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How to Know the Bible is the Word of God | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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September 9, 2021 8:00 am

How to Know the Bible is the Word of God | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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September 9, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals how to know the Bible is the Word of God.

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What is. Usually we know the Bible is perfect word of God you believe everything you read in the newspaper. The supplemental support raises her hand.

But I would ask that many of you believe everything you read the Bible to be true, you would lift her to spend more time in the newspapers that you don't believe in you doing about what you do believe we disregard the Bible to learn. You will not be any bigger any better any stronger than you.

Welcome to the dynamic teaching pastor and author Adrian Rogers. There is an ongoing war over the word of God. There are those who despise dissecting in this regard, but perhaps the greatest enemy of God's word is the one who believes in it but doesn't know it.

We will never be settled until we are settled over the word of God for salvation and sanctification depend on if you have your Bible turn to second Timothy chapter 3 will begin in verse 16. As Adrian Rogers reveals how to know the Bible is the word of God. Five second chapter 3 and verse 16.

As a matter of fundamental verse in the word of God. Listen to it all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for approval or correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. You will never be any greater in your Christian life than your conviction concerning the word of God. I've been a Christian now for more than half a century. What keeps me going is not how I feel it is what I know what I know it is coming from the word of God. The Bible is not the book will not is the book of the ages is outlived out love lifted out reached out ranked all other books put together. There is no like the Bible we read the Bible and the Bible reads us. I was on an airplane. I went up to the front to get a newspaper.

I met a man up there well-dressed button-down collar. A business suit on and he was looking for newspaper.

We got in a discussion he said what kind newspaper you're looking for is that I'm looking for conservative newspaper invoice and I'm looking for liberal newspaper and I said what it was, a Washington lawyer.

He said to me what you I said I'm a Baptist preacher and so we got a little discussion he said what you read. Anyway I said what I read books and journals and news magazines and newspapers, devotional books, but I am primarily a student of the Bible. He said well you speak to people I sit all the time. A few I said no agreement he said well if you don't read any wider than that. How do you know what to speak about my civil Mr. Manley has three problems or said no man has minimal problems. That is an oil mastering is what I said, sin, sorrow and death voice of the more problems that I said when you go think and see if you give me 1/4 problem as it is not a problem in the world that is not a subset of sin, sorrow they said I don't aggressively think about it, come up with 1/4 problem. After a while he came back to me said Manley has three problems sorrow that still encounter problems that the world.

Every other problem is a subset of the Windows 3 problem. This is the only book in the world that has the answer to those three problems of the book as the answer to the problem of sin. Book has the answer to the problem. So no other book has the answer to the problem of their except the bond will be very grateful for the Bible.

Now there's a war against the word of God today and there are those who literally despise they hate whatever reasons they would wish that the Bible were obliterated. But not only those who despise it bear. Those who deny they don't hate it, they just say I don't believe I don't believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God there are others like the Colts don't despise or deny they distorted. They massacre the Bible with their in interpretations and there plenty of those around one of the ways that I know the Bible is the word of God. It is stood up under somewhat shoddy preaching that has to be the word of God, then there are those who don't distorted what they dissecting they come to the Bible like it is a math book rather than love story and they bring their minds to it and try and pick apart piece by piece and pry out the treasures from the word of God and that cannot be done, then I suppose, however, the greatest enemy of the Bible are people who sit in our churches. They don't despise it. They don't deny it. They don't distorted.

They just disregard it. Now they give lip service to the Bible but they don't really study. I would not ask life or show of hands, how many people in this room spend more time with the newspaper and television in this member word of God and be embarrassed by what you believe everything you read in the newspaper none except an imbecile would raises her hand. But I would ask you how many of you believe everything you read the Bible to be true as God gave you lift your father ask you thoroughly how many of you spend more time in the newspapers that you don't believe in you doing the Bible that you do believe you'd be embarrassed. We disregard the Bible to our own her. These have gotten married and no man shall park just on the Bible and drought in the heart, you will not be any bigger any better any stronger than you believe in the word of God why it is important understand about is what got your salvation depends upon your salvation is based on the gospel and the gospel comes out of the word of God. Apart from gospel truth no one to say.

You also might be saved.

Got to give them something to believe what you want to get the word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Your growth as a Christian depends upon the word of God as newborn babies desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby, your sanctification depends upon the word of God. Jesus said, sanctify them with our truth by word is true. Your assurance depends upon the word of God. These things have I written unto you that believe on the name was of God, but you may know that you have eternal life brand. I cannot tell you how important it is that you have a small conviction that the Bible is the word of God distinctly different, better, hire more glorious than any other book ever written.

Now I will you be five reasons why believe I was word of God. I pray God that he will write these five reasons indelibly upon your heart and so you can say with confidence.

I know the Bible is what got. I want to start with the first reason which is where the Bible is so often a time. I believe the Bible is the word of God because of the scientific accuracy of the Bible.

Rather, those who will tell you well course, the Bible is not scientifically accurate because it was written thousands of years ago now before you say that make certain that you know two things make certain the general science and make certain that you know the word of God to see the Bible does not always agree with science and for that I am infinitely glad that the Bible does not always agree with science. If you've ever been to Paris, you most likely have visited the Louvre that great library and art museum there in central Paris in the Louvre in Paris in one section of books. There are 3 1/2 miles of books on science for a nap in the house that's allowable almost every one of them obsolete because science is changing what is called a scientific fact in one era is not in this era is matter fact in the 1861 there was a French Academy of science that wrote a little pamphlet little book.

It was an anti-God antichrist anti-Bible book, but it was a scientific book in that day and they listed what they call 51 income from convertible tax that prove the Bible scientifically wrong. 51 scientific practice limiting the interesting thing about that today, more than 100 years later.

There is not a reputable scientist who believes one of those so call 51 fax now, aren't you glad the Bible therefore did not agree with the science of that day at the Bible agree with that science and the Bible would have been wrong. The scientists enough time to catch up with the Bible. When a scientist says a good word about the Bible does give more faith in the Bible just more faith in the scientists.

If you Bible from a scientific point of view, it is a miraculous, but the Bible teaches about size.

Then I take it for granted that the earth is suspended in space.

This celestial ball's in space were amended. Always know that you would not know it unless somebody had taught you. The ancient Egyptians were incredibly intelligent and had done great things in mathematics and science who built the pyramids that were antiquities. Even in the time of Christ's. They believe that the earth was supported on five pillars five gigantic pillars that help appear that's ridiculous.

Let me tell you about what the Greeks believed the Greeks believed in their mythology that the earth was held on the back of a giant whose name was Atlas never seen a picture of a man with the world on his shoulders. That man named Atlas. That's the sophisticated Greeks, the ancient Hindus in their sacred texts believe that the earth stood on the backs of huge elephants and when elephants shook themselves I was earthquakes. Somebody said the weight of weight. One of the elephant standing on all that said, elephants down the back of a huge tortoise great big turtle. Then the thinker said, but no way what law they said well the turtle is on the back of a huge coil surf, but now wait a minute, what is the site for all, not to worry that an answer. The circuit is swimming in a cosmic sea such as the science that they now we would expect to find. Perhaps some of that mythology in the Bible, but in Job chapter 26 and verse seven we read this D God stretches out the north over the empty place and hang the earth upon nothing and they are upon nothing. That's right. Scientific fact that the earth is there suspended in space. How did Jovanovic 750 years before the Lord Jesus Christ was born. Perhaps the oldest piece of literature written literature known to man. God hang appear upon nothing. Job 26 or seven that you and I take it for granted.

Not only is the earth floating in space, but we take it for granted that the earth is a sphere, but it's a global that is a ball wind and always know this by observation. You would think that there is flat or relatively flat.

There may still be some of you in the flatter society, but most of us believe that the earth is round. I remember as a little boy being enthralled with the idea of Columbus who was sailing west to find the East Indies and they said Columbus you better be careful, you may sale all the eggs that always concerned me because I wondered how what kept the water from pouring over the edge of the earth, and I remember learning in grammar school as you did. 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It was not until that time that man who had conjectured that the earth mainly around finally conceded that the earth is round.

Of course we have no difficulty with that day because our spaceship from outer space can look back and take pictures round floating in space, but 750 years before the Lord Jesus Christ with all Isaiah said in Isaiah chapter 40 in verse 22. It is God that said upon the circle of the earth and the word for circle that Isaiah uses not a circle like I would draw in plane geometry on a piece of paper. It's a word that means speedier are global now you and I take it for granted that the stars are without loan that is without human number on countable was a man must a whirly rub his eyes when he laid down his pencil because it made his charts he had counted the stars. His name was for Pontius.

He was the noted astronomer of that day and he counted the stars and there were 1022 stars, science hundred and 50 years before Christ just counted the stars and he said there are thousand and 22 stars, science, and that was the science hundred 50 years before Christ, but 250 years later, another astronomer came along and this astronomer whose name was Ptolemy decided he would check up on Hipparchus. And so, Ptolemy, the scars of the lab. He said to say the thousand 22 stars, Sir, the thousand 26.

So now we have upgraded science and was built about 1300 years later that a young scientist and inventor. Galileo created his first crude telescope and turn it up to the heavens and gave a gas well beyond the stars that can be seen with the naked eye were more stars in the move more stars beyond those more stars beyond those more stars and millions and billions on capital stars there in the canopy of space now with a giant Hubble telescope man look out millions of light-years and the stars upon stars upon stars. I was reading the scientific journal were one astronomer said if you want to have some idea about having the stars on the universe there are more stars in our known universe than there are grains of sand all the seashores of all the did you catch that now that the nostalgia just go to my hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida, crossed the bridge go to Palm Beach and get a city block and start counting. During the same time in one locale, one city block.

I'm going about all the seashores of all of their well gun.

Lucas is it with the parts are saying thousand 22 stars, but what did Jeremiah say Jeremiah chapter 33 in verse 22.

Jeremiah said, the host of heaven cannot be. You can count.*The host of heaven cannot remember now how did Jeremiah know that Job no there this floating in space that Isaiah know that there is round. Jeremiah know that the stars didn't counted. How they knew we already read it all Scripture is given by inspiration of God. God made all of God knows all of these men didn't have modern astronomy, but they knew that Alice moved from astronomy must move into the area of physiology and biology. I take it for granted that the blood in our body is a red river of life that it is necessary for life.

I took a course in human anatomy and physiology, and I had to learn all the things that the blood does to name a few. It carries food to the cells.

It carries away waste from the cells to carries energy to the cells.

It fights disease. It maintains a constant temperature in the body is just few of the big things that the blood does in the human body, but it was not until the year 1615 that a physician William Harvey discovered that the blood even circulates in the past fairly recent time that the blood circulates. Now we know with hematology and all of the study of this river wife the incredible properties of the human blood is amazing. This until the days of modern science and microbiology ratified in relatively recent times when men would get sick, they were often attributed to bad blood and they would bleed people for all manner of ailments that have nothing to do with blood that Barbara pole is not a piece of peppermint candy that represents a bandage because it was the Barbara who had the sharp instruments and they will often take a sick person to the barber he would cut them and they would bleed blood into a basin with hopes that would make them well as a matter fact the father of our country. George Washington got sick with a pulmonary disease and wall things they blending it well.

They blending the game is still in your well they blending the third time and they bled.

George Washington today as a way to follow my comfort today that may give him a blood transfusion. I think the politicians tried to get even with us ever since that time, and bleed us to death. Well it is a shame that they did not know the word of God. Leviticus chapter 17 verse 14. Speaking of the blood says, for it is the life of all flash is for the life there and incredible scientific state that there is life in the blood. What a comforting thought that is today. Science doesn't take God by surprise, is word stands the test of time going to hear part two of this important message tomorrow, but today right now.

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