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Christian Citizenship | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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October 22, 2020 8:00 am

Christian Citizenship | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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October 22, 2020 8:00 am

What does the Bible say about Christian citizenship? What are our responsibilities, duties, and rights? In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how we are to behave concerning politics, using Paul’s letter in Romans 13.

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Aggression supposed to get involved in politics. Listen to Adrian Rogers. Our government is a government of the people by the people and for that I'm telling you, do not participate in your government, you have not rented to Caesar the things people.

For example, you do not. If you do not inform yourself. In my estimation you have disobeyed the Lord Jesus Christ is come see that God would've ordained human government is to stay out of it as I leave you as Christians are to participate will find insightful and convicting message Pastor Bible teacher Adrian Rogers does the Bible say about Christian citizenship. What are our responsibilities or duties or rights in part one of this message. Adrian Rogers began to explain how we are to behave concerning politics. Using Paul's letter in Romans 13. If you have your Bible turn there now as Adrian Rogers concludes Christian citizenship.

I want to see what the Bible has to say about Christian citizenship. What are our responsibilities and duties are right this is the Bible oblivious to this God ordained human government and tell his people to stay out of it.

What are Christians to do the think and how are we going to where we going to get the answers I meditate where we don't get the answers right here, right here the word of God and the book of Romans is going to speak very clearly and very plainly about this matter of Christian citizenship and you're going to find and when we get to the bottom line.

The big question is not can you be a Christian and be involved in government. The big question is can you be a Christian and not be involved and not be involved. Can you obey this word of God and not be involved now. What other reason for human government Bible tells us that human government is ordained of God.

Did you know that God sets up King and God brings Kingsdown that God ordains rulers and sometimes God sets up wicked rulers, does that was the authority when Paul wrote this whole season, the Roman government was in power. That was not a democracy. The Christians were disenfranchised. They had no political power as a matter fact what they believed was illegal because they would not say Caesar is Lord. And yet under that aegis. The apostle wrote, the powers that be are ordained of God. When I listen to I want to get this point down in your heart and your mind that God ordains human government for two reasons. He tells us right here. Number one to restrain evil look at you will. In verses three and four of this chapter he says here for their rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil will thou then not be afraid of the power do that which is good enough to have praise of the same, for he is the minister of God to leave for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid, for a bath, not the sword in vain reasonable one that God has given us human government is for restraint to restrain evil.

I listen you can't legislate morality, law can't make a good only God can make a good government is not here to make you glad can't make you good. Only God can make you good government is here to restraining there's not a lot on earth can make you love me so I have to have one to keep you from killing me is a you legislate morality. But you do legislate against immorality and I thank God for those who are here to restrain evil and I will say something else, it's about time we set a good word for the policeman. He is the minister of God to be forgotten here is that restrain evil and the Bible says that he bears the sword assault is an instrument of death. Sometimes the government in order to restrain evil must take life now.

Why is this. Well, the Bible said way back in Genesis chapter 9 in verse six. Listen to it dissociative man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed all murder is killing all killing is not murder by game. Listen to it dissociative man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for he that is man in the image of God made he may the God that gives life is the God has the right to take it and God has his ordained ministers to do his work for that is the civil magistrate somebody says that is cruel. Pastor Rogers.

I thought you were a man of love friend you may not believe what I'm saying is based on love, but I don't want to be more loving than Almighty God and God's infinite love and I'm giving you the word of God and if you don't believe Genesis 96 when you get to heaven if you get to heaven to get up with God. Okay, God is love. You see, the coddling of the murderer is really cruelty to the community don't think that you're more wiser loving than God himself sums I will. God is too good to punish sin know God is too good not to punish sin that you don't believe in God believe in capital punishment. I would ask you this question who crucified Jesus we say the Roman soldiers well they were instruments of name into the cross you say will the Jewish Council. Yes, they were the ones that hounded him to the cross. But if you study your Bible carefully.

You understand that God the son died at the hands of God the father. He had put them to death.

That's what the Bible says that God the father poured out his wrath upon his only son.

Why, because God son was standing in our place. God was my substitute. Jesus was my substitute.

He took my place and therefore he took the death that I should die, and the Bible says the wages of sin is death was capital punishment is what it was at the hands really of Almighty God know none of us should rejoice when anybody dies. But you know the people who are pacifists. They don't believe, for example, that a nation ever ought to go to war while I suppose these people don't believe, therefore, that we should defend our level. But the Scripture that were talking about bearing the sword Exodus chapter 22. Now remember, next to chapter 20 says don't kill an extra chapter 21 he says now if a man kill a man.

That man should be put to death for Nexus chapter 22. Here's what he says if you're in the middle of your home and somebody is coming in its black you don't know what he has in mind for this rape, murder and pillage you don't know Exodus chapter 22 verses two and three.

If a thief be found breaking up that easy to break EMS what that word means and he be smitten that he die that is he's coming in the window you hitting many dies. Additional blood be shed for him. That is, you're not going to be put to death for that if the sun be risen upon him.

There shall be bloodshed for him the what does that mean what if it's daylight you see what's happening and you killed him unnecessarily. Then you you have become a murderer yourself, for he should make full restitution if he had nothing then shall he be so force that that is of a man just comes in is daylight you seen hauling off your television. He should deal to make restitution and by the way, that ought to be in the law today to Betty ought to make restitution what God is saying is this that you have a right to protect your level and you have a right to protect your children ask you a question. If somebody comes to rape your daughter or your wife would you just stand around. Would you say well peace brother.

I'm a godly man. I have been called to love. I am a godly man listen friend. The Bible teaches that there are times even when nations have to stand up even as we do as individuals. For example, was it wrong to stand against Hitler murdered his million was it wrong to stand against Stalin was it wrong to stand against Saddam Hussein gouged out thousands of lives, whose armies were raping and looting.

Is that wrong to oppose people like that.

Is it wall to stand against this kind of wicked. You see, if you believe in the police force.

You certainly believe in an did you know that New York City has a bigger police force than some countries have armies of police forces just simply an army. Did you know that when a police force goes in a drug raid.

That's just a small war when I taught which is talking not about our time out we talk about degree what one might say what my saying is this one reason that God has given government is to restrain evil. That's the whole thing. He bears not the sword in vain. That's one reason we have government number one restrain evil number two to reward good reward good look at the Scripture again. Is says here verse three for rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil will bow then not be afraid of the power to do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same and so that is the reason for human government. Now let's talk secondly about requirements for human government Christian citizenship. What are our rights and what are our responsibilities.

Notice verses five and six.

Therefore, you must needs be subject not only for wrath but also for conscience sake. For this cause page attribute also, for they are God's ministers attending continually upon this very thing. Now we have rights and we have responsibilities. We have responsibilities to God that override any other responsibility but we do have responsibility. Human government in Matthew chapter 22. They came to Jesus and I try to kiss Jesus in a Catch-22 and they said, Jesus tell us we know that you no respect of persons is is it right to pay tribute to season and he said, bring me a coin and held up a citizens pictures that close inspection is that they said I ceases. Jesus said the rent on the season with things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's. That's a very very key passage as we understand our responsibility as Christian citizens and as Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the framers of our Constitution knew this also about some people think that the phrase separation of church and state is found in the Constitution.

Give your trip to Hawaii in a hotel, you won't.

If you find that the Constitution come shown is not in the Constitution.

It is a good principle, rightly understood, it is not in the Constitution. It is based in the First Amendment to the Constitution rightly interpreted. This is what it says Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, malice, and that's one side of the coin, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, that's exactly what Jesus was saying render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God. Now this does not mean the separation of God, and government.

Our founding fathers did not believe that the matter fact when they wrote that declaration for defendants exhibit will these truths to be self-evident, that all men are endowed by their create tool with certain unalienable rights, the rights did not come from the government but from God. And so therefore in America we put in God we trust on our money. Congress begins with prayer boys and girls in school can do it with a big congressman can Congress convenes in way salute the flag and we say one nation under God, indivisible because historically we've know as I Constitution was written.

Soaked in the word of God that you don't separate God and government. Abraham Lincoln said, I believe it is the duty of nations as well as men. The duty of nations as well as men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God.

Now what the Constitution says when it says that Congress shall make no laws establishing a religion that meant we don't want the state mandated a state-supported church.

When this was written, the British were Anglicans. The Germans were Lutherans and the French were Catholics and and and we don't want to stay church brain not be as much afraid of a Baptist pope as any other kind will will want to stay church about what we want is a L3 church a free state. We want the government be free to do what it can do so the church can do what it is free alone to do and what can the government do is here to restrain evil. What is a church here to do is to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and listen, my dear friend, the state is not the master of the church and the church is not the servant of the state are the master of the state. It is the conscience of the state is what we hear now ungodly people of always want to separate God and government. Let me take you five duties that you have as a Christian want you to do concerning your government number one night to tell you this, put it first you gotta pay for you. You've got to pay for your government. Look, if you will, in verses six and seven of this chapter for this cause pay ye tribute. Also, for they are God's ministers and then he goes down in verse seven he says tribute to whom tribute is due. I would be like income tax custom to whom custom had just like receipt of customs is like a sales tax you gotta pay Jesus paid his taxes. You want to pay your taxes as a matter fact is a wonderful store. We all remember when Jesus was time to pay his taxes.

He told Peter you go cast a hook in the sea and you take the first fish that comes up, you'll find a coin in his mouth and Jesus said this, I'm a citizen of another world, but is that I'm doing this lest I should offend now ever increasing taxes are burdened, and a government is on its last legs. In my estimation. When half the people get the idea. They don't have to work because the other half will take care of them. LDAP is the idea. It does no good to work because somebody else gets what the work and excessive taxes are simple and dangerous Frenchman said that France fell when people got the idea that the government was a cow to be milk rather than watchdog to be fed, but we ought to pay far government number two not only to pay far government we are to pray for our government. But the Scripture down.

First Timothy two verses one through three I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men for King and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. You say, what should I pray for my leader fees wicked your braille more for now number three we are to praise our government.

Patriotism is not bad when our government is good, praise our government. This Scripture says give honor to whom honor is due. First Peter two verse 17 says honor the King but nothing wrong with patriotism there. Those who don't want us to wave a flag. Why not, it just means that this is my native land. I love my family in a way I don't love your family. They are my the Somerset pull Jerusalem. If I forget my right-hand loser name patriotism.

The Fatherland is not all we are to give honor to whom honor is due. And then next we are to preach to our country way to praise our country what it does right way to preach to our country when it does wrong, God's people dare not be silent. I would to something, we dare not identify the Christian faith with the Democrats on the Republican party. We need to be freed until both parties to repent and get right with God. We will be civil but we will be silent. Nathan warned David Elijah preached Ahab Eliezer warned Jehoshaphat Daniel preach to Nebuchadnezzar. Moses warned Pharaoh, John the Baptist preached to Harry that I have an announcement to make. As long as they're killing babies and practicing infanticide.

I will not be signed as long as we have a government is trying to ignore lies sexual.

I will not be signed as long condoms.

The high school and junior high school students and so-called God blessed America. I will not be silent, and we must save our government.

Whatever is morally wrong is not politically right we pay far government we pray for our government. We praise our government. We preached our government and we participate in our government. Notice again in verse seven we are to render to all they do custom whom custom and social.

Jesus said give to Caesar the things that belong to Caesar and Jesus said render to God the things that belong to God, but God is our highest greatest allegiance, but we don't have a Caesar. As they did them.

So when you read the Scripture. You ask yourself this question what it means in how does it apply now and then. How does it apply to me personally. What is our season. Our government is a government of the people by the people and for the people and I'm telling a friend. If you do not participate in your government, you have not rendered to your Caesar the things it won't be a season if for example you do not vote if you do not inform yourself. In my estimation you have disobeyed the Lord Jesus Christ is come see that God would've ordained human government and told his people to stay out of here. That is true. Who does that leave. Use your head wears Christians to participate, not on the basis of parties of persons or politics or policies, but principles we ought to be informed. You say pastor. This is a church, why don't you do something biblical.

That's why I am doing you will render to Caesar that which is Caesar.

Last of all, we are to persuade our government. You say listen when I hear the start riots and killing unbeliever for Jesus our government is a democracy, more literally, it is a Republic. A representative rule by law, but all Americans based on public opinion matter, you, the only hope for America is to change public opinion. You know the only thing that can change public opinion. We got to get the Bible out about argue these people that I see their selfish and fine green they got to know Jesus Christ's way to persuade him where to be taking them back one at a time and winning souls to Jesus Christ. That's what is not political influence that we need is the power of God that we need a powerful reminder. It is not political influence.

We need it is the power of God that we need. If you have questions regarding your faith in Jesus Christ. One offer you an insightful resource on our website. It's are discovered, Jesus page you find answers there that you may need about your faith as well as a response section. We'd love to hear how this message or others have impacted you go to and click the tab that says Discover Jesus, that's We can't wait to hear from you if you'd like a copy of today's message order one by calling us at 1877 love God and mention the title Christian citizenship.

This message is also part of the powerful series standing for light and truth for the complete audio collection. All 11 insightful messages: number 1877 love God will go online to or you can write to order at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for joining us for our study in God's word today.

Remember the greatest responsibility in America is not in the but in the church except your responsibility to practice your Christian citizenship. Be sure to tune in next time for more profound truth simply say I'm in love with back in 2007. My son was leaving for Iraq I turned the radio on and pastor Rogers was preaching on fear. I did not know for years after listing to them every day on my way to work that he had passed away. God is so great, even after we leave earth. We continue to be valuable to others. Very grateful. We are honored to join with listeners as they stand for. Light and truth in these dark days and were so honored to be able to continue the ministry of Adrian Rogers right here this month as a thank you for your generous want to send you a book titled standing for light and truth to collection of Adrian Rogers best-loved messages to challenge you to stand for God's light and truth request the book when you call it a gift right now. 1877 love God. 1-877-568-3463 and will give online it

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