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The Five Pillars of Salvation | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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May 4, 2021 8:00 am

The Five Pillars of Salvation | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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Works get us to heaven. Listen to Adrian Rogers pending upon your horse to get you have an absolutely perfect. I wouldn't trust the best 15 minutes. I relive to get me to have much less so my brother and I discussed the best I've ever lived.

You see, I am counting on the fact that when I received Jesus Christ. God made me righteous God justifiably got imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ to meet and therefore in God's eyes. I became righteous welcome to Leavenworth findings featuring profound truth.

Simply stated by Adrian Rogers in part one of today's message we begin learning about five perfectly interwoven factors that uphold our salvation. The first is God supreme wisdom, which is unlike any other knowledge or understanding in his sovereign will is not willing that any should perish but through seeking his word. He calls all who would receive salvation.

To be saved through justification in Christ. How does justification work.

How has God settled our salvation. If you have your Bible turn now to Romans chapter 8 as Adrian Rogers concludes this message. The five pillars of salvation. There are five impregnable pillars that rest upon the omnipotent city of Almighty God upon which the house of salvation stands upon which the temple of truth rests was the first one the supreme wisdom of God was the second sovereign will of God was the third seeking word of God now wants the fourth grade. Here's the good part.

The saving work of God continue to read them.

He also called and whom he called them he also justified.

That's the saving work when he calls a man by the gospel and answers the gospel call then that man is justified. Now what is justification well it is God's whereby he requires those who have trusted in Christ to be as righteous as Jesus Christ himself is righteous. And when God sees me he sees that righteousness he sees Jesus Christ you say that's arrogant know is not a Bible I am in Christ and therefore he cannot see my sins. He sees the righteousness of his son the Lord Jesus Christ. A Sunday school teacher asked the little girl is anything God cannot do in the little girl sweetly said yes there's one thing God cannot do. God cannot see my sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. But I want to tell you different this thing called justification is more than just part is promotion is not just simply that he forgives our sins, he does far more than forgive our sins, he doesn't just acquit us, he makes us righteous in his sight. You see, no court of law could ever justify an no human core height. If you go to human court and you have been the grand jury has indicted you and you go through trial like they can do want to thing.

I mean, on one hand they could say you been acquitted was that me mistaken for your guilt. They unjustifiably just confirmed your guilt so you're quite maybe you argue, but the court can justify you. You said you were guilty or not you if they can find you guilty bank which like Amanda still watching the judge said that your quiddity says is I mean have you watch back the court sometimes wrong or if you're found guilty, the court may pardon you on the government part you're the president may pardon, but whether they acquit you with the issue.

They cannot justify only got only God can take someone who is guilty and think that guilty person that sent the person and that person righteousness.

Only God can do that.

That's what the Bible calls justification. This is the saving work of God. So many people think of being saved as merely getting the sins forgiven but bring back to La Plata & the double cure saved from wrath and make me pure God sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ and everyone his blood bought children hallelujah that is wonderful how can God do such a thing.

What is the basis of our justification look in Romans chapter 3 and verse 24 being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God is set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood Valley that were propitiation. That's a big word hard to pronounce hard to spell one of the main event. Learn what it means. It means satisfaction. Now God is a holy God. And because God is a holy God. God's anger and God's justice burn against sin. God is sworn by all that is that Sam will be punished. Sin must be paid for sin must be satisfied.

There must be a satisfactory payment and so God said if I punish man for sin.

If I gain satisfaction. That way, man will die and go to hell and I love him but on the other hand, if I don't punish me & my righteousness will never be propitiated. My justice will never be satisfied. I will no longer be a holy God because I'm sworn by my home is the punish sin, so God says to himself.

How can I on the one hand, had that sin paid for and on the other hand, let the center go to heaven, God's will become a substitute.

I will take human flesh, I will go down there I will take the sin of mankind upon myself and I will pay for that sin and I will become a satisfaction for sin.

A propitiation for sin, a righteous judgment and in substitute for sin, and so look at it again, dear friend, this is the way it happens here in Romans chapter 3, the Bible makes it so sweetly plain, so gloriously plain in verse 25 whom God is set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God to declare, I say at this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which believe not gotten never overlook same God is still just what he justifies me because that sin has been propitiated that sin is been satisfied that sin has been paid in full. And when Jesus died on the cross and bowed his head and said it is finished as Alaska that is a great that means paid in full. Therefore, God's will just and the justify of the man who believe in Jesus Christ. Do you understand that my wonderful bad is the gospel. Now how does this justification be applied to me how I we know what it is God who makes us righteous.

We know how it comes, Christ died that we might have. But how do we lay hold of it. Thank God we don't have to guess look again at your will and Romans three verse 24 being justified freely by his grace your braces. Grace is the unmerited favor of God is what causes God to love us while we were yet sinners. The Bible says in Romans five verse eight God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for being justified by his grace I will remind you again.

The three words you need never forget the meaning one is just as the others mercy and the others grace are you ready what is justice. Justice is God giving us what we deserve, that is if we get justice will die and go to rest were just because our sins deserve hell justice is God giving us what we deserve mercy is God and not giving us what we deserve by God for that. But grace is God giving us what we don't deserve you understand braces were caught in his losses. You will desire this is not by works of righteousness that you've done, but I am going to make you righteous.

It is by grace, I'm going to puke this righteousness to you.

I'm going to lay this righteousness on your account.

I'm going to make yours righteous in my site and in my eyes as the Lord Jesus Christ himself is righteous, so it is by grace, but how do we get hold that grace through faith looking, if you will. In Romans chapter 4 verse five but to him that worketh not, but believe it on him, but justifies the ungodly's faith is counted for righteousness by keeping the 10 Commandments by being baptized by studying the Bible by praying by living a godly life. All these are fine but they're all works but that's not the way you get it to him that work if not, but believe I told him the justified the ungodly is is counted for righteousness will not against good work you do good work. You keep it in commandment you want to be baptized. If you're Christian, but these things don't seem you know were not against good workers.

We preach that a Christian I live ungodly righteous separated, sanctified life. I cannot work my soul to say that work, my Lord has done but I'll work like any sleep of the love of God's dear son, a man, not by works. The Bible says to him that worketh not, but believe it will him that justified the ungodly is discounted for righteousness. When a man receives the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior then and that alone is justified and has peace with God. Look in Romans chapter 5 verse one therefore being justified by 153, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The moment any since oil sin darkens sin to ruin person bows his head and says God in repentance and faith.

I come to Jesus Christ. I trust you that moment. He's justified and he has peace with God.

The war is over.

Hallelujah a friend that is justification that I am made as righteous in God's eyes as the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Now one of the results of this I'm a what difference is this going to make in my life. Let me show you something.

Like in Romans chapter 4 verse five we just read this was read it again, but to him that worketh not, this is Romans 45 but to him and work. If not, but believe it on him. The justify the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. As a result of it, even as David also described the blessedness of the man under whom God amputated righteousness without works will that's a great blessing. The Wightman saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven.

Hey that's wonderful, God forgive my sins. But wait a minute is more, and sins are covered is one thing people gives him it's another thing the berries and a man all that's great.

He he forgives them and then out as he forgive them but a cumbersome but wait a minute, the best is yet to come. Blessed is the man whom the Lord will not impute sin matters. Put a star by the score that out-of-print is not laboring says that's what God says is what David said that the Holy Spirit said through David Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not will not will not impute sin. I remember what sin is, by me, what imputation is, God puts that on your account now. I may not be righteous in and of myself, but God has imputed righteousness to me.

I do Fabio but God will not impute that Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

If God were to impute send me when I fail.

I'd be lost again how much sin would it take to make me lost just one half of one sin. You see, I'm not going to heaven because I'm perfect.

I'm not perfect you not perfect and nobody is perfect. But Blessed is the man whom the Lord will not impute sin. Amen.

That is what justification is an friend if you understand this, you understand how wonderful this is that God just imputes the righteousness of Christ and God will not sin because we receive in Christ we have received Christ, then you understand how wonderful the salvation is now the fifth and final pillar of his great salvation that I won't mention today. Remember what the first one is the supreme wisdom of God, he foreknew us. The second, the sovereign will of God.

When E4 knows that we receive Christ. He predetermines predestines we can be like once the third one. The seeking call of Christ. He sends his word the gospel to call us to himself what's the fourth when the saving work of Christ. When we believe on him. We are justified. He will not impute sin to us.

He does impute righteousness without work is the gift of God and gives us peace with God. Now, the fifth of these is the settled ways of God. The subtle ways of God. I want you to see something as very outstanding. In Romans chapter 8 now again in verse 30 look at all right, whom he did predestinate, them he also called and he called them he also justified and whom he justified their he also glorified the settled ways of God, that you would expect him to say then he also will glorify but say he will glorify he says them he also glorified.

He put it in the past tense.

That is, it's already done is already settled in the heart and the mind of God. Did you know you looking at a man today who is already glorified in God's heart in God's mind in God's way because God deals return and so God doesn't seem merely the present, God sees the future and right now here in the future. God sees a real Rogers any season glorified in any season like Christ. And so God says he's glorified.

I mean, that's the settled ways of God. It is predetermined. I'll be like Jesus, all hell can't stop as reason I believe in eternal security.

The believer, I mean how could you be more secure and may predestinate be like Jesus already glorified is not me that's God, I'm just afraid not visible).

A white paper where secure, not because of our own righteousness if it offended by my works righteousness items people think you can lose your salvation with a friend whether or not you can lose it depends on how you got it made you got my works and I can understand how you can lose it by works right. I mean it if you had to work in order to be saying manager works fail and you no longer say, but Fran if you get by grace, and you Backwards to see you keep it the same way you guy. Of course you can't get it by works. Therefore, you would have anything to lose but those of us who come into the door. Grace we are in that category persons in the Bible says God imputes the righteousness of Jesus Christ and Blessed is that man whom the Lord will not impute sin.

These people who think well you lose your salvation. I say what would cause you lose your salvation will sin is okay. How much how much was it sin because you lose your salvation. One half of one sin would do it because God demands perfection. Don't think the doll tolerate a little, but he will tolerate a lot. He won't tolerate any money and Sam were imputed to you. That is, if Sam could cause you to lose your salvation that everybody in this room would be lost because the antibody here when sin. Anybody who doesn't sin where you stand up so you haven't, you just told another lie because God's word so that we say we not send, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in so if you depending upon your works to get you heaven will go to get there is to be absolutely totally perfect. I said faucet again. I wouldn't trust the best 15 minutes. I relived to get me to heaven, much less on my brother not discuss the best I've ever laid.

You see, I am counting on the fact that when I received Jesus Christ. God made me righteous God justified me God imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. To me, and, therefore, in God's eyes. I became righteous. Now that doesn't mean that you can send your way with. If you see it as a Christian God care you to the woodshed and beat the living daylights out of you, whom the Lord loves he chastens and scourges every son on the receiving end Bible says if you knew that chastisement where all are partakers that are your masters and not sons us what God's word says in Hebrew. That is if you were my child and you are living the way you living I went to a long time ago and because I never fall.

Had I followed you, I want to chastise my child no child of God because of eternal security can live anyway. He will with an eternal security comes in eternal responsibility and we are told how to live righteous and godly lives.

I want to take something for just because God may chastise us does not mean that were lost. There's a difference between God's chastisement and God's judgment. If God were to impute that sentiment rather than just chastise me for if God were to put that on my account and I'd be eternally lost. Blessed is the man whom the Lord will not impute sin don't get the idea that sin can cause you lose your salvation. I want to say something else. He I will also those of you to sleep.

You've never been say I mean some view walls down the church somewhere and shaking hands with the preacher and you think your Savior living like the devil himself is going to be a sad day for you when you split hill wide open because you've never been say you go, so when you go out and witness you knock on the door.

No man comes that there would potbelly and a can of beer and he said yeah I used to go to church. I guess you call me old backslider backslider you lost in the goat milk backslider says I'm just all backslider, man, you know you been say his spirit is coming to you your born of the Spirit God the Holy Spirit in you is great when you sin you'll laugh about it and make fun about it, so you may slip into sin. I want to tell you the most visible manner is not a lost man is a save man out of fellowship with God.

When God saves you got you this. You become a partaker of the divine nature and always when you sin and God said when you sin you will lose your salvation when using your program would all be lawful for who can say I've never seen say I don't feel someday, some way, Blessed is the man whom the Lord will bless them that God justifies those that he justifies glory and already it's already done.


It's not so much as a well you made you seem to have a dilemma God but Satan came by me that's foolish Fran if he could he would be reasonable if Satan could take you out of the hand of God, why hasn't he done it yet hasn't he been nice to you.

That is strange. Darkroom equipment you're going to heaven by the goodness of the devil.

Maybe just good, but he did. Six. You know the reason he has in his because he can. Greater is he that is in you and he that is in the world and Jesus and my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me and I get one of them eternal life, and they shall never perish, and you sell any pluck them out of my hand. My followers gave me is great and all, and none is able pluck them out of my father's hand I my father one you see he keeps us and so God looks at me as already glorified and framed. What has been settled in eternity can never be undone in time the settled ways of one of the five pillars of salvation, the supreme wisdom of God the son of God.

The seeking heart of God. The same God, the settled ways of God without a wonderful salvation. If you have questions about your salvation today.

We'd love to help you come to a place of peace in your walk with Christ go to our discovery, Jesus There you'll find resources and materials that can answer any questions you may have about your faith again go to now if you'd like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety. Call us at 1877 love God and mention the title. The five pillars of salvation. You can also go online and or rightists that love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183.

We cannot lose our salvation because it is not dependent upon us. It is held up by the five pillars of God's wisdom will word and work that we may slip back into sin. Our destiny is settled by his grace, rejoicing that truth today and share it with someone else join us next time. For more profound truth. Simply stated, right here on love worth buying a listener in Virginia wrote recently with a brief testimony said this Dr. Rogers teaching is help me to think more deeply about what I'm reading the Bible. I no longer skim or scan. I sink deep in the word. Thank you for your ministry. It's our privilege to share these messages and resources to help you as you grow in your faith and sink deeply into the word as a way to thank you for your gift this month. We want to send you our tapestry faith and forgiveness. Journal Adrian Rogers said, your faith is the measure of victory and success using Dr. Rogers five step process for examining God's word. This journal walks you through the necessity of faith in the vitality of forgiveness request tapestry faith and forgiveness.

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