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Wisdom's Final Call | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

Wisdom's Final Call | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

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How can we truly understand the Scriptures listen to Adrian Rogers this book is written by God is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

He is the author and you will never understand it until God pours his beard out upon you.

All you can read the Bible and get the facts and the dates and memorize the kings of Israel and you can know the names of the 12 apostles. All that you will never know the wisdom of this book you will never know the truth of this book until God the Holy Spirit pours himself out upon you.

Welcome to Leavenworth finding featuring real truth never changes found in the timeless teaching you and Roger.

You don't have to read the Scriptures long to realize that wisdom is perhaps the most important virtue could ever obtain wisdom is what enables us to understand the word of God and live by what it said in fact it so important. There's a deadline to obtain it before each of us. Proverbs 1 says that one of these days, God will issue his final call for wisdom.

If you have your Bible turn to Proverbs chapter 1 will begin in verse 20 is Adrian Rogers shares more about wisdom's final call. I want you to take your Bibles today now and find the book of Proverbs. Go to book of Psalms that you're so familiar with in turn write one book can you come to the book of Proverbs chapter 1 today. We began a brand-new series on God's way to hell. Well, and wisdom. I want to make certain that is, God tells God's wealth and God's wisdom that were seeking today the time of the message today is wisdom's final call. Proverbs chapter 1 beginning in verse 20 wisdom cries without she uttered her voice in the streets. She cried from the chief place of concourse in the openings of the gates in the city. She unearthed her words saying how long the simple ones we love simplicity and a scorners delight in this morning and fools hate knowledge turn you in my recruit. Behold, I will pour out my spirit on the I will make known my words unto you because I've called and you refuse I've stretched out my hand and no man regarding which he has set at naught all my counsel and would none of my reproof. I also will laugh at your calamity.

I will mock when your fear, when your fear cometh as desolation and destruction cometh as a whirlwind. When distress and anguish come upon you then shall they call upon me but I will not answer, they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me for that they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord they would none of my counsel, they despised all my reproof therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way and be filled with their own devices for the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.

But whoso Harkness on to me shall dwell safely and to be quiet from fear of the NS passage of Scripture. Wisdom is spoken of as a person that is wisdom has been personified.

What you need to learn today is that the voice of wisdom is the voice of God.

When wisdom speaks God speaks the authority of wisdom is the authority of God. The invitation of wisdom is the invitation of God.

The warning of wisdom is the warning of God to neglect wisdom is to neglect God to honor wisdom is to honor God. The blessings of wisdom are the blessings of God. So it is wisdom that is speaking to you today and it is God speaking to you today while back I had make a trip.

I made my way through the traffic I wanted to be certain to be there before the plane took off and so you know we always tend to get their little later than we think we going to get there.

I took my heavy bags. I have a long way to go and carry those bags in, got my ticket went up and got my boarding pass. I looked up I had plenty of time.

I said well after all of this I'm going to relax. I went down and bought me a cup of hot tea bought me a newspaper set down they had the gate in the waiting room and read the newspaper and break my hot tea after while I looked around in the waiting room was empty. I thought to myself, where is everyone doing. I asked the Madison what are you going to call this flight is and I've already called.

I said what is it going to leave he said is already left and I thought to myself, that's about the dumbest thing a man everyday was to sit at the gate reading a newspaper and drinking hot tea while airplane to call.

I mean sitting right there. That's the kind of pastor you have both sides known to say right so you still have final call safe drinking tea, reading a newspaper while his airplane length is a right preacher. But there's something more foolish than that would be for you to sit at the gate at the very gate to glory and have the last flight for heaven take off without you. One of these days God is going to issue his final call to you.

There's a deadline in front of everyone.

There is a final call is a last call and we going to read about it here we go to study about it here in this passage of Scripture as we think about wisdom final call. Three things I want you to see. First of all I want you to see something of the invitation of wisdom. Wisdom is here giving an invitation calling the people begin in verse 20 and you're going to see that wisdom's invitation as a public invitation wisdom cry without she unearthed her voice in the streets she cries in the chief place of concourse in the openings of the gates in the city sheet moderate her words. Now what is all this time.

It tells us that the invitation of wisdom is a public invitation not just to a chosen few. But God loves all people, and wisdom speaks to all people, and the voice of the Bible is whomsoever will become a man is public invitation and that gives me joy today. Some people join up there member of a larger sense of the secret society and when you get into that secret society. They give you certain knowledge that certain esoteric knowledge, things that other people are not supposed to know what you are one of the initiate.

You have gone through the initiation and lay all this wisdom upon dear friend of it so good your giveaway to everyone that reminds you why Jesus said, I have done nothing in secret that nothing is a good friend. It is one of the limits of what I'm so grateful that the Lord God loves the whole wide world and I'm glad that invitation wisdom is a public invitation. You know what the Bible says in Matthew chapter 10 verse 27 what you hear in the ear publicity upon the housetops. That is, let the whole world know that Jesus saves an invitation.

Wisdom is a public invitation and by the way, are you making it public. You want to we hear people say keep the faith friend. Not only should you keep it your giveaway and thought as I'm concerned, if you don't giveaway you want to give it up because what you have is not really you ever convince me that you know the real thing in the joy of the Lord Jesus and you do not want to share it very first thing I want to say about the invitation of wisdom is it is a public invitation. Secondly, look at it is a pressing invitation look in verse 20 wisdom cry without looking verse 21 she cry in the chief place of concourse that is.

Wisdom is not lackadaisical about this thing is not a take it or leave it type of attitude wisdom is speaking with a tear in her voice. There's a sense of urgency is a sense of emergency wisdom is pressing her invitation. She's lifting up her voice. She's crying how well we are some people like to go to church. What is a public invitation they say I just don't believe him that urging people to get right with God, will I want to tell you I do.

The apostle Paul says, knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade men and gods. Public invitation is also a pressing invitation wisdom cry. I'm so glad that when Adam was there in the garden of Eden that God came seeking Adam with a tear in his voice. He said Adam was in the voice of the detective.

It was the voice of a broken hearted, God, I want to say something else about wisdom's invitation. Not only is it a public invitation. Not only is it a pressing invitation is a patient invitation.

Look, if you will, in verse 22. How long you simple ones we love simplicity and the scorners delight in this morning and fools hate knowledge is amazing that he would speak that wisdom or stretch father hands but notice she continues to do it and the categories of persons who seem to be oblivious to the call of wisdom. First of all, there's the one that the Bible calls the simple and then there's one in verse 22 that the Bible calls the scorner and then there's the one that the Bible calls in verse 22 the flu and those three categories of persons are with us today. Now for the simple, well the word simple here come from a root word which means open is just a person open everything is easily led. He's what we would call today gullible Ari's careless he does not stop to think things through and I suppose most of the people in America would just be characterized as simple as simple. They never stop to think about the great issues of life and not all bad people wicked people in that sense, they just people say we will have a blast will have a good time. They never stop to think think things through. They don't think serious loss of life is a party one great big continual part.

Proverbs 22 verse three just jotted down the margin.

The Bible says a prudent man foresees the evil and hide themselves but the simple pass on and are punished. Think of is adapted. I there's a judgment of face as I held a Sean there's I haven't.

Again, the prudent man foresees the evil and hide himself a simple pass on and are punished.

And so the first category of persons that God has patients with what we call the simple. In verse 22.

He just a careless person but watching after a while the careless person becomes the cynical person because the next category.

There is what he calls the scorner, the scorner I was a scorner. I scorners no longer simple person. He's a person who's decided that he wants to mock holy things he wants to laugh at holy things he wants to sneer at holy things he curls.

He shoots out the time and holy thing. He is a squatter and he delights in his scorn.

It gives him great joy to scorn holy things. And again I will detail that God loves the scone and God's heart goes out to the score and wisdom calls the storeowner who is a cynic or cynics are terrible things to be around a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Now listen to me man is not a sinner because he is a stone he's a scorner because he is a sin, but about whenever you see a person mocking holy thing where you see a person who ridicules the word of God, the Christ of God. The book of God. When you see that when you see a storm, you show me a scorner and I'll show you amend the devil's initials carved in his heart. You show me a woman who laughs, and much of holy things and I'll show you a woman covered with the slimy fingerprints of sin, man is not a sinner because he's a scholar he's a scorner because he's a center there is in his heart that he will accent that causes him to mocking holy things but notice the progression. First, the careless, then the cynical and then finally the callused the callused the flu.

Here's a man. The Bible calls a fool who hate snow.

I need to speak to him. There's a steel curtain between you and him. He won't hear the words of God. He literally has an antipathy to this book. He hates this book and the things of God. Now in the Bible calls him a fool that does not mean he has a low IQ that does not mean he's lacking in mental equipment. It means he has a disposition, a chosen lifestyle that he has set himself in and the Bible calls that man a foodie is indeed a fool now how to get to be a fool I was sure something I want to look at it here.

Verse 22. How long you simple ones we love simplicity_the word love and the scorners delight in this morning_the word scorning and fools hate knowledge_the word hate friend when you began to love what you want to hate and when you begin to delight in what you want to shun soon you will begin to hate what you ought to look when a man begins to love what he update is not long until he hates what he ought to love and a man who begins to love simplicity will soon began to hate knowledge and his heart will get harder and harder and harder while men's hearts are getting harder and harder and harder.

Wisdom is with tears streaming down her cheeks. Wisdom is there with that emotion in her voice. Wisdom is there with her hands outstretched say how long how long how long will you love simplicity utilized in scorning you hate knowledge will thank God for the patience of our dear Lord is indeed a patient God patiently, earnestly, tenderly, wisdom is calling is a public invitation is a pressing invitation wisdom is crying is a patient invitation, God still loves you.

But there's a second thing I would have you see today and not only is that wisdom's invitation, but I want you to see wisdom's indoctrination because this summer saying in their mind. Well Mr. Rogers. I can't help it if I don't understand your Bible. I can help it.

These things don't mean something to me it's not my fault if I don't have this wisdom.

I wasn't born with a brass. I don't have the gift.

I want to show you that if you want God's wisdom.

You can have because God will indoctrinate you with his wisdom. If you get yourself in the place where God can speak to you. I want you look, if you will, in verse 23 hears God's challenge. Look at turn you at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit on the I will make known my words unto you, that you want to know how to know wisdom. Number one turn you at my reproof below the word turn me, it means repent. What repent means. It means to change your mind. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let them return to the Lord and to his God and he will have mercy upon him, and will abundantly pardon.

If we forsake our ways in our thoughts and will have God's thoughts and God's wisdom, but there must be a point of repentance. Listen, you my dear friend are not going to learn anything from God until you're willing to repent and don't blame God if you don't repent wisdom says you must turn and even if God would speak to you couldn't hear. If you did not repent, you can hear IT if God were to give you wisdom. It would be like pouring water on a rock.

You must prepare your heart to hear the word of God, and there must be, there must be, there must be the repentance of the center that makes Jesus Christ, then there will be the revelation of the spirit look, if you will, as we continue to read turn you in my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit upon you. Hallelujah, this implodes. This book is written by God. It is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He is the author and you will never understand it until God pours his spirit out upon you.

The Bible says the natural man receives not the things of the spirit of God, neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned.

The only way you're going to know the truth of God's word is for the Holy Spirit to turn the light owning your sin dark and so but when there is the repentance of the center and immediately and consequently there is that revelation of the spirit and God's Holy Spirit comes in all you can read the Bible and get the facts and the dates and memorize the kings of Israel and you can know the names of the 12 apostles and all that but you will never know the wisdom of this book you will never know the truth of this book until God the Holy Spirit pours himself out upon you, but there will be if there is the repentance of the center there will be the revelation of the spirit and that is followed by what I would call the reliability of the Scripture look again if you will. Verse 23 and I will pour out my spirit on the you and make known my words unto you, this book that I hold is the word of God and it contains the words of God. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.

You won't wisdom folks, this is God's wisdom book and when there's the repentance of the center there will be the revelation of the spirit and there will be in your hand. The reliability of the Scripture look in chapter 2 verse six for the Lord giveth wisdom out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. He lay it up sound wisdom for the righteous.

The entrance of my word, O Lord giveth light and how wonderful it is when God the Holy Spirit takes the repentant sinner pours himself on that center opens the word of God and gives them knowledge from the job where we have God's knowledge. Don't you tell me friend that you can have wisdom don't you tell me that God cannot give you wisdom.

He can. He does the will. First is the invitation of the spirit and along with the invitation of the spirit is the indoctrination of the spirit, or where God calls God enables hallelujah praise the Lord glory to God. Now the third thing I want you to see how it is not only wisdom's invitation and not only wisdom's indoctrination but I want you to see wisdom's indignation.

Did you know that God may become indignant. Have you ever thought of God as being indignant. I do Scripture search, I was overwhelmed with the passages that deal with the fact that the great God of heaven when his holiness and his Majesty is insulted may become indignant to give you just to open in May whom chapter 1 and verse six the Bible asked this question who can stand before he is indignation who can stand before his indignation. The answer is obvious. No one can Hebrews chapter 10 verse 27 speaks of a fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries. Why would God become indignant. Why does wisdom become indignant.

I'll tell you why. Verse 24 begins with SB calls because I have called and he with you.

I have stretched out my hand and no man regarding which it said not all my counsel and would not of my report I hear is why wisdom is indignant because the call of wisdom, the invitation of wisdom that public invitation at pressing invitation that patient invitations is time and time and time again swept aside and there comes a time when invitation turns to indignation as we're going to sing coming up tomorrow will your part to this important lesson.

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