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How to Be the Father of a Wise Child | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 16, 2021 8:00 am

How to Be the Father of a Wise Child | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 16, 2021 8:00 am

Adrian Rogers offers four ways we can raise our children to be wise in a foolish world.

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What refining Studios in Memphis, Tennessee Byron Tyler he would.

Former of CEO liver fighting. Today Adrian Rogers part two in a message how to be the father of a wise child and will be going to the book of Proverbs. What a great book it is and I'll say this to everybody needs a father but everybody needs a heavenly father. And so we take a look here in Proverbs 120 through 22 a great message for today on truly right. How to be a father of a washed out. We know many children.

Sadly enough, are never taught to grow in wisdom and they remain simple in their adulthood. They do you know it also says a full rejects wisdom ridicules righteousness, and rejoices in iniquity, and you know the father is the pacesetter of everybody's pivoting off the father right and Adrian Rogers was a tremendous father you. You heard his four kids always talked about having dad at home and in what he meant to them personally, but he also took pride in being a grandfather even more pride in being a great grandfather right and he took that role seriously and I think it we owe it to ourselves. Do the same thing but I reminded what Adrian Rogers said words can hurt children more than an open hand and a slap in the face, love your children and delighted what that's true, and let me say this, there's many times in our relationship with our kids. There needs to be plenty of words right.

Sometimes we have a tendency to talk to other people or through social media more than we do our own children, and also Byron the knees to be positive words right. We need to give words of affirmation words of encouragement and add a girl and out of boy that needs to come from their father and then lastly I would say this, there needs to be personal words to me words their personal that are genuine that are true that a real and they need that from dad right and that we cover all of that in the sermon. Yeah, it really is scary.

Make a great point because those little words of affirmation can make all the difference. You know in a child's behavior and sometimes you wonder is apparent why is my child acting like that we might want to introspect your own life to make sure my speaking, the right words in my sitting that the right tone in the home for my family eventually that's writing in my children getting affirmation from somebody else than at home right home should be the hub for all of that and so will cover that in today's message.

I really love this exhortation for fathers to take their responsibility seriously and we have a listener who is doing just that. After hearing the teaching of Adrian Rogers, Byron.

This is from taxes it says Dr. Rogers was a great Christian statesman. He not only preach the infallible word he lived before us. I can model the Christian life for my children and I'm so thankful for men of faith by Dr. Adrian Rogers is that not great but you know what makes that possible. People giving not just listening, not just participating but giving I can think of a better time to give the love worth finding than right now we're at fiscal year-end. It is the best time to give that love worth finding.

We are wrapping up one year and we are segueing into another year, and I'll just say this if you want to give to a ministry this new into things we are introducing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and we are maturing them in their faith and come be a part of love worth finding. I know in my life that every single time participation in pocketbook will always follow the passion so if you have a true passion for souls. You have a true passion for the kingdom and step up this fiscal year-end and be a part of what love worth finding is doing.

Jerry, thank you so much for those words and now for message how to be the father of a wise child part two here's Adrian Rogers. I want to talk to dad's today I want to tell you how not to be the father will be the father of all wise child.

First of all, let's think of the ignorance of the sample. How does he describe look, if you will, in verse 22.

How long you simple ones will ye love simplicity that's his first Martin loves to simplicity. He enjoys being a child. He enjoys carefree life.

He doesn't like any serious law.

One teenager said, I am.

My dad slaves away this job so I won't have to need for thing and so I can have a college education.

My mom spends everyday washing and ironing and picking up my things and looking after me and she takes care of me when I'm sick. His friend said your worry what a word about is that I'm afraid they might try to escape. Read the children just love having everything done for them that the carefree simple life. That's the life of the simple now simple person love to simplicity.

He lacks understanding as I say. One day he may be a larger bank or a surgeon, but he lacks spiritual wisdom and spiritual understanding. He just doesn't matter because he's carefree and because he lacks understanding, he is easily led into error. You can trick them you can flimflam in buddies he's living in constant danger. That's the simple for you. He's careless.

He's carefree. He's easily led. He thinks he's indestructible. It has no idea about danger. He just passes on and is punished now. The next step after a person is nave he becomes. If he is not led by his dad and his mom. He becomes a smart Alec and SKU. He's ascetic and business he's the mocker at the University now what are his marks will go back again to chapter 1, Proverbs chapter 1 verse 22 and look at it.

How long you simple ones we love simplicity what's this and the scorners what's this delight in their scorning. He delights in us going to guess his job is out of being a smart Alec and because he delights in scorning. He defies instruction to Proverbs chapter 13 and look if you will, in verse one. A wise son here with his father's instruction, but a scorner here. If not, rebuke, boy_that that you need learn this all wise son hears his father's instruction, but a scorner here. If not, review. You can always tell a scorner, but you can't tell a much less tune you out. He has ears, but he will not hear. And when you talk to him is like pouring water on the wrong is like talking to a brick wall but not only does he delight in this morning. Not only does he define instruction, but he literally despises the good and the godly look in chapter 15 verse 12 scorner loveth not the one that reproved within neither will he go on to the winds.

Scorner will never come to his dad and say that I need help. Will you help me out he'll never go to his teachers pastor you pastor and say, will you help me own as a matter of fact, when you try to correct the scorner what's going to happen is he is going to look at you and he's going to say with his eyes. I hate your guts.

Rebuke a scorner and he will insult you. You cannot tell him anything he will shoot off the list that you scorner was once simple but he became strong and what is going to happen to him is he's destined for destruction.

Looking Proverbs chapter 13 in verse one.

A wise son here. This father's instruction but a scorner here is not rebuke we've already read that. But now I want you to to skip on down to verse 13.

So despise if the word shall be destroyed. He will listen and God says he's destined for destruction. He laughs at you, but he'll laugh his way right into Helen once is very can laugh his way out. But there is some hope for the scorner, the scorners very hard to reach, but the sauna can be reclaimed but I want to think about the third category.

First we said there was the simple to nave the open, the carefree he becomes. Then the smart Alec the scorner, he's not Paul but then the scorner becomes a fool not go back to the text again in Proverbs chapter 1 and look at it in verse 22. How long you simple ones we love simplicity, the simple one loves this carefree life and the scorners their life in their scorning the smart Alec gets his jollies out of his scorning, but now notice and full hate here's the difference this corner is insulin, but the food is immovable. Now notice what he does. The fool rejects wisdom.

He hates wisdom. Looking Proverbs chapter 15 in verse 14.

The heart of him that hath understanding Sica's knowledge, but the mouth of fools feed own foolishness. They love foolishness. They literally feed own foolishness and then he ridicules righteousness. Look in 14 verse nine. Fools make a market sin. Fools make a law that said that's the reason.

Not that you have these situational comedies that laugh and ruggedness that laugh in adultery that mock homosexuality and perversion. They market sin below.

Does that fools make mock at sin. That's what the Bible says he he rejects wisdom he ridicules righteousness, but he's not finished yet he literally rejoices in iniquity. Proverbs 15 verses 20 and 21 look at that all wise son maketh a glad father but a foolish man despises his mother, father, is a joy to him that is destitute with. He just actually rejoices in this wickedness is moral sense has been so perverted that he thinks good is evil and evil is good. You might want to put down on your note.

Isaiah chapter 5 in verse 20 wall under them that call evil good and good evil that put darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter now what's going to happen to the food who's going to die and go to hell. During the Proverbs chapter 17 in verse 10, I reproved interest more into a wise man than 100 stripes into a fool, you cannot beat the foolishness out of a child, don't even try. Don't even try Candida. He will hear you.

He is intransigent he is fixed. His heart is hardened his conscience is seared his mind is defiled, that if if he were wise, he could still go wrong.

But he went wrong and God chastise them, then he would repent from the father loves and chastens and scourges every son whom he receive it. King David sent terribly. But King David was a wise man in spite of the sin and when God chastise King David King David repented and he cried out to God for mercy. Pharaoh was a fool, and when God judged Pharaoh. Pharaoh just hardened his heart more and more and more, and if you have a child and you raised a fool and then you think when he's 18 and 185 pounds that you going to give them a whipping. Just forget it all. You're going to do is to make him hate you all the more. What you see, God gives us all children and that what we call simple but if you're not careful, we have a society is going turning into a smart Alec Hannity is not rescued when it becomes a scorn.

The smart Alec he's going to become a fool is going to end up in hell he won't even know the difference between right and wrong. Let's go back in the few moments that we have left and look at the simple, not a simpleton but the simple but nave, the carefree child. What can you do dad what can you do moms so as not to raise a fool.

I want to mention for the number one you need to expound truth go back to Proverbs chapter 1 and look in verses one through four Proverbs of Solomon the son of David, King of Israel to know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding to receive the instruction of wisdom, justice and judgment, and equity gives subtlety to the sample and to the young man knowledge and discretion. That's why God gave you the proper its proof as the child thinks so is it and who is the major teaching the major teachers. The father you read in Deuteronomy chapter 5 were God gave the 10 Commandments and then in Deuteronomy chapter 6, God says the father teach these commandments to your sons into your grandson that your family will survive and that your whole will and will number one expound truth number two expose sin expose sin. The sample will learn by example.

Turn to Proverbs chapter 19 please smite scorner and the simple will be where_that smite scorner and the sample will be where and reproved one that hath understanding and he will understand knowledge know what does that mean it means that a child who is carefree and careless who is simple means to see the scorner smitten. He needs to see sin expose them the fruit of sin, because he often does not see looking Proverbs 21 verse 11. The same thing as Paul.

When the scorner is punished, the simple is made wise. What does that mean the worst thing that could happen to your child would be for your child to live in such a simple society as we have. And yet for your child not to see the repercussions of sin.

For example, he watches on television. He sees people sleeping together, but never sees anybody get pregnant and never sees an abortion never sees venereal disease never sees that the breakup won't he doesn't see that he doesn't see the scorner being smitten. He sees the guys in the bass boat hoisting a big can of beer and smacking their lips and slapping each other and hugging each other and giving each other high fives and saying never gets any better than this might try to get that good is matter fact it always gets worse than that but but they never show him Madison Avenue never shows him on drunkard in the gutter, covered with vomit and flies doesn't show the alcoholic with DTZ doesn't show Amanda Beard up dad coming home and beating up his kids. Madison Avenue doesn't do that. You see, they don't get to see the scorner smitten our children today are insulated, they don't know that's a reason that you need help them to understand.

You need to expose sin not only expound truth expose sin.

If your dad and you got 910 1214-year-old you need to go some Friday and Saturday nights to the emergency room the hospital about between 11 and one and let them see these people coming in after having gone through the windshield of an automobile.

After having been Beard up taking down the skid row taking to the presence let him see this smite the scorner and the simple will learn, he thinks he's indestructible. He does not know you need to pull back the veil. But here's the third thing expel scorner's turn, if you will. Proverbs chapter 13 and look with me in verse 20 he that walk with wise men should be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Proverbs 22 in verse 10 cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out yeah strife and reproach shall cease cash out scorner ever so often we hear that this disruptive child for his sake needs to be able to stay then disrupt everybody else, but that's not what the Bible teaches you not doing him any good. You're only feeding his ego and depravity and you are definitely corrupting those that he is around. The Bible says cast them out. Now listen.

Do not let your children hang around with scorner's and fools just don't know what you help him select his friend.

That means you may have to be firm and cast out the scorner, why because your child if your child is nave. If your child is simple.

They are going to be susceptible to peer pressure and somebody said it's hard to fly with eagles when you're surrounded with turkeys.

You just let your kids run with turkeys in the Bible says a companion of fools will be destroyed now. Peer pressure is not bad. It is good if the peers are good so that's all the more reason that you need to get the right kids in your home, and that's all the more reason that you need to make your home a headquarters for happiness. You need to say come in, Mary, Susie, Bill, John, Martha, whomever, Michelle. Come on in the house.

You can have a house you will have a party happen over here what you want to raid the refrigerator going to break down the That's okay you want to track. That's okay.

Fran, those things are small compared to your children, let your home be the happiest place on earth and by the way, what, when you have them there. You can monitor those friend and when there's a scorner are smart Alec are full USACE on the sidewalk get on trying. The Bible says cast out, and contention will cease yours and I've always tried to have the right guest in our home and make certain when the guest are there that the children are there where having important people in our home what I consider to be important. I don't mean that I'm looking much the rich the wealthy and the things I'm going that people know God and love God and people character. We want our children at the dinner table to listen to the conversation and enjoy the conversation in part paid in the conversation and frame the Bible says that a companion of fools will be destroyed but those who are around wise people will be made wise. Here's the last point, but you need you need to expound truth you need to expose sin, you need to expel scorner's and you need to express love. You need to express love looking Proverbs chapter 3 and verse 12. The Bible says here, for whom the Lord loveth a corrective even as a father the son in whom he will.

Children and then be positive or negative words can hurt your children more than an open hand and a slap in the face. Learn to listen to them try to see life from their point of view there facing things you never faced being gentle.

I have observed dad I said why is it that some children just outdoor and worship the dance almost and others hate the dance. What is the difference in their and is one characteristic that I've almost found in all crew dad's whose children love and follow them both that judgmental and starts when their children. Can you imagine what a big harsh overbearing dad would do the little guy.

Imagine walking out there on the front porch is a guy 17 feet tall you looking in his kneecaps.

Laissez has a voice like thunder, and he begins to talk to you and tell you what to do so or the B sounds like that one thing, you sure do hope is that he's gentle, don't you children.

Somebody was just all they wanted that they can look up to. They wanted dad was the strongest wise a smartest, fastest, richest Buddhist dad. I know this is not work best. Dad what they want him to be gentle touch them show other nonverbal language being transparent. Let them know of your fears and your joys and your disappointment, your failures and your goals. They already know you're not perfect they just don't want to be phony and then be available to your child you say pastor Rogers very frankly, I'm not adequate for what you just described. I know you not. I'm not adequate nonobvious has what it takes to be this kind of a dad or mom. That's the reason we need Jesus in this reason, we need all that's the reason we've got to have Christ because the Christian life is not difficult it is. So there's only one who can do it when he will do it in us and through us. It will let the best thing you can do for your children is with all of you, give you marketing. Would you like to give your heart to Jesus right now. Let me lead you in a brief prayer as you make this decision to follow Christ and lead your family to honor him something like this of God in heaven. I'm a sinner and I need your forgiveness is pastor Rogers just said the Christian life is not difficult. It's impossible. But Jesus lived that perfect life and he died on the cross in my place and then rose to new life to give that new life to me right now. Come in and change me, transform me from the inside out.

I pray in Jesus name Amen if you prayed to receive Jesus just now.

We'd love to celebrate with you and invite you to discover Jesus page on the website to find answers there. You may need about your newfound faith. Just go to and click the tab that says discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family.

We can't wait to hear from you like you raising your children to be wise or foolish. Remember your instructions from Proverbs expound truth expose sin, expel scorner's and express love. Be sure to join us next time. For more timeless truths from Adrian Rogers online will find

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