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How to Be the Father of a Wise Child | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 15, 2021 8:00 am

How to Be the Father of a Wise Child | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 15, 2021 8:00 am

Adrian Rogers offers four ways we can raise our children to be wise in a foolish world.

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Would you be the source of her children's rebellion. Listen closely to Adrian Rogers. Sometimes children are caught in the mistakes of the pride and the arrogance of their parents and the problem primarily believe it or not is with fathers, arrogant fathers who fail to accept their responsibility. I want to talk to dad today I want to tell you how not to be the father of all lies child welcome to Leavenworth funding featuring profound truth. Simply stated by pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers these days.

Our nation is in troubled waters and the problem is rooted in parents who fail to import wisdom in their children's lives and teach them spiritual understanding. In today's message Pastor Rogers offers insight on how we can raise our children to be wise in the foolish world.

If you have your Bible turn to Proverbs chapter 1. Begin with verse 20 with part one of how to be the father of a wise child hears Adrian Rogers. Sometimes children are caught up in the mistakes and the pride and the arrogance of their parents and more than often it's the pride and arrogance of the father was the schooner has force that sale.

The wintry see the skipper taken his little daughter to marry company who were her eyes as the ferry's her cheeks like the dawn of day, her bosom wide as the Hawthorne buds that open in the month of May. Skipper stood up on the helmets pipe was in his mouth. He watched how the gearing flaunted blow the wind now. Wes now South, then up.

Sprinkle saline had sale the Spanish Main.

I pray the put in beyond report fry fear hurricane last night.

The moon had a golden rain tonight, no moon, we see but the skipper blew away from this pipe and a scornful laugh laugh. Colder and louder grew when I Gail from the Northeast.

The snow fell hissing on the Brian and the bills from like East come Heather comehither my little daughter and do not tremble. So far all I can weather the roughest storm that ever landed below and erector warming his Siemens code against the stinging blast and he cut the rope from a fallen star and bound to the mass father, I hear the church bells ring will say what made me to the fog mail on a rock down coast and he steered for the open sea of father. I hear the sound of gonzo say what made me some ship in distress that cannot live in such an angry state father, I see a gleaming life will say what made name of the father answered, never were for frozen corpse was he lashed to the helm, Allstate and start with his face turned to the skies. The lanterns shone through the gleaming snow is fixed and glassy eyes made men bowed her head and prayed that same she might be and she thought of the Christ that still waves on the lake galloping and on through the midnight dark and rare for the whistling sleet and snow. The vessel swept like a sheeting ghost toward the reef of Mormons will whenever the fitful grass between a sound came from the land was the sound of the trampling surf on the rocks hard ceasing billows were right beneath the bow. She drifted a dreary rack of anything Bill swept the crew like icicles from her deck. She struck where the white and fleecy waves looks soft as carding wool but the Clorox they board her side, like the horns of an angry bull corralling shrouds all she denies with a mask went by the board she stole and sank like a vessel glass will breakers roar at daybreak on the Blakeslee Beach official and stood against this evil form of a maiden fair lashed close to a drifting mass salt seemed frozen on the breast salt tears in her eyes and he watched her hair like the brown seaweed on the billows fall and rise. Such was the wreck of the Hess Chris in the midnight in the snow Christ to save us all from a death like this on the reef of Mormons will be many children are going to be shipwrecked because of the pry and arrogance of their fathers who will not do what they ought to do to guide those children into a safe and secure haven. I may make shipwrecked not only of their own lines, but the lives of their children bound to master their own, listen to God's word here. Proverbs chapter 1 verse one the proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel to know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding to receive the instruction of wisdom and justice and judgment, and equity. Now what specially merciful to give subtlety to the simple and to the young man knowledge and discretion. A wise man will hear, and will increase learning and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel and then begin to read with me in verse 20 wisdom cries without she entered her voice in the streets. She cried within the chief place of the concourse and the opening of the gates in the city sheet out of her words saying how long he simple one will you love simplicity and the scorners delight in this morning and fools hate knowledge. I want to let us go in verse 22 the word simple and then I want to underscore the words gone as and then I want to underscore the word fools. I want to talk to you today about how to be the father of a wise child and what you have here in this one verse in Proverbs chapter 1 verse 22 is what I want to call the evolution of a fool God have mercy upon the man, the woman who has a fool for a daughter or fool for son children began as simple word simple simply means open. The Hebrew word is the word open. It has nothing to do with intellectual ability when not talking about a simpleton when not talking about a person who does not have gray matter as a matter fact, a simple child may grow up to be a doctor or lawyer and architect a politician. It means nave plastic mentality.

So just write the word nave by the word simple. The next word he mentions is the scorner, the scorners different from the sample. The sample is more or less innocent, but the scorner today just write the word smart Alec or in business. Write the word Senate bar in the University you might write the word sophisticate. These are the scornful. But then the next. That is the full food now right by the word fools the word wrap paragraph wicked I gain the word fool does not have the idea that a person is lacking in mental ability he may be very wise to do evil. The word has a moral base. It means without any ability to discern. Now we are in serious trouble in America that they what happened in America in 1962. Prayer in public schools was declared unconstitutional in 1963 in America Bible reading in the public school was declared unconstitutional in 1973, the killing of pre-born children was declared to be a right guaranteed by the Constitution in 1980 the 10 Commandments were deemed to be illegal to be posted on school walls and one of the reasons why they said so. If a child read those Commandments. They said they might be tempted to emulate. And so they take about to see the secular humanist of proving to be great strategists. They tried to find one segment of life that almost every American schoolchild would pass through. That is, education.

So they targeted public education to be the Sunday schools will a humanistic philosophy, and in order to do that they wanted to purge at any vesting of Christian influence.

So what has happened in the last views well. Prayer is out policeman or in Bibles or how values clarification is in the 10 Commandments are out rape and armed robbery gang warfare murder and cheating are in instruction. It tells us that we were created in the image of God is out. Evolution is in corporal punishment is out of disrespect and rebellion is in traditional values are out and unwed motherhood is in abstinence is out and condoms, and abortion are in learning is out in social engineering is in history is out and revisionism is in and the problem primarily believe in is with volatiles arrogant fathers who fail to accept their responsibility. I want to talk to dad's today I want to tell you how not to be the father will follow. How to be the father of all lies child. Now go back to these three categories of persons that we looked at here.

Verse 22 and let me describe them more carefully and I think you'll recognize some children that you know first of all, let us think about the ignorance of the simple house he described.

Look, if you will, in verse 22. How long you simple ones with the love simplicity that's his first Martin loves his simplicity. He enjoys being a child.

He enjoys slick, carefree life. He doesn't like any serious law. One teenager said, I am very my dad slaves away this job so I won't have to need for thing and so I can have a college education.

My mom spends everyday washing and ironing and picking up my things and looking after me and she takes care of me when I'm sick. His friends said your worry what a word about is that I'm afraid they might try to escape. Read the children just love having everything done for them that the carefree simple life. That's the life of the simple, but not only that he lacks understanding. Go to Proverbs chapter 9 verses one through four. Wisdom has built her house. She is hewn out or seven pillars.

She killed her beasts.

She had mingled her wine ship also furnished her table shifts set forth her maidens. She cried upon the highest places of the city that is wisdom has prepared a banquet of learning, knowledge and truth. Notice, to whom invitation goes so is simple.

Let him turn in his as for him that wanted or needed.

Understanding now simple person loves his simplicity. He lacks understanding as I say. One day he may be a lawyer, banker, a surgeon, but he lacks spiritual wisdom and spiritual understanding. He just doesn't matter because he's carefree and because he lacks understanding, he is easily led into error turned Proverbs 14 and look in verse 15. Here's a key verse about the simple, the simple believer every word I just put that down the simple believer every word. Remember I told you that the Hebrew word for simple means open. He believes every word that is he is easily led, but the prudent man look at the well to his growing malice and limited something it doesn't mean he doesn't believe something, he will believe something you believe anything. He's an easy target for Madison Avenue for false religions for simple friends.

He's like a sponge believes everything he's easily led into error because he so open.

I heard about a young simple boy who had some puppies and his mama said you have to get rid of all of them but one that was trying to sell the last copy trying to sell it for five dollars and a grown man said son the reason you can sell that puppy is you did put on a price only my people don't think is worth much came back the next day the boy said well sir, I have decided that I will sell this puppy for $100. Well, since I did mean that much but see if you can do later.

Only he saw the man he said sir I want to know. I sold my puppy. He said did you get $100. He said indeed identities it will not exactly set. I took two $50 cat.

That's the simple child he just he's easily led in the air ready you can trick them you can flimflam in antiquities. He's living in constant danger.

Look at that verse again.

Chapter 14 verse 15 the simple believer that every word with a prudent man look at the welders going that a child doesn't do that he doesn't look forward he doesn't plan for the future and therefore he's living in danger look in chapter 22 in verse three, prudent man foresees the evil and hide himself, but the simple pass all and are punish what is that mean that means that if a person were wise and prudent he would see danger, but the simple child thinks he's indestructible. They never think about the future and therefore your child is like a pig being led to the slaughter. Madison Avenue knows this will growers know what, that's the simple for you. He's careless. He's carefree. He's easily led. He thinks he's indestructible has no idea about danger. He just passes on and is punished now let's move and think not only about the simple but think about the school.

You see, the next step after a person is nave he becomes. If he is not led by his dad and his mom. He becomes a smart Alec and SKU.

He's the semi can business.

He's the mocker at the University now what are his marks will go back again to chapter 1, Proverbs chapter 1 verse 22 and look at it. How long you simple ones we love simplicity what's this and the scorners what's this delight in their scorning.

He delights in us going.

Vegas is jolly is out of being a smart Alec and what a terrible condition. This is high. It breaks my heart to say, but most teenagers older teenagers in America are now scones.

We lost a generation.

They are now scones that the devil's initials carved in the hearts may have his slimy fingerprints on their minds. And because he delights in scorning.

He defies instruction turned Proverbs chapter 13 and look if you will, in verse one.

A wise son here with his father's instruction, but a scorner here.

If not, rebuke, boy_that dad you need learn this all wise son hears his father's instruction, but a scorner here. If not, review. You can always tell a scorner, but you can't tell a much AWOL this tune you out. He has ears, but he will not hear.

And when you talk to him is like pouring water on the rock is like talking to a brick wall but not only does he delight in this morning.

Not only does he define instruction, but he literally despises the good and the godly look in chapter 15 verse 12 scorner love is not the one that would prove with him, neither will he go unto the wives scorner will never come to his dad and said that I need help.

Will you help me out, you never go to his teachers, pastors, you pastor and say, will you help me own as a matter of fact, when you try to correct the scorner what's going to happen is he is going to look at you and he's going to say with his eyes. I hate your guts. Rebuke a scorner and he will insult you turned Proverbs chapter 9 and verses seven and eight listen to he that would prove the scorner did himself Shane and he that rebuke of the wicked man give himself a blot reproved not a scorner, lest he hate the rebuke a wise man and he will love me and so you just rebuke a scorner, he will fire back at you. You cannot tell him anything he will shoot off the lip you scorner was once simple but he became us going and what is going to happen to him is he's destined for destruction. Looking Proverbs chapter 13 in verse one. A wise son here with his father's instruction, but a scorner here is not rebuke we've already read that. But now I want you to to skip all down to verse 13. So despise if the word shall be destroyed. He will listen and God says he's destined for destruction.

He laughs at you, but he'll laugh his way right into Helen. Once he is very can laugh his way out. But there is some hope for the scorner, the scorners very hard to reach, but the sauna can be reclaimed but I was to think about the third category. First we said there was the simple to nave the open, the carefree he becomes. Then the smart Alec the scorner.

He's not tall but then the scorner becomes a fool not go back to the text again in Proverbs chapter 1 and look at it in verse 22. How long you simple ones we love simplicity, the simple one loves this carefree life and the scorners delight in their scorning the smart Alec gets his jollies out of this morning, but now notice and full here's the difference this corner is insolent, but the food is immovable. Now notice what he does. The fool rejects wisdom. He hates wisdom. Looking Proverbs chapter 15 in verse 14. The heart of him that hath understanding secret knowledge, but the mouth of fools theater phone foolish. They love foolish as they literally feed on foolishness and then he ridicules righteousness.

Looking 14 verse nine. Fools make a market sin.

Fools make a model that's in, that's a reason, not that you have these situational comedies that laugh and ruggedness that lasted about that mock homosexuality and perversion. They market sin below. Does that coming up tomorrow will view the conclusion of this powerful message.

I hope you can join us then, but as you listen today. Maybe something is surfaced in your own life or in your family, and you'd like someone to pray with you for that situation.

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