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Counterfeit Christianity | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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January 27, 2022 7:00 am

Counterfeit Christianity | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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January 27, 2022 7:00 am

In this message from Acts 8, Adrian Rogers shares three warnings about false religion, so we are not deceived.

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You have the true faith falls religion to Adrian Rogers video washroom of the churches have trouble because there are people better and are in bondage that met religion, but never met Jesus. They've never been broken at the foot of the problems they've never like the pride of the dust.

They have coming to church, not for what they can do what they can get. They've never met Jesus the spirit of God is not in these people and they are troublemakers everywhere they go because their religion is never satisfied them and never came welcome to love worth finding, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers said when God opens the windows of heaven, the blessings the devil opens the doors of hell. The plastics, whenever there is revival. You can expect satanic opposition see Satan is not against religion.

In fact, it's one of his chief tools and most deceptive tricks in acts chapter 8 on the heels of a great revival sorcerer named Simon exhibited a counterfeit Christianity that posed a threat to the early church.

If you have your Bible turned acts chapter 8 as Adrian Rogers shares part two of counterfeit Christianity.

When God moves. The devil also moves as we said before, Satan tried to oppose the chart from outside of work, it just drove the church to her knees so that is going to try to oppose the church from the inside and he does it. First of all with superficial saints and my sense of fire, but I also does it with counterfeit religion and the devil is a counterfeiter and what he does rather than to deny the faith he counterfeits the faith, and that is doubly dangerous things.

I will own your heart as we think about the counterfeit Christianity and believe you me, these things are very real and if there were ever a generation that needs to hear what I have to say this is the generation that is to hear of the dangers of counterfeit Christianity. Three things I want to warn you about number one, don't be dazzled by the satanic horse of false religion, look in verse 10 it speaks of this sorcerer. The Bible says to whom they all gave the from the least to the greatest saying this man is the great power, was course of what this man was doing and they were all dazzled by notice verses nine and 10. There was a certain man called Simon, which before time in the same city used sorcery and bewitched the people of Samaria giving out that himself with some great one to whom they all gave heed from the least to the greatest saying this man is the great power of God.

Now, here was a man who is using sorcerer and sorceress just another word for witchcraft. What Simon was doing was not just a bag of cheap tricks is not just that he was an illusionist he was in league with the devil and sometimes people will get into sorcery, witchcraft, whatever, and they said well there's really something to it pastor as if that exonerates it as if that somehow indemnifies it somehow that substantiates it.

There is something to it (what there is to it is devilish.

There is devilish demonic magical power in the world today is the second point. First of all, don't be dazzled by the satanic power, false religion number two.

Don't be deceived by the superficial fate of false religion. Not all false religion is in the old cult. Sometimes it moves right into the church now begin to read in verse 13 not remember Simon now has been a sorcery practicing witchcraft. But now notice verse 13 then Simon himself believed also put Philip's been preaching Jesus cannot hear is this sorcerer, this man, full of demons is been practicing witchcraft in the Bible says he believed also and when he was baptized. He continued with Philip and wondered undisclosed x-rays. Have you know my writing your Bible beholding the miracles and the signs which were done.

Now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent him to them. Peter and John when they were come down. Pray for them that they might receive the Holy Ghost boys yet he was fallen upon none of them, for they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

This is the progression of Pentecost. Now these people in Samaria are receiving the Holy Spirit as they did at Jerusalem. Now notice in verse 17 then laid they their hands on them and they received the Holy Ghost know what's verse 18 and when Simon saw that through the laying on of the apostles hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, saying, give me also this power looms ever. I lay my hands may receive the Holy Ghost. But Peter said in him, thy money perish with the because that was thought that the gift of God might be purchased with money thou hast made a part know a lot in this matter. For the last part is not right in the sight of God, stop reading there just simply to say this, that Simon quote believed in the quote, but he was an unbelieving believer. He was not a true Christian's faith was super official, not real faith. He is leaving, not in the master he's leaving in the miracles he sees the power being manifest thereby that New Testament church and so he wants to be a part of it, but he never has met the Lord Jesus Christ is a pastor says he believes was an essay read verse 21 again and look at it that has been a partner lot in this matter. For by heart is not right with God.

Simon never did really truly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not all belief is saving belief, you may give mental assent onto the facts of the gospel, but you have never met Jesus Christ is I am a believer but you not say you a plan, but you don't know the man you've seen what God has done, but there has never been a change of heart you say. Well does the Bible say believe on the Lord Jesus Christ now shall be saved as of Bible also says the devil believes and crumbles deceived as a superficial fate.

That is a kind of faith that never really comes and bows the need to Jesus Christ never makes Jesus Christ Lord is the superficial fate of false religion that we have to pay a generation of people who are quote very spiritual, but they do not believe the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. Now God has sent me here to tell you that you better get a bulldog grip on God's word and God's truth. Thousands of church roles are padded with law whirling. Sue had spiritual experiences who have never been born again. Now that you have some experience, some something that you call been born again. Suppose you come to the end of your life. Suppose you stand before God and God since he was shot at you in my heaven, it would say well when I was on earth. I had a great experience in Angel by heavily being came in my bedroom and told me that I was in heaven bound that I am ready to have an angel appeared in me. Satan could be there and sneered so you flew. I was that Angel is a pastor. Is that possible putting a margin second renders Chapter 11 in verse 14 and no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed as an angel of light. If you have an encounter with an angel, how do you know you not having an encounter with the devil himself.

Satan himself is transformed as an angel of light. Hold me a lot better if you were to stand before the Lord and the Lord said why should I let you in my heaven and you were to say John chapter 5 verse 24, because Jesus said, barely barely save you, he that hears my word and believes on him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death to life, the basis of your word on the basis of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and my faith in him. I see conference in the heaven heaven's gates will swing wide and you say enter into the joy of your Lord, listen friend you had better be where of the superficial fate of faults religion. This man Simon was a believer, but he wasn't saying, is the third and final thing I would talk about counterfeit Christianity today. Remember the force of false religion but satanic force. Remember the super official faith of false religion. Here's the third thing.

Don't be destroyed by the selfish focus the selfish focus of false religion do you want the fuel it empowers.

False religion is it is selfishness manual have to think too hard as you read the story to see that Simon is full of himself. He is focused on himself. Read verses nine and 10 there was a certain man call Simon with before. In the same city use sorcery and bewitch the people of Samaria giving out about_is that himself was some great one and then scribble down verse 14 now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent them Peter and John when they were come down. Pray for them that they might receive the Holy Ghost, and so forth. Now notice verse 18 and when Simon saw that through the laying of all of the apostles hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, saying, give me also this power that on whomsoever I lay my hand. He may receive the holy goes there was a man who was so full of him self lesson. What is self-centeredness limited a synonym for his prime.

What made the devil. The devil self-centeredness. What made the devil. The devil is prime. Isaiah chapter 14 verses 12 through 14.

Put in your margin Isaiah is speaking to Lucifer, the devil, and here's what he says.

How art thou fallen from heaven over Lucifer. Some of the morning thou art cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations, and now he describes the process that made the devil. The devil, for thou hast said in mine heart will ascend into heaven by will exalt my throne above the stars of God by will sit also upon the mount of the congregation and the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds will be like those high five times I will I will I will I will I will Jesus teach us to pray, not my will be done. What did Satan say not that I will mine be done, all faults, religion is self-centered, it focuses on self, how do you think that Satan got Eve to take of the fruit to appeal to our prime. They said you be like God, you can be like God. All religion that is false religion, put it on big plane demonstrate the focus is selfishness. First Timothy chapter 6, beginning in verse three Paul was talking to Timothy about truth and wholesome doctrine then here's what he says if any man teach otherwise and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the doctrine which is according to godliness.

He is proud what drives liberalism and seminaries pride. What causes unbelief the word of God.


What made the devil. The devil prime is the root the fuel the source of all faults, religion, there is the focus on self. It is selfishness. It is pride beyond the shadow of any data.

Therefore, if you will, that which is real. You go to the word of God. You let your intellectual pride in the dust and you crawl out to Jesus for mercy. It's obvious that the Simon was in this thing, not for what he could to give, but for what he could get looking verses 19 and 20. He said give me this doll that on whomsoever I lay my hands. He may receive the Holy Ghost.

But Peter said in him by money perish with a because I was thought that the gift of God might be purchased with money. False religion and self-centered religion brings two things let me tell you. The roof is pride. Let me take the fruit you will know what the fruit of all faults. Religion is I will show you right here, Peter says to him in verse 23, for I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness and the bond of iniquity learn this about false religion. The fruit or is bitterness and bondage.

There were doll means poison. False religion is a poison. Peter said look Simon Hyman to diagnose your heart. You are bitter and you are in bondage, I perceive that there is in you this bitterness and this bondage because your heart is not right in the sight of God. Bitterness and bondage. Verse 23 that is so true they do know why so many churches have trouble because there are people who are bitter and when bondage they met religion but they never met Jesus.

They've never been broken at the foot of the cross. They never laid their pride of the desk. They have come into the church, not for what they can gambit for what they can get. They've never met Jesus the spirit of God is not in these people and they are troublemakers everywhere they go, because the religion is never satisfied them in the never can.

They are disillusioned and they have unfulfilled desires and they got him for the wrong reason and they never, never, never, ever, never have satisfaction everywhere they go there like Simon full of bitterness, full bondage, the troublemakers and churches now even in his repentance, so call repentance. This man is full of self notice Peter says look you are in the bond of iniquity and notice what Simon said in verse 24 then answered Simon and said pray he to the Lord for me now why did he pray why did he pray because he did know the Lord pray he to the Lord for me that none of these things which you have spoken. Come upon me right with God so he is doing is warning to escape trouble difficult. There is no change in this man's heart is no change in this man's life. It is self-centered, even repentance, reference between the true child of God when he sends an unsafe person. Beyoncé person fears the consequences of the sin the same person is brokenhearted because he broke in the heart of God. Not only have I broken God's law broken God's heart and agrees me Beyoncé person is a man I'm in trouble some psychologist some counselor somebody else to pray for me to my life is let me hear from here. I will this trouble what they need is God while false religion is self centered. There is the satanic force.

There is the superficial faith and there is the selfish focus of Paul's religion. I want to again, the devil is not opposed to present it up to his ears, it will be a great day in America when people stop in during religion and start enjoying salvation to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. But woman was in her house about name on the door. She opened the door there was a man there and he said to her lady. Do you know God, she was flustered data back. She stuttered and stammered was embarrassed.

She just stepped back and shut the door man bowed his head and walked away.

Later her husband came home she said on limited what happened today. So man not to the door of our house and asked me a question he asked me if I knew God what to say. I shut the door in his face I'm so sorry. I wish I could find him and apologized to him apologize. He said you shall slam the door in his face. What why did he have – you such a question.

Why didn't you tell him we are members of the biggest most influential church in our city. She said has been in him asked that yes if I knew God, why did you tell them we are reputable people. We have a good reputation where well known in this community.

He didn't ask. He only ask if I knew God as what I will ask you today, not the people think that you are fine now.

Do you have manners and culture, not even do you have religion deal God. Are you saying all my friend you can be you should be. I want to lead you in a prayer you never prayed.

This kind of a prayer you can pray from your heart. Maybe you been sort of unbelieving believer. Maybe you had an intellectual faith and maybe you've been impressed with miracles and things, but you've never really bowed to Jesus. Would you pray this prayer dear God, I know that you love me and I know that you want to save me Jesus you died to save me a promise to save me if I would trust you.

I do trust you telling that Lord Jesus, I trust you. I believe you are the son of God.

I believe you pray for my sin with your blood on the cross. Hi believe you walked out of that grave and now I receive you by faith as my Lord and Savior. I take myself off the throne and I am throne you, Lord Jesus. Now right now to come into my car. Forgive my sin cleanse me, save me Jesus pray that from your heart. Save me Lord Jesus digesting them pray this way. Thank you for doing I receive it by faith, and that settles, you know, my Lord, my Savior and my God and I will live for you. The rest of my life not in order to be saved, but because I have no say I receive salvation is a free gift. Preparing to serve you the rest of my life in your name I pray you prayed to receive Jesus Christ just now. We would love to celebrate with you and invite you to our find God's love on her website. There you will find answers, you may need about your newfound faith.

Who is Jesus.

How can I know him go to and click the tab that says find God's love. Welcome to the forever family of God.

We can't wait to hear from you today. We also can't wait to hear from you if you like a copy of this message, you can order one by calling us at 1877 love God, you will receive the entire message counterfeit Christianity 1877 love God. This message is also part of the insightful series living supernaturally for all 13 powerful messages. Call that number or go online to You can also write us to order it. Love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183.

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So glad you took time to study and God's word with us today in this day and age of spirituality without a true faith in Jesus.

We need a strong grip on God's word and truth so they were not deceived by counterfeit Christianity tune in next time for more from Adrian Roche right on love not long ago we received a message online from a listener who rode past Roger sermons are as relevant now as they ever work that is amazing how they can just live on even after his home-going.

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