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The Generation to Come and the America of Tomorrow | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 2, 2020 8:00 am

The Generation to Come and the America of Tomorrow | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 2, 2020 8:00 am

America did not just happen; America was a gift from God. However, it seems as though the virtues and values upon which this nation was built have been trampled. In this message, Adrian Rogers uses the clear warning in Psalm 78 to present three ways we can give hope to the generation to come and the America of tomorrow.

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One legacy we leave the next generation. What is the America of tomorrow. Listen to Adrian Rogers. America is we have Verizon the God we have limited job for God said God stay and decide that circle government 10 Commandments are out sex education as it just today's out birth control for teens is in their screw the 10 Commandments route, but metal vectors and policeman and we need to renew our memory and welcome to love finding pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers said not only is God, our greatest hope. God is our biggest threat in the nation that was born in 1776 must be born again or we will join the graveyard of the nations America didn't just happen America was a gift from God. However, it seems as though the virtues and values upon which this nation was built have been trampled if we want to avoid the judgment given to the fallen nation. In Psalm 78.

We need to heed this ancient truth in today's world, following three practical steps. If you have your Bible turn there now as we hear Adrian Rogers teach about the generation to come in the America of tomorrow. God had blessed the nation Israel. God had delivered from annoying tormenting chains of slavery and God brought them into a good land, God gave them the law God gave them a land God gave them the Lord what they did was to defile the land deny the Lord disobey the law and judgment came within nice if the psalmist is giving some instruction to a nation like this and I am telling you. Great parallel and there is ancient truth for today's world. Three things I want Leon Earhart number one we need to review our history. We need to review our history.

If you will, in verse four we will not hide them from their children, showing the generation to come the praises of the Lord and his strength and his wonderful works that he that is, we need to show our children what God has done for his deposition testimony, and Jacob had appointed a law of Israel, which he commanded our fathers that they should make them known to their children that the generation to come might know what to say.

This trail see what God has done. Review your history that this passage of Scripture says a word. All you that are right here is your assignment from Almighty God use to be a teacher of history. You have been appointed by God to be a teacher of history. The little boy came home from school and look sad because it's on was wrong.

He said I'm afraid I failed my history test, but Ed said no, said the you your thinking negatively be more positive. Is that okay.

I am positive I failed my history test.

I don't your dad's to be positive they use. You are to teach history spiritually. It is vitally important that we know are. If we don't teach the generation to come. Then we been cut off from our roots the truth. Says follow God close you responsible to be a teacher of history and our faith is to go from father to son and grandson. That's exactly what the word of God says I gained listen look in verse five we have established testimony, and Jacob had appointed Alanis with which he commanded our fathers that they should make them known to their children better generation to come might know them. Even the children which should be more who should arise and declare them to their children. We are passing all the time. There is a legacy that is to be left is to go from father to son. The grandson and on and on and on a spiritual chain reaction. A child came in the Somali remember that in place that we used to have but one that was handed down from generation to generation.

Well this generation just dropped and I'm afraid we have a generation that is in danger of dropping the faith that has gone from generation to generation follows hard to teach spiritual and national historic what is the history of America the revisionist to try to take away from us and so follows. According to this Psalm you want to teach those things dear Joe is I don't how to teach them go to our library.

Go to our bookstore. There's plenty of material there that you need to take time to turn off the television. Kids are watching television. They go on the computer you still watching the television you guys get biggest coconuts in your brain the size of a pea go go to the bookstore and learn some things about our history on this is not only we need to teach America's spiritual history.

Every family needs to write down his own spiritual history. Let me give you a project for families today.

Write your family history. Your spiritual history get the members of that family to write their testimony, and put them in a book and look back and see what God is done for families. What a blessing it would be to have our own family history so we could teach that no Bruce Wilkinson imagines a family reunion and I must say that the mother and the father celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary solely those of been married for 50 years. There and in the in the place of honor and the children and the grandchildren are there to honor these have been married for 50 years and those been married for 50 years. If they still are married. They love one another more devotedly now than they did when they got married and so there laughing and teasing and flirting one another. Now the next generation is that some of them.

What we call the boomers and their children are there. These are those are teens and early 20s family reunion went when those celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, the 50th wedding anniversary will born televisions. All you people of any traveling on an airplane. Not all of them had automobiles and many of them ever thought about taking some of the trips that people take today about the way they got their information was the newspapers, the library, and an occasional bout your generation. The bones that some changes that came along that you were not raised with the shopping malls. You will not raised with the computers you are not raised with cell phones. However, the television came along.

However college degrees came along. However, the space race did come along and gave you a sense of euphoria that we are entering into a bowl new era, but what did you watch on television you watch I Love Lucy.

Father knows best, and these kind of things.

What we are little goodies. You're the things that you enjoyed as a child, a transistor radio with just had a transistor radio you with something when I was about your case will they watch MTV Baywatch HBO Hills box office where immunity, profanity, vanity comes right pipe right into the living room. Children they sit around and talk with total strangers on computers about all kinds of subjects they been immersed in a rock 'n' roll.

They have "sexually liberated bears a drug culture, and a week commitment to Jesus Christ, God's lap and then called out of bounds for this generation. I will ask you question what about the generation to come. Children what is happening in America.

I'm not against progress with much that we call progress is not progress.

I'm saying that we need to study the history of our nation on saying you need to remember the history of your family. I am saying. Ladies and gentlemen, also that we need to remember our church history. Churches need to remember their roots because friend if you get away from the roots. Before long the fruit will wither and die way to teach the generation to come to something else. Individuals need to study the history they need understand what God is done when you little children come to Jesus Christ and they ought to think that a child has to have a PhD in sin before he/she can get saved is normal.

It's natural for little children to come across and there is a Christian home now when they come to Christ. However, to understand the history writing now rejoice over and every year not only let them have a natural birthday but a supernatural birthday party. This was the day when you got saved blessed by God right in the booklet that child remember that he has a history but to get us away from our heritage and so I'm saying the first point is we need to review our history. That's what he saying look at it again. The Bible says and we will not hide them from our children showing to the generation to come the praises of our Lord and his strength and his wonderful works which he members to not only do we need to review our history.

But my brothers and sisters, we need to renew our memory is so easy to forget why we do this look into a number seven that they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God. We keep his commandments and might not be as their fathers a stubborn and rebellious generation a generation that set not the harder right and whose spirit was not steadfast with God.

The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle. They kept not the covenant of God, and refused to walk in his way and forgot his ex and is one of those that he had shown them that God is saying, don't forget review your history. Redo the memory renew your memory. Don't forget how easy it is thought to forget the blessings of Almighty God. The Bible says here that the children of the Ephraim, being armed look in verse nine, and carrying bows, turned back in the day about my Ephraim was the dominant tribe. It was they may been the strongest, the most numerous, but they were defeated. They had excellent military equipment. They were carrying bows, but they were defeated, why they forgot and America today is suffering from spiritual amnesia. We have failed in history where those today who want to rewrite our history.

There are three memory killers Ephraim suffered from all three and America suffered from all three. First of all, the lust of the flesh. Fast-forward verse 17 in the Psalm and look at it and they see him yet more and more against him problems locating the most high in the wilderness below America is provoking God America sticking his finger in the eye of God and the God that is the testing God in the heart by asking meet up food for the last day they spake against God, and they said can God furnish a table in the wilderness bill.

He smote the rock that the waters gushed out and the streams overflowed. Did you read also provide flesh for his people. Now, rather than thanking God for his blessings. They are morning more and more the lust of the flesh.

America is suffering today from an erosion of spiritual virtues and values sexual permissiveness the blatant prorating of perversion, the continual and casual disposal of the unborn and unwanted. The breakup of the family.

The obsession with self and pleasure and brought us, and sex. America is rolling in luxuries, but we are reveling in excesses railing in drunkenness and rocking in morals and in sin. Now there was the lust of the flesh that caused Ephraim to forget number two there was the lure of the world looking versus 40 and 42. How did they provoke him in the wilderness and leave him in the desert.

Not only do we break God's law by provoking him. We break God's heart by forgetting him, leave him in the desert Yalie turned back and attempted God and limited the holy one of Israel. They remembered not his hand. Another day he delivered them from the enemy how quickly we forget they remember no we need to renew our memory. Now this verse as they limited the holy God of Israel. Now wait a minute. God is God. How can one put a governor on God. How can anyone limit God this word they limited is the word we get our word horizon from the horizon.

God that you go to a high place and look around you see a circle and a circle is the horizon and what they said to God. Now this is your limit you staying here you don't get beyond the horizon. Don't get beyond what we can see what we've done in America is we have horizon, the God we have limited God we made no room for God. We said God stay inside that circle. So in our government 10 Commandments are out sex education is in chastity as out birth control for teens is in an excuse. The 10 Commandments are out but metal detectors and policeman are in we need to renew our memory now. Not only did they forget because of the lust of the flesh and not only the lure of the world with the lies of the death look in verse 58, they provoked him to anger with their high places and moved him to jealousy by their graven images. They forgot the one true God who founded them as a nation and now they're worshiping false gods.

Peter Jones has written a book, the title of the book is this the Gnostic Empire strikes back. I will give a quotation from that book. Have you ask yourself any of the following questions why is homosexuality on the rise with great moral fervor and in the name of democracy. Why is feminism such a powerful force today.

Why is feminist spirituality making enormous inroads into Christianity. Why is abortion a vitally important part of the feminist manifesto is ecology just a natural concern about the survival of the planet.

Hard is it to have a religious agenda. Why is the work ethic no longer work.

Why is multiculturalism and political correctness so important on many college campuses are these seemingly disconnected issues related in any way to the so-called New Age movement. Why are numerous New Age spiritual techniques for healing, peace of mind and self-knowledge being publicized so vigorously in the media, and more and more utilized in the business world in the Armed Forces. The real question is this why these apparent disconnected issues really a part of a coherent pagan ideology ploy is to impose its religious belief system on the new world order the age of Aquarius in the 21st century.

Now we need to wake up. We need to review our history. We need to review my memory and then we must reclaim our legacy looking versus 59 through 61. If you will have the same chapter. When God heard this, he was raw and greatly import Israel.

Now remember Israel, his chosen people, so that he foresaw the tabernacle of Shiloh. The tent which he placed among the man and delivered his strength into captivity and his glory into the enemy's hand. America may become a molded crust in history's garbage can. Not only is not our only hope. God is our biggest threat and the nation was born in 1776 must be born again or we will join the graveyard of the nation. I ask ourselves this question. What about the generation what America tomorrow what I if we failed to turn to God what will it be like if this nation does not say enough is enough. I read a story deeply moving back in World War II there were some French who were taken captive by the Germans. The Germans took these French and made them work in a munitions factory building Volvo's with the bombs.

They knew the bombs that they were building would be dropped on their own French brothers and sisters on their own soil. They were building Volvo's to drop on their own people.

But when the German fourth would fly over and drop those balls. The bombs that were meant to exclude only impact we just fall in love exclude about about would explode another would explode. After a while they said it can't be that many goods and some experts got one of these bombs began to miss dismantlement to find out why they were not exploding inside they found a moot and every one of them French had built in a malfunction in these bombs and here's what the note says we're doing the best we can with what we got where we are every chance we get.

I will take this friend. I am only one man. But I will do the best I can. Where I am with what I have with every chance I get. We do that we change this nation. There are not Christians in America if they will wake up and I reviewed history if they will renew the memory they can reclaim their legacy now, America will save you America will get you to heaven.

It would be a terrible thing for you to live in a God bless. Landon and I go to him. You need Jesus Christ you need to be see if we need God in America. How much more do you need God in your heart you need to be born again. If you not say let me lead you to prayer and today in this prayer you can pray and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, and I promise you'll be a part of the word of God, he will forget ever said he will cleanse your heart he will give you power and when you die, he will take you immediately directly to heaven. But the minute you trust Jesus you will be instantaneously saved and eternally secure. If you really truly receive as your personal Lord and Savior would you pray this prayer.

Pray from your heart. Dear God I am a Santa my sin deserves judgment and I face judgment, but I need mercy. Jesus, I believe you're the son of God. I believe you paid my sin debt with your blood on the cross. Thank you for dying for me. I believe you were raised from the dead by the power of God you promise to save me if I would trust I trust you today.

Now, with my heart forever come in my heart forget my sin. Save me Lord Jesus prayed from the heart, prayed, and made save me, Lord Jesus did asking them by childlike faith pray this way. Thank you for doing. I believe you done it and that settles that I'm not looking for sign on not asking for feeling I stand on your word. Now, Lord Jesus give me the strength to make it public. Don't let me be ashamed of you.

I'll make this public because I'm sincere in your name I prayed and given your heart to Christ.

Today we would love to celebrate with you. Good were discovered. Jesus you'll find answers that you may have about your newfound faith as well as a response section where you can share with us your decision or how this message impacted you just go to and click discovered Jesus at the top of the page welcome to God's family we can't wait to hear from you today if you like to order a copy of today's message on CD. Call us at 1877 love God and mention the title the generation to come in the America of tomorrow you'll receive the entire lesson on your single CD. This message is also part of the powerful series. Whatever happened to the American dream if you'd like the complete collection all seven insightful messages. Call us at that number 877 love God or go to to order or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for joining us today and for the sake of the next generation pen and turned to God.

Today we have to do the best we can with what God every chance we may be sure to join us next time more profound truth simply say on the word before we leave you today I want to share a message received from a friend on Facebook who wrote I am thirsty for the true gospel of Jesus. The word of God. If you preach it anymore so I listened to Pastor Rogers to complement my reading and understanding the five thanks your love worth finding. It's our great honor to provide resources to help grow in your faith in this month as a thank you for your generous support to send you our new journey of faith, booklet collection, each journey has a beginning and once you start you need to be prepared in this booklet collection from Adrian Rogers messages you'll find peace that only God can provide you learn that he desires everyone to be saved and trace the story of redemption throughout the Bible request this bundle when you call the gift right now at 1877 love God or you can give online it

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