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Cultivating Contentment in the Home | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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February 10, 2022 7:00 am

Cultivating Contentment in the Home | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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February 10, 2022 7:00 am

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Person ever truly listen to Adrian Rogers. This person is this person is a personal of things relatively contented person is talking to persons of personalized people relevant to what we should do.

Have a nice house to visit somebody else else in your house that you were so happy with you not happy with her low deal why you love those people you can be covetous and love people and you cannot locate and become welcome to love timelessness, master teacher and author part one of today's message. We learned it's good to desire contentment for our families money can't buy. Because a content person does not look to circumstances to find peace. Psalm 128 describes a family its content. If you have your Bible turn there now as Adrian Rogers shares part two of cultivating contentment in the home.

Let's learn what destroys that the Bible says there in the 10 Commandments thou shalt not very interesting commandment before I look at that just won't let me say this, that the 10 Commandments were given primarily to the family.

They do know that God gave the 10 Commandments and is in a bad DC's two sons and grandsons that you have a happy man and God gives all of these nine laws for living and then God sums it up with the last one, thou shalt not covet God for that last because it sums up all of the others. All the other commandments deal with actions. This last one deals with an attitude all the others deal with these but this last one deals with desire what's in your heart covetous.

The swot is covetousness. Covetousness is an unlawful desire that comes out of discontent. Listen to me and over again this a discontented man is never rich and a contented man is always rich. A discontented man will go much, as he's never rich, a contented man is always rich and somebody who is not content with what he has will not be content with what he had to whom little is not enough. Nothing is enough covetousness is wrong, saying that it is wrong. Dad got ambition. I'm not saying the wrong things, but covetousness is so deceptive. It is so debasing and free media so destructive that this verse. I really would like to return to first Timothy chapter 6 classic passage on family contentment first Timothy chapter 6 and less medium reading Mercedes, but godliness with contentment is great gain. That's really the bottom line of all that had to save it for we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can gain nothing. Somebody said you never saw her through the wall behind and having food and raiment as you something to eat and something to wear lettuce there with me content that's all you but they will be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and hurtful loss which Brown Manning description and tradition. For the love of money is the root of all evil, which while some coveted is our bed from the fate and curse themselves through with many sorrows that that doesn't say that they are rich. The Bible is not against riches. Abraham was rich and David was Rick Solomon was Ridge. Joseph was raped but he says that way it will be written – what is that mean they're putting things and we put things. First, know that is is idolatry anything you love more servomotors are more fear, more valuable than God is, and I will quote when you are guilty of idolatry, you are guilty of something terrible, listen Jesus in Luke chapter 16 verse 13 no servant can serve two masters. Bless thrown no servant can serve two masters for either he will hate one and love the other Realty will hold to the one and despise the other one I want to Masters a story. Buddy said you cannot serve God and man, ma'am, is just another word for things and then Jesus said in Matthew chapter 6 in verse 33. Safety first the kingdom of God's righteousness and all these things shall be added on. God will not work in second place when you put God in second place. That is idolatry. That is the reason the Bible calls covetousness, idolatry in God we trust on Monday about a man who love me as love and affection for go finally got a lot of guilt and he loved it so for them, a golden colored carpet painted walls, parchment going ideal grapes got a gold code. It's already bought in some yellow pajamas everything to Ludlow everything's goal. Then he got sick. He came down with. Would you believe yellow jaundiced yellow John this is Giorgio, and Mary wasn't in his bedroom. His wife called the doctors and doctors upstairs.

Dr. went up the examining came back down with a bewildered so I said well how is that I don't like and finding people who get lost in these things can't find them selves now this is what destroys family contentment and that is covetousness unlawful desire not not all mankind, but unlawful desire a spirit of dissatisfaction no to think about what defines family contentment with what destroys it defines family contentment. Looking Psalm 123 things number 13 family look in verse one Blessed is everyone that fear the Lord, that will, in his ways. The secret of satisfaction of true contentment is on him so developmental history that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the secret of satisfaction he would laugh at you. That's the last thing he would believe him satisfaction. Let me give you some verses in job in them because they folks. These are great for your children family worship. These are great. Put on your refrigerator door is chapter 13 verse five, number talking about contentment. Listen to this lecture conversation be without covetousness.

This is Hebrews 13 50 word conversation living means behavior. Let your behavior be without covetousness and be content. Blessed be content with such things as ye have, for he said that's God now will never leave the oversight I I'm telling you the first secret of family contentment is God himself. The psalmist said in Psalm 73 versus 25 what is aged whom have I in heaven. But the end is not up on earth that I desire besides the my flesh in my heart that is a strength of my heart and my portion forever and then remember the Scripture we read in first Timothy chapter 6 and verse six godliness with contentment is great gain. I was reading about Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway was a brilliant man, great, great writer, literary genius. He had a saying in a variety had money get everything in his fingertips that many people striving after and he wrote some words and then committed suicide in order. He said this about life.

He said life is just a dirty trick our short journey from nothingness to my things and ashamed to know Jesus. Shane is the first thing is the family for the family. Second thing this Psalm again. Only faithful family but fellowship for the family verses two and 3000 leave the labor by man's preset lobby area shall be well with me by why Job's approval by by the sides of the Limehouse and like children, like all plans round about my day. My folks that's words and your wife. You children. The family fellowship right there. There she is clinging to you like a vine fruitful luxuriant there you are providing for the family eating the labor of your hands. There you children like all of plans which are very valuable in the Middle East.

Having that fellowship focus their people today who are foregoing having children so they can have things would wake up and understand the children don't like the rich man for the makeable man reach.

You can take a riches heaven I'm taking my children wise man, a gifted man look back upon his life and ask yourself I can do it all over again what would I do with my family let Marie what he said.

He said I would love my wife more in front of my children.

I would laugh with my children more at our mistakes and our joys.

I would listen more easily to the youngest child I would be more honest about my own weaknesses and stop pretending perfection.

I would pray differently for my family. Instead of focusing on them and their goals. I would focus more on me. I would do more things with my children. I would be encouraging and bestow more programs. I would pay more attention to little things knees and words of lovingkindness and finally I had to do all over again I would share God more intimately with my family. I would use every ordinary thing that happened in every day to point them to God. That's the family fellowship that is where many times we ended well. Now J Paul Getty on the wealthiest men that live in his day because he's not Bill Gates or somebody else, but he's in another generation had a tragic life. J. Paul Getty Road is not been given in the but he said the person that I am he is the person that has a happy home. Those who know how to make marriage were he's married five times. Family contentment is 1/3 thing you need one thinks of the family you need fellowship with them and you need food for the family. Look again at birth to thou shall be the labor of Linehan's and happy shall not be a shall be well with the amazing is peacemaking here most simple things of life. He's talking about luxurious is all about necessities. Philippians 4 is not my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus not only agreed but all you need. If you would be content.

Learn to enjoy the simple things of life, which are the best things we try to read when I grandchildren the present, a proverb in the morning as one the best, worship time, though, and I Proverbs chapter 15 verses 16 and 17 says this better is little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure with trouble there with better is a dinner for us where love is just plain vegetables. That is called filet mignon and hatred there with. Learn folks to let your whole ring with love and laughter, conversation, and on and being contented with the simpler things in life. I'm telling these gadgets will not make you happy. You take these kids there because it is crammed full of the latest us. They got a computer they got every electronic gadgetry.

I want to say anything aware they have not learned to enjoy the very basic things you say well I want my kids to have things I never had is okay I will like you said, things my dad gave me okay but are you giving them the things you're dead to give you.

I mean the design work, honesty, decency, learning to get along with these things. Teach your kids that the necessities are all it takes having food and clothing. Blessed be content and I would be gone. We get this in our third and final thing… About what destroys family content. I've talked about what defines family contentment of the family paid family fellowship in the family food is just this is here is a friend. What develops family contentment in this Psalm we buy the same thing. Remember that Paul said that contentment must be learned, he said. Philippians 411.

I have learned I learned was overstayed. I am there with the content and again let me remind you of the definition of contentment is an interest sufficient to say that it keeps us peace in spite of outward circumstances now for simple things that are four things you can learn number one. Learn to trust God.

Look again in verse one Blessed is everyone that fear the Lord if you don't do that. You never can. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Learn to trust the Lord get on that basically a family is your family a God centered family no later discontinued like a square painting around number two modeling learn to trust number two learned to think the only runway will be humbling grateful God is been so good you look again.

Verse three and four. Look at it again by wife shall be is approval by by the sides of the Limehouse slideshow. Like all of plans round about my table, behold, that us shall man be blessed that the spoon my wife, my children, I am a glass man. Families need to learn how to thank God it would be good for you to get a family diary in writing the blessings of God. It would be good for you to sit down and rehearse with your children. Day after day, the things that God has done for them. Number one. Learn to trust number two learned a thing number three. Learn to love verses five and six of his son, the Lord shall bless the design and also see the good of Jerusalem, all the days of thy life is not just simply for your own family Guy like this book in the city looking people in the and learn to love this person is a cover. This person is a personal of things rather than people didn't want to contented person is talking to the person is a person loves people rather than thing I've ever had something that that you were satisfied with maybe had a pond in the mezzo but had a BMW and meet some of the BMW nude dissatisfied image somebody has, of course, Regina thought what we should do. Have a nice house to visit somebody else good and I were to get all the stuff I do things always come from, and also in your house that you were so happy with you not happy with a low deal why you love those people by making a habit that is me doing but I walk in the lovely, gracious home. I bow my head and I thank God for his blessings on those people. Thank you for blessing those people. Thank you that you been this good to then teach your children that somebody else's blessing is not their loss. You can be covetous and love people and you cannot love people and because of this trust. Learn to say learned and learn to gear learn to give. If you will, family, contentment, lecture, family, learn to give Congressman told a story told.

This has to is that I took my son to McDonald's we'll have some father son fellowship you I will dream of a said my son wanted a large order of fries and he got his large order of fries and we set down father and son to have some fellowship and I sat there across from him look that large rise in the smell so good I thought I'd have a couple so I reached out my hand to get a cup of French fries and my son put his hand over my head as a hey mind is that I thought of myself and my son has a problem a real problem and it just flew all over me.

I got to thinking number one. Doesn't he know who bought those fries and gave them to. Doesn't he know that if I wanted to I could buy him more fries I can go up in order 20 quarters of fries and bury them in French fries hand. Doesn't he know if I wanted to I could take those away from him that he already has. If I will. And doesn't he know that if I wanted some French fries for myself. I can go by from ISA I get the money to do and I can go to another tabling them all by myself visiting all the I'm trying to have fellowship with him and he said I could tell the story more time than I could think God spoke to my heart and said my son this where you are sometime. I've given you blessings when I asked for appointment blessings hey, that's mine. And because it's unknown to know that I could take that whole thing for me if I wanted to know if I wanted to I could give you more to know that I don't mean that I am God. Anything I want. It is mine, and the fullness thereof. Don't you know that I was wanting to have some fellowship with you (may God have upon the spirit of ingredients in our hearts understanding that we have has come from God and families need to learn to trust and to gear and if you have a contented home. I'm telling you are blessed indeed. And if you don't care what else you have father I pray now that you would cultivated and inculcated in my heart the spirit of gratefulness and root out any covetousness. Lord help me in us to be content with little if you given little or much of you given. Thank you Lord for your goodness to the sons and daughters of man in your name I pray, amen. Today, if you prayed and put your faith fully in Jesus Christ. We want to celebrate with you and invite you to find God's love page on the website. There you'll find answers, you may need about your newfound faith. Simply go to Click on the tab that says find God's love. Welcome to his forever family. We can't wait to hear from you today if you like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety. You can call us at 1877 love God mention the title cultivating contentment in the home. You can also order online. It or rightists that love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183.

Are you cultivating contentment in your home in your life, pray and ask God to give you a spirit of gratefulness and root out any covetousness from your heart. We hope will join us next time. For more profound truth. Simply stated by Adrian Rogers right on love with her so humble to receive this message from a listener not long ago a right to the staff at love worth finding. It is my joy to pray for all of you work so hard to share Dr. Roger straightforward anointed teaching dedication is a brilliant beacon of light in a darkened world. Thank you for your ministry. Thank you for such a kind and encouraging note know it's only through your prayerful support that were able to continue sharing these timeless messages and resources when you donate to love worth finding right now we want to thank you by sending a copy of our new book the music of marriage in this profound new book from love worth finding Adrian Rogers analyzes the melody, harmony and rhythm that make up the symphony of our home.

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