challenge to you, but you will know it when God gives that challenge and when you step across that deadline. Then, dear friend go to heaven you get that some people take a backslider get to heaven. Freddie may get there quick and somebody else you will go to heaven. David would have gone to heaven.

But there's a point beyond which a man may not go God puts that challenge.

Are you paying attention. And if you cross that deadline, you're going to die you will die prematurely.

God will call you home.

There's a sin on today a little boy goes to a birthday party. He pulls the girl's hair kicks the shin sticks his finger in the cake, open somebody's present is not his. His mother who's there keeps correcting him, and he keeps on acting not in like a spoiled brat. You know she's going to say doing parties over. Let's go home you not gonna stay here and humiliate me this way.

Let's go home, and son were going home generally gotten a call so you home. I mean if your Savior say well I say God chastise me that's because you not say the Bible says if you are without chastisement where all are partakers and are you pastor to not some say that sounds like rough language, not the way the Bible uses the Bible says if you were my child, I would've chastised you. God will not let one of his children stay here and disgrace him first conviction then chastisement that a challenge and then a consummation I could take you through the Bible and show you and I could take you through life in.

There was a man named Balin who was a prophet of God and Balin got out of fellowship with God. Remember the story. He was the one whose don't talk to. He was riding along and he was going against the will of God and there. An angel of God, the donkey saw the angel Balin did not see the angel, the donkey got so frightened that it crushed Balin's foot against the wall. Balin got angry. Then again, the donkey got started I got so frightened that he just fell down beneath Balin Balin got off and began with a rod to strike that animal and the dumb beast bow to Balin and said why are you beating me have not been your faithful donkey. All this time and the Bible says that the eyes of Balin were opened and Balin saw the angel of the Lord not pay attention. There was an angel with a drawn sword and that angel, holding that sort of aloft said to Balin, had you come any further. I truly would explain you abated him was a man of God but is only so far that he could go before God would explain had David persisted in his sin, he would've die.

God sent his prophet to challenge him. This message may be God's word of challenge to you.

You know when the challenge God believing that you know when the challenge there is a sin to it happened to Moses. It almost happened to Balin. It almost happened to David God's going to say to some of you coming home, the parties over parties over your my child. I love you.

It's not that you lost. Once you say you cannot be on say. God deals very seriously this matter.\Backslider in heart should be filled with his own ways. I want you to know that God loves you David Prato God have mercy upon me, according unto the multitude of art to the mercies blot out my transgressions for multitude of sin.

There was a multitude of mercies.

Those mercies are new for you right now aren't you glad that God's mercy is available to you today. If you have wandered away come back to the father.

Maybe you've never given your heart and life to God. If you'd like to accept his mercy and forgiveness right now pay something like this from your heart of God in heaven.

I know that I've sinned against you.

Your holy I'm not so there is this deep chasm between us and Jesus came to take the punishment for my sin.

He took my place on the cross and then rose again to new life and that's what you're offering me right now so I accept the gift of your mercy and your grace and your forgiveness come in the my life. I want Jesus as Lord of my life from this day forward I pray in his name. Amen. If you joined in that prayer just now. We want to celebrate with you.

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Today there is some sin something you haven't confessed that's weighing on your heart. Ask God to search that sin, confess be cleansed by his forgiveness and join us next time. For more from Adrian Rogers right unless you were buying

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