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Crossing God's Deadline | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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May 19, 2022 8:00 am

Crossing God's Deadline | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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May 19, 2022 8:00 am

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Listen closely to Adrian Rogers warning about crossing God's deadline is this life.

It is possible for person to come in this life to point which if he commits that salmon transgresses and goes beyond that point we can never know never know.

Never say he will cross God's deadline welcome to love find truth of the gospel stated the practical messages love pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers in front of every unsaved person. There is a deadline God deals with sinners over and over again convicting us in loving patience.

But if we cross God's deadline is to late. If you have your Bible turn to Proverbs chapter 29 is Adrian Rogers shares three thoughts on crossing God's deadline crossing God's deadline.

Listen to verse Proverbs 29 members want to see that they often recruit Hartnett his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy lays and jump. The Bible teaches that in front of every unsaved man. There is a deadline and if he crosses that deadline, he is just as lost just as certainly doomed. Just as dust and braille as though he were already there and as though the iron gates of hell had already clanged shut behind him is possible for man to commit the sin in this life.

It is possible for person to come in this life to point which if he commits that salmon transgresses and goes beyond that point he can never know never know. Never say he will cross God's deadline. There is a ally bios not see which crosses every pack is the hidden boundary between God's mercy and God's wrath. So I want to pay attention today because it may be that someone listening to me may be in danger, crossing the deadline and so you media message and then there are others of us today who need a heart of love and compassion. Employee will God make me a soul winner. As I look at this passage of Scripture. The four things that jump out at me almost immediately. The first is what I want to call spiritual direction God gives us all spiritual direction that is seen in the fact that he says that we are all been reproved often recruit you know that it would be more than justice demands. If God only spoke this one time. If God only spoke one time because we are all sinners.

God doesn't know is anything but God has spoken one time, 23 times over and over and over again. The Bible says we are Often Recruit God Does Dr., God does not. God does recruit God does call over and over again. How does he do it. One way that God may speak to you and God may speak to me is through his Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is a still small voice that God is given to reprove us to bring us to him that longing to know God, that sensitivity to the things of God that urge to get right with God that God's dear Holy Spirit bringing you growing you willing you to Jesus Christ. Not only does God speak through his Spirit, God speaks through his servants, God speaks through his soul winners God speaks through his preachers, God is speaking in this message right now. I focused data. Breach of I did not believe that God speaks through me. I believe that he knows.

I prayed and I try never to preach a sermon to live so that sermon in prayer and study to find out that the message is coming from the word of God. God speaks through his servants, God speaks through situations.

Sometimes sorrow is God knocking at your heart's door.

When you buried your mama when you laid that little child away.

Sometimes God speaks through sickness when you were in the hospital so many ways that God speaks and we know that God speaks through Scripture. This Scripture that I'm reading to you and sharing with you today is the word of God is surely in his plane is no God was standing here in bodily form speak. This is God's word. God often recruit. There is not a man not a woman on a boy not a girl not a mother's child in this place is not that God speak to them. No go stale without having a word from God.

All people everywhere have a word from God.

God speaks, he often recruit.

That's the very first thing we want to notice in our text what I want to call today. Spiritual direction, but I want you to see something else stubborn disobedience. Listen to what the text says he that they often reproved and Hartnett. His name was amino heart United ever heard about somebody being stiffnecked I'm not on that having a quick Internet.

I was about what we say bowling unit got it speaks here of stubbornness is speaks a rebellion that God speaks and answers.

God I'm not going to hear your what you say to me now sometimes it's open defiance.

Sometimes the center bowling writing brazenly shakes his puny fist in the face of God and says God up there be a God you not big enough to make me serve you. I don't think there's any like that here today if there is my God.

He reports so I don't think is anybody like that here today but still we harden our hearts and stiffen our necks in ways that we may not realize. For example, some by procrastination. Harden the heart against the Lord. Procrastination is a terrible sin, horrible sin if I would as many of you do you intend to be saved.

You say yes you want to be saved.

Yes, you need to be saved yesterday going to be saved.

Yes, you want to say right now I want to say that I will be saved tomorrow.

Go back and look at the women. Proverbs chapter 27 and verse one, but was not myself up tomorrow. What I know is not what a day may bring full now, the only time that you have when you can be saved is now is an interesting thing in the Old Testament God brought judgment upon the Egyptians and one of the judgments that brought upon them was almost humorous. They worship April goddess and so God said what you like broke so much. I would give you some and so God sent a plague of frogs in the land. I want to tell you, there were frogs in every where, I mean big frogs and little frogs and slimy frogs and slick frogs and green frogs and brown frogs that were frogs in the bedroom and frogs in the closet and frogs in the slippers and frogs between the sheets and frogs in the kitchen and frogs in the oven and frogs in the oatmeal and were little boys went to school I squish frogs between their toes, and there were mountains of frogs big frogs little frogs smelling frogs piled up in mountains and in the roar must have been deafening. Now God was having his way of ridiculing the so-called wrong goddess of Egypt and Pharaoh had it up to here with frogs. I mean, he had a number of and so he wanted Moses to take away the frogs and in Exodus chapter 8 we read that Moses said to Pharaoh when do you want me to intercede for you and your servants and for your people to destroy the product from you and your houses that they may remain in the river only Pharaoh when he arrived at me.

Put these frogs back in the river and get them out of the land and he said tomorrow I can you imagine that Pharaoh has an operator with the brawl and Moses is all right Pharaoh enjoyed the frogs will do it when you want done tomorrow. Give me one more night with the brawl in an amazing thing and amazing thing he wants to get rid of them but yet somehow he just wants one more night with those medical now you talk to an unsaved man. He has the same problem with the sin that old Pharaoh had with the frogs. I mean he's plagued by doubt, by disappointment by sickness by sorrow by fear by anguish by disillusionment, lack of purpose and unhappiness and misery and all the things that his sins bring with them and you say that you need to be saved. Yes, you want to get rid of these things. Yes, you sick of them. Yes, when you want to do it tomorrow, why is why is it that people postpone salvation. It is the classic trick of the devil is a way of pardoning your net now.

The Bible puts it another way today if you hear God's voice are not your heart. It's another way of saying the same thing the hard neck that Barnhart both of them speak of a stubborn real against God and procrastination with sticking your neck and harden your heart against God. Now listen it the most of tomorrow, Robert. 27 verse one was not myself up tomorrow. It is why will number one, number one, you will lose today. I know we often hear people say will get right with God. You may die. Let me change that poses a get right with God. You may live, and if you live you can live with Jesus. Don't get the idea that being a Christian is paying some penalty in order to get to heaven is like taking bad medicine in order to get well you like the way you taste what you choking down while I've been a Christian if there were no heaven if there were no hail just to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in this life.

Now there is a heaven and there is a lot I want you to think that I'm putting it out there, but I'm just saying that being a Christian is wonderful Jesus outcome that you might have life and have it abundantly. All their sorrows.

Yes, their troubles, the Christians have persecution certainly unsaved people have been to data Christian has someone to bring his sorrows to have a Christian has a hole and a straight and a Christian looks forward to the day want to be normal sorrows. No more suffering. Jesus takes every year and turns into a pearl and every hurt and turned into a hallelujah because different, we have a dear loving Savior how wonderful the Lord Jesus Christ in this life and every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before get right with God now because he may live up a another reason to get right with God, something worse is going to come tomorrow if you don't, that if you study this passage, you don't find out that after the frogs came the lines after the lights came the flies map of the flies came the locus Matthew Lucas came the boils and after the boils came the fire and after the fire came, the darkness and after the darkness came the AC God loves you too much to let you just go on in your sin, and if the frogs will do it. No sensible ice and Lise Mondragon sensible oil and the boils Mondragon a sense of hail. I don't what is in your life it will be little frogs and Lise and hail and fire without the one I believe God loves you so much should that he may, if it is necessary. Bring a tragedy in your life, your why wait tragedy strikes God loves you precious friend he saw see you suffer in this life and suffer eternity in hell, and they might open your sometimes we never see so clearly is the rise that are washed with two multilevel reason you another progress day number one you lose today number two something worse may come tomorrow number three tomorrow may not come tomorrow may not come. The Bible says what is your life in a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away just to save the Lord will will live and do this or that.

Did you know some for 500 people blasted into eternity every year in America by bolts of lightning. If you were hit by lightning bolt today would you go to heaven or hell you know that this year, some 50,000 Americans will get in their automobiles, little dreaming as the last ride that they'll ever take because allies will be snuffed out in an automobile accident.

Did you know that Brenda said tomorrow may not come and some harden the next five procrastination update no way that some harden the next day on the next fry I seen it happen many times a man will hear the word of God the finger of God will touch his heart he will feel under conviction, the pastor will stand in the pulpit and said you got the price and pride sits in the seat with that man. That woman and pride says look around you see all those people you just as good as they are don't you go down to the front and at church service why you make a spectacle of yourself.

People will be watching you. And besides that, you can just do it privately right here in your heart. After all, no one needs to know that you give ER to Jesus I want to tell you something bring Jesus if you shamed me in my work with a simple and adulterous generation.

I'll be ashamed of you when I come ignore the father with a holy angel. The Bible says it certainly is in him shall not saying but cry cry cry cry many people from coming to Jesus. They are now heart and when imitation is given they step in the neck.

They let that they had made a lot of enemies. They stock out of the church to do bound in the chains cohosting the chains of pride that been forced on the amble of a hard heart and a hard minute. Some harden the neck through pleasures and possessions when I give an invitation. There will be some will say no if I go down and give my heart to Jesus Christ. If I say yes to God that will mean the deceased from this thing and no longer do that thing a brat that call upon me to give up something and so I say well (I just have a choice to make and I have a certain lifestyle, and I want to live that lifestyle and so when God often reproved a hard minute because the Bible describes him as lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God is such a foolish thing to do such a foolish thing to do. Nothing wine for a reason number one different. The only thing I'll ever ask you to give up of the things that hurt you in the Senate. Lord I got is a son of a shield.

The Lord will give grace and glory no good thing will he withhold from them the walk upright, and I do it will make you healthy, happy, holy, wholesome goddesses, help yourself out a another reason why it's foolish talk that there's too much to give up what you give up is nothing compared once again I'm going to Dartford.

I'm seeing the lesson he wants to load you with his love, his benefit to your third reason was foolish to talk that way what you give up for him is nothing compared to what he gave you he suffered, bled, and died for you upon the cross, but many times people harden our hearts through pleasures and possessions, and they say no to the Lord Jesus Christ so knows what were saying. First of all there is spiritual direction. We are often reproved anyway and in many days.

God speaks to and then there is that stubborn disobedience.

The heart is hard though will reject the Lord Jesus the person says no I will not come to G. Knowledge of those. The third thing that happened that third thing is sudden destruction. Listen to the verse again even being often reproved and hard of his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed suddenly be destroyed. That's the third step in this drama, damnation, he is suddenly destroy destruction generally takes 34.

First of all, there is the destruction of the mind through strong delusion, but destruction of the mind through strong delusion. Look, if you will please and second Thessalonians. The second chapter and verses 11 and 12 is what God's word say this one the most amazing verses in all the Bible for this clause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie now wait a minute. Pastor read that again. You must of misread God doesn't send anybody delusion Desi yes he does. We sat on was the devil. C. People I thought was the devil that diluted people, but this verse. As for this reason God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. Why would God send anybody strong delusion. What he tells us that they should believe a lie will why would God want them to believe a lie, but they all might be damn are is another translation that they all might be condemn what seems to get worse.

Doesn't God. Since delusion so that people will believe a lie so that they'll be condemn. Why would God want them to be condemn what continue to read who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Now pay attention when a person is presented with the crew and when the person on the other hand, has his unrighteousness and his sin and he has a choice and the opposite of truth is not Arab but it is sin overhears truth and overhears unrighteousness, and the man must make a choice. He knows what God's truth says because that management often reproved but over here is his unrighteousness and he says I choose my sin I choose this lifestyle. I choose against God. But when he chooses this package. This package of unrighteousness is wrapped up in delusion, and when he chooses this God says when you take the package you going to get the wrapping, which is delusion and deception, and God will see to it that he believes a lot.

God himself is a part of God's righteous judgment is a part of God's poetic judgment. It is ironic that God sees to it in this manner does not want the truth, but has pleasure in unrighteousness.

With that unrighteousness.

The man is deceived he is deluded and God sees to it that he bellowed. How does that work. Let me illustrate what happened. Suppose I preach a message on stewardship on giving and the devil sees to it that Amanda was here two years ago when I preached on that subject comes back two years later I'm preaching this message on stewardship and Batman begins to mutter and sputter human positives and money money money is all they were talk about them is better to run a bunch of money grabbing so-and-so an Asian modern singer under his stuff is it true never stuff that doesn't come out of the word of God the mind of God about the matter. He goes out of church, he says, is why my mom I am never going back there and so he just for just me and stuff. Do you know just pages all hot under the collar about it now.

He knows what is right.

You mean he heard the true unrighteousness and what is his unrighteousness is covetousness is greatest read as God's goal is not going to Camden County get boys and the rest considerably as the way he's wired and is just rotten sin. When is he going to have that sin, yes, but with that saying you also have the delusion that comes three sitting at home on Sunday morning.

Whiskers grown out.

He's watching the sports channel on television is got a sixpack of embalming fluid thereby his right hand, got my cancer there by the left-hand and he's just sitting there enjoying a Sunday morning and about that time somebody knocks at the door. As to members from a well-known colt who said we've come to tell you there is no hail. He says, coming coming and they come in and telling a lie and he believes I because he received on the level truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness God is sending strong illusion 97 destroy his mind is destroyed. This mental faculties are destroying you say sincere.

And maybe sincerely sincerely wrong on a way to not only is there the destruction of the mind through strong delusion is also the destruction of the spirit by spiritual desertion is a waning spiritual desertion. I mean that the Holy Spirit will desert. Such a man when he crosses the deadline. Did you know that it is possible for God to give up on a man. Did you know that God will not always send his Holy Spirit to talk to a man, a woman, a boy or girl. The Bible says in Genesis chapter 3 in verse six in a solemn warning God speaking my spiritual not always strive with my spiritual not always strive with man. I Got Spirit Does Dr., God is infinitely patient even being often reproved time and time and time and time again, God speaks and God moves and God warns and God believes in God. Instruct reproved. There comes a time when the Holy Spirit can be so insulted, so send against that you cross a deadline and God's gentle precious Holy Spirit no longer speaks to your heart.

Did you know that you cannot be saved unless the Holy Spirit of God brought you to Jesus Christ digital in my preaching can never save anybody. Did you know that even the truth of the word of God cannot save you, unless the Holy Spirit of God makes that truth really your heart. Did you know that. Did you know that I can preach truth, but only the Holy Spirit can impart truth and Jesus said, no man can come to me except the ball which has sent me the spirit of God drawing you to Jesus Christ you must be brought by the Holy Spirit to Jesus Christ. But there comes a time when the Holy Spirit of God may be so blasphemed that the spirit of God will no longer speak your heart.

Listen to the Scripture Romans chapter 1 verse 24 wherefore God also gave them a Romans chapter 1 verse 26 for this reason God gave them up. Romans one verse 28 even as they did not like to retain God in the knowledge God gave them over licenses God gave them up once it says that God gave them over. How does that work.

How does it really work will number one. You see, God must have spoken you clearly and plainly, and you must have deliberately and willfully rejected Jesus for this to happen that will in part one of this important lesson. As you listen today you have questions about who Jesus is what he means to you how to fully trust him for your salvation. Go to our website and find the find God's love page there are resources and materials that will answer questions you may have about your faith website is Nephi like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety.

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