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Lessons From a Dysfunctional Family | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

Lessons From a Dysfunctional Family | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

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Is there a dysfunction in your home. Listen closely to Adrian Rogers God. Your child will and you cannot take credit. If your child turns out to serve God and you can't take blame. If your child is you do the best you can.

I've already said the dysfunctional families tend to produce dysfunctional children. I've already said that a father of faith can set the standard for the family all these things are true, giving you an excuse not to be a godly parent but I'm saying there has to come a time when we understand that God allows children to have a will of their own and we must love our children and pray for our children. And thank God when they turn out good. Welcome to the world find featuring the dynamic teaching of the claimed pastor Bible teacher Adrian Rogers family was first established by God in the garden of the knowing families a gift of God, the enemy is waged war against the whole. Hebrews 1120 recalls the story of twin brothers Jacob and Esau. In Genesis 25 they were sons of Isaac and Rebekah, and together they were a family plagued by favoritism, deception and betrayal. Yet God was at work in their family there is hope for those who face unrest in the home. If you have your Bible turn to Hebrews chapter 11 will begin in verse 20 as Adrian Rogers shares lessons from a dysfunctional family now. Drama is about to unfold the stage is set and on center stage are for the most incredibly spiritual individuals you've ever seen. They make the core of this dysfunctional family. I want to look at them first of all, after the sensual fall. The sensual father is Isaac that he's going to bless the wrong son is bless the wrong son for the wrong reason. That's the first person in this drama now enter the second person and that is not the central father, but the scheming mother, Rebecca now has many strong she's in on the deal and so she decides that she's going to contravene what Isaac is done. She's not submissive to her husband and she is outside of the will of God because she's trying this time to do a right thing the wrong way. Genesis 27 begin in verse six and Rebekah spake of the Jacob person on the remember Jacob was her pit saying, behold, I heard thy father speak on Esau thy brother saying bring me venison and make me savory meat that I made and blessing before the Lord before my death. Now therefore, my son, obey my voice. According to that which I command the go now to the flock and fetch me from thanks to good kids of the goats that as you go get to real tender little goats and I will make them savory meat for thy father, such as 11 G saying look son driving get too little goats will kill them.

I had a fix them. I can fool your father he will think it is venison when I get finished with it. I know how to do it. Evidently, she was quite a culinary expert and she could take those tender little notes and that he would think is the best venison he ever had and so thou shall bring it burst into life father that he made that he may bless me. Before his death, and check etc. back, his mother, behold, based on my brothers a hairy man. I'm a small man, my father, Prudential will feel me and I shall seem to him as a deceiver and I shall bring a curse upon me another blessing and his mother setting him up on me be bikers and my son only obey my voice and go that now Jacob was not the last son to ever be hurt by a scheming mother about the birthright already belong to Jake Jacobs. Rebecca was trying to do the right thing, but she's run the right thing the wrong way. She's become dishonest if the devil can't keep you from doing the wrong thing. You try to get you to do the right thing wrong way. And here is this mother who is scheming. She's trying to protect her son listening listen mom she lost the very son that she was trying to protect mother. The best thing you can do to keep your child is to give him away to God and trust him to God and not do scheming so you have a central father may have a scheming mother that is the third participant who comes into this drama has what I want to call his shady son that is ever guy was shady. It was old Jake now was Jacob good or bad. Well, Esau despised his birthright. Jacob wanted Jacob wanted the right thing. He had a heart for God, but he couldn't trust God for the blessing was already here and by trying rather than trusting. He begins to get into all of these deals where he trades stew for the birthright that was already his, and he tries to deceive us all father to get what was already his pennies, like so many Christians today who are scheming and trying without to be trusting God and putting things into the hands of God is a God is blessed us.

We have a birthright. Ephesians 1 and verse three says blessed be God and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. He was fighting a battle already lost. Rather than enjoying a victory already one now central father by scheming mother, a shady son, and now a sorry brother into the last one and this is old he saw himself.

Genesis 27 verse 30 and he came to pass as soon as Isaac had made an end of blessing Jacob, and Jacob was yet scarce, going from the presence of his father that he saw his brother came in from hunting and he also had made savory meat and brought it on to his father and said to his father let my father arise eat of his sons venison, that thy soul may bless me and Isaac his father set under them.

You and he said on by sound by birth morning so and Isaac_this trembled very exceedingly, and said who where is he that had taken venison, and brought it to me and I've eaten a ball before that came with and have blessed MVA and he shall be blessed, and when Esau heard the words of his father. He cried with a great and exceedingly bitter cry and said of this father blessed me even also. Oh my father and he said, thy brother came with subtlety and had taken away thy blessing and he said is not. He rightly named Jacob the name Jacob literally means her planter or connive for he has supplanted me these two times he took away my birthright, and behold, now we have taken away my blessing and he said has thou not reserve the blessing for me and Isaac answered and said he saw behold, I have made him thy Lord in all his brethren have I given to him for servants and with corn and wine have I sustained him. What shall I do now under the my son and Esau said into his father has thou been one blessing.

My father blessed me even me. Also, my father and Esau lifted up his voice and where there was a man was living for the things of this world he cared not for the birthright.

Now, as I said Jacob at least had a heart for spiritual thing. At least he wanted the birthright. At least he cared Esau despised it. Now he's weeping. He's not weeping because he lost the birthright. He's weeping because he lost influence in the possessions and the power that might go with it is sour is the sorrow of remorse, not true repentance want to messed up family. This family is and yet God was at work in this family and God did something for this family and I want to say that God can do something for you. So what we talk about.

First of all is the failure of a dysfunctional family. Now look at the fate of a discipline fall by way of the families wrong. Most likely the father is wrong now. Notice that when Isaac really realize what is happening. He comes in here he eats the venison he thinks is wonderful. He smells the close that her own Jacob because Isaac Holderman's clear there's the smell of the field. He's he's a man in outdoors there is a woodsy smell on his close and then he feels Jacobs hands and Rebecca had taken the goat skins of that goat and had those goat skins on the back of Jacob. Smooth hands on the nape of his neck and all. Isaac now is listening and feeling, touching and smelling all of his senses are deceiving him and he has blessed the wrong son. But then it dawns on him what he has done and the Bible says that he trembles exceedingly. That is, he is shaken to the core. God now has shown him what off full.

He has been he is tremendously under conviction because God has chastised them and he realizes how carnally willfully, deliberately, is tried to override the will of God and for his own selfish, reasons to blessed the wrong son, and God brings him to repentance and faith that tells me something right now that Isaac is far greater level.

Isaac was a great man.

Isaac was one of the latter's hands and feet to be bound and laid on the altar in obedience to Abraham. He was the one who saw a ram slain in his day, but now it is old age and his dotage is getting away from God.

Some of you used to love God with a bride burning flaming passion, and now your old and Connell are you doing is thinking about your retirement thing about your last days trying to have as much fun as you can. Have you forgotten the things of God.

I take my dear friend, you ought to go out with the torch blazing and with a burst at the finish and not get likable. Isaac did here and become a carnal man and get away from God, thank God.

God brought Isaac back.

Don't mistake the moment the man even this episode this terrible episode trying to blessed the wrong son was an incident but Isaac comes back, he comes back to her senses and now he has been discipline and he realizes how his senses had deceived him a lesson. You want to know the will of God, you better walk in the spirit, because if you don't, your senses will indeed deceive you. Let McKay I was deceived. They thought was going to die a little for more years. He thought that goat meat was venison.

He thought that Jacobs hands were Esau's hands even a sense of smell had deceived him, but God has not stopped work and were sent has abounded, grace does much more abound now. Thank God the God is a God of second chance is the third and final thing I want to see first thing we saw was the failure of a family that was completely in ruins a dysfunctional family.

The second thing we saw was the fate of a discipline man God discipline the father and his family and thank God that he did. God may be ready for this. When you God loves you too much let you go on, sir. Ruining your family. The Bible says if we judge ourselves would not be judge that we should be condemned with the world when we are chasing we are chastened of the Lord God chastened all Isaac emaciation United is the third and final thing. What I want all the forecast of a determined future. Now remember our text remember text back in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 20.

The Bible says, by faith, by faith I hear was a man who blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come about future here's forecast. Look, if you will. In Genesis 21 through four and Isaac call Jacob and bless him skip on down the verse four. I will give the blessing of Abraham to the end of IC with the pedometers to inherit the land wherein thou art a stranger which God gave to Abraham. Now here's the point. God is never out of business. I and spite of all that Jacob and Esau could do. Jacob got the blessing anyway. In spite of all that, Isaac and Rebekah could do. Jacob got the blessing anyway I here's the point man may rule. But God will overrule here is the sovereignty of God limited traverses here. Proverbs 19 verse 21. There are many devices in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand, and then again in Psalm 33 and verse 10.

The Lord bring up the counsel of the heathen to know, he maketh the devices of the people of none effect. This is a strange thing where these people responsible for what they did absolutely were they culpable absolutely.

Was Isaac wrong to be central. Yes. Was Rebecca wrong.

The scheme yes.

Was Jacob wrong to connive yes was Esau wrong to despise the birthright. Yes but yet overall is Almighty God.

God is working and God is rude, that doesn't apply to us. God made a promise to Abraham.

God said, Abraham, Abraham in you all the nations. The world will be blessed and I'm tell you what God has said all hell cannot annul now what is going to happen is this God gave the blessing to Abraham.

Abraham has given the blessing Isaac.

Isaac is giving a blessing to Jacob.

Jacob is giving the blessing to his sons to Judah out of Judah is going to come the house of Jesse out of Jesse is going to come.

David out of David is going to come in the lineage of Mary and Joseph, and out of the lineage of Mary and Joseph is going to come. The Lord Jesus Christ and God is at work and all hell cannot stop it, and will not stop to be overgrown on a giant airplane overseas say a 747. You get on that airplane. And while you're on that airplane. You can make all kinds of decision you can get up you can sit down, you can recline, you can sleep you can read you can watch a movie you can eat or not eat. She comes due and says would you like a meal and you say what are my choices.

Yes and no value to me regarding you have all these choices.

But while you are making all your decisions internally and that airplane that airplane is headed toward one goal, Afrin God has history on one goal.

God is going to crown the Lord Jesus Christ and Jesus shall reign where the sun that the success of journeys run his kingdom spread from shore to shore two moons to wax and wane no more. All hell cannot stop. And what I see is this the Bible says, by faith, by faith I bless Jacob and Esau concerning things become. And those things are coming and they will come. Now I citizen lessons from a dysfunctional family and will give you five lessons. I'm just going to come off. I want to learn and I want you to learn them well number one dysfunctional families produce dysfunctional kids number two father's priorities often determine the family's function, sir. If your family is wrong. Most likely your own. I've been preaching long enough to see this. I have never yet known. A family where the husband from the beginning.

The husband love and serve God, whose wife and children did not come alone and follow now that maybe such I've never known. I will say this, that it is the father's priorities that determine the family's function.

Number three paragraphs have great power to bless or curse, if you only understood the incredible power you have the bless your children.

I believe in the power of the blessing Max.

We cannot always choose for our children don't get the idea that you can determine which way your children are going to go. I wish you could but you cannot you cannot, God has given your children will sometimes parents take credit for good children when the ship sometimes parents take blame for bad children when they should not.

If you take the Proverbs and try to turn them in the promises you lose your faith just read the book of Proverbs and see some of the promises, the Bible says a man till around 21 of the comes a flood. What if some other thing happens know that's a proverb, a proverb is a principal generally applied brings a general result is a forever. I've seen parents put themselves under because they have a child.

It will go wrong in this and wanted.

I don't I remind you that these two boys were born at the same time, of the same parents can they turn out as different as night and day. Jacob and Esau came in the same parents.

One of the children turn out to be a murderer… Almighty and some jewel in the garden of Eden.

They didn't turn out to Swift, was the problem. The environment of the father of course not there when the economy God gave your child a will and you cannot take credit. If your child turns out to serve God, and you can take blame.

If your child is you do the best you can. I've already said the dysfunctional families tend to produce dysfunctional children's I've already said that a father of faith can set the standard for the family all these things are true. I'm not giving you an excuse not to be a godly parent but I am saying there has to come a time when we understand that the God allows children to have a will of their own and I'm glad that he does because heading off I could have no more fellowship with my children and I could have with that pin.

God does not make us robots, God gives us all will and we must love our children and pray for our children. And thank God when they turn out good friend, is the next lesson. And the thing that I want you learn. I want to learn this, that no matter what happens in this world, no matter how society may disintegrate, no matter how families may fail and unravel man's failure cannot nullify God's sovereign God is sovereign and by faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things become one of those things to come out tell you what things to come are they Jesus is going to rain here on this earth.

Isaac prophesied a coming Messiah. Isaac prophesied the godly line. Isaac prophesied the birthright Brandon man has been divided from Almighty God is a chasm of sin, but the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, the demons of hell, not the Jesus brought together my sin sick soul and the fellowship of the father and on his cross, he reconciled God and man, did you know that's what Hebrews 11 verse 20 is talking about. By faith, by faith Isaac blessed these boys of things to come. Now are you willing to receive by faith what Isaac sought by faith. I want you to pray this way. Dear God, I'm a helpless, hopeless center.

I deserve to go to him and I will go to hell if I don't get saved.

Jesus you died to save me and you promise to save if I would trust you. You shed your blood to pay my sin.

I believe that you are the son of God. I receive you by faith into my heart and into my life right now. Forgive my sin. I'm sorry for my sin. Forgive me, cleanse me, cleanse me from every sin cleanse me come into my life now. Take control of my life begin now to make me the person you want me to be save me Jesus pray that friend in Maine save me, Lord Jesus, did you ask that by faith thinking just by sheer act of faith.

Thank you Jesus for saving me. I believe that you have.

I receive it by faith. I'm not asking for a strange feeling. I'm not looking for sign.

I'm standing on your word and you cannot line the Lord Jesus because you died for me.

I will live for you. I will not be ashamed of you in your name I pray, amen, amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus just now, let us celebrate with you or find God's love page on the website and you'll find answers, you may need about your newfound faith website address Click the tab that says find God's love. Welcome to God's forever family. We can't wait to hear from you today after like to order a copy of this message in its entirety.

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You can also purchase our new Bible studies, much like this message in our online store for information again go to remember these convicting words from Pastor Rogers today. The best thing any father could do is give his heart to Jesus, the best thing any mother could do is trust her children to Jesus and quit scheming the best thing any child could do is stand on the promises of God. Our birthright one who has blessed us with all heavenly blessings in Christ Jesus. We hope will join us next time. For more timeless truths writing on love word is a brief note from the listener that really encouraged us. I love how Pastor Adrian draws me in with his stories and explains in plain words, God is doing in our lives to love that no luck with finding a great hope is to continue Adrian Rogers work introducing people to Jesus and sharing what it means to follow Christ fully. That's why when you donate to the Leavenworth finding right now we want to send you a copy of the book Discover Jesus discovering Jesus is a journey.

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