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The Lost World | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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April 7, 2021 8:00 am

The Lost World | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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April 7, 2021 8:00 am

God is a God of love, but He is also righteous; He is the Chief Judge, holy in His wrath. In Romans 1:18-31, the Apostle Paul reveals that this fallen world is without excuse. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three reasons why this lost world is to be judged, and why it is important to repent of our ways and stay on the path of righteousness.

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Global fighting studios in Memphis Tennessee. Byron Tyler herewith.

Won't the CEO of lobar fighting. Today Adrian Rogers is in a series foundations for our faith. This is a great series you know God's love.

He is righteous, but he's also the chief judge will he is in this series comes to us from the book of Romans and Adrian Rogers love the book of Romans said it best. This way, I love the book of Romans, II wouldn't not begin to even suggest that the I know all about the book of Romans are that I have ever preached and exhausted.

The book of Romans in my preaching, but I can tell you this much, if somehow I was shipwrecked on a desert island. I could only choose one book in the Bible to take with me. I just believe it would be the book of Romans have not.

Having said that thighs certainly would like to have the book of Psalms along with me and I certainly would love to have the Gospels but in all seriousness Romans has been called the Constitution of Christianity's men called the Magna Carta of our fate, and it is a great great book. It deals with the great themes of salvation and sanctification, and service. All of these things in this wonderful book we call the book of Romans.

Today's sermon is titled the lost world, and it reminds me that early postwar period of World War I. The lost generation was called when these came of age. It was referring to them as being disoriented, wondering, directionless of many of these war survivors were that place and in a very similar way, the apostle Paul writes in Romans one about our world full of people that are disoriented, wondering, directionless, they too are lost they are lost. He knows that sin gets up way before we do every single morning and I think the flesh is alive and well in sin grieves the Holy Spirit, and it should grieve us as well. It should grieve us you know is not that many haven't heard about Jesus Christ. Paul says they suppress the truth and are ultimately without excuse.

You know, I think even of my life. God will not leapfrog sin. He's not gonna bless anything if there sin in the camp right and so that a self-evaluation that I must do this a self check that I must do each and every day we always love hearing from our listeners. Here's a response by husband, daughter and I listened to one of Pastor Rogers messages every single day. My 20-year-old son passed away suddenly last March and the sermons have helped us so much in our grief.

Pastor Rogers was such an amazing preacher and has helped us to grow closer to the Lord in our daily walk with him.

We are forever thankful that moves your heart, all that's the fruit of love or finding its profound truth. Simply stated, we know that our message is relevant for these times and for places in life are listeners are carried. Here's a dear family who lost a son is a difficult place to place. We we never want to be and yet we understand that the ministry comes alongside them and provides hope and healing for my deference to that they can go to and share prayer request absolutely prayer request. You can pray for those that are on that prayer wall or you can post a prayer also LWF ministries app to take advantage of that not everything is at your fingertips will today's message the lost world part one. Here's Adrian Rogers with it. I got word and find the book of Romans as were working our way through the book of Romans Romans has been called the Magna Carta of our faith. The Constitution of Christianity is the greatest theological treatise ever written and very unsure age we need a solid place to stand and thank God with the book of Romans.

In my hands in Christ in the heart. We do have a foundation for our faith and moment where going to begin reading in verse 18 tell you that these are perilous days in which relating know it sounds and butts about it. We are on a collision course with disaster and judgment and you can see it in many ways. I suppose the worst indicator of this situation but I can say the best indicator of the worst is an entertainment and then that is compounded by the fact that crime is on a rampage at a sword.

Families have been destroyed millions of babies are being destroyed in the mother's womb. Suicide and violent crime are at the top of the list as killers of America's youth. And then we have sexual diseases that are pandemic and we don't seem to be able to backup and refocus and to see where we are and if you talk to people and say the problem is sin, they will disagree with because today sin is out of oatmeal at Billy Santos today. The only sin today is to call sin. Sin calls and send MMA say you are intolerant, and maybe sick, but is not sinful. He may be weak but is not wicked. He may be ill but is not evil. And even if you were to tell people that what they're doing is wrong. They would say that they have some excuse it would be environment. It would be genetics. It would be ignorance but nobody wants to be blamed.

Everybody wants to be pitied and cobble well where going to learn something today about the wrath of God. The judgment of God. The title the message today. The lost world, and I'm not talking about moving the loss world or the bad news that makes the good news, good that you know the word gospel means good news.

But good news is not good news. And let's first of all, you have some bad news coming back on the trip. I have my wife with me. We were told that the plane was leaving on time and we cumulated why we so happy because we've heard that the plane was going to be about three or four hours late. It was the bad news that made the good news to see the bad news in the word of God. Look, if you will, in verse 18 for the wrath of God is revealed the wrath of God that we hear about the love of God in God's love infinite fathomless measureless love. God is love you Rita that don't you. He is God's love. But this God of love is also a God of wrath and when you love righteousness you hate sin. The doctor who loves health hates microbes and germs and when you love children you hate pornography and you hate child abuse.

So you see, you cannot have a God of love without also having a God of wrath. And if you just take the love of God, and that's all you hear. Just the love of God you'll have half of the story. Now God is. But when you take half of the truth and try to make The truth. All of the truth then that half of the truth becomes an unproved because he distorted it is not valid. So verse 18 says the wrath of God. The wrath of God. God's burning anger against sin is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness, because that which may be known of God is manifest in them. For God has showed it to them for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead.

Here's the concluding part so that they are without excuse. One thing that God will not accept percent and that is an alibi on excuse.

He will accept the confession and he will forgive but there is no excuse man is inexcusable in his sin. I would give you three reasons where you think today about the Scripture is a great courtroom think of Almighty God is the judge. Think of the apostle Paul was the prosecuting attorney and he has three lines of argument he's going to show that the pagan world the heathen world.

Even those of member of the Bible, even those who never heard the gospel those of never seen a church there are still without excuse, every man, woman, boy and girl whose ever live is a seven without excuse before righteous and holy God. One of these three lines. First of all, man's will and I put the emphasis on the word willful man's willful self determination man does not want God to rule over him that he somehow moves God out of his heart. Even though God's existence and God's power and God's authority is clearly revealed man willfully determines to go his own way, that are three things here in verses 19 and 20 that I want you to notice let's read verses 19 and 20. He says they hold the truth in unrighteousness or suppress the truth because that which may be known of God is manifest in them.

For God has showed it unto them by that verse, write the revelation of God's truth. The revelation of God's truth revelation of God's truth comes in two ways in them and under them. You see it in verse 19 look at in them and under them in them is the witness call conscience under them is the witness called creation, and their two witnesses that every person who's ever lived has a witness in them and witness under them. Now the witness in them is conscience. There is a God shaped vacuum in every man's heart. The Bible says Christ is that like the life of every man that cometh into the world when a man says that he is an atheist.

He is lying. When a man says he is an atheist is lying. He may not even always line but down deep down in his subconscious. He is why there is a man that owns a trucking firm operates across state lines, interstate trucking firm when he employs people. He gives him a lie detector test and one of the questions in this lie detector test.

Is this. Do you believe in God.

Every time listen to me anytime a person said no I do not believe in God the lie detector said he's telling a lie. Every time he's telling a lie that he may even think that he doesn't believe in God but down in his heart. Down deep, God has showed it to him and that's what the Bible says everybody comes into this world with a God consciousness Christ is that, like the light of every man that cometh in two worlds, then there is another witness. Not only is there the witness call conscience but is also the witness called creation look again and verse 19 forgot. I showed it to them. How does he show it under them for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that remain, even his eternal power and Godhead. What does that mean being understood by the things that are made. What if you have things that may just have Mike if you have creation yet that were created for PhD to figure that this displays that nothing times. Nobody equals everything that it all just happened.

But the Bible says is clearly saying that's the reason the psalmist said in Psalm 19 verses one through four people in the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament Charlotte his handiwork. There is the revelation of it.

There is the reach of it.

Nobody knows that God made it all, how else would you explain creation and evolution is a bias. Yes, it is not true science. It is the next best guess of those who will not accept Almighty God design and designer show that there is a God by would appoint some parts from nowhere and put them in a box and shake them around and they become a button. Then after a while they become a steam gauge and then after while they become accomplice and then after while they become a watch and I where I say that's how this watch became a lot you would say your line.

I did make sense.

Your eyes far more complicated in this wristwatch that where you think that these things happen by blank the tortoise chance we ought to know better than that, there is the revelation of God through there is the reach of God's truth. Every man, every woman but here's the sad thing is the resistance of God's truth.

Look, if you will, and verse 18 for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness.

Now the word hold is the key word here in the King James it is translated whole translations. It is translated suppress, repress's mother stifle, hold down the truth. That is, there is a resistance against the truth. People put out their own lives.

They do not want to know willful blindness is more than tragic.

It is wicked I receive a lot of letters. You'd be surprised. Here's one from a listener in another state dear Adrian Rogers your sermons on evolution need balance why you did not deny that the universe is 15 billion years old in the earth is about 5 billion years old. Isn't it past silly that you would want to attribute the creation of the universe to a savage Hebrew tribal deity, that's his name to the God of the Old Testament, a savage Hebrew tribal deity who is recent. By comparison, and who himself is a product of evolution. The biblical God evolved from a bio tempered foul mouth woman hating genocidal maniac to a loving God in 40 short booklets now Blair is your miracle. Here's a man who actually hates the idea of God he resist the idea of God, I received another letter on getting some good letters this week. Here's one dear Adrian Rogers you might address your problem with evolution. By reading the wonderful new special issue of astronomy magazine, February 1998 on the origin of everything and then he concludes this letter by saying I'd sooner place my faith in Dennis Rodman than in God and then he goes on to say, DNA and genetic sciences proved Darwin correct on evolution. Well, that a lot of people out there folks who absolutely hate God and he said I'd sooner believe in Dennis Rodman than to believe in God so you know that he don't want to believe in God didn't say I wish there were a God I could believe in. He doesn't want to believe in God so he takes DNA and these other things and so that's where my faith is so what happens is this.

First of all, there is the revelation of God through the reach of God's truth. But then there is resistance to God's truth. They hold back pay stifle the truth of God. The problem is not really intellectual. The problem is tomorrow. The Bible says the fool has said in his heart there is no copy that Satan is it he says it in his heart. Now what is the second step that shows they are without excuse. First of all there's that willful self-determination they repress.

They hold back. They smother the truth. The second step not only man's willful self-determination, but man's way can wicked self-deception. You see, when a man decides he's going to go his own way. He also deceives himself. Nature abhors a vacuum and a man resist a lie. He's going to believe something, if he resist the truth. He's going to believe something so he will believe a lie when a man says I don't believe in God. That doesn't mean that he believes nothing it means he will believe anything because believe he must answer is going to put his faith somewhere else and he deceives himself. Now how does this go will look in verse 21 in verse 21.

There is a selfish indifference look at it because that when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful, but became vain in their imagination and their foolish heart was darkened that selfish indifference. He's not thankful glorify God. He knows there's a God, but there is no glory to God from his life. There is no thankfulness to God from his heart and so what happens with this indifference.

This selfish indifference, a darkness comes easy. God is giving life, but light refused increases darkness. You don't take truth and put it in your pocket.

Truth is not meant to be an interesting it is meant to be disturbing and if you don't use it you lose it and when you become preoccupied with yourself and failed to give God glory and failed to give God thanks your heart will be darkened selfish indifference.

Verse 21 now look in verse 22.

Sophisticated ignorance, sophisticated ignorance, professing themselves to be wise, they became.

Now these people may have PhD after their name and I'm not against PhD's. I know many wonderful PhD's, but there's so many who had the idea that they are too intelligent to believe in God and so they have this air of sophistication about them and they refuse God's light selfish indifference, sophisticated ignorance, and now watch the next day.

Shameful idolatry look in verses 23 and 24 and they changed the word change literally means exchange the glory of the un-corruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man into birds and four-footed beasts. Now watch this and creeping thing started the top of that verse the glory of the un-corruptible God come to the bottom of that verse creeping things.

Here's how far man has come from failing to worship the un-corruptible great eternal God of light and power made everything they worshiped the creature rather than the create tour. It begins with man. Man first of all, begins in his own humanism. He makes a God himself. He defies himself, but the idolatry goes down and down and down until he gets down to where he worships creeping things you want to. Creeping thing is to bond about people worshiping bugs bugs worship above, they do go to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and you will see the scarab the sacred needle worship's how my phone you said what nobody would do that they do they do, but not in America. Pastor, they don't worship bugs in America all been on an idol is an idol is anything you love more fear, more valuable art serve more than Almighty God. Your idol may be your home. It may be automobile.

It may be your business.

It may be a sex it could be anything. Anything that takes the place of Almighty God ought to have anything that is first place in your life is an idol of Almighty God and we may think me a little bit too sophisticated to worship creeping things. But we still we still have idolatry in our hearts, shameful idolatry. What man doesn't want an idol is an idol is only a magnified center. That's all.

And I live man takes his worst vices agreed and lost violence and pride and he defies them. That's pretty slick because then he legitimatize his name when he neoplasm. For example, I've been to bail back in 11 and seen the mighty temple there to God back us to collect ruggedness and how do they worship him by getting drunk far you can go to Corinth and see the acro print this up their own mount conference with prostitutes rep that they worship God by going in and having sexual intercourse with a prostitute. What it does is legitimatize his biases and nothing is too good for man's God. Pretty slick right.

First of all that comes this selfish indifference even care about God, then there comes this sophisticated ignorance, professing himself to be why he becomes a fool and then there comes this shameful idolatry exchanges. The truth of God for a lie and it begins to worship anything but the Almighty the creature rather than the create tour.

Now what is the result in society. When we have idolatry in American by the way, 1962 we kick God out of our schools. Vacuum we had all kinds of strange idols to come into America and a part of that is the grisly abortion business leaders versus Psalm 106 versus 35 and 36 versus 35 W. verse 38 he speaks of his people who were mingled among the heathen, and learn their works and they served their idols which were a snare under them, yea they sacrifice their sons and their daughters onto devils and shed innocent blood. Did you know that the chief god of the abortion industry is demonic. They sacrifice their sons and daughters onto devils and shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and their daughters in the land was polluted with blood.

The Bible links. All of this with idolatry.

We make such a pleasure meeting you.

Most abortions they are convenience abortions. People don't want To raise a child and want to be in Timaeus and want to give up they will do this so that let's just snuff out that life is a well woman is all right to determine whether or not she's going to have a baby, not at the babies conceived not at the babies conceived. She talked about being pro-choice. She is a choice where they have a live baby or a dead one that's her choice have a live baby and I have a dead baby. She's going to have a baby because there is a baby living in her but we've learned what the land is flooded with innocent blood and the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness. Men who suppress the truth, resist the truth, who hold back the truth and righteousness and your part two of this important message coming up tomorrow but maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is what he means to you how to receive the forgiveness that he's freely offering right now that were discovered. Jesus you'll find resources and materials there that will answer questions you may have about your faith again and click Discover Jesus, thanks for studying God's word with us today. Adrian Rogers said the worst thing God could do for you would be to leave you alone in your sin if you had any sin in your life right now pent up your waist turn from it and turn to God and be sure to tune in tomorrow for part two.

The loss were right here on love find

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