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Life’s Greatest Privilege

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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March 26, 2021 8:00 am

Life’s Greatest Privilege

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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March 26, 2021 8:00 am

We were created to worship God; it is life’s greatest privilege and highest duty to praise Him. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the what, the who, the why, and the way of true worship.

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What's the real reason for corporate worship. Listen to Adrian Rogers very presence that well I went to church but I didn't get anything out of it's not about you. The question is that God did everything did you praise him. Did you give him glory. Somebody can my birthday party so I didn't get anything out of about you about him.

We have come to worship him. And again, no matter what you do if your pencil a dozen rider car that doesn't transport you are way to worship God in spirit and welcome to work fine pastor all third Bible teacher Adrian Rogers said disunity is not a religion is a vital relationship with God through Christ. True, we were created to worship God its life's greatest privilege and highest duty to praise him in order to fully enjoy our salvation, we must first confirm what true worship is if you have your Bible turn to John chapter 4 begin in verse 23 is Adrian Rogers speaks more on life's greatest privilege. Interesting story about a young couple, Doug and his bride Sylvia Bayer had arranged for a honeymoon night and I wanted to be perfect so they found a great hotel found a very classic quite expensive room reserved it for their wedding night when they open the door. The room was beautiful except there was an exception is made in their mailing there was a couch so they full with a couch and it was a bed, folded their but really expected more but the rest of the room was beautiful Pennsylvania. They spent the night woke up the next day with back pain hard lumpy mattress never quite right. You know how they are when they fold into those captives talking about said I hate to complain, but I expected more. I thought we deserve more for what we paid. So I mentioned it to the desk clerk with Clarkson within the open Bilodeau's door. So I thought that was a closet went up and opened the door just spacious room with this incredible big bed chocolates, flowers will a lot of people that way when I did say all they know is thank God I'm no longer going to hell.

Thank God I am saved my sin is forgiven. Born I'm headed down Brendan is another door that needs to be open. There is all and so many never find that is the door of worship that will change your life from the monotonous to the momentous.

It is life's greatest is life's highest duty is life's best good. It is the maximum privilege that we have is the volatile bottom line you were say to worship God.

That's what it's all about why why did he create us to begin with, to give him pleasure and how we do that when we worship him anything he doesn't do what was made before the one because not doing what you are made to do about the passage that we go to study today from John chapter 4 is a classic passage worship five board worship is used in some form at least 10 times in these verses let me just give the background the story Jesus is on a journey he chooses to go through city called Samaria and it was possible territory. The Samaritans did not like the Jews, Jesus as a Jew, Jews return the favor and did not like the Samaritans because Jesus was different. He had a divine appointment in there at a well at noontime he met a woman who come out to draw water. She married five times and now she's living with a man without the benefit of marriage, she was bound by sin.

She was blinded by Satan. So Jesus uses as a master teacher what it was in hand to teach a great lesson this time it was water and Jesus began to talk to her about the water of life and a drink that satisfies one of this brings up an everlasting life order. If you drink it you will never thirst again because he was talking about himself. The water of life, and this woman said hello sir, I will that water was break into the story here little bit they can Bible sound looked down, if you will look in John chapter 4 is beginning. Verse 16 Jesus says something to her to help her to understand her need need greater than she had yet understood it and he said this with a purpose in verse 16 he says, go get your husband look at Jesus.

September go call by husband and commitment and look at Weber's 19 and the woman sat on the server I perceive the dollar profit that you think you would think at this point, but you want to learn more about that living water but she wants to get into theological and religious argument is what she said. Our fathers worship in this mountain.

That's the mountain was right near that place of Samaria.

Been there many times and the Samaritans had a synagogue where she said our fathers worship in this mountain and you say in Jerusalem is the place where we ought to worship what she trying to say is now, which is the Proper Pl., Samaria are Jerusalem.

This mountain I'm outside now the point of all matter is this, that religion for her was a basis of argument, not a place of blessing religion had become a washout to this woman. She tried religion but is obvious that religion had not done a good mentor something. Religion hasn't done anybody any good that may surprise coming from the pulpit.

Christianity is not a religion is a vital relationship with God through Christ and a great day in America when people stop enduring religion and start enjoying salvation here. This woman wanted to have an argument that it was the argument the difference between Samaria and Jerusalem.

Now limited about the Samaritans, the Samaritans versus suspicious matter fact they had rejected all of the Old Testament. All of it and that was the Bible that was extant in that day they rejected all Semper Fi books 1st five books just as ecstasy is Numbers and Deuteronomy. Still to this day I have been to Samaria, I've grown up there on the mountain and seen some Samaritans they still have an old ancient to scroll of the first five books of now they were in and checked ignorance but they will worship with fiery zeal. What about the Jews where the Jews were nodding. They had the law they had the word of God but they had no zeal. Jesus described in John chapter 4 verse 22 you the Samaritans worship. He will not want it was a good worship.

We know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews. Now what was wrong with the Jews. The Jews had to head the Nazi Jesus said well have Isaiah prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, this people honors me with their lips, but the heart is far from here is only two things this woman saying religious fanaticism, zeal and ignorance or else orthodoxy dead as a way drives old King tut unless the choice of many people have today.

I mean in the world today.

That's just about your two options if you leave true worship out of the people you want to fry an fanaticism or freezing formalism either have heat with no light can't have light with no heat. That's what it was about in this day and they missed the point. True worship worshiping God in spirit and in truth about less noticed some things about true worship. Are you ready first of all, listen, let's think about the want that HAT up through worship knows what Jesus said now in verse 23 but the hour, and now is when the true worshipers_that the true worship. Worship is true worship the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth about what is worship.

What is worship what I think worship is worship is all I responding to all that is in gratitude and praise.

All that I am responding to all that he is in gratitude and praise. It is a church service.

Yes, it is music. Yes, it is prayer. Yes, but it goes beyond that.

All that I am responding to all that he is an brothers and sisters. It includes all of life balance move from the want and less like a little bit about who of worship we worship will look again in verse 23 but the hour, then now is when the true worshipers shall worship the father worship the father not a father but not something but Lee Paul is not what God is like fathers what God is.

It was Jesus favorite term for the Almighty Jesus called him all over 70 times in the Bible. Now man is incurably religious all anthropologists with dailies, people everywhere worship and if you don't worship the father is not that you will not worship you worship something out. And Fred I tell you there is no damage that substitutes for Almighty God, you are to worship him in spirit and in truth we worship the father is the fall. Now let's move to the third thing.

Why do we worship.

Why don't worship what Galen John chapter 4 verse 23. The last part, the father see To Worship Him. God See Worshipers. First of All, God Seeks Worshipers for What Worship Does for Us. We Become like What We Worship.

That's the Reason That Idolatry Is so Hideous below and I Live in I Will Is a Magnified Center. Look at the Car Bottles That the Pagans Worship Their Group Task.

They Are Ferocious. They Are Cruel or the Inland a Lazy Way so We Don't Have Those Kind of Images Today Anything That a Man Loves More Fears More Servers More Honest, More Than Jehovah Is, and I Wear Idols of Sports and Pleasure and Money and Sex, and Hedonism and Pleasure. And the More You Participate in These Things, the More You Become like Them. But the Same Is True for Worship. The More You Worship God, the More Godlike You Become God Wants Us to Worship for What Worship Will Do for Us As the Reason God Wants Us Worship What Worship Does for God Is a Can I Do Anything for God. Yes You Can You Can Give God Pleasure. What Is the Nature of God. I Refer Back to It Again.

Father Seca Such to Worship Him. Now Think of God As a Father.

That's the Way God Wants Us to Think of Him Take It from Me to a Waterfall. The Wall I Am a Father and I Am Industrial-Strength Grandfather Not to Want to Follow Laws Love That's What I Want I Want My Children to Love Me and Respect Me Not Only in and Say Thank You for What You've Done.

Thank You for Your Sacrifice. I Want Love Now When Father's Day Comes, I Just Had a Birthday Though When What Will You Pump Annually Than They Were about What Was Anyone's Want the Trinkets Don't Really Matter What He Wants His Love Will Give You Some Good News Is Good News There Others Who Might Offer God More Expensive Presents That Others Who Can Sing Better to Preach Better Than Others Who Are More Free to Travel There Others Who Have More Intellectual Firepower between the Is There Others Who Are Artistically Gifted.

Who Can Do This and Do That and Thank God for Them, but No One Has Cornered the Market on Low Listen. My Child There Is No One Who Can Love God Better Than You Can in X-Ray Love God and Love All Things Pleases. What Is the Great Commandment Thou Shalt Love the Lord Thy All Your Heart with All Your Soul, with All Your Mind with All Your Strength. This Is the First and Great Commandment. Now, That's Why We Worship Him. Did You Know That the Word Worship Is Actually a Combination of Words That Means Worth Ship Worth Ship You Show Me How You Worship Not Say What God Is Worth to You That Some You Show Me How You Worship and I'll Tell You What God Is Worth to You Worship Is That His Worth Ship Number Four Blessed like a Little Bit about the Way of Proof Worship, Not All Worship Is Accepted, the Worship of the Samaritans, in Their Zeal and Zeal and Was Accepted Worship of the Jews and the Dead Orthodoxy That Wasn't Accepted.

What Is the Way of True Worship. Well, Look, You Will Versus 2324 Jesus Said to the Hour, Then Now Is When the True Worshipers Again_That the True Worshipers Shall Worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, for the Father Seca Such to Worship Him. God Is a Spirit Literally the Greek Language. God Is Spirit, and They That Worship Him Must Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Now Remember That Dichotomy of the Contest between the Samaritans and the Jews.

One Had Ignored Zeal and the Other Had Dead Orthodoxy What Our Lord Is Saying Is Not Either or.

It Is Both an You Need Zeal and You Need the True When the Bible Says with a Worship God in Spirit and I Listen to Care You Not to Hear about the Holy Spirit Is about the Human Spirit. Now Were Not Opposed to the Holy Spirit.

Matter Fact You Can Worship Apart from the Holy Spirit by the Holy Spirit of God Works in Your Human Spirit. You See the Most Part of Your Nature Is Spirit. I Pray God Your Whole Spirit and Soul and Body Be Preserved Blameless unto the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, You Have Spirit You Are a Spirit That's What Makes You Different from Animals. Your Spirit Being. And That Speaks of Your Innermost Being Is Spirit. That's One Worship's Reason, the People Can Come to Church like This on Sunday Morning and Be Born, Bobby Continues, Bobby Turned All Is Basically a Spiritual Problem Basically Is Good If Your Spirit Is Dead Holy Spirit Is More You Can Worship Because Worship Has To Come from Animals Being Asked Come from Your Spirit Worship in Spirit, in Order to Do That You Got BC Which Also Worship, Improve Not Just Enough to Sing Praise Courses Is Not Just Enough to Paris Is Not Just Enough to Cry. There Must Be an Intelligent Worship. Listen to This Psalm Psalm 145 in Verse 18 the Lord Is Nigh unto All Them That Call upon Him All the Call upon Him in Truth You're Worship Will Never Rise Higher Than Your Knowledge of God. That's Why Folks We Must Continually Expound Word of God. That's Why We Have This Pulpit. That's Why This Church Is Been Built Solidly upon the Word of God, There Is the Subject of Worship in Spirit.

There Is the Object of Worship in Truth and Both Go Together. Listen a Great Verse That Puts Them Together. Colossians 316 Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You, That's the Truth. Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly in All Wisdom, Teaching and Admonishing One Another in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Singing with Grace in Your Hearts to the Lord BC the Balance Saw Him Spiritual Song Singing with Grace in Your Heart to the Lord. But the Word of God Dwelling You Worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth.

This If You Worship Only and Spiritual Blowup. If You Worship Only in Truth You've Dried up. If You Worship in Spirit and Truth. You'll Grow up to Be What You Want to Be There Has To Be the Holy Spirit in the Human Spirit Combined with the Truth of God's Word and That Is the Way of True Worship Is What Our Lord Said Again and Met Mark 12 Verse 30 and Thou Shall Love the Lord Thy God with All Thy Heart, That's Passionate Worship with All Thy Soul, That Selfless Worship Will All Thy Mind That's Intelligent Worship and Will All Thy Strength That's Practical Worship. That Is What Ever We Do.

It Includes the Totality of the Human Being Not so Many of Us Are so Self-Centered Every Person Say Well I Went to Church but I Didn't Get Anything Out Of It. Are You Listening. It's Not about You. The Question Is Did God Get Anything Did You Praise Him. Did You Give Him Glory, What It's about. To My Birthday Party Today so I Did Get Anything Out Of Not about You It's about Him.

We Have Come to Worship Him and Glorify Him.

And Again, Friend No Matter What You Do If Your Pencil to Dozen Rider Car That Doesn't Transport You Are a Failure When Worship God in Spirit and in Hallelujah for the Somebody Say Well I'm Glad That a Wicked Old Shady Lady of Samaria, Saying She Should Maybe Say so You Say Look in the Chapter John Hey Just Collecting That I Might Finish It in the Fourth Chapter of John Is This Woman from Samaria Get Saved and She Needed to Be in the Third Chapter of John. There Was Nicodemus a Rule of the Jews, a Religious Leader.

He Got Saved, What's the Lesson There Is No One so Good They Need Not Be Saved, and No One so Bad They Can't Friend Your Life Belongs to Jesus Christ and No One Else Is Working.

He Is the Master and Only in His Hands You Ever Been What You Were Created. What a Powerful and Encouraging Word for Us Today. And Maybe As You Listen You Have Questions regarding Your Faith in Jesus. We Went on for You and Insightful Resource on Her Website Called Her Discover Jesus Page You'll Find Answers There That You May Need about Your Faith.

There's a Response Section As Well Tell Us Your Testimony Share How This Message Is Affected You Today. Simply Go to and Click the Tab at the Top That Says Discover Jesus We Can't Wait to Hear from You Today If You'd like to Order a Copy of This Message.

Request One by the Title Life's Greatest Privilege and Call Us to Order at 1877 Love God. This Message Is Also Part of the Powerful and Convicting Series Exalting Your Savior for the Complete Collection All Seven Powerful Messages: Number 1877 Love God or Go Online to Order It or Write Us at Love Worth Finding Box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Have You Discovered Life's Greatest Privilege of Worshiping God. Remember These Words from Pastor Rogers. If You Worship Only in Spirit You Blowup If You Worship Only in Truth, You'll Dry If You Worship in Spirit and Truth.

You'll Grow so Glad You Studied in God's Word with Us Today.

Tune in Next Time for More Real Truth Never Changes on Love.

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