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The Book That Changed the World | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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April 1, 2021 8:00 am

The Book That Changed the World | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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April 1, 2021 8:00 am

There has been no book that has ever influenced or impacted the world like the book of Romans. Some of the fathers of our faith and greatest minds have called it the Constitution of Christianity. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the basics of the book that changed the world.

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Is the book of Romans influenced our faith listen to Adrian Rogers. I made books in my library. I believe in books. I love books. Books are important in my life books have great influence and today were going to talk about the book that changed the world welcome to love words findings featuring profound truth. Simply stated a claim pastor and author Adrian Rogers.

There's been no book that's ever influenced or impacted the world like the biblical book of Romans. Some of the fathers of our faith and greatest minds have called it the Constitution of Christianity before we dive into the text itself. We need to familiarize herself with the context in which it was written so if you have your Bible turn to Romans chapter 1 as we hear Adrian Rogers revealed the basics of the book, change the world Bibles. Five ways the book of Romans were beginning a brand-new series of messages entitled foundations for our faith. A solid word for an unsure age now if in your life. The bottom was falling out, you better examine the foundation unity foundation. We need a sure were a solid word one unsure faith and today we're going to talk about the book that changed the world books have power but no book has the power that the book that you have open in your hand right now has power for good for God and power that has changed the world erratically dramatically and eternally, and a book that will go on through the ages.

It is the book of Romans.

It is been called the Constitution Christianity limitation of the power of this book was a Roman Catholic monk.

His name was Martin Luther Martin Luther.

I tried to get right with God by ritual by payments by good deeds by all of the accouterments of the church, but his heart was empty. He took a pilgrimage to Rome and Rome. There was some stairs purported to amend the stairs that Jesus ascended and Pilate's judgment hall. They felt that the blood of Jesus had surely dropped on those stairs. Martin Luther went to Rome. God in his knees on the summit.scala, the holy stairs and all his knees. He began to pray with every step kissing each step as he went up, asking God to bless and try me closer to God. He himself said I was no closer to God.

When I got to the top than I was at the bottom of his heart was hungry, but Martin Luther had been studying the book of Romans and Romans 117 burst alive in his heart and mind that just shall live by faith in a solid justification by faith, which is the theme of the book of Romans, and he was saved converted born again the Protestant Reformation began, there was a great awakening that swept Europe and swept the world. We've entered into a today the power of the book of Romans. You go down my home state of Florida. You come to a town called St. Augustine. I understand the oldest city in America. Well let town. St. Augustine gets his name from a man.

Augustine. Augustine was a young college professor who lived the wicked, while lascivious life consorting with prostitutes, but Adelbert and Sam tried to alleviate himself of that burden of sin and one time it was out in the garden seeking God and their little girl singing a song over a garden wall a little song, take up the book and read take up and read the thought. What is this about. He opened the book of Romans, and began to read and there he found a verse that stabbed him in his heart and he found the Lord Jesus Christ became the man the people today call St. Augustine. Augustine, one of the great theologians of the early church back in the 18th century there was a man named John Wesley, John Wesley, very religious very well motivated so motivated that he left England and went to America to be a missionary to convert the American Indians. He went to the state we call George.

He stayed there had a fruitless ministry there. He got on the ship to come back home discouraged dispirited feeling of failure and he met some Moravian missionaries and these Moravian missionaries had the light, the beauty, the joy of Jesus. He knew they had something he didn't have he went back to London. There he was at a place called Aldersgate.

He went into a little meeting and there they were studying the book that you have open in your lap the book of Romans. This man was set I went to America to convert the Indians but who will convert me said there is a herd of this introduction to the book of Romans.

This preface to the book of Romans. He said I I felt my heart. Strangely warm and I had the assurance of my salvation out of that experience the great Wesley revival began that swept across England and out of that experience. The Methodist Church was born John Wesley whose hands we read and preach and saying and enjoy John Wesley had an experience with the book of Romans. Colbert said the book of Romans is the greatest piece of literature ever written.

If I were shipwrecked on an island and can only choose one book of the Bible take with me I would have to status them or think about it all. Yes, I would. But anyway, after thought about it a lot. I take the book of Romans to be very honest boy. Thank God we left that just one hallelujah thank God we got all 66. Praise God for that. But will the full book. What a wonderful book.

A masterpiece is the book of Romans.

Now we go to look at the book of Romans, and we're going to think about it as the book that changed the world for indeed it did go is the author of this book. What we know. Ultimately the Holy Spirit is the author because the human author.

Well let's begin chapter 1 verse one Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God. Now folks I won't tell you we can to stay here for week just in this one verse.

This is the man who authored the book of Romans now let me tell you about him. This man named Paul was a Jew. He was a privilege to. He was born in a place called Tarsus very brilliant young man with honors graduate of University of Tarsus. He was fluent in many languages. He was a world traveler.

He was very strict in his religion very much a student and very much aware of world affairs. This man was also.

Besides being a Jew. He was a Roman citizen. That meant that he had the privileges that Rome had at this day.

So he was a free man. He was not subjugated. Like other Jews, he could come and go when he could travel as he wished. Besides all of that he had the privilege of doing graduate work under a professor named Gamaliel Gamaliel was one of the best teachers.

If not, the best known teacher and all that part of the world. Paul was his prize student. Top of all that Paul was a part of the most strict religious sect in Judaism, the Pharisees, and not only was he a Pharisee, but he said later own. He was a Pharisee of the Pharisees.

He was the highest of the high he was at the very top. This man was prized and padded this man had a pedigree on mile-long. He was a blue blood, but now want to learn some things about him what happened to him. He met the Lord Jesus.

Remember, on the road to Damascus was gloriously, wonderfully say and what we learn about unless to start with the very first word in the first verse, Paul Paul what the name Paul means it means little to say his name was always Paul at first, his name was what Saul's name was Saul.

And when the Lord made them on the road to Damascus. He said Saul. Saul, why persecutors bow me now who was the original Saul, King Saul of Israel came Saul of Israel was a big guy.

He was head and shoulders above everybody else. He was tall and handsome and arrogant and carnal King Saul. The very name Saul reeks with pride. It means big one successful one that was his name.

That's the name of the guy who wrote this book and call himself Saul changed his name from big guy to small why because God cutting down the size I mean is it anybody who had a reason to boast, if anybody had a reason to strut it would've been this man Paul. But he did not do that. He introduces himself as Paul and by the way I like the way that he introduces himself he starts the letter Paul got a long letter doughnut was written read and reread what you do you go to the in and say who has this was her who is writing what ancient people to do that.

They put their name up front that's a good idea will start doing that sort of a caller ID.

This this is all that is writing to you and he gives his credentials you need to know the letters from my heard about a preacher was preaching of the man of accommodation in particular liking. But he played a practical joke on him and so I wrote a note to the preacher handed to Nestor and said this is for the minister. Yes, you thought was legitimate brought it to the platform. The preacher unfolded it and just one word on it in big block letters F OL fool preacher looked at it came the platform set a remarkable thing is happening today. He said many times I've received a letter from somebody forgot to sign the name. This is the first time a man ever signed his name and forgot to write the letter, Paul signed his name up, he lets us know who is he is a man who has been cut down to size. Let me give you a couple of verses that give an indication of why he changed his name. Ephesians chapter 3 in verse eight he says unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given to me less then the least, less families I'm talking about this shop genius talking about this because himself less than the least when he says in first rent is 15 verse nine for I am the least of the apostles knew he saw himself in the sight of God is a nobody doesn't mean had an inferiority complex.

He just knew that he was what he was, by the grace of God, you maybe sometime too big for God be used which will never be too small for God to use you.

So this man just begins his name below guy so right away. He tells me he say he say for any man be in Christ Jesus preach this man even got a new name but not only is he safe continue to read it says here, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle melody.

The word server using the word servant led well. The word servant is not as strong perhaps as it could be because it's the Greek word new laws and that word means slaying now slays will call service in the data, we may miss it sometime in our English word means slaying and not only does it mean slave. It means we take the kind of slave.

It's a word that means bond slave will who were bond slaves. What if a man got himself and that they could not pay the debt. He became the property of the man that he owed money to, and in Bible times. He was what called a bondslave and he had to work for that individual because he had indented himself that individual.

But the Bible and mercy settle all and it was the law Jubilee that after seven years. All the bondslave said be set free. Mather would come a time when sometimes a bondslave at the moment of his freedom would say wait a minute, I will be set free competitor all under this man that I was by myself he feeds me close me cares for me he loves me. I might one of the family. I don't want to be free. I love my master I want to stay under him. I want to be his bondslave.

Well if if he'd made that decision.

He won't do that. They call the judge.

Is this really said this man mostly stays a bondslave. He wants to be a willing slave. He loves his master, they would say all right, let's put a mark on and they brought him to the doorpost would take his earlobe and take all AWOL and put it through his earlobe. The Bible says that has opened my near that's what it's talking about right here at and then holding it would be the mark that he's a bondslave. The apostle Paul said, I bear my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. He became a bondslave. That means he is a willing slave of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you say you count me out past.

I don't want anybody slave you already are. You already are easier, slave of Christ you slave to sin every body is in bondage somewhere. You see here's the thing. The unsaved man says I want to be free.

I will be free. I am my own man goes down into the worst degradation and bondage. There is the bondage of sin and Satan, and Santa himself are cruel taskmaster but when a man says I will become the slave of the Lord Jesus, I love my master. Then the Bible says that the son shall make it for you be free indeed.

He discovers the most glorious freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ by a 10,000 lives. I give every one of my lives to the Lord Jesus Christ because it is Christ or that perfect bondage that sets us free. You see, what is a bondslave. Now listen very carefully going to miss this a bondslave is not somebody who says all right, since I'm his slave is no longer my will. I'll do his will. Note no that's good but that's not good.

A bondslave doesn't say his will, instead of my will is says his will is my will as well is my will is not laying down arms. It is taking up arms for the one that you love to see if all of the Scripture that says delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

That's over in Psalm 37.

That sounds like too good a promise forgot to make the sale.

I want a million bucks no, because if you say Lord I love you not give me $1 million. What was the desire of your heart, money, money is all my hard fame and popularity. No was Ivy heart is fame and popularity.

But when you say I delight myself in the Lord, you have the desire of your heart because your desires and his desires and his desires your desires and therefore you be a Christian to do whatever it will cut the first of everything. So I get drunk every time I want to but I hope this that had just a sound bite out of this message and as all get drunk every time I want to. I know want to never been grown never intend to get drunk just as soon eat dirt. I don't want to want to ask people sell eternal security man. I can't say that similar want to why some all I want to I Simona will you still want to. You need to get you one fixed many brand-new won't you need to be born again.

Paul said yes I am no longer shot. My name is now Paul not Saul I am saying I am Surinder Willis continue to read look at it again here. We'll find something else about the author, he says, called to be an apostle literally means a called apostle he didn't say well I just believe I'm looking for profession. I just we've been apostle not believe in the cold ministry and he says thanks to God Academy where they put them in the minutes probably got put me in the ministry. I sometimes thought about what I might do if I weren't in the ministry, but I can't think of anything somebody asked preacher said that you take Mondays off.

He said no that I don't want feel that battle my own time. I really enjoy what I'm doing but I would never choose it is a profession I believe God put me in the ministry. But you see the same chapter says were all call, you know, not just the apostle Paul, but were all called look in verse six among whom are ye also the cold of Jesus Christ. God is called everyone of us darling particular sphere where the call. God is called a semi-set us apart. So now listen, you say why you tell me all this about Paul because Paul said, you follow me as I follow Christ is an example for you. So he was saying yes he was and he was surrendered.

Yes he will and he was sent. Yes, he was because he was called of God.

He had a purpose permission for his life and not a something else now watch it very carefully. He was separated. I don't miss this no miss this. He says here separated onto the gospel of God that is very important. The keyword there is not separated. The keyword in my estimation is on to the gospel of God. Now Paul it already been separated.

He was a Pharisee of the Pharisees, you talk about people who lived up quote separated life that is all about what sins of the flesh, he abhorred he walk the straight and narrow.

You see, if that's all the separation you have to do is to make you a proud and bitter haughty Pharisee like the apostle Paul was when he was persecuting the church before he met the Lord Jesus and before he found the grace of God's nature abhors a vacuum. And so if you get these things out of your life but you don't get Jesus Christ in your life if you are separated from, but not separated on to become nothing but an old Pharisee.

That's what you're going to become and you need to ask yourself is there little Pharisee and me. Ask yourself that question because you see will be separated on to the gospel of Jesus Christ and of course when you separated onto your separated from. But how do you get separated from by being separated onto but you don't get to by being separated from I can say that again was for Melissa. It is absolutely true. The word the word separated here separated is the word we get our horizon from its Greek word that we get our English word horizon from.

And so at Ennis's compound word literally means a separated off from onto all horizon will let me Willis if I can explain no other horizon is if you go up to a tall building somewhere and look around 360 you see as far as you can see that's what the horizon. That's where they're just tales all and that's that's your world now you know how to change your horizon.

Change location. This change location every time you change your location you change your horizon. So what determines your horizon is your center. What determines your horizon is your center so when Jesus Christ is your center, then that horizon is your world usually his life as the boundary of your life here separated unto him little boy. Maybe not dating some girls looking for my girlfriend he's dating Susie and Melody and he's dating and is dating Damian. Then one day he meets Jane and she becomes the center of his life and she's the center is always all-girls. I just cannot amounts that abounds a bear. All the horizon for him because he is horizon is now surprises dating life is love life. He hasn't found a new center frame.

When you find the Lord Jesus Christ. You will find a new center and man and is not unitedly talk about what you gave up for Jesus. That's foolish given is that what you have in the Lord Jesus Christ is the author of this book is name is Paul. And because of the name Paul. We know you saying we know that this man is separated, we know that he has been surrendered we know is been sent. He's just the author of the book. Thank God for the impossible. I believe the greatest Christian who ever lived one day in heaven, I will sit down let voltage me room to be one of everyone will not be great in coming up tomorrow will hear part two of this important message but maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is or what he means to you how to receive the forgiveness that he's freely offering you right now, go to our discovery, Jesus you'll find resources and materials that will answer questions you may have about Jesus Christ and and click discovery Jesus at the top of the page if you'd like to order a copy of today's message. Call us at 1877 love God and mentioned the title the book to change the world. This message is also part of the insightful foundations for our faith series for the complete collection, all 27 powerful messages: number 1877 love God or go online to or you can write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for studying in God's word with us today as we heard in this message.

The apostle Paul is an example of how God's grace humbles us.

As you continue with your day. Remember what Adrian Rogers said one of the first things the true salvation does.

It humbles us you will never be too small for God to use you but you maybe today read Scripture with humility today welcome whatever God wants to reveal to join us next time. For the book they change the world tomorrow right arm where what our great joys is hearing testimonies from listeners. We received this message that said thank you for helping build my relationship daily with our God. I've been a listener of Adrian Rogers for some years and love is teaching. I'm so glad that even after his departure, his words bring light and wisdom is our honor to provide resources that help you mature in your walk with Christ as we say thank you for your gift right now we want to send you our fly booklet collection. This bundle gives precious insight into the big questions we ask ourselves in the midst of the darkest storms of life request don't fly booklet collection when you call the gift.

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