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Rivers of Revival | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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December 31, 2020 7:00 am

Rivers of Revival | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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December 31, 2020 7:00 am

As we ask God to do something supernatural in our desperate world, we must pray for revival. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the source, course, and force of the rivers of revival pictured in Ezekiel 47.

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Are you a river of revival listen to Adrian Rogers. I would ask your question people where you live and work for me to be touched by a river of life. It never dawned upon you.

You could be that God make me a river lecture, supernatural life flow out of me all God make less well To love between the powerful messages pastorate author Adrian Rogers. I know about you but I am so eager to start 2021, and it's not just to say goodbye to 2020. I really pray 2021 will be a year of revival. The guy would do extraordinary things in this land through his people that he would do something extraordinary in my heart as we ask God to do something supernatural for a desperate world. We need to pray that we become like the rivers of revival pictured in Ezekiel chapter 47.

If you have your Bible turn there now is Adrian Rogers begins part two of rivers of revival.

Jesus said, as the Scripture has set out of them with major flow rivers of living water will find that exact text in the Old Testament, but we find illustration in the Old Testament, and it is in Ezekiel chapter 47 and so I want to begin reading with me from the word of God. Read the first five verses afterward he brought me again unto the door of the house.

Now the house is speaking of is the temple, and behold, the waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward for the forefront of the house stood toward the east and the waters came down from under from the right side of the house at the south side of the altar then brought hate me out of the way of the gate northward and let me about the way without unto the other gate. By the way that look at eastward, and behold, there ran up waters on the right side and when the man that had the line in the sand would fall eastward.

He measured a thousand cubits and he brought me through the waters, the waters were to the ankles. Again he measured a thousand, and brought me through the waters and the waters were to the needs again he measured a thousand, and brought me through the waters and the waters were to the lines. Afterward, he measured a thousand, and it was a river that I could not pass over for the waters were risen waters to swim in a river that could not be passed over. Now that may sound very convoluted and difficult to break down little bit. You can find out that it applies to you personally because Jesus said if you first and come to him out of you will flow a river of living water now. The illustration here in Ezekiel is the temple of God.

The Old Testament temp. Now he's using supernatural symbolism here about something that is happening from the temple not talk about the literal temple here. There is a greater spiritual lesson. What you need to understand his friend.

You are a temple of God. The Old Testament temple was only an illustration of the Christian St. Louis in the Old Testament, God had a temple for his people in the New Testament as a people for his temple.

You are the temple of God. That's what Paul at the Cypress Princess chapter 6, verse 91, don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost who dwells in you is what Jesus was talking about Abby's innermost being out of the temple will flow rivers of living water.

There is a river revival that should be flowing through me as I studied this and prayed over it. I thought your God, make my life up river revival. What I want to be a river of refreshment to those around me.

I don't want anybody to come in contact with me, but what that somehow there touched with me now. I want us to notice three major thoughts this morning and first of all I want us to notice what I meant to call the mysterious source of the river mysterious source of the river. This river comes first evolved from under the threshold. Look, if you will, in verse one, Ezekiel 47 verse one and you find out that this river comes from under the threshold amount how highs the threshold will at that time and the water flows out from under the threshold. What's the idea is about as low as you can get under the special now you are the temple and the waters to be flowing out of you from under the threshold. This river has a humble source. Listen to the church revival never begins. Without God's people humbling themselves God's people molding their face before God.

This river comes from a humble source to come from holy souls. It flows past the altar. You see, then the word of God. It flows right past the now what is the altar altar was a place where the blood was shed, what does that bloodshed in the Old Testament speaker.

The blood of Jesus Christ. First John one verse nine for the blood of Jesus Christ. God son cleanses us from all sin, to see if you want to be a river blessing you got to be humble you better behold then it's a heated flow through it. Then the Bible again you find out that the waters flowed out for based beast is where the sun would come up and heat of the morning chill and that flowed from the south side of the altar. That's the sunny side of Bill again if we do business with God. We don't have to. So, God give me a hot part. Give me a concern Lord made this river that flows out of meek may come from a sunny side of my disposition is the second male to notice what I want to go the marked course of the river blessing where the river flows in Ezekiel 47, 235 and he brought me out by the way the gate northward and let me about the way without unto the other gate. By the way that look at eastward, and behold, there ran out waters on the right side and when the man that had a line in his hand went forth, eastward, he measured a thousand cubits and he brought me through the waters, the waters were too anxious again he measured a thousand, and brought me through the waters, the waters were to the needs again he measured a thousand, and brought me through the waters, the waters were to the lines that is a waste. Afterward, he measured a thousand there was a river that I could not pass over for the waters were risen waters to swim in. That could not be passed over. Now what is happened this humble flow. This holy flow. This heated fluid comes out, it becomes an ever deepening, ever enlarging river by space a mere walking in the spirit and then the water gets deeper it gets to the knee that speaks to me. Praying in the spirit. Then another 500 yards.

The water begins to deepen and the water is wasting that speaks of strength in the spirit.

The loins is spoken of in the Bible as the center of your strength and it is today for a wrestler and waters appear to the byes in the lines and then finally 500 more yards and the river is so me, the waters are so forceful you can pass through it just waters that you're swept up in waters that your catalog by my book about false enthusiasm. I'm talking about a genuine Holy Spirit control of your life where you step into the water of revival of the water revival is flowing out of you.

It is getting ever wider, ever deeper. What a mighty force. This river is to know I can stop a river unless they stop it at the source.

This is a supernatural river. Jesus set out his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water, and where the waters flow. First of all, they flow to the depressed places the water starts appear at the temple and verse eight tells us that these waters go down into the desert and into the sea. They go down down down we live in a land of depressed people there people today are up against it.

They don't know what to do.

There needs to be such a supernatural river flowing out of you into those depressed places that you will be a river of revival to these people but not only does river flow into the depressed places it flows into the desert places. Now the Bible says there in verse eight, these waters go down to the desk. That's the Judean desert. The hour about nothing much grows there a few little scrubby things, but there's no real fruit is no real flour. There's no real succulents is no real fruitfulness. There are so many who are not depressed, but their living desert lives parched lives, they'll know the joy that you know they will know joy unspeakable and full of glory have answers to life that you have tested dryness for Christmas not only the waters go down to the depressed places in the desert places in the dry places of these waters go down to the deadly places. Verse eight says they flow into the sea that sees the see I told you about a little while ago which the density will fish in their because it is a deadly place. My friend not only are the people around us were depressed not only of the people around us who are dry, but the people around us were dying and going to him. There is a place of death, though, met overseas, next door.

I'm talking about people to work with.

They are living a life. The wages of sin is death the soul.

This is a picture showing eyes. She delivered him pleasure.

His dad while she lives. People don't have life. We talked about last Sunday and the raising of Lazarus are river of life has to flow out of you.

Do you care doesn't make any difference to you that souls are dying, people slipping out through the jaws of death into a priceless eternity, and many of them are dead while they live. Do you care. Is there something about your life that will help to change their life will you touch the life.

This is the force of the river. It flows into the deadly places that here's the third thing I want you to see. I wanted to see with me what what I meant to call the mighty force of the river.

The mighty force of the river.

We see the source in the course lesson about the force of the river, where does this river flow.

First of all, look you will in verse seven. Put this down where the waters flow.

The trees will grow look in verse seven, and now when I return behold at the bank of the river were very many trees on the one side and only a I can just imagine that I've been down that Jericho road going down there to the Dead Sea how dry and barren. It is, and is a closer look at the trees green succulent all of them growing by the river that is flowing from the temple represent little trees. What that represents is this Jesus said that a righteous man should be like a tree. What planet by the river water. Psalm one he's talking about Christians, healthy Christians. Christians now who are finding strength in life becoming a tree that will not whether whether waters flow.

The trees will grow. I help a saint is like a tree in the watch this where the waters flow. The fish will go look at it now, in verses eight and nine. Any sale under me these waters go issue for these country go down into the desert and into the sea with being brought forth unto the sea water shall be healed. That is a deadly waters of the Dead Sea are going to be healed and it shall come to pass that everything that liveth which movement whatsoever. River shall come shall there should be a very great multitude of fish because these waters shall come thither, and they shall be healed and everything shall live with the river, is river cascading down down down down down down into depressed places in desert places in deadly places in the water comes to the Dead Sea and transformation takes place. Dead Sea were no fish can live against the swarm with fish matter want to speak to me. Jesus said to me you would be fishers of men. Why is it that we get so few fish because with fishing and a stagnant, friend.

When the church gets right when we have genuine revival revival is not evangelism. Evangelism is the fruit of revival revival is the river flowing when the river begins to flow where the river flows the fish will go you know if we get on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ are filled with the spirit, however you want to call it, it will be noised abroad, the Bible says.

When Jesus was during his ministry. It was noised abroad, the Jesus was in the house and the place was filled with thought about the day of Pentecost on the day of Pentecost or little handful of disciples hundred and 20, but they began to pray and praise and glory to God, and there was a Mike mighty demonstration of the Holy Spirit in the Bible says and the multitude came together now historian Celso probably about a million people in Jerusalem at that time for the feast of Passover hundred and 20 people.

How are they going to impact a million people. Well friend, the unsaved will come when they see the reality of Jesus Christ is not looking for new definition of the gospel. The world is looking for a new demonstration of the gospel of the person coming to a coalbed dry on the black church. What must be like his man's wife is begging to go to whatever church it is and he finally comes to this once outcome and he sits there.

The choir sang something in Latin, something he can understand the congregation stands to sing and mental enthusiasm. I sound like couple calves dine and hailstone and then the preacher gets up is not anointed of God. They may not even use the Bible to give some soliloquy or some readers digest this or that or some commentary on the news. Everybody is cold and clammy.

I say one thing that men leave and most likely will come back but you let this man come into a service where the Spirit of God is there and the rivers flowing and the people are praising God and revivals on the face of acquires in the handshake of the Osher. It's in the way the combination sayings that's in the furnace is in the war that man is going to stop taking things off the program with his pen, waiting for to get over the lift up his head and look around reasons that you know these folks believe that stuff and before long he'll be. Believe me also say look whether waters flow. The fish will go I here's another thing where the waters flow. For in the fruit will show Bible says and by the river upon the bank thereof on this item that's not your crew all trees for me that means for food whose leave shall not pay, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed. Now that's the same thing someone says a man played by river. The waters will bring forth fruit and is leave shall not, whether you see this fruit what I want my life to be.

I will my life to be an encouragement to you and me that people see the fruit of the spirit in you know the test of my life is a test of my ministry is not how many buildings we had about the size of our Bible study is not how much money we receive is not how well we organize is not even how wonderful the services are a test of my ministry is this. Are you becoming more like Jesus, that we might present every man perfect in Christ is what the apostle Paul says, what is the fruit it is afraid of the spirit Galatians chapter 5 is love, joy, peace, jealous mercy, long-suffering, intemperance, all that is is a description of the character of Jesus Christ. And when river is flowing out of you and hearing must be those around you are going to be discipled and they don't become fruitful.

Last of all, whether waters flow. The health will blow look in verse 12, by the river upon the bank thereof on this island that side should grow all trees to meet whose leave shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed. It shall bring forth new fruit. According to his months because there waters they should have the sanctuary and the fruit thereof shall be for food and belief thereof permits the church, the body of Christ is sick week and anemic when I sang like a mighty army moves the church of God.

We really do think most churches as a mighty army while Wu happened.

If we become real in our service to the Lord.

Again, I will tell you that coming to church is good but don't think you done got while faith because you can. This is only to get you ready to do what you need to do and you do have a healing force on this world in the city. Everywhere you go there's to be spiritual help because the river is flowing out of you and touching lives. Now the question is this very simple and very plainly are you thirsty how Jesus began the St. Jesus said if any man thirst, let him come to me and bring come to me and remember begins with the first.

How thirsty are I don't know how much of God, you have listened but you have all you want this and I will more know you have all you want if you want more you happen Jesus said blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled shall thirst shall satisfaction deep thirst, a deep satisfaction will grow in the middle nights of Monica and have less water but we got up and gave it 15 minutes later, mom got eligible water. She breathed a sigh got up and gave another glass of water third time limit, would you bring me some water. She went in there with water.

The third time and said if you ask water again. I will spank you little while later the little girl sermonic. When you get up to spank me.

Would you marry someone so thirst I would you ask yourself this question earnestly which of those categories. Are you in. I would ask a question that you have a genuine thirst for Jesus is not a one-time thing.

It is a constant drinking people and bring ask another question.

You know people where you live and work. We need to be touched by a river of life is never done upon you that you could be that river which I pray will God make me a river of revival. Let your supernatural life flow out of me old God make me less father God, I pray that you would seal this message to our hearts, Lord, that we would not just be impressed or entertained or informed that Lord transform and change Lord what I pray for others. I pray for myself, my God make me a river blessing in the holy name of Jesus in a man does a new year begins. We are praying for revival to begin right here in our own hearts and maybe you have a prayer request. Along those lines that you'd like to share. It's one of our greatest honors to come alongside you, and pray with you if you can go to our website, you can scroll down it to find our prayer wall is an option to submit a prayer request or pray for others is one of her favorite ways to keep the ministry in the community praying continually for one another's needs to go there now find the prayer if you'd like to order a copy of today's message. Call us at 1877 love God and request the title rivers of revival. You can also order or you can write is to order at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Are you thirsty for revival in your life. Jesus said blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. Matthew five verse six. Pray for a river of revival flows through you today and all through the new year 2020 and join us next time. For more timeless truth on love worth as we look back on 2020 and that hard year and all of the upheaval he causes us to look into the new year and wonder what will God do in and through love worth finding.

We had so many people be so generous with us. Toward the end of the year and you have that opportunity right now if you want to help launch us into the year of 2021 with a generous gift. Call us 1877 love God would love to hear from you today 1-877-568-3463 or you can give online it and thanks again for your generous support of love worth finding

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