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Learning to Possess Your Possessions | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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October 13, 2021 8:00 am

Learning to Possess Your Possessions | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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October 13, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers tells us how to begin bridging the gap between what the Bible says we are in Christ and what we are in reality.

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Global fighting studios in Memphis Tennessee by retired with fury, born of Samuel providing today curing Adrian Rogers part two a message. Learning to possess your possessions and that were going back in a series that we been doing since April this year we had a little cut ins and Aldo hung away, but it's the foundations for our faith wanted to encourage our friends to go to or on your lover finding LWF mobile app you can go back and listen to the entire series and this is coming from the book of Romans, from the book of Romans and I love this message. It talks about really possessing your possessions but you. How can we, in other words, get up to the table and partake of what the father has given us all yeah right guy many times were away from the table.

That's because of sin or self, but we get those things out away and we screwed up and we take advantage of the blessings that the father has prepared weather seems to be a gap between what the Bible says we are in Christ and what we are, in reality, you know, we are called to be victors yet so many of us live as victims we do and I think the biggest room is the room for improvement. Dr. Roger says that the reason so many of us are not filled with the spirit is because we are filled with ourselves and we don't know about those possessions are supposed to possess. He's got a great example about books in her library.

God has so much that he is given to us that we have not yet appropriated. I think I use as an illustration that many of us have books in our library that we have him read are they ours was in a sense, yes, but we haven't possessed our possessions and we only really knew what we have in the Lord Jesus Christ and how available it is by faith and obedience. We would be different people we are to put the foot of faith on the promises of God and enter into a land of victory and possess our possessions. He talks about.

Stop trying and start trusting, but it is hard to let go and let God. Yeah right. We we know the word of God is not another lesson we need is not another sermon we need. We just need to let go and let God. We have to appropriate what God has already done and provided for us. That's exactly right.

You know we we have to start walking in a way that will honor him, but quit trying to fix it and quit trying to help in curious our pleasure to get responses from our listeners to know how they are impacted by the ministry of lover finding and you've got a wonderful response. Right now I do this as I've been listing love worth finding for about six years now. I just got out of prison in Adrian Rogers messages books and booklets have helped me greatly in my Christian walk. Thank you for all that you do and this was this was in a prison system but but it's it's a great validation of the impact in the reach of our radio ministry. When we talk about digital we talk about TV all the mass communications that we do by God's grace, but this is radio were going into the prison and were reaching the hearts of people. It's amazing to me. It is scary. Well is this listener talks about books and booklets to help him grow. There is a wonderful resource this month. This resource is a hardbound new journal entitled good morning Lord you know this is a great tool to help us maximize our time we get along with God and were studying his word and were speaking him in prayer. But sometimes you like to be for five minutes.

We don't know what else to do nothing with this journal becomes is a great mechanism so that you can maximize that time, along with the Lord and then document that special time so you can come back and read it later reflect on it at a later time will the resource good morning Lord is or you can call 1877 love God and get the resource get me the extra copy for a friend and neighbor and share it giveaway giveaway. Well, today's message part two.

Learning to possess your possessions.

Here's Adrian Rogers not living up to our profession. In Christ's little boy had a dog and somebody said some what kind of dog is that really the dog was just a mongrel with a little more proud of his dog said he's a police dog and someone said what it doesn't look like a police dog little guy said well he's in the Secret Service. I know a lot of Christians who say they don't act like it. They're not living victorious lives. And there's something wrong there something missing there seems to be a contradiction between what the Bible says they are in Christ and what they are, in reality, there seems to be a gap.

For example, the Bible says concerning the Lord Jesus Christ that we are complete in him is real have need of anything in the spiritual realm and Lord Jesus, but how many Christians would remind you of somebody like that.

The Bible says concerning those of us were safe. We are over Congress mostly resign or overcome. They are victims rather than victors. The Bible says that when we say we have the peace that passes understanding, and joy unspeakable and full of glory. How many Christians would you say I know a man I want a boy and a girl, a great deal of that peace that passes understanding that have joy unspeakable and full of glory. Jesus said if you are drinkable water that I will give you you will never thirst again. How many say I am completely satisfied in the Lord Jesus. The Bible teaches in Romans chapter 8 that in Christ we are all then Congress well I I wonder if we're conquerors at all. Now where is the problem anyone about this contradiction. What is the answer to this riddle. This problem we need to understand that two keywords. The first key word is revision.

God has made provision for us. That's one keyword but the other keyword is appropriation. Now God has made provision for but that provision does us no good until we appropriate what God has done for how many of you be honest with me have books in your library at home that you haven't read yet that is that book yours. Yes, but you haven't possessed your possession. I mean is doing, you know. It's there. It is your but you have not appropriated that which is yours. So remember, on the one hand there is the word provision.

On the other hand, there is the word appropriation right now. Here's the first step down, possessing your possession. Are you ready for learn diene and start living is not contradictory. Learn dying and start living. You will never possess your possessions until you come to the end of yourself. The reason that so many of us do not feel the spirit is very frankly were so stuffed full of ourselves is not room for the spear.

We have to come to the end of ourselves and learn dying. Learn dying so we can start living. I am not being morbid, joyful, because Jesus didn't say I come that you might have death, Jesus and I come that you might have life, but but not into your sick and tired of that old line not until you say yes Jesus because you die I died with you. Thank God for you rose by Rose with you, so quit talking about possessing your possession number one learn dying so you can start living number two second principle you ready for stop trying and start trusting. Learn dying and start living, stop crying and start trusting now what the apostle Paul is going to do right here his church.

If you his biography is an early Christian begin now in verse seven.

What you say, then, is the law sin know nothing. Role Mr. law, God forbid, they are not known sin except but by the law. He Told me to do this not to do that and I want you to notice something very interesting from chapter 7 verse seven all and through verse 24.

There are three words that stand out over and over and over again. One word that stands out more than any other, and it's the shortest word. It is the little perpendicular pronoun. I want to listen to me at times he says I am verse seven what you were saving this loss in God forbid Nate, I have not known sin but by the law. I had not no lust except the law had said verse 94. I was alive and I died. Verse 10 I found to be verse 11.

Deceive me and slough me verse 13 me.

Verse 14 I am carnal.

Verse 15 that which I do I allow not what I would that I do not and what I hate that I do II he's talking about himself that next major word is the word wall that's used in this passage, some 20 times now what is the key. It's Paul in the low back. He's already said all right I'm married to Mr. love the way to men limited what happens this moment.

She says I can't please Mr. law.

Now I'm married to Mr. love is going be one Mr. love is so kind. Mr. love is so compassionate. Mr. love is not written like Mr. law.

Thank God I to Mr. love and then you know what happens to her. She finds out that Mr. love's requirements are higher than Mr. law's requirement. Mr. law said will allow Mr. love says no to violence.

Mr. law said-I'm a twofer to Mr. love says that persecute. She said this is worse than before.

I'm out of frying pan into the fire and get better married to Mr. love and then she finds out here's what I want you to find and here's what most of us don't understand that a lost man cannot keep the law of God, and neither can a save man by himself and most of us don't understand. We think when we get saved but I came down the highlighted my heart to Jesus Christ. I got baptized up there in that baptistery. I am say you I will say it anymore. I'm married to Mr. love. We go alone for a while and then something happens that old flesh rises we do something, say something, think something we so I thought I was saying that come from who God I'm sorry forgive me law, I re-consecrate my life. I'll never do that again. Lord, I would fall flat on my face.

We get into preaching service and the preacher will preach we get on the conviction you say. I haven't been the kind of a Christian.

I need to be allowed to be Henry rededicate consecrate our lives and we set I will and we fail again you ever been there.

I've been I think it almost every new Christian is been, and then the devil you are the devil's boy, you got a real buddy and the devil. If you were in Qwik sandy patch on the head. The devil comes to you and the devil says to you, well maybe you weren't saved in all. Maybe you will have the real thing.

But anyway, don't be a hypocrite. Don't sit there and saying because you know what a rotten life you're living. Why would you just lay out of church. Why don't you just stop going for a while. Maybe you could never be like those other people you find out that you don't have what it takes. I'm telling you that a lost man cannot keep the law of God, and I'm telling y'all, so that a save man cannot keep the law of God in his own strength. Here's what Paul found Outlook in verse 18. For I know that in me, that is, in my flesh as well as no good thing thought to will is present with me. But how to perform that which is good. I find no been there every one of his I serve God either lies in the law of God and the inward man but I find another law present in the is like the law of gravity is working all the time. You may not be aware of the law of gravity, right. But if it weren't for that you go spinning off this or the law of gravity is that downward pull. That's what happens to us as we get older and if you really get sick. It really takes over. I mean you will be able to navigate you get down flat and if you die take over completely.

You just keep on going down and down and down that he is so the two laws that are working constantly in you. Now, what did Paul discover. Well, he came to a place where was almost brokenhearted, and he says in verse 24 nightmares commandos no longer married. Mr. Lloyd married Mr. love, and he says wretched man that I am shout me from this body are from the body of this day. We asked the question and thank God he gives the answer in verse 25 I think God through Jesus Christ our Lord. That is deliverance comes through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let me tell you what this moment discovered who married Mr. law you learn dying, so you can start living use frying and start trusting now the way the way that you live a victorious life is not my try.

It is not you and the law. But God has provided a victory for you and that victorious with the new person that you're married to that Jesus Christ. Now let's go back this Mr. love says go 2 miles. Mr. love says do this and do this and do this but you know what she discovers they now have a joint banking account. She also discovers that everything Mr. love tells her to do. He just turned around and does it with her or for she says this is wonderful news is I want the bed made this way is is come, I'll show you how to do, I'll help you to do it.

He puts his hands on her hand and he guides her and do everything she needs. Amanda will listen to me precious friend every demand of God upon your life is a demand on the Jesus Christ, who lives in you. I was a good place for naming. I'll give you another chance upon your Jesus, who lives in you.

Okay you say listen, you can do it the sooner you throw up your hands in your sale wretched man that I shall deliver me from this dead body and then hear the answer. I think God deliverance comes through Jesus Christ. Now look in chapter 8. Notice I said in verse 25 I think God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God with the flesh the law of sin. But now, notice the change, beginning in verse eight there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, that is the old nature, but after the spirit and I here's a new word that you're going to find out in chapter 7, from 724. The spirit is not mentioned at all without notice the change of atmosphere in verse eight there is therefore now no condemnation to them for in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. The spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death notice in verse four that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit looked at in verse nine for you not in the flesh but in the spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you, if any man have not the spirit of Christ is not his. So therefore how do you live the Christian life friend it is the Holy Spirit of God in you, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and I remember there's the law of sin and death is the law of God, the righteous law of Moses. But there is another law will listen to me now. In Romans chapter 8 the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and then let me illustrate that to everything an airplane, a big one portion you think it never get off the ground because one holds it to the ground is a law called the law of gravity but there's another law and that is the law of aerodynamics and somehow though when flowing over those wings gives a lift to that thing you can get on that thing waste tons and times and but there's another power that is greater then the law of gravity and lifts that monster off the ground. Now the downward pull in your life is like grant, but there's a new is the wall of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus to those who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. When you say, oh God, I can't.

You never said I could but oh God, you can always said you can now stop trying and I start trusting and when you stop trying and when you bow your head and say I can't wretched man that I am I can't do Lord I trust you then at that. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus makes you free from the law of sin and learn dying and start living. Stop trying and start trusting the third law is quit crying and start praising whole wretched man that I am.

That's verse 24 will quit that crying and start praising thing God through Jesus Christ began to say God didn't save me time have me to live a failing life just save me that I might live a victorious life had Lord you have given all of this to me by your grace and for you, Lord, am going to possess my possessions. What would happen if everyone of us in Christ were to really lay hold of our position and not not bringing the flag back to the regiment but bring the regiment up to the flag, not to get a Bible that will match our lives. Let our lives match the Bible everything I said today is for Christians believers. This is not for nonbeliever no one believer can live a victorious life. No one believer can have the spirit of God in him. You got to be saying you got to be saying handily saved. You must receive the gift of salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ pastor would Jesus save me.

Yes, he will pastor you certain cocktail certain I am. If you were to come to Jesus and repentance and faith and ask him to save you and he didn't save you.

I would close my Bible and never preach again. I am telling you listen to me. He will say you to and you keep your say if you press for the Bible says for Housel shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saying and if you need Jesus.

I want you to pray this prayer, Lord Jesus, I need you. I'm tired of struggling and failing. I need to be saying thank you Jesus that you paid for my sin with your blood on the cross. My sin deserves judgment, but I need mercy, have mercy on forgive my sin take control of my life, save me, Lord Jesus.

Pray that from your heart. Save me Lord Jesus, did you asking then pray this way. Thank you for saving me. Jesus, I believe that you have.

I receive it by faith like a charm now, Lord Jesus, I'll make it telling that right now. I'll make it up I'll not be ashamed of you because you died for your name I pray, amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus just now go to our website and find the discovery Jesus page. We would love to celebrate with the financers they are. You may need about your newfound faith. We handle response section for everyone. You can share your testimony tell us how this message is made a difference in your life. Or let us know you've trusted Christ go to and click the tab that says discovery Jesus welcome to God's forever family. We can't wait to hear from what would your life look like if you learned to possess your possessions to appropriate what God is providing learn dying and begin to live stop try start trusting quit crying and start praising. So glad you joined us today for the study. In God's word and tune in next time. For more online word

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