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A Nation in Crisis

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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October 7, 2020 8:00 am

A Nation in Crisis

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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October 7, 2020 8:00 am

The prophet, Isaiah, boldly pointed out the sins of his day; upon a closer look, we can see distinct parallels to the sins of our day. How did Isaiah’s people come to a place where God would not hear their prayers? In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three warnings from Isaiah 59 to A Nation in a Crisis.

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Rollover fighting Studios in Memphis Tennessee umpiring Tyler. Vaughn, the CEO of liver funding.

Today Adrian Rogers message nation in crisis and I found this the other day on a website where confronting a unique moment in our history with a trifecta of crises look at the worst health emergency in 100 years. The greatest economic challenge since the Great Depression, and a renewed national conversation about social justice and racism.

The keyword is turned in. So if we can turn is a fancy word for that, by the way repentance. But if we can turn away, turn around like a true 180 we be we begin to see God work in a mighty way. I will see incurious something similar to Isaiah's day, how absolutely when you look in Isaiah 59 which is a great passage by the way, we see separation from God due to sin and self we see eventually send confessed and then we see what they call the Redeemer of Zion shall come back to his people. But the key there is turn to repent, to turn to turn back toward God. We also might ask, how did things get so bad and Isaiah's people had been feeding on a diet of deception much like the day of Isaiah poisonous philosophies are being swallowed by our generation that's exactly right. What were looking for truth in all the wrong places. Adrian Rogers said, truth is what food is to your body light is to your eyes and melody is to your ears right and so we stand on the truth of God, and we turned back to the word of God where we always love hearing from her lower fighting listeners. This Facebook response says thank you. Liver funding for the reminder that even though we find ourselves in difficult times. The Lord is still enthroned.

I along with millions of Americans find myself suddenly unemployed in these unprecedented days, but these messages by pastor Rogers keep me tethered to our Lord. I love that illustration.

There is so graphic to realize how we are connected to our Savior absolutely right.

It's it's the Jesus within us and that's what we want people to see him in in everyday life in our fault word or deeds.

We want the Savior to come out in those things. But again, as we talk about this whole repentance, in turn, is not a 360. It's a 180. Curios we look at all the things happening in our nation around the world, prayer, something we have the privilege to do boldly go into the throne room of God and there's a special thing happening right now. 40 days of prayer.

Great great opportunity to pray I've been doing this with a group of men here locally. We pray every Monday evening and I can tell you Byron for me personally, and for the ministry.

It's been a great change to have a focused concentrated effort on praying and praying specifically and praying with purpose and praying in a methodical way so that God will hear obscene it really change my own life and so I'm excited about this. 40 days is about to fight this group. I've been praying with for the last 15 weeks we have become a band of believers, and I look forward to our hour and 1/2 if you can believe that of just praying before God.

Nobody's preaching nobodies pontificating were not talking we are praying because prayer is our best weapon will for a nation in crisis. Here's Adrian Rogers, one by one the lights of the base and see the lights of hope are being blown out in America one day calamity will come one day we will face perhaps international terrorism. Perhaps parallel economic reversal. Perhaps, natural disasters, over which we have no control whatsoever and we will fill our churches and we will turn our eyes upward. But there be no answer. First Samuel chapter 8 verse 18 says and you shall cry out in that day because of your king which you have chosen you and the Lord will not hear you, and that you cry out you sale God have mercy. You praying appraising the answer why is that look in Isaiah chapter 59 verse one. Bill the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save neither is his ear heavy, that it cannot hear God is not policy and God is not death, but verse two your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins have hidden his face from you that he will not hear for your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity. Your lips have spoken lies your tongue have muttered perverseness nonqualified justice, nor any plaintiff would prove they trust in vanity and speak lies they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity.

What is Isaiah say to a sinful nation that day. God is well able to hear your prayers is not that he cannot hear your prayers. It is that he will not hear your prayers because your sin has created a barrier between you and a holy God and Isaiah tells us what the sender that day wants and how it tracks and parallels the sin of our day.

First of all, look in verse two they had bloodied hand bloodied hand. America is swimming in an ocean of blood. A modern Holocaust as stained and flooded America. The blood of some 30 million pre-born babies cries out from the ground against us since 1972 that horrendous Roe V Wade ruling with nine men dressed in black robes said that a little pre-born baby can be treated as a piece of protoplasm and we America are now killing babies at the rate of 4000 day notice what Isaiah said your iniquities have separated between you and your God, your sins and hit his face from you. Verse three your hands are defiled with blood is where we are in America today, but then he goes on to say, not only bloodied hands, but lying I gave look, if you will, in verse three, your lips have spoken lies your tongue have muttered perverseness line number three wicked hearts like you be willing verse four none calling for justice, nor any plaintiff or truth, trust and didn't speak lies they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity what we been told. Today we being told that adultery is really no big deal.

Everybody knows that when I want to save a man will not keep the sacred bow before Almighty God is why I would trust him to keep any promise anywhere, anytime. Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse one says this that dead flies because the ointment of the apothecary to send forth the stinking saver so that a little folly in him that his reputation for wisdom and all dead flies in the ointment. Bring something stinks in America. What is brought about this condition. Why is it that Isaiah's people came to a place where they would look up to God and say God have mercy on us and God said no one I can hear your prayer.

What brought about bloodied hands lying lips and wicked hearts. Three things I want you to see them right here in this text. Number one. The people had been feeding on a diet of deception look in verse five they hatch vipers. A and weave the spider's web.

He that either of the eggs by and that which is Christ break it out into a viper. Our world, our nation is only snake a diet. A diet of deception. The incubators that hatch those eggs are materialism, humanism, new ages of liberalism they hatch these out the old granddaddy serpent US bond and fertilize these eggs is Satan himself because he's a liar and the father of all lines. There are certain philosophical underpinnings that are so incipient in American life today that they are poisoning our educational philosophical or religious are economic and political outlook and our young people are going to public schools and each morning there service snake, a they swallow these things down.

I can I not been raised in a society and a skill that says that they have rights that are given to them on available rights given by Almighty God. They are told that the universe is self existing not created and the wisdom that built this great nation is being laughed at.

But here's the sad thing look at you willing verse five they hatch vipers eggs. They weave the spider's web. He that even the eggs die. I watch that and that which is Christ break it out into a viper when you come against these things and try to stamp them out all you do is create mostly to stamp out the snake eggs is not the answer now.

Not only is there a diet of deception, but that is compounded by the second thing in America that makes on nation and nation in crisis, not only a diet of deception but a web of wickedness. Look again in verse five, if you will, he says here in verse five. They weave the spider's web. I got down my encyclopedia and read some about spiders.

I don't know whether you have a love affair with spiders and I don't spiders weave a web almost invisible, very sick, and the purpose of that web is to catch an unsuspecting insect who will fly under that web become entangled by that web where the spider can come out and wrapped him up in more strands of that web then the spider injects poison into the body of that insect and then the spider sucks that insect brine. Satan has woven some weapons and is poisoning and sucking drive generation of young people today Satan has a network.

Are you listening to me a web evil that is absolutely terrifying in our young people can hardly see the web.

They don't understand there's pornography. For example, the web of pornography. Pastor Rogers does pornography lead to degeneracy pornography is degeneracy is what it is.

Our kids today can get on the Internet and watch unspeakable on actionable things Satan has his web of drugs and alcohol, a deadly trap.

America's filled today with walking dead whose lives been sucked dry by the spiders of alcohol and drug abuse, and we have a generation of walking dead been sucked dry and bombed by alcohol is the sticky web of immorality.

Young people are being told.

Today there are no fixed standards of right of our role, and the media and entertainment has created the myth that premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexuality, are on the same level as Chasity, monogamy and heterosexuality, and in our so-called sex education classes in many barstools that have a threefold goal that is to teach children how to fornicate without guilt without catching a disease and without conceiving a baby that's call sex education today. How would you like your child to go to school and hear what some are being taught. Here's what they being taught is the textbook quote premarital sexual intercourse is acceptable for both men and women if they are involved in a stable, loving relationship.

It has been suggested by some marriage counseling authorities that all couples should live together before they married like that for education. Listen to this. Often, promiscuity is labeled as bad by persons who do not accept this type of behavior. As with other patterns of sexual behavior, one should not pin a good or bad on the practice. Here's another morality is individual is what you think it is your conception of what is right or wrong. Marley is an individual decision.

May God have mercy upon when these tell us we cannot pray we cannot read God's word. We cannot post the 10 Commandments, but we can denigrate God's word and God's log. Kids today talk about going all the way. That's the one thing they don't then go all the way they go a little further when they get the disease along the way. A little further when a baby is conceived map tell a father or mother a little further if they decide to murder that baby, but I really am going all the way police stand before a holy God who says thou shall not commit a hopefully a holy God that says flee fornication rent.

We are in a terrible situation. What has brought about this crisis in America number one on a diet of deception member to a web of wickedness number three the trashing of proof the trashing.

The trashing of truth in verse 12 for our transgressions are multiplied before they are sins testify against us for transgressions are with us. And as for iniquities we know them in transgressing and lying against the Lord and departing away from our God speaking or pressuring an revolt conceiving and uttering from the heart. Words of Paul to know what's this judgment is turned away backward and justice stand far off. Why has judgment been turned away backward. Why does justice wait in the wings.

Here is for proof is falling in the street and equity cannot enter you a proof payment and he that departed from evil make them suffer. Pray that is when you stand up and speak against. If you become the bad guy when you call for justice when you call for proof you become the guy in the black hat but notice what he says he says is a traffic jam justice, equity cannot come through the streets because proof is falling and all of the traffic is backed up because proof is fallen in the streets. What caused the fall notice. Truth is not dead.

There's a traffic jam, justice and equity cannot enter is not the truth is nonexistent.

You can ever murder proof it is not that truth is dead. Truth will not die but truth has some truth is lying prostrate on the ground.

Why where she's been knocked down in America by doctors of philosophy. She then tripped up in America by dishonest politicians, and she is been chloroform by liberal preachers and she's lying there in the street that I say with all of the unction functioning and emotion of my soul. God help me to say it the job in America today is to put truth back on her feet and I really believe there is not a lot wrong in America that could not be put right quickly dramatically across America in the pulpits of America this Sunday and every Sunday. I generation of preachers would open the book approved and preach, thus saith the Lord God Almighty without fear or favor. We're in a situation today that is a crisis. Why did God write a Bible calls that Bible the word of truth. Why did God send the Holy Spirit.

He calls the Holy Spirit. The spirit of true. How does God describe himself. He described himself as the true Jesus. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. What is the church. The church is called the pillar and the ground of true apostle John said I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in the truth we can get facts from the Internet. There's a difference between facts and proof knowledge may double truth will never double. There is in eternal proof, proof is what food is to your body light is to you eyes and melody is two years now you know what most of us want to do most of us will be stepping out snake eggs most of us want to be sweeping down spiders web's but Fran you stamp out a snack day just more snakes you sweep down the spiders web. You've done it before it back the next morning is we need something that will slay the snake and destroy the spider that is proof that is true only truth, only truth can keep this data circuit from spawning mosaics true can keep that spider from leaving those sticky webs.

We need to lift up truth in America today, put proof on her feet.

I will call upon you. Every believer to rededicate himself to the crew parents teach the children to live the truth love the truth to tell the truth to know the truth believe the truth Jesus that sanctify them through thy word by word is true proverb 23 verse 23 by the truth and sell it. Not by and said there is a prize to possess. It is true there is a price to pay. You must buy the truth, you must study all over it, learn it, let it know and you must preserve the truth. Don't let anybody take the truth from you by truth is in God's word merely Christians did not argue over the Bible.

They loved it. They believe it.

They expounded they ported for as white-hot law. One by one person by person family by family city by city, church by church. We got to take America back got to take America back. My heart is broken over snake eggs, spiderwebs and traffic jams. What about you you right with God you think is somebody else's problem that your home what about your business relationships and even feeding on snake eggs some right now wrapped up in spiders wins only one thing that will set you free. Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

I want take the truth is today that God loves you. The truth is today that Jesus Christ died for you. He carried your sins to the cross and with his blood. He paid you send it.

The truth is that he walked out of that grave and he has ascended the high hills of glory.

The truth is that one day soon and very soon I hope he's coming again, and the truth is, if you will believe on him and trust him. He will save you. I promise you on the authority of the word God, and not only will he save praise his holy name. He will satisfy what you're longing for you will never find you find in the Lord Jesus not only will he save you and satisfy you heal sanctifying he'll begin to make you more and more and more and more and more like him.

When you come to Jesus you not going to sprout wings and get a halo right away you have to grow, but this saving Jesus is the satisfying sanctifying Jesus, not a something he will secure you keep your key is not a matter of you holding only him. He will hold you if you truly really given your heart in your life you know if I can give my heart to Jesus for you today. I would, but I cannot. I priest as best I know how the Lord sent me here to tell you today that he loved and he invites you to give your heart to your home to him once and for all.

Now just say Lord Jesus to minimize forgive my sins and cleanse me and save orgies if you prayed that simple prayer from your heart. Today, I encourage you to go to our website. We have more encouragement for you and answers to questions you might have. As you surrender your life fully to Jesus Christ. Let us know about your decision. Would love to rejoice with you. Just go to and click discovered Jesus at the top of the page again and click the tab discovered Jesus.

Let us hear from thank you for studying God's word with us. Remember, these convicting words from Adrian Rogers that job in America today is to put truth Stanford truth and join us next time. For more timeless right online

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