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Ghosts That Haunt Us Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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September 24, 2020 8:00 am

Ghosts That Haunt Us Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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September 24, 2020 8:00 am

In Job 8:8, Job’s friends respond to his suffering with an urge to appeal to look for answers from the philosophers of yesterday. Likewise, this world has been shaped, molded, and skewed by a few philosophers of yesterday. In this message, Adrian Rogers relays the deeper evil of the theories given from five ghosts that haunt us, even to this day.


There are ghosts from history that still want to listen to Adrian Rogers to find out why you have basically shape and what is going on him America today, you need to know this and your children need to know your children to grow your grandchildren. Make a note to the love featuring powerful biblical messages of pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers. Sometimes when you go through hard times make sense of the confusion so we can often turn to man-made philosophy for comfort.

Job's friends urged him to do when Job's life fell apart. His friends urged him to look for answers in the philosophers of yesterday.

You know what this world.

Our world today is been shaped molded and skewed by few philosophers. There's a deeper evil to their theories than what meets the eye. If you're not careful you just might believe them.

If you have your Bible turn out of Job chapter 8 as Adrian Rogers exposes the five ghosts that haunt us, even to this day.

Here's Pastor Rogers you know that we are in crisis no longer in America do we believe an absolute true go back to.

That began in 1962 through 1982. You will find out that the courts and 20 is reversed. The principal one nation under God and the principle of American history in 1962 in a court case Engel versus Vitale, the Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black rule that voluntary prayer in public schools was unconstitutional.

That's 1960 Reinhart upon that in 1963. The shift decision, and Justice Thomas Clark set in motion the dismantling of classroom Bible reading. Then came 1980 and the posting of the 10 Commandments was declared unconstitutional. Then came 1982 and the courts prohibited the teaching of creationism. Let men, boys and go were created by Almighty God, as it took them to expel God from the public skills and tell him not to come back. Now what has been the result of well presently children need parental permission that any medication given to them. Even an aspirin in many skills but aided by high school counselors.

They may have an abortion without parental notification, a high school student can be aided by high school teachers to have an abortion and kill a baby with serious problems in American in serious times there has been a systematic hello to explain those things that you and I hold dear and that we believe on the foundation of this nation and as a result a week. We see values clarification being put into we see value neutral sex education put in the schools we see the dispensing of birth control devices and condoms in public schools. We see abortion counseling without parental notification or approval.

We see homosexuality being introduced in textbooks as an acceptable lifestyle. This happened what has happened to America.

We lost the Christian worldview that we once had was a man named Roger friend Roger friend is a quad scholar and he has given us an overview.

I'm going to try to encapsulate it and squeeze it down a little bit and remember what Job was told by Bildad he said is I pray the inquire of the former age and prepare myself to the search of their follows. It was to get Job to appeal to the philosophers of yesterday who are some of the philosophers of yesterday that have so skewed the American thinking today. It's amazing thing.

If you find out what happened in the 1800s. In the 19th century you find out that there are five men who have basically shaped and molded what is going on in America today and I don't check me out. Even though these names sound strange, you need to know this and your children need to know. And if your children are growing your grandchildren need to know it.

The first was a man named George Frederick Hagel HEGE all.

He lived in the 1820s and he was a philosopher now for 1500 years people have accepted without question the fact that moral absolutes that was right and wrong was wrong. Universal everywhere, murder was thought to be wrong everywhere Beltway was thought to be wrong and if it were not thought to be wrong.

It was only an aberration. The consensus was, there is a fixed standard of right and wrong when Hagel came along and he rejected Morrow absolutes. He had what he called a dialectic theory dialectic schism is just simply an argument. He had a a reasoned argument, a dialectic theory and what was his dialectic. You heard it. I suppose if you studied philosophy and I will give it to you in shorthand, but he said all history is made up of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Thesis is an idea proposition that people believe to be true and they hold that idea until somebody comes along with an opposing idea and anti-thesis are in antithesis and so these get into a battle he thesis and antithesis, and they begin the battle back and forth until both of them give a little and they meet somewhere in the law. One or the other way is, and you come to a synthesis which is a thesis antithesis coming together and that synthesis becomes the new thesis that becomes the noose accepted model program and Hagel said therefore there are no Morrow absolutes that he's not talking about biological evolution. He's talking about philosophical and social evolution that society is always in a flock's it's always moving and there is no fixed standard of right and wrong. Now folks, if you were to ask our high schools today. How many of you students believe that there is a fixed standard of right and wrong you would be shown if you would ask our colleges how many believe that you would be shocked at what people say America today what is right for you may not be right for me. You will hear that over and over again.

And so what Hagel said was ideas come under the heading of the survival of the strongest strongest idea wins and therefore history is evolutionary and there can be no absolutes. One professor was teaching. This may say there's nothing that you can say is absolute by student, lifted his hand and said Prof. are you sure about that. He said absolutely. Now, after Hagel in the 1820s. They came along another man in the 1830s.

This man's name was Piermont EU ERV ACH there was another German philosopher and you see one of these things begins to build upon other gearboxes. If there are no absolutes. Hagel is right and accepted that I was right there can be no God. Because if there is a God and that God would have absolute proof. As we said that can be no God, and he said man creates the idea of God that man is not made in the image of God but God is in the imagination of man that all of this Morrow flux. This, no absolutes causes a deep insecurity in the heart and mind of man. So farebox said that God is created in the imagination of man. That man just simply invents God. I will quote from him and I want you to hear what he pompously stated he said what will Christianity has in fact the long vanished not only from reason, but from the life of mankind is nothing more than a fixed idea. Now we haunted by that goes today and absolutely that's called humanism.

That humanism sounds so much like humanitarianism, but there is a vast difference between humanism and humanitarianism.

Humanitarianism means we love one another. We care for one another and we love the human species that God has made man, but humanism makes man the center and the circumference the sum total of everything, has no room for God. It is a fine sounding name but it is atheism just simply wearing another coat what you have. First of all, you have Hagel and his daily and hogwash and then right after that you have farebox bills on my to see how these philosophers, one will build upon another, and so the third person that the living haunted today by is Carl Marx not Karl Marx built on the work of Hagel and he built on the work of Caremark and he said now if this is true if there are no absolutes, and therefore there is no God. What is the future and the purpose of mankind, where are we going as a result of that. Karl Marx wrote the Communist manifesto in 1848 and he took Hagel's dialectic argument and he called it dialectical materialism.

Another word for communism. And so what he believed was that capitalism, the right to own property and the right to be productive for yourself was wrong that he said is the thesis, the antithesis is the desire for equity and fairness in the hearts and minds of the working people and he said if you take that thesis and that antithesis it will come to a synthesis which will be socialism or communism. That's Marxism that's a Galeon philosophy and the ideas of your bought put together because communism is godless is not just another form of economy is unspeakably Morrow because it does not recognize the worth and dignity of the individual.

The individual is nothing and so Mark said that the way to settle this about is a revolution and he said it doesn't matter if they are suffering. He believed that there must be violent change. He said that we must be like a foreign body within the existing system that will accelerate its death and sold millions and millions and millions were put to death under godless communism. 40 to 50 million were executed.

Why because there is no God. If there is no God, there is no fixed standard of right and wrong and therefore we as human beings. All we have is materialism and what we've got to do is to somehow bring in a humanness godless utopia and revolution was necessary, and here's what Mark said the suffering and sacrifice of violent change constitutes the price that mankind has to pay to have any essential progress at all. So I said we will change we want, while I don't think communism is dead, not bidding to his dying there but is not bad. There is not dead in red China you know where it has the most life, goes not to you in the universities of America today.

The Russians want to get rid of their old textbooks rap women universities over here. I believe that would Bible that is Marxism Leninism that is infecting affecting American life today is the fourth of these men that has skewed the world.

His name is Charles Darwin, Charles Darwin wrote the origin of the species. In 1859 and the descent of man. In 1871 he came to the conclusion that man is the product of evolution.

If there is no God make amino fixed data right and wrong, and if there is no God and how do we get here. How do we explain our existence.

Well, evolution is not a science.

It is a philosophy. It is the next best guess of the mind that cannot accept divine creation.

And so what he did know he went on to write that we ourselves are the product of mere chance that we as human beings cannot escape the evolutionary where so another philosopher a later own describe what Darwin called us with this single argument, the mystery of the universe is explained, the deity is on the whole, and a new era of infinite knowledge is ushered in, and from that time a man is been endeavoring to make a monkey of himself. Thanks to Charles Darwin and those who believe now the fifth of these five men that haunt us today is a man named Sigmund Freud, Sigmund Freud lived from 1856 to this entry, 1939 he was the one who put the final bowl the whole thing put the final touches to the evolutionary model now dear Mark said that we created the idea of God because of the insecurities that Hagel brought about by saying no absolutes. But Freud said where we get the idea of God, what time would God do we conjure up. He said we get the idea. Our idea of God comes to us from our childhood fall and we conceive of God likely would conceive of our childhood father when we were children and so he was the father of psychoanalysis. He taught that mankind is motivated chiefly by pleasure. Specifically my sexual pleasure and eroticism to Freud.

Almost everything begins and ends with sex and so he felt that if mankind is repressed by society. In his erotic on her erotic urges are there erotic origins. If people all failed to be allowed to fulfill their sexual and erotic desires. They may get a neurosis so that's the reason to see what we see the perversion fulfill the debauchery that we see in society today that roots back to the extreme permissiveness that came out of Freudian psychology and you see it in raising children which motivate not to repressed children.

I mean after all, you don't want to balloon thing my dad warned me, and if Throckmorton wants to cut the legs off the dining room table. You keep the saw sharp so won't frustrate the luthier and that is the idea that we have today and Freudian psychology know what happened when these five men brought these philosophies in the 19th century. It took less than 100 years for them to come and fruition in this century. In 1924. A man was a student of Hagel gearbox, a man who was a student of Karl Marx had a name Adolf Hitler. He thought that he had a better idea, however, than Marx's idea was Nazism, and so he wrote Mein Kampf. Let me quote what Adolf Hitler had to say no more than nature desires the meeting a week or with stronger individuals that you see the survival of the fittest with When there no more than nature desires the meeting of the weaker was stronger. Individuals even last she desire the blending of the higher and lower rates.

Hitler was the original racist you need to know that since if she did her homework of firebreathing over perhaps hundreds of thousands of years might be rooming with one blow. All great cultures of the past parish only because the originally created race died from blood poisoning that is intermarried. The man creates the culture must be preserved. Preservation is bound up with the rigid law of necessity and the right to victory of the best and the strongest in this world is just another way of saying the survival of the fittest. Then Hitler said, those who want to live, let them find and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle not deserve to even if this is hard this is how it is that led to the gas ovens that you say will be gas ovens were terrible. What about the abortion business in America today.

What about the grisly business today of taking little babies who are the weakest of all Christians.

And because there week because they cannot defend themselves. They can be liquidated. What Hitler's argument for the extermination of Jews whiles he reclassified them as non-Christians. Below are we doing to the little babies. Today we are reclassifying them as non-Christians and you imagine a Nazi saying well or somebody saying about the Nazis. Well I personally am against the cremation of human beings. But what one does in his own personal gas chambers. His business for choice now this is the idea of survival of the strongest but is only a step now to the doctors. I believe my new generation of doctors babies to death in the womb will and he paid for will with a needle in a syringe help some of us to get out of the way in this crowded world because is just what we call the survival of the fittest. These ideas folks have been around for a long time. Actually they were born in the pit of hell where there was a resurgence of these kind of ideas in the last century and now we sold the land and we are reaping the whirlwind mouth focus my discourage. No, not a one Bible says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down strongholds and God has given us kingdom authority. Jesus says behold I give you authority over all the power of the enemy beautiful. One thing that they do not have is proof.

One day the only thing they don't have. They don't have the Holy Spirit is what we need to do is to take the word of truth in the spirit of proof and hold of the Christ of proof we need to get out of it with both feet, but a is a show we need to know who we are what we believe and why we believe it and I tell you friend that we don't have to be ashamed of what we believe they are good answers to these things in the Bible says we are be ready always to give an answer to those who ask us of these things and I am convinced is not a lot wrong in America that could not be changed radically and thickly if we had a generation of preachers across this land would stand in the pulpits of God anointed with the Holy Spirit and a heart full of love from a pure life who would preach and teach glass, saith the Lord, let it start in my heart. Let us start in your heart. Let us start in church and let stand up and speak out. While God gives us a voice amen was break. Father I pray now that you will help us Lord not to be discouraged not to be alarmed, but on the other hand, dear Lord, to be sensitized and awaken and Lord energize help us Lord not to go.

Just COME help us to know what we believe and why we believe it and then to teach it in the anointing and the power of the Holy Ghost.

Her eyes are upon you to make way for us and for little ones in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen man as you listen today.

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