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How to Be Absolutely Sure | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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August 5, 2020 8:00 am

How to Be Absolutely Sure | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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August 5, 2020 8:00 am

Adrian Rogers says, “We do not live by explanations; we live by promises.” One of God’s great promises is the assurance of our salvation. In this message, Adrian Rogers studies 1 John 5 to reveal the basis for our belief, and how to be absolutely sure of our salvation in Jesus Christ.

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Rollover funding Studios in Memphis Tennessee. I'm Byron Tyler here with the CEO carry volunteering today. Adrian Rogers looks at how to be absolutely sure of our salvation. One of the best booklets he wrote was a no so salvation how do you know right. My grandmother used to say to know that you know that you know that you know that Christ as your Savior.

You don't mean the followers of Jesus Christ look for their assurance of salvation carry in the wrong places tend to find their assurance of salvation and things like what God is doing in their lives in their spiritual growth and the good works in their obedience to God's word mean these are all really really good things, but that's not what our assurance of salvation should be based on. It should be based upon the rock solid assurance of God's word. Amen. And I think many times we base it upon a failing how we feel. Yeah how do we film Thursday had a refill on Monday and I think that's not the case. It is at one time I was running to sin and now by God's grace. I'm running away from sin, labor salvation, yet he reminds me Adrian Rogers said one time that God's work of salvation is in the deepest part of man and our feelings are the shallowest parts of these knocking to do his deepest work in the shallows part of our being correct, correct, and I think repentance is the turning point. It's it's it's the linchpin right is the turn we say there is none righteous, no not one for all of Santa comes with the glory of God in the realization that we need a Savior. And then God begins to work. Will we always love hearing from our love refining listeners whether it be on the website. If you write it and you send us an email. We have a Facebook listener that says Adrian Rogers has a unique way of making you feel he is right with you making excellent illustrations as power points to connect the dots so that you can understand there's nobody to good that they may not be saved, and nobody too bad that they can't be saved and that was the message of Adrian Rogers were careless reminder friends to that our annual Ministry report is available on our website. Yeah, go to in there. You have many resources materials at your fingertips, but also our annual Ministry report you want to read that digest that and be a part of what were doing a lower funding.

Tuesday nights are really special for you and I love Tuesday nights I have my dinner here and we come to the studio and we do conversations that matter and we've had some wonderful speakers of the last 23 months. God is used, it is busted and here's the neat thing this what you love Byron. We've had two or three people each night, prayed to receive Christ. Yes, that is so exciting that's really the bottom line we want to do. We want to connect with viewers not only in our local area, but because it's on the World Wide Web. This is all over the world. We've had viewers from South Korea from parts of Africa, the Middle East is always exciting to see people respond to the message of Jesus Christ is our guest pastors and some of her seminary professors. Many of them have had personal relationships with Adrian Rogers and I think that's the key outing things man, whether they are leaving their church or organization or seminary. They know the word of God.

They preach the word of God. They stand upon the word of God but also they have an admiration for the life and ministry of Adrian Rogers where we want you to know absolutely sure of your salvation with that message now here's Adrian Rogers and all God does not owe us explanations they would do us any good anyway because if he explain we are still would understand that Alaskans explain that would be like asking Einstein to explain something to your dog. I didn't understand the ways of God's ways are above our ways we trust and obey. We do not live by explanations we live by promises. A man and one of the great promises, however, is that we can know that we know that we know that we are saved heaven born in heaven bound and if you are not saved you need to be saved so you can know it. And if you are say you all to know it. Somebody said if you could be saved and not know what you could lose it not miss it. The truth of the matter is that you can know beyond a shadow of any doubt that you are say the only two classes in the world that we divide people by upper-class middle-class lower-class but God doesn't do that. The only two classes the saved and the laws. The saints and the aims and you are in one category are you are in another way to say well I'm not entirely say pastor Rogers no nobodies have saved to be half saved is to be altogether entirely lost. Either you are say are you are lost when you say only God didn't say who say you're right about that, and that's what we don't talk about today. Find out what God says what God says that you can say what God says and you miss you.

Now let's see what God says. First John chapter 5 verse five is he that overcomes the world. But he that believe that Jesus is the son of God.

This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ not by water only, but by water and blood and it is the spirit that bears witness because the Spirit is truth for their three that bear record in heaven, the father of the word, and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth the spirit and the water in the mud and these three agree in one if we receive the witness of men. The witness of God is greater for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his son. He that believe on the son of God hath the witness himself, he that believe is not, God has made him a liar because he believed not the record that God gave his son and this is the record that God has given to us eternal life, and this life is in his son. He that hath the son hath life, and he that hath not the son of God hath not life. Now here's the climactic verse, verse 13. These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the son of God, that she may know K NOW that you made no that he had either eternal life and that you may believe on the name of the son of God and our Christian schools are we mere sentimentalists audit.

We have a basis for our belief now the Gospel of John was written to tell us how to be saved. And this first John was written of the epistle of John to tell us how to know that we save if you take your Gospel of John, when you get home sometime and read circle the word no candle that you just circle maybe take a red pen and just start by the way don't mind writing in your Bible when you wear it out. Get a new and amen just the right circle at if you have a Bible falling apart to have a life it's not falling apart.

Just circle and every time you find the word K NOW know just circle it and you will find that over 40 in these five chapters he uses the word so it is the gospel of certainty. It is not a hope. So, maybe so. It is a know so salvation and he says these things. Verse 13 a by written of you that believe on the name of the son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life would be wonderful for you to say praise God I'm no that I know that I'm that no matter what happens I am heaven born and I am heaven bound.

Now there's another keyword and it is used some 10 times in these verses that I just read to you. First John chapter 5 verses five through 13, and that keyword is the same word is translated in different ways. It is translated witness record testimony and testify. It's the same word that is just translated different ways.

So God is giving us a witness so we can know is giving us a testimony so that we can know and that's what we could be talking about today.

The source of our certainty the basis of our belief and remember we told you that a threefold cord is not easily broken. We told you three ways that you could test all spirit. Now we go to tell you today three ways that you can know you can know K NOW that you are saved and that you're on the way to heaven, and that you can be absolutely sure about the first way that is the certainty that comes from the atoning work of Christ. Write down the atoning work of Christ, the atoning work of Christ. Now how does uncertainty come will look at the wedding verse six. This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ not by water only, but by water and let me what is this what Jesus Christ did rename Hannah said that he came by water and live what is the meaning of what is the meaning of water and blood, but in a margin John that is. This time the gospel of John. John chapter 19 verses 33 and 34, the setting for this verse is that Jesus Christ is on the cross he is dying in agony and blot upon that cross and the Roman soldiers in order to make certain that those who had been crucified were dead, which is one of them dead before the Sabbath. They were coming along to break the legs of those have been crucified to hasten their but when they came to Jesus, he was already dead. Now listen to the Scripture.

John 19 verses 33 and 34 but when it came to Jesus and saw that he was dead already.

They break not his legs but one of the soldiers with a spear pierced the side and forth with came out below and out of the wounded side of the Lord Jesus report out blood and now the apostle John tells us over here in the epistle that we're reading first John chapter 5 in verse six. This is he that came by water and glad even Jesus cries that pericardial pleural fluid that encases the heart is a watery substance because it's the heart that pumps the blood, but sometimes in great duress medical people tell us that plasma it separates and that fluid is there around the heart that pleural fluid that shows something of the agony that Jesus had you see, why did Jesus die first in the thieves not the other two they broke their legs. They did need to break Jesus legs why because Jesus died of a broken Jesus literally died of a broken heart.

There was no agony like the agony of Jesus. You cannot understand the pressure that was upon the Lord Jesus. Jesus died in agony.

The eternities were compressed upon the Lord Jesus the sins of the world were distilled upon the Lord Jesus. He died of a broken heart and when that soldier took that spear and rammed it into the side of the Lord Jesus. There report out water and blood that's the meaning of John speaking water and blood, but what is the message of we see it is the blood that cleanses from sin is the blood that removes the penalty of sin. The wages of sin is death, and without shedding of blood there is no remission and Jesus took my sin in your sin, to the cross and with his blood. He paid sin's penalty. There's also the water.

The water speaks of that which continues to cleanse his speaks not only of salvation but sanctification. Remember in the gospel of John chapter 1 the Bible says and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The word is Jesus the Lagasse was made flesh and dwelt among us.

The word dwelt as the word tabernacle Jesus tabernacle among us. Did you know that in the Old Testament, God had a tabernacle and that tabernacle in the Old Testament was a prophecy of Jesus and had you grown into that tabernacle to worship. First of all, there would've been a brazen altar and that's where the blood would've been shed that spoke of the blood of Jesus and then right past that altar you would come to great basin called a leave.

The blot is here the altar, but at the laborers water and so they would come first of all, through the blood to the blood deals with the penalty of sin, the water deals with the pollution Jesus tabernacle among us. Jesus came by blood and water is significant that when they put that spear, and assign out came blood and water. What does that have to do with the assurance of my salvation friend. My hope is built on nothing less, than the blood in the water and you know we sing that song rock of ages ever thought about that phrase that you son so many times side which we see the double cure say from Ryan and make me feel as the water and the blood he saved from wrath. He makes us feel.

I wouldn't give half a hallelujah of your hope of heaven. Apart from the water and the blood apart from the death of the Lord Jesus Christ upon that. That's the solid rock on which we stand. That's the first court in our threefold cord that gives us assurance. There is certainty from the atoning work of Christ, did you write that down. I now write this down. There is certainty from the abiding witness of the Spirit, the atoning work of the son, the abiding witness of the Spirit now continue to read the last part of verse six and it is the spirit that bears witness because the Spirit is truth for their three that bear record in heaven. The father in the Word and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth the spirit and the water and the blood that you see where the spirit takes the water and the blood, the Holy Spirit, to bear witness and these three agree in one not notice John's argument here is in that word if can be translated sin since we received the witness of men. The witness of God is greater for this is the witness of God which he has testified of his son. He that believe it on the son of God hath the witness in himself.

Now that is the abiding witness. You see, you have the atoning work, but the Holy Spirit takes the atoning work and he testifies he gives witness to you. Only in side now limited how the Holy Spirit of God witnesses.

This is the way that you can know that you have this blessed assurance. First of all the Holy Spirit witnesses to us. That is, before we even save the Holy Spirit is telling us about Jesus. Notice again if you will. Verse six and this is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ not by water only, but by water and blood using labor and how I know that's true. Just because you say it no less a business witness. Do you think that I'm out here trying to persuade you of something you see it is the Holy Spirit of God that will tell you whether this is true whether snow is the spirit that bears witness because the spirit is true, what is the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Jesus and he will take the things of mine and he will show them you notice what he says in verse nine if we received the witness amend the witness of God is greater you believe man you receive the witness of men all the time you got the rest you trust people the things more faith everyday here sitting in this building you trusted the engineers that they get this roof not falling often thought about going airplane to fly overseas. He said that you never seen that platitude never matting you never examine that airplane. He cracks that throttle open fly you all way across that I say you go to the doctor.

He writes a prescription, neither he nor the pharmacist can read that man goes back then takes all my stuff on the shelf and mixer something up and you take this and we receive the witness of men everyday. Don't show is it was difficult to live by faith. You live by faith everyday of your life and you put your faith into man, whose breath is in the nostril.

We received the witness of witness of God is greater. Men can law the Holy Spirit is true and so first of all the Holy Spirit witnesses to us. That's a reason why never move when a man says well I can't believe he's a liar. If you want to believe the Holy Spirit will enable you to believe. Jesus did not say you cannot come in the me, Jesus said he will not come in to meet you see it is because the Holy Spirit of God.

When the word of God is preached Holy Spirit of God. Witnesses with wire. First of all, he witnesses to you and that not only does he witness to you. Then he witnesses and you look in the last part of verse 10. If you will, are the first party that leaves on the son of God hath the witness in himself. Now when he witnesses to you and you receive Christ when he comes in to you and you have the witness in you now suppose brother Bob and brother Jim are arguing with me about apple pie and I have an apple pie over here and I just eaten a big slice of it and Jim says I don't believe there is any apple pie that doesn't even exist. And Bob says well I believe it exists but is no good and Adrian is over here, having wrapped himself around a piece of apple pie that you think those two guys are going to disturb me. I have the witness and myself. I have the witness in myself and that is the reason that a Christian with an experience is never at the mercy of an infidel with an argument. Is he he witnesses to you and then he witnesses and you is a reason bodices taste and see that the Lord is good.

One way to find out with apple pies good and not as the taste and see that you say will bring up a real question. Adrian, what is the witness of the Holy Spirit. And I want to be very careful. The witness of the Holy Spirit is not an emotional feeling that you don't get this you on this whole thing most people think that the witness of the Holy Spirit is some emotional feeling goosebumps liver shivers because I know I'm safe because I feel it whole boy then your assurance of your salvation going to go up and down with the condition of your liver. If you live by motions you're going to be on a roller coaster. No no no no witness of the Spirit is far deeper than a motion how does God know anything. Does he know something because somebody tells does he know something because he has learned that you know something because he feels it no spiritual knowledge goes beyond those things now, but frankly, I'm not really an emotional person so that when I preach I get emotional when a breach but are more emotional in a breach than other times.

Sometimes choices they make. They want to get excited like you doing a breach. I don't get all that high.

I will get all that low. I can't take credit for that one where the other is just a way on wire that is my psychology, I'd be that way if I will not say that's my emotional band I don't get all that high. I don't get all that low. I'm more in an hour man. Now the assurance of your salvation can show up in your emotions. You know when it dawns on you that you know that you're saying you may get very excited about nothing wrong with the emotions I find that is not the witness of the Spirit. Your emotions may play on the witness of the Spirit is a pastor than what is the witness of the Spirit. Explain, you don't you receive. You don't explain.

You see, powerful word. As we end today's lesson and will hear part two of this insightful message coming up tomorrow on love worth finding but if you have questions about who Jesus is what he means to you. Please go to our discovered Jesus to find resources and materials that can encourage you and answer questions you may have about your faith again go to and click discovered Jesus at the top of the page.

Thanks for studying in God's word with us today to come to a close.

Remember these timely words from Adrian Rogers.

We do not live by explanations promises cling to the word of God and be sure to join us tomorrow to how to be absolutely sure right on love worth

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