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The Way Back to God | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 24, 2021 7:00 am

The Way Back to God | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 24, 2021 7:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers discusses the life of King David to show the way back to God after falling into sin.

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Rollover finding studios to see Byron Tyler.

Won't see you. You're fighting. Happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving, my friend. We are blessed to be here, and even more blessed to be a part of the ministry level funding theory were so thankful for our lever fighting listeners. I mean taking time daily in their cars. Maybe while they're working in a construction site of the iPhone's the LWF mobile app picking up the programs and growing in their walk with Jesus Christ.

Well, that's why we exist or may we point people to the cross we mature them in their walk and Byron. We teach them to go and do the same and so that's the ministry level funding a series this month called live like a king. Today's message part two the way back to God and all the messages in the series are or my LWF mobile app and app is wonderful. Everything is at your fingertips, so please take advantage of it today. Adrian Rogers is going to teach us carry about King David though a man after God's own heart. He was a great sinner, we see where he committed adultery and he covered it up. He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy, will Adrian Rogers says the sin of omission is failure to do what you ought to be doing and King David was in the wrong place at the wrong time that's exactly right. And he had he had walk the plank by himself. He had no accountability here too much time on his hands and he stumbled. But here's the beautiful thing we all have a way back to God care you have a listener response that is written in and let me just say that how much we appreciate the time that our listeners take to write to us and let us know how the teaching ministry of Adrian Rogers is impacting their life absolutely assist thank you so much for sharing these brilliant lessons on the air lately.

I like the ones about salvation.

Many Christians have lots of doubt these days. I love to be reminded of the assurance of God's love. Thank you for sharing Adrian Rogers teachings. Even today I love that he it takes us back to why we exist to meet Adrian Rogers salvation message come to Jesus was the good news and is the gospel and it's a reminder that this is a ripple effect that me, we were able to put a name or face with the impact of the ministry were moving into the time of the Christmas season right after the Thanksgiving dinner meal as we unwind to get that behind us and the focus of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and we have a great resource for 25 days of anticipation was inspired by the teachings of Adrian Rogers. It's a resource that will lead you in an Advent study of the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled when he came to earth, but I think this 25 days of anticipation is truly Byron a mini Bible study that will enrich your life but also the lives of other people around you.

The resource 25 days of anticipation is Today's message the way back to God. Part two here's Adrian Rogers, David love God.

He was a man after God's own heart, and David Bell and great Hall of David and spirit has recorded this story and he's put in here as a warning to us all and I'm glad that the Bible put here though I'm not glad that it happened. So first of all I want us to look at because of David's sin because of David's sin as I meditated upon this I would say that his sin was primarily caused by three thing first of all, his was the sin of idleness. Look again in chapter 11 verse one and it came to pass after the year was expired at the time when he go forth to battle that David sent Joab and his servants with him and all Israel, and they destroyed the children up, and proceeds to Rob and noticed that the Holy Spirit puts the word but conjunction. There puts it there in contradistinction as to what is going on. David Tyree still at Jerusalem, and then notice and burst through the first part and it came to pass in an evening time that David arose from off his bed. Now you look at that and I want to tell you that it was time to go to bed and David was getting out of bed. It was at evening time that he arose from his bed. We can hardly believe that this is the David that we want. He is committing the sin I it was the time when kings went to war and David as the king and the righteous king that he was supposed to lead and by this time when he should have been on the battlefield, his Lord. He was not on the battlefield for his Lord and the Bible says in the New Testament that we as Christians are to harness as soldiers.

Jesus Christ and that we are to put all the armor of God, but David went out to have the armor on, had put the armor all want a something friend idleness is a dangerous time but this is where David got the trouble began with just simply sin idleness just simply by taking God for granted. Just assuming that the blessings of the Lord are going to continue to come sale of idleness, but right along with that. It was a sin of carelessness with a burst came to pass in an evening time that David arose from off his bed and walked up on the roof of the king's house and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself and the woman was very beautiful to look upon. Now David could not help, perhaps the first look.

Perhaps that was chained but he was careless with this thought life and turned the last and what he saw. He soon saw and said after and inquire and then you will remember that he committed the horrible sin of adultery and in order to try to cover the sin of adultery, he had Bathsheba's husband, Uriah the Hittite set in the hottest part of the battle and he was slain, and God held him accountable. Therefore, not only for the sin of adultery but also for the sin of murder so idleness turned to carelessness and carelessness turned to callousness. Now you is bad enough that he committed adultery.

That was a hot-blooded sin.

But when he committed murder.

That was a cold-blooded sin.

I cannot believe that it is David Dave allowed Uriah the Hittite to be put today.

The sin of countless, but the question comes with David to save mankind to save man do this reluctantly. I must say yes David was a save man. We will meet David in heaven. You say if I'm living in adultery is all right for me to call myself save no unless the hand of God is so heavy upon you that you know that you know you don't get right you going to die soon may tell you something friend. This is your way of life. If you have grave be vile and unconfessed unrepentant tomorrow.

Sin in your life and God is not dealing with you. You have no right whatsoever to think that your say I want to tell you what a child of God. Sin, he pays a price to buy that sin and he enjoys it. Just a brief time, and the consequences. Even though the sin may be forgiven. The consequences of that sin go on and on as they did in David's life but I want us to move from the cause of David's sin.

I want us to see something else I want us to see the covering of David's sin. David at first did not confess to sin.

David covered his sin. I'm talking to some of you tonight. Who wants walked with God and your truly say, but rather than confessing your sin, you been covering your sin. There used to be a time when you did in your automobile and just praise God, I mean you roll up the window so nobody can hear you and you just sing and shout and pray and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

You get in your bedroom down upon your knees and have a glorious time you read your Bible and weep and pray before the Lord Jesus Christ was mere and more real to you and your members of your family. But it's all gone now and sin is in your heart and sin is in your life because because you have failed to confess your sin, you covering is and is no joy there is no peace. There is no victory and the Bible says he that covers essential not prosper, but whoso confess and forsake them the same shall have mercy. I want to know is not only because of the sin of the covering of the sin, but I want you to notice the confronting of David's sin. When a child of God sends God confronts the child of God with the sin and as I looked at it, I determined that generally God confronts the child of God in four steps with the sin if there ways that you confront you if you truly say with your sin. The first thing he will do as we've already said is he will bring conviction.

Remember Psalm 32 verse for one night and day by hand was heavy upon me. God will convict you of your sin and if you sin and God doesn't convict you of your sin. Don't think that you're saying it is impossible for you as a child of God to sin and not be convicted of your sin, you not been saved.

You've not been born again. If you can sin grievously, and God does not convict you of that sin now. Secondly, as God confront you with your sin. First of all the comes that conviction if when you you're convicted of your sin, you confess your sin forsake you sin you have mercy. But if you do not. When God conviction to the next step is chastisement. God will chastise and I chastisement may take many forms. It may be sickness, it may be, it may be sorrow, it may be death to someone or something that you love. It may be a loss of money, it may be a loss of help. It may be a loss of answered prayer, but God will chastise you, not because he doesn't love you, but because he does love you God had been chasing David and that's what Psalm 32 is about the hand of God was upon David David, new physical sickness and other things that had come to him for the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 12 in verse six he chased and scourges every son whom you receive. I will take that word scourges a strong word scourge was a whip account of nine tails. He's not talking about a slap on the wrist.

I want to tell you different. It's a dangerous thing. As a child of God, to sin and after God convicts that you still stubbornly willfully literately go all God is more interested in your obedience than usual driving Cadillac God is more interested in your relationship with him many years. Your help. God is more interested in your being right with him that he is their friend. You'll influence our you're not being put to an open shame.

God will be with you with chastisement as he confronts her sin, but first of all is you confront your sin. The comes conviction and you let that conviction packs and then God brings chastisement and you let that chastisement pass, then God will bring you a challenge, a challenge God will challenge you. God will bring somebody something in your life to challenge you right about your sin.

And this is where God is getting toward the end in his dealing with you before he takes you prematurely. Heaven, God will challenge you. He challenged David with a profit they make God sent conviction that was not enough, God sent chastisement that was not enough, and then God sent Nathan the prophet bully and clearly and elaborately challenge the king. Now the challenge may come through someone else something else.

It may be your wife that God uses that may be your husband that God uses. It may be your pastor that God uses. It may be a friend that God uses.

It may be a circumstance that God uses. It may be a sermon that God uses. It may be a newspaper article that God uses, but will give a challenge and you will know that it is God speaking to you. You will remember that Nathan the prophet came to call upon King David and chapter 12 tells us about that list go to second Samuel chapter 12 and let's just look at the Scripture for moment and the Lord sent Nathan unto David second Samuel chapter 12 notice now God sends Nathan. Now this doesn't mean that I years passed, and God is not been interested. God is already been interested. God is already starting to work the first two ways. But now the Lord sent Nathan unto David and he came under him and sending him there were two men in one city one Ridge and the other poor rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds with the poor man had nothing save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up and it grew together with him and with his children. It believe his own meat and drink of his own cup and laid his bosom and was under him as a daughter and became a traveler into rich man and a spirit to take his of his own flock zone heard the address for the wayfaring man was coming to him but took the poor man's lamb and rested for the man was come to him and David's anger was greatly kindled against the man and he said to Nathan as the Lord liveth a man that hath done this thing shall not, and he shall restore the lamp pole because he did this thing and because he had no pity.

And Nathan said to David Blau are the man and then Nathan reminded David of his sin. In spite of God's blessing upon David David had a challenge from the Lord and had he not listen to this challenge. I am convinced that David would have died.

This would've been the end of David's life. God would've killed God would kill David and Matt affect the ministry. Why believe that in just a moment, not even a challenge as I look at the Bible and understand this challenge generally comes just one time Nathan gave a challenge and thank God David heard the challenge because what comes after the challenge.

First, the conviction, then the chastisement, then the confrontation of the challenge and then the consummation if a person refuses God's challenge when God says all right this is that you not go any further and he refuses that he commits a sin that the Bible calls sin on today our sin on the dead first John chapter 5 verse 16 if any man see his brother sent a sandwich is not an event, he shall ask light for them to send to death. There is a sin of that.

I do not say he shall pray for it. That is, there's a time that a Christian brother can commit a sin that the Bible calls the sin on to their and his life is consummated. I believe I've seen this happen many times. Well, not many, many times, but enough times that I have II believe I've seen it with my own eyes and experience sin on the death and as I as I have seen other people rather as a transgressed against the Lord. The Bible says is a senator that the Bible says key back from sin. One thing my dear friend to send warm-blooded, it's another thing to send cold-blooded David send warm-blooded leg and then David Sinclair lightly and then David's sin ultimately dealt with them. And finally, God sent his prophet Nathan in the king's face and thanked God. Thank God David had enough sense to realize it going as far as he could go. You can read in the new.

In the Old Testament about prophet named Babel.

Baylon was a man that love God's on the most remarkable prophecies in all the Bible are prophecies concerning that that Bailey made concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. But Baylon was an obstinate prophet. He got out of the will of God was a man after God's heart. Like David, but he got out of the will of God, and he was on a journey going a certain place. When he was riding his donkey, his donkey stumbled and felt anything the donkey could see something that Baylon could not see for the angel of Jehovah was there with a drawn sword and the angel said to Baylon when finally his eyes were open. Listen what the angel said to Baylon.

He said if you had come any further I would have surely you I would have surely slain you who the angel of the Lord. I want Taylor just so far that God will let one of his children go just so far that God will let one of his children go.

David was at the point of death, God was about to take David's life, God is sent to David a a conviction and then God sent to David chastisement and then God had sent David a challenge. You say why believe it was about to die, will look and chapter 12 if you will.

And let's look in verse 13 and David seven to Nathan.

I have sent against the Lord. At last he confesses, that seems like it wasn't much of a confession. Just a simple sentence but if you go back and read Psalm 51 Psalm 51 which was David's confession was written after Nathan came to him.

It was a penitent, heartbroken, wholehearted confession.

David said under Nathan, I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan said unto David, the Lord also had put away thy sin. Thou shalt not die.

Thou shalt not die.

Nathan had come expecting to say put up with it anymore but at last. Now here was David who was broken and it was David who confessed his sin and God says thou shalt not know about is one other thing I want to say about the David's sin. I want to thing not only because of the covering of it. I want to think not only of the confession of the uncovering out of the challenge of what it was said that I want to think one last thing I want to think about the cleansing of David's sin. I'm going to spend just a very brief moment with this return.

Psalm 51 for a moment.

Psalm 51 now, something that some of you may not know when you need to know is this that a little superscriptions above the Psalms are part of the inspired word of God. Did you know that the little words up there without any numbers by art. This is an inspired part of the Psalm it comes right along with the song and notice what it says to the chief musician, a Psalm of David. When Nathan the prophet came under him after he had grown in Bathsheba, so we don't have to doubt with is no doubt is no guessing about when Psalm 51 was written and why it was written. This is the Psalm that David wrote after the man of God had come to confront David with his sin, and I want you just to see very quickly and letting them preach on) maybe the whole message on it later on but I want you to see.

I want to leave you right here if you if you like David out of fellowship with God. Sin in your life, whether great or small, is a way to be with three simple steps number one, there must be confidence. Number two. The must be confession number three must be cleansing now want you to notice the confidence of David. Look, if you will, in verse one. David says, have mercy upon me. Oh God, according to thy lovingkindness. According unto the multitude of light in the mercies blot out my transgressions. You know why David was such a great man he knew God so intimately and David knew for multitude of sins. There were a multitude of mercies and David knew that God's loving kindness will never forsake one of his children, and so he could cry out to God. David had a confidence that no matter what he had done. God still loved.

I want to tell you something paren I don't know what you've done. Perhaps you might send as badly as David. But I can tell you tonight is God's man with all of the authority function and unction of my soul that God loves you and for multitude of sins. There multitude of mercies and were send as a bound gray stuff much more abound. Amen hallelujah praise God. I want that confidence in your heart now.

The second thing after confidence is confession.

Notice how David confessed beginning in verse two he says wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin, for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me against being the only have I sinned, and done this evil in my sight without my speak justified when I speak is an clear when judges behold I was shaping in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me. David confesses his sin. What he did.

He confesses his sinful nature. I was born in iniquity shape and in iniquity. He confesses that his sin is his own saying nobody else's fault. He doesn't blame his wives.

He doesn't blame Bathsheba.

He doesn't blame Uriah the Hittite. He doesn't blame anybody says it's me, it's me, it's me. Oh God, standing in the need of prayer, confession, there is one thing that God will never accept the sin and that is an alibi.

There's no alibi here. There is a clear confession, confidence, confession, and then hallelujah there is cleansing purge me with his and I shall be wider skews me I should be clean, wash me, and I should be wider than snow. Bill hyssop was remember the night of the Passover, they took hyssop and they would sprinkle the blood of the lamb on the doorpost.

Hyssop was a little shrub that they applied the blood with 20 saying purge me with his is just the Old Testament Way of saying cleanse me with blood and what blood well. The New Testament tells us the blood of Jesus Christ, God's cleanse is the moles that is printed in the same God gave David restored David and use David is the same God that if you restore you and use you.

We don't have to carry around their own condemnation anymore. We can be clean. What good news today. If you have questions regarding placing your faith in Jesus Christ. We love to offer you an insightful resource on our website. It's our discovery, Jesus page. There you find answers you may need about your faith, we have a response section where you can share how this message or others have made a difference in your life go to and click the tab that says Discover Jesus we can't wait to hear from you today will are you carrying around any unconfessed sin in your life right past those sins and ask for his forgiveness and his cleanse. We hope will join us next. For more from Adrian Rogers right online for

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