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The Week After Easter | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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April 18, 2022 8:00 am

The Week After Easter | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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April 18, 2022 8:00 am

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Is the story of Easter dispelled your discouragement to Adrian Rogers.

Jesus is that came out of the grave and was saying, but the disciples were convinced some of them some of them not Jesus could tell by the cabinets that they were discouraged they were sad discouragement and the sadness at the source. It was a miss understand that misunderstanding led to disappointment and disappointment led to doubt and doubt lead to discouragement. I have met in my ministry. So many Christians who get this because they don't understand the Scriptures, and they don't believe all that the prophets have spoken welcome to work finding the truth of found truth simply stated by Adrian Rogers, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a known fact that we fully believe Christians in the days following this miracle some of the disciples were struggling to believe. Luke 24 tells of two disciples on the road to Emmaus who came face-to-face with Jesus himself.

The week after Easter. If you have your Bible turn there now will begin in verse 13 as Adrian Rogers shares part one of the week after Easter. I want to talk about a week and I Luke chapter 24 meals with the week of Easter, and I think is an incredible lesson for us here about a burning blazing emotional, passionate love for Jesus Christ.

There's nothing better than for person who knows the truth can cross every T.every but they can't spell. This is what I want talk to you about how to have a passionate burning emotional love for Jesus is good at everything right. I think of a preacher who was preaching and did not use proper grammar, as I sometimes fail to do it was saying in his message.

I seen this and I saying that somebody corrected him said you should be like Pastor so-and-so who says correctly. I have seen any thought about a new Pastor so-and-so who was that Orthodox Asian latte truth rose.

I say when I say some things that I have seen. When I say nothing I want us to have a passionate love for Jesus Christ. The sign of the cost was a town of five and that we need to have a burning passion hard for Jesus. Now let me Jesus was crucified, but in that grade came out of that grave and will see what disciples were convinced some of them some of them not only fully conveys they were half believing and doubting had taken a journey to a place called Emmaus Madden Emmaus a number of times. It's a beautiful little village about 7 1/2 miles from the city of Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified.

Raise and they were trudging along to the forlorn disciples discouraged and murder must begin in verse 13 and you pick it up there we met to Luke chapter 24, verse 13, and behold, two of them went that same data village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about threescore furlongs X7 will more than 7 miles and they talk together of all those things which had happened and it came to pass that while they commune together and reason Jesus himself drew near and went with them, but their eyes were holding that they should not know him. I got did that on purpose and I'm going to tell you why just a moment and he said to them what amount of communications are these that you have one to another. As she walked and are so sad and one of them whose name is Cliff us. Answering set in him that only a stranger Jerusalem and has to know the things which are come to pass there in these days and he said to them, what things they said in him concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people and how the chief priests and our rulers delivered him to be condemned to death crucified him, but we trust that it had been, he would should have redeemed this real decide all this today is the third day since these things were done EAN certain women also have our company made us astonished which were early at the sepulcher and they found not his body and when they found out his body. They came say that they had also seen a vision of angels, which said that he was alive and certain of them which were with us went to the sepulcher and found it.

Even so, as the women had said, but him based on that he said them. O fools goals are to believe all that the prophets have spoken Christ suffered these things and to enter into his glory now, to these disciples and want to talk to first of all that I want to see what I'm going to call the of the discouragement of a confused heart.

These people were discouraged to their trudging along now half believing have they heard the story, but they were let down in body and in spirit and Jesus could tell by the cabinets that they were discouraged they were sad to see that there discouragement and the sadness at this source. It was a miss understand I will talk a little bit about the misunderstanding in a moment, but that misunderstanding led to disappointment and disappointment led to doubt and doubt lead to discouragement.

What was there misunderstanding while they had been looking for a political Messiah. They were hoping that Jesus would come and redeem Israel. And it had not happened and notice if you will. Verse 21 but we trusted that it had been, he would should have read the tutorial. Now obviously they were looking for a political Messiah. They been looking for King and I want to happen to the K. Dick King had males for scepter down across fourth row and his kingdom had contracted to the narrow confines of what happened to the kingdom. The prophets had prophesied a kingdom, the poets picture the kingdom. The Angels had pronounced an amount sticking and Jesus penetrates the kingdom and they were saying this is wonderful Messiah serious Ray was going to be redeem, and it had not happened.

What had happened to these people is that they did not know as Paul Harvey would've said. The rest of the story had only seen part of the story and they did not understand that Jesus was turning Calvary to Easter and Pentecost was coming just like sometimes we don't understand when we're going through her own Gethsemane Calvary based on internal hurts.hallelujah and are Calvary to an Easter in our tears to Pearl's.

We only see a part of the story. I can remember when I was a little boy running away from home.

I was not even school-age, black, remember like yesterday I came into the kitchen and my mother was baking a pie shell. Just the shell. I knew she was baking a pie out.

I was too short to see up 11 but I stayed around and hung around in the kitchen. She took the pie shell out.

I have never been as disappointed and angry in my life. I looked into that pie shell of the pie and I thought even my mother was extremely mean her she had absolutely no never mind. How could any almanac at any mother would make such a pie with another Michelle I literally ran away from home. I'm serious. I can remember.

I will have to lock the front start a skill you out the front door and down the street pounding murmuring to myself when an entire half block before I repented and turned around and came back home and by then I'd learn the rest of the story that she was not finished with what she's doing now these disciples very much like that. It was only half done and it was sad because the sadness was rooted in misunderstanding and unbelief.

And Jesus actually call them fools. If you look there in verse 25. It's it's a very interesting verse where he says to them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets, and now they believe part of what the prophets had spoken, but they did not believe it. All they did not understand it all.

And so what what you have here is what I want called discouragement a confused heart when we get confused when OS X the word of God that can lead to discouragement and I have met in my ministry. So many Christians who get this because they don't understand the Scriptures, and they don't believe all that the prophets have spoken amount is moved from there and talk not only about the discouragement of confused heart. These men were confused but let's talk a little bit about the discovery of a challenge. Jesus met Andy challenge them with the word of God, I'm so grateful that he did. I want you to see how did first of all that Jesus also looking to live in verse 15 of the same chapter and it came to pass while they commune together and reason.

Jesus himself drew near, and he's done that so many times to me and he's done that so many times you Jesus just caught up with them. He did not seek them out to get them are even to condone, but what he did say come forward to claim them and to comfort them and just as the Lord Jesus taught us when we were lost by the way, we did see Ken. He sought us.

We love him because he first loved us. Now these men evidently were already believers. Although they were backslidden and discouraged.

If Jesus would seek us when we were just out now. Santa surely he will seek us when were saved and away from him and every backslidden Christian is known that and every confused Christian is found Jesus just seeking them.

But not only did Jesus seek him, but he caught he saw and he called them. He drew near to them and I'm glad that he did not undertake this focus that Jesus has never ever lost one of the sheet metal and is not because we hold only meals on bus and he told us that in John chapter 17 verse 12 while I was with them in the world.

I kept them in thy name and those the dog gavest me I have And none of them is lost. So what he did he saw. He called them. But here's the incredible thing he taught them and he opened the Scriptures to them and you open your eyes look, if you will, in verse 27 and see what the Lord Jesus Christ did for them. The week after Easter and notice he says, and beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded under them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself and that they do not enter the village whether they went, and he made as though he would have gone further, but they constrain them, saying, abide with us for distorting me in the day is far spent, and he went into tire with them and came to pass, as he sat at meat with them.

He took bread, and blessed it and break it and gave it to them. I watch this, and their eyes were opened and they knew him and he banished out of there site now.

First of all, in verse 32 we going to notice that he opened the Scriptures look in verse 32 and they said one to another, did not heart burn within us while he talked with us.

By the way, and while he opened to us the Scriptures_that is so important.

Our hearts burn while he opened to us the Scriptures, but it was not enough for him to open the Scriptures go back up to verse 31, and their eyes were open and they knew him now that two things that the Lord hast open to us when we confused and discouraged first blast open the Scriptures and secondly he has to open our eyes. Both are absolutely necessary. Life without sight is no good insight without light is no good. It takes absolutely no doubt why is it that God engineered that they would not know who he wants. Evidently in his resurrected phone. There was something about his lightness that was changed because they had known him, they'd seen him yet they did not recognize him.

Why does the Bible say that this was holding from them are From them that look in verse 16, but their eyes were holding that they did not know him. That doesn't necessarily mean that is form was Jane, but something happened the God doesn't let them recognize him God in some way distorts their vision does not give them cognition.

Why did God do that.

Why? I just Jesus is getting ready to go to heaven and what he is doing now the same thing that you and I mean we don't have Jesus before some physical full. We have the word of God.

What he is doing now is putting their dependents, not upon his physical presence with them, but upon the word of God is opening to them. The word is opening them.

The Bible is open to them.

The prophets and and he is opening their eyes to see him now, not after the flesh but to see him by the Holy Spirit in the word yes and why did this and so now we sing this transition. He's going back to heaven, but he is leaving the word and the written word is is what we have today bring Jesus Christ awesome to make Jesus Christ real because it is significant that it was the word and not the physical sense it made him realtor them. That is all. Yes we recognizing that was really him. We saw him no, they said we knew him because he opened the word to us. That's how they knew they knew him now for the word of God. Now he challenge them to the word of God and I want you to see how he challenge the moment you notice the sermon that he gave them the method was to open the Scriptures and open their eyes. Now notice the message look into it. Verse 27 and beginning at Moses and all the prophets, now that's just the Old Testament with a Moses and the prophets first five books of the Bible written by Moses and then the prophets that's just the way he speaks of a major portion of the old testament to just say going back to Genesis 11 that's what that says. And beginning at Moses and the prophets, he expounded under them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.

I look at a character it doesn't say he expounded to them all the things concerning himself in the Scriptures now that that would been fine that what it says it says expounded them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself, but I mean it means that Jesus is all the Scriptures, and not that he is in some of the Scriptures.

Not all the things in the Scriptures, but in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself and the New Testament are not yet been written. So he started in Genesis. That's Moses, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

And then he just continues Moses and the prophets to speak to them from the Scriptures. What are the Scriptures about well the things concerning him self you read the Bible you will find Jesus you missed go back, standing somewhere in the shadows you find Jesus you be there prophecy to be their preceptor be there probably will be there in poetry. He will be there. Somehow Jesus is there in the Bible and he himself said, and challenge the people of his day when he was done by the Old Testament. He said search the Scriptures for these are they which testify of me. I've been preaching long enough to know that the Bible becomes a wonderful book to you. We find Jesus and was the Old Testament of the New Testament you find Jesus somewhere and really has no lasting joy without Jesus and he is the one that you need in God is engineered to dig and I don't have joy without Jesus, you're not going to know Jesus really apart from the Scriptures. Too many people are writing dear Abby, when it would be opening the Bible and reading finding out what is in the word of God. Now he's walking with them down the road to Emmaus. 7 1/2 miles silo would take them to walk 7/2 miles hello two hours two hours so as to our Bible conference. Maybe stop a little bit less given throughout two hours.

What all the way. Now he's opening to them. The Scriptures how do I have a tape recording that 7 mile Bible conference.

I would love to have a tape recording of that Jesus starting in the book of Genesis and going through the Old Testament and say that here is Jesus. Here is the Messiah. Here is the Messiah here I am done well, but he did say here I am, because at that moment they stilled and realized who he was but he was talking about himself all the Scriptures about the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled prophecy is such a wonderful thing. Did you know that there are over 333 precise details prophesying Jesus in the old testament Citrix before Jesus was born his birth, his career is teaching is suffering, his resurrection. His glory, his ascension, his second coming. That was all prophesy now. Don't take that for granted. Jesus is the only person ever born in this world whose ancestry whose birth time whose forerunner whose birthplace whose birth manner whose infancy, whose manhood whose teaching's character whose preaching those three section whose rejection whose dad's burial whose resurrection goes ascension were all in a marvelous way before it was more don't pass by that. Can you imagine anybody painting a picture of an individual having never seen that individual him having never been born, and paint that picture in striking and unmistakable detail, but then can you imagine not one person but 25 artists participating in the same picture and then when that individual comes, there is that exact likeness. You see the Scriptures when Jesus took the Bible and he opened the Bible and began to show them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself. He's willing to open the Scriptures to us and he opens the Scriptures and he opens her eyes.

Now let me just for pass on the third and final thing I want to tell you that the prophecies concerning the second coming of Jesus are going to be fulfilled just as literally as those concerning his first coming same Bible. Many miss the blessing of his first coming because they did not understand the Scriptures are. They did not believe old fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken, I don't hurt your feelings but there's something wrong with your mind is something wrong your heart if you only by which Jesus would save you your foolish and your heart is very slow if you don't understand Scripture. The world is not true with Jesus, but I will say something this world is through the Nazis. He is coming again, and tomorrow will report to this important message but maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is what he means to you.

How to begin a relationship with God through Christ.

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