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How to Pray for Our Daily Bread | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 24, 2020 8:00 am

How to Pray for Our Daily Bread | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 24, 2020 8:00 am

Jesus’s model prayer in Matthew 6 teaches us how to pray for our daily bread. In this message, Adrian Rogers gives four steps to follow as we pray for our daily needs.

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What happens after you pray for your daily provision using real Rogers. You must exercise personal prayer is not a substitute for it is not a substitute for a few. Pray for Brad you are you saying man and welcome to find yesterday's broadcast pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers began a dynamic message how to pray for our daily bread. We learned that we must first prioritize God's honor and his kingdom surrendering to him in reference then write only for what we need day-to-day practicing daily reliance on him.

What's next. As we just heard is to exercise personal performance.

We show our faith doing something. James 226 says faith without works is dead and what is the final step to praying for our daily bread. If you have your Bible will be in Matthew chapter 6 beginning in verse nine. Once again, here's Adrian Rogers. Today God delights to meet your me all to meet your me. It is really a dishonor to the heavenly father if he does not meet the needs of his children. Verse 11 teaches us to pray for our daily bread but rather symbolic of any need that you may have. Of course it is achieved me because we must have bread in order to live. I give you four steps, teaching you how to pray for your need to have your name at how to pray for daily bread. Number one big claimant straight. You must establish a proper priority may have.

You must establish a proper priority noticed a priority in this prayer look again in verse nine.

After this matter. Pray ER father which art in heaven how would be to find name by kingdom come, thy will be done BC that by name by kingdom by will, and then notice how the prayer changes in verse 11. Our bread continuing our dance our temptations.

First of all there is. God's name God's kingdom, God's will. And then I need that you don't get that priority straight. You will never have power in prayer. Not only should you establish a proper priority, but then you must express your prayerful petition you asked God you see Jesus taught us to ask Jesus taught us to pray this way. Give us this day our daily bread. May I tell you why some people don't have my needs met Beto Lance. It's that simple. They don't ask your Matthew six Matthew seven look in verse 11 if ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him look in verse nine. What man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone give us some bad way some bread when you establish the priority express the petition you just simply say Lord I have a need to know what James said.

The apostle James James chapter 4 in verse two that many people have not because they ask no they don't have because they don't pass. Listen Fran. There is no need to small there's no need to be what ever you need.

You seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and God delights to meet you in the piece is ask of me and I will answer the I took my wife Joyce and with the Moscow I thought about Moscow and Russia. There I preached along with Josh McDowell and Bill Bright in Red Square that was erected in Red Square, a $30,000 soundstage, a choir of hundreds of people from across America and some from the former Soviet Union settlement platform and here was a service that was telecast nationwide presenting the Lord Jesus Christ. During the Orthodox Easter that night Josh McDowell and I were to share the platform. There was a concert with cradle God give us good weather because it had been snowing often own all that we and sometimes snow mixed with rain and it was an outside concert at 7 o'clock when the concert was to begin. Thousands had gathered at the foot of that state. We were going to have a musical concert and then present the Lord Jesus Christ would be my joy to tell people how to know Christ. How to be save these former Soviets couldn't talk.

There is no God to tell them embrace the glorious gospel of Christ and months and months of preparation.

It going to do this requires had practice we preachers had prayed, the stage was set. The people were gathered again during the rain started coming down. I was with Bill Bright in a trailer that had been parked near to the stage and we were there praying someone came in the door, brushing the rain off and said the concert has been canceled.

Bill Bryson will they can't cancel the concert. He said oh yes, the rain has caused the concert to be canceled.

They had a great grand piano on the stage very expensive instrument. The contract said if it begins to rain. The piano must be covered. That was in the contract very expensive instrument. We can have a concert without a PM. The sound people said we cannot have all these wires running everywhere. This mammoth soundstage. All of this, electrical equipment with the reigning somebody might get electrocuted. The concert is canceled. Bill Bright went to the platform. He said no. They said we pray too much or too many souls at state.

The concert cannot be canceled.

The man in charge said will give it 10 minutes but doesn't stop reigning in 10 minutes. The concert will be canceled.

The skies absolutely great.

The rain coming down. We have this on film a little group of leaders there got underneath the scaffolding and they begin to pray Lord, let the concert go on Lord stop the rain more, they lifted their face to have an inlet rain and begin to sing this stop the rain, Lord, stop the rain stop reigning Lord stop the rain. I'm here to testify to you and 9 1/2 minutes it looked like God just wiped his hands across that sky. It God is blue as if you painted it with a brush and 9 1/2 minutes. The concert went on I stood and preached and gave invitation and thousands lifted the hands. They were coming to Christ, you can tell me that that was just a coincidence. It wouldn't happen anyway.

You believe it your way.

I'll believe it my way, but friend I want to tell you that I believe that there is a God in the heaven, who answers the prayer of God's people, whether it be a small thing. If it concerns you. It concerns him whether it's controlling the weather in Moscow. There is a God that rains in the heavens, and many times we have not because we ask not.

Not only must you establish a proper priority. Not only must you express a prayerful petition but also you must exercise a personal performance.

This is very important.

Prayer is not a substitute for work.

It is not a substitute for diligence. If you pray for bread. You know why you say amen you work for Gibson versus somebody says well I'm not going to work God just feeds the files of the air, but it does feed the files of the chapter 6 if you will, in verse 26 look at it behold a thousand. There they so not, neither do they reap my gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much better than they do say will, God feeds the birds been God feed me well that's true.

But how does God feed the birds as God throwing the nest know they get out of scratch for.

How is God going to feed you. You want God to give you bread for Gibson versus Genesis chapter 3 verse 19 in the sweat of my face shalt thou eat bread there's another verse second Thessalonians 3 verse 10 for even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat is that cruel is not true as Bible, Proverbs 21st for the sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold therefore shall he bag and harvest and have nothing too lazy to plow but you will have anything to eat. Proverbs 28 verse 19 he that utilities land shall have plenty of bread, but he that follows that the vain person shall have poverty enough, there's a priority. There is a petition there's also performance when you ask God for anything. You just sit back and do nothing and say well I show my faith by doing nothing to the contrary, you will show your faith by doing something for faith without works is one bed is the proof of your faith. You want a house. Pray for men.

Say amen with a hammer and saw your wife pray for one then go shave and put on some cologne.

Learn some manners, how to be thoughtful. Gliadel Moody.

He was a milligram of his day, but it was Midway's non-lettermen full of a lot of wisdom and money was asked to pray for the health of this preacher a fellow preacher pray for Brother so and so he say what Moody said I will not pray for why Mr. Moody why want to pray for. He said because he does 10 days working five and eats everything in sight. That is why should I pray for him to have health when he himself will not even practice the very rudiments of hell you're asking God to give you carte blanche to do whatever you want will be lazy to be indolent to be selfish to be indulgent and then just say, dear God, just for prayer counteract all that know God doesn't do that brand again.

The Bible says you pray for Brandon.

I will give you bread God says, but he also says of a man will not work, neither should he, and so there is a performance that we are to exercise exercise, a proper performance.

Enjoy a present probation.

I noticed the prayer. Give us this day our daily bran, not tomorrow. Just today, just today hello Lord help me to enjoy what you give me today whether it be little whether be much I know how to abase.

I know how to abound, I learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

One of the wisest things I've ever read was written by philosopher who said this to whom little is not enough.

Nothing is enough that get him to whom little is not enough. Nothing is enough. If you not learn whatsoever state.

You are to be content you will never be content being content with a little and don't worry about tomorrow. Give us this day our daily bread.

Having there with food and clothing.

The Bible says let us be content but I know what I want. I know what you want, I will bad enough that I don't have to depend on God. I think I know will have to conduct I will have some money in the bank. You know what I want to have something there so that when Tamara, then I don't have to about what we want.

We call that security question.

Is that really security is more secure. The man who has a warehouse full of stale bread while the man whose father is a rich baker which Interplay warehouse for bread that the rats can get that the fees can get by just have a father who was a very, very rich baker say our father give us this day our daily bread. We will have it all up. You know the Bible says don't trust in uncertain riches that can take wings say money talks. Arthritis is goodbye, I know this day our daily bread manual trolleys would run with an arm up there and that arm would be attached to electric wire and the powerful.

That probably comes from that. Why this way the trolley runs all the way. The end of the line, it just keeps his arm up connected that power up there is not a mobile run well on the mobile has a gasoline tank so the automobile pulls into the gasoline station fills the tank and it will go as far as the tank will go botanical gasoline. But when the gasoline gets low. We have to start looking for another gasoline station and that right that's what works, what some of us want to live like the automobile. We want to have a tank full and so we say well I can see 300 miles or 200 miles water, how would you get, and I will see my way all the way clear because I got this much of the time, but God wants us to live.

Not like the automobile. But like the trolley I always have enough as long as I'm in connection always have an is not how much I got in the tank is just what I'm connected to. That's the way the child of God is to live just stay connected to God. Just stay connected to him, your sauce is not in the tank fuel source is not in the bank. Your sources above our father gave us to pay our daily bread hired a preacher preach one time.

He said I don't need any money over Franco.

I looked at my thought is that true, I donated my then he said something I've never been able to get he said my wife and I have $40 in the bank. He said we don't need any money until let's go nowhere with a whole God just you'll give us so much and so we can just rest and that in trust and that what was he say he was saying God has given me today. My daily bread. Well listen while you do what you do pray for daily bread. Number one establish a proper priority seeking first the kingdom of God.

Secondly, express a prayerful petition Scott asking for what you need him about it. If you being evil, know how to give good gifts of your children, how much more shall heavenly father give good things to them that ask him asking you shall receive seeking usual five and it shall be open to you a priority of petitioner performance data man will not work, neither should be.

God has not promised to bless your laziness and your indolence and then last of all, dear friend. There is a provision of daily provision to enjoy this day just thank God for what is give you this day is God taking care of you today to know more about tomorrow. The Bible does not tell us not to plan the Bible very clearly tells us not to worry as we continue this series on the seminal amount we can find out what Jesus said, take no thought for the morrow tomorrow will take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. One last thing was Jesus said in Matthew chapter 4 verse four man shall not live by bread alone, and that what he said what he said Mesa give us this day our daily bread, but he also said man shall not live by bread alone. Then he said I am the bread of life. There's more than one kind of bread every piece of bread that you eat in order for you to eat that acorn wheat had to fall in the ground and die in order for you beat that bread Jesus is heavens bread for Earth's hunger and Jesus the son of God came died and was buried and raised again and became the bread of life that you and I could have our deepest, deepest hunger man you know Jesus friend if you fared sumptuously every day and have bread enough and the spirit of God and what the hell, so will you can eat and it can be wonderful but if you don't have Jesus as a hidden hunger that will never be satisfied was satisfied in the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew four verse four man shall not live by bread alone.

Jesus is heavens bread after World War II there were some little boy's. They called in the Junior Gestapo 12 and 13-year-old boys have been taken by Hitler moved out of their home putting youth camps.

The future Gestapo for Hitler. Well, Hitler lost the will. These boys had been displaced from the parents may times the parents were dead. These little boys had gone from city to city from slump Islam and the humanitarians got these boys Junior Gestapo and put them in tent cities to try to straighten out the boys were frightened they would wake up in the nighttime screaming with nightmares they couldn't get them to sleep all night long. A psychiatrist said a part of it is that the boys have such an uncertain future, but not supposed to face this kind of thing 11 or 12 years of age or at any time.

The boys waking up in the middle of night having nightmares, just screaming psychiatrist that I believe I have a plan. This is what he did.

He fed the boys a big meal at nighttime, and then gave them a piece of bread that hold us in your hand tonight.

Hold it with both hands.

It'll be your breakfast in the morning and they went to sleep and slept all night because they had their breakfast in the hand for the next morning somehow just going to sleep at night holding in the hand a piece of bread.

Help them to sleep all night friend when I go to bed tonight.

I won't have bread not in my hand, but in my heart. His name is Jesus, and I know that I know he will be sufficient. Jesus is sufficient for today and for tomorrow. May we never forget. If you have questions regarding your faith in Jesus Christ. We loved offering insightful resource on the website.

It's are discovered, Jesus page. There you'll find answers, you may need about your faith as well as a response section where you can share how this message or others have changed.

You would help to go to and click on the tab discovered Jesus. We can't wait to hear from you again and click discovered Jesus if you like order a complete copy of today's message request the title how to pray for our daily bread. When you call 1877 love God, you'll receive the entire lesson in your single CD. This message is also part of the powerful series. The school of prayer for the complete collection. All five insightful messages: 877 love God or go to or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. When you pray for God's daily provision are your priorities align with his have you asked for his confidence.

Are you prepared to work for what you're asking. Are you thankful for what he's spent some time dwelling on that day and be sure to join us next time more powerful truth from Adrian Rogers on love everything that looks like it is over our head is already under his feet, profound truth simply stated this often is, people are exposed to the wit and wisdom of Adrian Rogers effect here in love worth finding. We coined the term Adrian is for some of his most impactful nuggets of truth and now we're excited to tell you about our new Adrian-isms cards created with original art and lettering.

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