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Integrity: Don’t Leave Home Without It | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 24, 2020 7:00 am

Integrity: Don’t Leave Home Without It | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 24, 2020 7:00 am

Exodus 20:15 reveals the eighth commandment: "You shall not steal." In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three principles to teach our children about the basic rules of honesty.

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Christian, what is the true meaning of your labor. Listen to Adrian Rogers, the opposite of stealing is not not stealing, but it is giving we teach our children something we need to teach them when he could teach our children to work not only to meet their grades but to meet others in the welcome to Leavenworth buying featuring powerful lessons. Typical messages pastor and teacher Adrian Rogers in part one of the lesson were about to hear.

We learned that stealing is more than just taking something that doesn't belong to. It's also fraud lying and putting in halfhearted work. See work is not a curse.

It's a gift from God and absolutely imperative in our world and as Christians we labor to meet our needs and give to others. We must begin instilling a good work ethic into our children early so that they grow up to become hard workers. If you have your Bible will be reading from Exodus chapter 20 verse 15 you can turn there now is Adrian Rogers present part two of integrity. Don't leave home without it.

I want to be very pertinent in this message and tell you this message tells us that anytime we take anything that belongs to someone else, or that we keep from someone. The thing that we owe to them. We have transgressed this commandment might be time it might be money might be affection might be possessions. It may be courtesy or appreciation or love or anything else.

If we do from somebody else.

We have taken that which does not belong to us and we are guilty of stealing. Let me give you a good first put in your margin and it is Ephesians chapter 4 and verse 28. Listen to let him that stole steal no more, but rather letting the labor and working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needed and that verse.

There are three things that every parent ought to try to emblazoned into the heart of his or her child to stare into his or her consciousness.

Three grand principles.

The first one is integrity. Let him that stole steal no more. The second principle is the industry, but rather letting labor, working with his hands. The thing that is good and the third is generosity that he may have to give to him that made all of these. According to the New Testament are wrapped up in this commandment that says thou shall not steal integrity, industry and generosity. Those are three characteristics that all of us ought to say, dear God, help me to teach these things to our children and help me help us, that we might practice these things before our children now, let's talk a little bit about the demands of integrity. The first of those three items are many ways that you can live without integrity course there is direct stealing you what the kids call shoplifting a five finger discount when they just go in and feels that it is amazing how much is stolen by sheer shoplifting Curtis Creek now told me the other day. He said you want pastor we had somebody to steal a Bible from our bookstore.

Can you imagine to steal a Bible from the bookstore that took the Bible out and set the empty box back on the shelf. Well, it may be just shoplifting armed robbery, burglary, our city is plagued with this stealing at the workplace is that epidemic did you know according to the research that I did that the American economy loses $40 billion a year from stealing on the workplace. That's simply embezzlement are pilfering from the workplace and so that's one kind of stealing just direct stealing, whether it be shoplifting or whether it be burglary or bank robbery are pilfering on the job or embezzlement.

All of these things will receive a short judgment of Almighty God is another form of stealing and that's fraud what we call white collar crime. This is going on all over the land. It is a form of stealing halfhearted work is stealing you work for an employer and don't give him an honest day's labor stolen from in Colossians 3 verse 22 service obey in all things your masters according to the flesh, not with eye service, as men pleasers black in singleness of heart, fearing God that if you don't fear God enough to give an honest days work you have broken the commandment that says thou shalt not steal below. One of the greatest forms of thievery is the entire gambling industry. Did you know that. Let me tell you something Frank gambling is Marley wall.

Why is it morally wrong.

Nobody can win it gambling without somebody else losing you see when somebody gambles and wins he has the spirit of thievery. Now we need to teach our children integrity. Not only do we need to teach them. Integrity we need to teach them industry.

Now remember what I verse said let him that stole steal no more about her let him lay working with his hands the thing which is good work is not bad work is good work is not a curse.

Work is a blessing. What is wrong with this generation are young people do not know by large the duties of honest work and labor bill rabbis used to say this, he who does not teach us on the trade teaches him to steal Webb boys and girls are going to college today graduate with college and still will not make a living. Rabbis against all work as a gift from God and the prophets did also Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verses 18 and 19, listen to behold that which I've seen. It is good and comely for one to eat and to drink and enjoy the good of all his labor that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life which God giveth him for it is his portion. What that God gives him work and then the fruit of his work. Every man also to whom God had given the riches and wealth and had given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion and rejoice in his labor. This is the gift of God, labor is the gift of God work is not a curse.

Six days shalt thou labor now today everybody wants to get in a position where they can win the sweepstakes so will have to work anymore be prophetic be pathetic.

I don't how much money you have, but we have a generation a David doesn't want work and we have a great number of people in America by frankly were not working. I want to say word. It may sound political but is not political is Marlin biblical you cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the industrious out of you don't multiply wealth by dividing and government cannot give to anybody anything that doesn't first take from somebody else and when somebody receives something that working for somebody else has to work for it without receiving. We have to understand that.

And the worst thing that can happen in the nation is perhaps the people get the idea. They don't have to work because somebody else will work for them and the other half get the idea. Does no good to work because they don't get to keep what works for the Bible teaches that if a man would not work, neither should he eat in the 60s.

We were talking about the hippies and the flower children they were going around smoking dope and that same peace brother and talking about free love and dope was hope and sexless salvation. And they were saying. Make love not war and all of that and we said well are they kind of silly, but underneath all of that was a philosophy that simply said turn own tune in dropout and the only dirty four letter word was WORK that was the biggest cultural revolution. We had a generation that did not understand the Catholic that was Scott Meyer follows and those who are working on not working for the pleasure and the joy of cooperating with Almighty God in running this world that is made for us, but only working to get enough money so they can stop working. The Bible says let him a stole steal no more, but rather leading labor, working with his hands that which is good work. Work is not bad work is the was wrong in America today. We have created a society where some people think it is better not to work. We need to teach our boys and girls were but it is time for us to wake up and find another plan because the old one abnormal work doesn't work. How long will this nation go all those of you who want to retire you're getting the idea that pretty soon you're going to retire so you can do nothing. God have mercy upon your pitiful soul.

You will never retire from serving God with you up.

Well, not all so that you don't have to go report in at 8 o'clock to the office I just give you more time to serve God with all of your heart, all your soul. If you look you see the opposite of work is idleness, idleness, just simply not doing anything.

We need to teach our children not only do we need to teach them integrity but we need to teach them industry industry.

Let them labor working with their hands start early with these Boys and Girls Club. Let me give you a good verse putting your margin Lamentations 3 verse 27 is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. You know what that means. Don't ever get the idea will they only children. Now they ought not to work with the children wait till they grow up, and when they grow up, then the work and let the children play when the children of folks I know what it is to work since I was a child. You may think being a preacher is no work you might like you were to just you just preacher you talk a little bit on Sunday morning.

I know what it is to work when I was in the grammar school and junior high school I was my moan clothes.

I ran a milk route and it a days work in junior high school before the other kids were getting out of bed. I used to deliver milk to the girl I married to. Right now she go look at the window to see me set the milk down there on her back porch and a days work. I'm not bragging about it ended.

It hurt me.

My dad believed that his boys all the work. My brother and I had to cut the grass you like grass we had in our front yard down in Florida. We didn't have the Congress Webb up there we have it like grass gold bitter blue and its and we need say cut the grass. I was both bitter and blue because I want to tell you we have one of these, mowers that you push and I wouldn't have windows, edges with a string on it. We had a little half-moon thing that you put your foot on and went around all day long. We work on my God, my brother and I my dad come home and inspected look at it, but today it was its hard-working Florida sun.

When you say boys that's a good job that really looks so good helps of something we are in our way. I work my way through college bus tables. I've been a carpenter's helper. I've been an elevator mechanic-used car salesman not been a fruit picker had all of these things, not one thing I did I got married I went to four years of college and four years of seminary raised a family allow my wife to stay home. I worked in the daytime. I worked at night. I got out without owing anybody anything.

I give God the praise I give God the glory and it didn't hurt me and I learned how to work because I learned how to work as a child and my daddy taught me how to work and I'm glad he did. Glad he did not. You say what you think you're hot stuff, no I don't. I'm just giving you testimony.

I'm telling you, friend.

That is, the Bible says it's good for man to bear the yoke, and as you and nothing wrong with, and we need to teach our children in integrity. Let him that stole steal of all and we need to teach the ministry and sometimes folks is easier to do it yourself and get them to do it. A man a four year old is old enough to gather up all the trash carried out and emptied the trash, but you have to go help him to do it and pick it up and and go with him and guide him and do it six or seven-year-old they can help with the dishes 10, 12, they can work in the our. And remember that when you teaching them industry when they go to school.

That's a part of their work there activities their paper routes for babysitting the music lesson.

The practice time at work today and just like your work is work.

Do you use a pastor Rogers don't you know to 11 play. Of course you let him play a lot of kids will be saying there's nothing to do there be board around my house. I was afraid that board of my bed, find some for me. Let let them work when I work, and when they play. The play will be a whole lot sweeter.

Now look at this verse.

Ephesians 4 verse 28 number one it says let him that stole steal of all that is integrity but rather letting back his industry. Now here's the third thing that he may have, to give to him that needed the opposite of stealing is not not stealing, but it is giving. It is giving and we need to teach our children generosity. We need to teach them direct, we need to teach our children to work not only to meet their grades but to meet others in the beginning of verse for your margin acts chapter 20 verses 33 and following is what the apostle Paul had to say. He said I have coveted no man silver or gold are pair J you yourselves know that these hands have ministered on the mine necessities, and to them that were with me. He said I have my needs met. Because I work, and then he said, I was able to meet the necessities of them that were with me and I listen to this. I have showed you all things, how that sold labeling. He ought to support the week and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Laboring that we might have to meet our needs and laboring that we might give Santa Ana shame before God that we expecting the government to take care of our loved ones and our parents are children. When we ourselves all to do it and we would do it with industry, we would have to give to ourselves and to give to others.

This kind of living frees us from selfishness and little children who learn to be selfish are going to be miserable children ministry comes from mirrors. Joy comes from Windows when we are beginning to pour out and give to others. I want everybody in this building. They do a little experiment with me if you will, not ashamed make you feel childish, but take you for this and squeeze it as tightly as you can for just a moment, everybody will just take it and squeeze it just as tight and hold it there only go to squeeze it keeps way sick all go to let up just no relaxed squeeze. Now relax than I feel a lot better this way. So many live so I stole steal no more working with his hands and things that is good that he may have to give life is made up of takers and givers teach the children to give and there's so much they can give them understanding and they'll give you understand people today want somebody to understand the care people call up a 900 number and pay somebody just to listen to some amazing things give acceptance give forgiveness to your children. Don't let bitterness poison you and them. Give love. Love means.

How do you good no matter what you do to me, teach the children to their John Wesley, founder of Methodism great man of God said this in one sentence may call you can save all you can and give all UK teach children integrity teach children endless.

Teach children charity generosity teacher children clean up the neighbors yard go over and help a way to carry the groceries home.

Teach them to bring their own money to church, give them their allow. Let them take out of their allowance. A gifted and maybe a nickel or dime 1/4 whatever it is, but let the children have the jaw are bringing their money to church, let the children participate in mission project teach the children how to get to their brothers and sisters teach them how to give training them and giving you do it by preset you do it by example do it consistently. Listen carefully. The Bible says bow shalt not steal Jesus on that cross poured out his life's blood for you.

He suffered bled and died for you. He bought you. You belong to him.

Are you say if you steal from God. I will promise usually is.

My name is Adrian Rogers that you steal from yourself for your sins that withholding good things from you. If I had a thousand lives to live. I give everyone of them to Jesus. I am so glad that I knew Christ as my personal Savior and Lord, I know all of the cause of this world. We cling to were soon going to leave.

We used to say when I was a kid. Finders keepers losers weepers Jesus says, keepers, weepers, losers, finders, lose your life for my sake and the Gospels and you find Jesus said of the data, but this fee and enter the straw-but you might have life and have it abundantly. Satan is the biggest leaf fall and he wants to steal from you the abundant life that Jesus has for you. What you ought to do. If you never done it right now, you ought to just open your heart to say, Lord Jesus, I received the gift of salvation and I give myself back to you Lord I don't steal from you my very life belongs to you and I give it to you right now if you like to be saved. I will invite you for a prayer like this just prayed out of your heart dear God, I know that you love me and I know that you want to save me Jesus.

I believe you, the son of God. I believe you paid my send it with your blood on the cross.

I believe that God raised him from the dead, you died to save me and promised to save me if I would trust I trust you, Lord Jesus, right now I trust you, Lord Jesus, come in my heart, forgive my sin save me, Lord Jesus name would you pray this for Jesus because you died for me. I live for you, Lord Jesus give me the courage to confess you openly in public help may not be ashamed your holy name I and if you prayed to receive Jesus Christ. Right now we want to celebrate and invite you to our discover Jesus page on our website to find answers. They are that you may need about your newfound faith is a response section where you can share your testimony with us. Let us know how this message has affected your life just go to and click the tab at the top it says discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family. Let us hear from you today if you'd like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety. You can call us at 1877 love God and mention the title integrity. Don't leave home without it. This message is also part of the powerful series of perfect 10 for homes that win for the complete collection all 10 site for messages go online to or you can order by calling 1877 love God or rightists at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Would you like to teach your children the importance of working with honesty figure and the expectation to give it away. Adrian Rogers emphasizes this powerful advice from John Wesley may call you can save all you can and give all you can. Thanks for joining us today.

We hope you tune in tomorrow for more timeless truths writing on the word Alyssa wrote recently about how he's been using these messages and resources to share with others. I've been a Christian for a long time. He writes, but I haven't always been growing. I started listening to Pastor Rogers about four years ago and I found his messages bring me deeper in my relationship with God. I teach high school Sunday school class and often share some of Dr. Rogers content with the students. We had some great discussions and love worth finding our greatest desire is to repeating resources and messages help you share the light of the gospel with the loss dark world for a gift of any amount this month. When you help us. We want to send you our 2020 Christmas cards featuring an original painting by a local artist, Lacey Hancock request a pack of 2020 Christmas cards when you call, with a gifted 1877 love God will give online

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