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How to Make a Home Beautiful | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 8, 2021 8:00 am

How to Make a Home Beautiful | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 8, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Adrian Rogers reveals what it means to be a godly mother and how to make a home beautiful.

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What's our highest calling as believers listen to Adrian Rogers.

What we need to understand is that it is not business is not education. It is not government.

It is not the church is all that is the basic unit of saying, and therefore all of the artillery of hell is a level against the home and our kids. Many of our kids going off to college classes? Especially to the young ladies what only you knew what you're being. And if she says well I will be a wife and mother. One like that some sort of failure will want to waste friend that is not a waste. That is the highest, deepest, sweetest, fullest, most meaningful thing that you can do to have undergone Christian welcome to not worth finding profound truth. Simply stated, Adrian Rogers on the topic of biblical truth. Pastor Roger said some people use the Bible as a club rather than a sore so we need to do that which is becoming to sound doctrine that which adorns the doctrine of God.

So we need sound doctrine and we also need to understand the importance of a godly Christian home to live out what we believe our families are facing a lot of enemies that threatened to drain us of our splendor. The key to a beautiful home is the wife and mother. If you have your Bible turn to Titus to his Adrian Rogers gives the powerful conclusion of how to make a home beautiful hero is possible that you can live in a magnificent house and have an ugly home and so we want to talk about how to have not just a fine magnificent house but how to have a beautiful home merely key to a beautiful home is a wife and mother, someone to talk to about what the Bible has to say about being a godly mother and helping that mother to have a beautiful home. As we talk about a godly woman who makes her house beautiful home beautiful. I want you to see about what I'm going to call the legacy that she is delaying she is to be teaching the younger children. She's to set an example for the younger people and how she going to do that. Verse three says. First of all was some good old-fashioned wholeness and behavior has become a holiness. This speaks of the way she lives just make several lifestyle and she is to be godly in her speech. Gossip is a disease they get worse with age and some of the worst gossips are old people and something very ugly about the whole that is not a holy home in a home that is filled with slander and gossip and a woman.

I godly woman who is to leave a legacy.

She's be holy as she is not to be a scandal monger, and she's not to be addicted to substances in, and certainly the spirit of this would include cigarettes and tales dive drugs anything else that is addicted not only see the seven example for the younger women would talk about the legacy she's to leave for the young women, but she also must teach them.

Look again in verses four and five that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands to love their children to be discreet chase keepers at home. Good the word good lately has the idea of value means family guidance and what we need in America today some godly grandmama's and some older women begin to be teaching these younger women to be homemakers you mother's and you grandmothers and you ladies in the church who have experience somehow we need to get you with these younger women there's a second I wanted to see not only the legacy that she's delay by setting an example by teaching, but the love that she is to learn that what are the older women to teach the younger women look at verse four that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love the children to be discreet chase keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasting. Did you know that your debt teach the younger women to love their children. One of the great means today is for mothers to love children radical feminist Avenue all women today that having a career is granted more important than being a homemaker and material goods are more important than children. Psalm 127 says low children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward generation today looks at children as burdens rather than blessings being homemaker. Not easy.

Not a glamorous ladies and young ladies, I want say there is no higher calling fathers have influence on the children, but mothers made the greatest impression and that is a fact. Now the Bible teaches that the older women are to teach the young women to love children and number two the love their husbands.

Now she can be taught to love her husband. That means that she can love her husband would talk about love.

When I talk about so popular love. You want to know soap operas. My bystanders cut it out.

All that is about is sex and immorality and perversion solace about, and you watch that long enough and you become suspicious.

You have me wondering if you know one of my husband is living that way. Love your husband visit. Billy Graham said, is your job to love your husband is God's job to making good so you think of that the legacy she said to leave a think of the love that she's to learn this Washington tone, malice, shift gears and think a little bit about the lifestyle that she is to live verse five. Here's her lifestyle she's to be discreet chase keeper at home, good, obedient to her own husband that the word of God be not blasphemed.

No one is aware discreet me when were discreet means, sober minded and mean serious. It me sensible. It means using good judgment.

She'll use good judgment and a shopping enter, nutrition, bookkeeping, decorating, and or physical culture. The Bible says when you find wife to find a good thing she knew her husband good and not evil all the days of her life and then look not only discreet but chase the word here means pure not sexy, not foxy chase young lady.

Keep yourself pure and save yourself for the one you're going to matter go to the marriage alter a virgin make that your purpose. Save yourself the one that you're going to marry and the older women need to be teaching the young women this grandmothers today were giving their daughters advice and and birth control pills and all of these things. II can't believe that you teach them just the opposite to be pure to be chase and don't think that the high school is going to be a nice visit and do the last place on earth. These kids need to learn about sexual morality is in the secular school lesson tomorrow.

Sexual education will never work for good always only for if it is not based with morals and Bible truth and you better see to it that your kids understand what the Bible teaches. Teach them to be discreet, use good judgment.

Teach them to be chase that is to be molecule and teach them to be keepers at home is at Michigan go out of the house. No best record comes from a word that means to be a housekeeper. That is a worker at home, a cousin two words one meeting house and the other may store. That means that her major responsibility is to keep the home that we have about 50 million working mothers in America today and approximately one out of every three mothers with children under three. Hold a full-time job being a homemaker is a full-time occupation, and I've set it off in my heart is at my hat is off to women who have to work but if you are working on have a bigger house or find a vacation, a nicer car and I spent time with those children, especially when the little you making a terrible mistake. First Timothy five verse 14 Paul says I will, therefore, that the younger women marry their children die.

The house give medication to the adversary to speak reproachfully the mothers to be the queen of the home will. There is no higher calling and no greater career than to be a home maker say what we need that extra income.

Everybody today has these two incomes and we got in our lifestyle we need that extra income will be very careful that you evaluate need correctly and be very careful that you do yearbook work fine. I just how much your wife may be making. I was reading was Chicago firm made a study and concluded that after all the added expenses and overhead were taken away only about 10% of the working mothers wages remain only about 10% of that may be a very expensive 10% and is there will Adriana what you know about. You haven't had that experience. Well I think I have I work my way through college and through seminary jaws. I lived from hand to mouth God's hand or mouth. We got married after first year in college we been in grade school sweethearts high school sweethearts.

We felt was time to get married and I'm not quite reach my 20s we got married and I was working my way through school jaws was in school. Her father was paying her tuition, but we just decided that we can start a family with work. I worked at many jobs. I worked as an fruit pack. I worked as a bus boy I worked as a butcher carpenter's helper elevator mechanic used car salesman is getting that working inspecting houses for termites going to be testimony for 47 years seven years of getting an education raising a family. My wife was able to stay home with the children. I was able to finish the school able to graduate without owing anybody anything by trusting the Lord and hiving and working. It was an easy but was worth it and I wouldn't take anything for letting Joyce be home with our little ones while we were going through school. We could've had some things at some the other people had about we didn't have. I wore hand-me-down clothes and we were car but got on and I'm glad that we did that autosave mostly not everybody can do that in God was good to us. We have anything extra. We like many young couples we had to get that check down to the bank each week, but God bless and God honored and I just believe that if it all possible. A woman is to stay home. Malice you need to understand that this does not limit a woman. Read Proverbs chapter 31 you will find out that a godly woman's activities include travel and commerce and agriculture, and investments in property and charity, but she does not neglect a household, how you measure whether how much outside interest. A woman is to hang in my estimation, here's what you measure and is very simple, does her outside work contribute to the home or detract from just that simple.

Does the thing that she's doing whatever is right.

Proverbs chapter 31 and see does does it contribute to the home on a track from home. The home is the center. The most important part of our lives.

This may seem like heresy to you that my home was more importantly than Mr. and if I had to choose between this church and my wife I would have to think about it, you get another pastor. I've got one wife. The Bible says that if a man is a a pastor. One of the primary requisites for being a pastor is a successful family that is not doing it home. Go stand in the pulpit next board and what we need to understand is that it is not business is not education. It is not recreation. It is not government.

It is not the church is the whole that is the basic unit of everything and therefore all of the artillery of hell is a level against the home and our kids. Many of our kids going off to college their biases? Especially to the young ladies what you only what he will do what he will be and if she says well I will be a wife and a mother of one like that some sort of failure like you miss it if you want to be all waterways friend that is not a waste.

Not a waste. That is the highest, deepest, sweetest, fullest, most meaningful thing that you can do is to have a godly Christian home teach these young women to be homemakers, keepers at home.

This is what it says in the next is says teach them to be good.

Now the word good here doesn't mean not doing bad but it literally means is to be kindhearted, not just barley straight every home needs a heart. A person with a good heart, not someone who is hateful and sharp.

The law of kindness needs to be in her mouth and then she's to be taught to be obedient to her husband right now.

I must say something is very politically incorrect, but it is biblically true. Just take your Bible and look at it verse four that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love the children to be discreet chase keepers at home. Good, obedient to their own husbands and other people want to take the word obey out of the marriage ceremony.

Sometimes when I perform a marriage. I look after.

When I say to the wife that she's to say to her husband that I will be obedient to look at the head snap. They say that good night. Doesn't he realize this is the 21st century. I can actually say such a thingto be obedient to the house. That doesn't mean the husband is the dictator. It means that the husband is to give loving leadership to the home we talked about the chain of command is not so much a chain of command as it is the acceptance of responsibility and submission is not subjugation husband is not some sort of a top sergeant in the home using the Bible as a club to beat his wife with letting go commands that I use to subscribe to the theory of male superiority, but my wife cancel my subscription. The husband is not superior to the why. I am not superior to joints.

I say this without equivocation in many ways, she is superior to me.

She made better grades that I made in school allowing told you she beat me the better speakers tournament but she is to be in submission obedient to her own husband. Paul explains this in another place in Ephesians 5, verse 22 wives, submit yourselves under your own husbands, by the way, that were known as the word ADS your idiot husband wives, submit yourselves into your own husbands, it means special has been, as unto the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife I here's a parallel listen to a domestic even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the Savior of the body. Husband is to be to his wife. What Jesus is to the church now this is not for her punishment is for her protection. First Corinthians 11 verse three that I would have you to know that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the man in the head of Christ is God.

Now notice this line. God the father, God the son, the man woman now, just as God the son is on the God the father and the holy Trinity, the woman is under the man in God's scheme of things it does not mean inferiority if you know Bible theology. You know that Jesus Christ is coequal, coeternal with God the father, not inferior, but there is in the holy Trinity. This line, I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ to the head of woman is the man in the head of Christ is God now because God the father is the head of Christ, the son does not mean the Christ, the son is inferior to God. The fall no woman is inferior to a man. Galatians 3 verse 28 for there is neither Jew or Greek is neither bond or free, there is neither male or female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus were all one in Christ, but still God has given this line of responsibility in the home and this needs to be taught is not being taught today and a woman who rebels against this is going to have trouble. She got have trouble first of all, with God and if you have a rebellious spirit toward your husband. Your problem is not primarily toward your husband is toward God, but not all, you have a difficulty with God. You are going to have difficulty with your husband rather than being his complete, are you going to become a stripper and then you have trouble with your children because if you are not under the headship of your husband you not going to be able to have authority spiritual authority with you children.

A woman who cannot learn to be under authority can never be trusted with authority and then she's going to have trouble with herself.

She's not going to have her deepest needs met. Submission does not remove freedom. One is a train more free when is on the train tracks are running through the metal when you get home. God's plan began to obey the word of God, you find out that God will give you incredible liberty. So in these verses here how to make a home beautiful, how to adorn the doctrine of God that which becomes sound doctrine that which is becoming a woman is to learn these three things, there is the legacy that she is to leave. She's to teach the young women that is the love she's to learn. She's to learn to love her children and to love her husband and there is the lifestyle she is to live know how we've gotten so far away to live any other way is to blaspheme the word of God, look at the last part of verse five. The Bible says do this, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Somehow we got the generation that thinks it's smarter than God, but even a casual look around will tell you this something very, very wrong.

In today's world. I submit to you when all else fails, read the directions.

There is word of God.

You needed to hear that word today with something you're going through.

When all else fails, read the directions, which is in the word of God. It's an inspiring and challenging word in the comforting one as well. Love worth finding.

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A Christian woman is to learn these three things the legacy she's to leave the love she's to learn the lifestyle she's to live. This message was a blessing to your heart. Please join us next time.

For more timeless truths from Adrian Rogers right on well with. Here's a story from a listener who reached out to us. Not long ago. She said I have started listing to Dr. Adrian Rogers sermons on the love worth finding Avenue and his sermons are so relevant today. He is an amazing preacher, teacher and speaker.

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