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Protect Your Home | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 26, 2020 8:00 am

Protect Your Home | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 26, 2020 8:00 am

Satan also wants to destroy your family. But there is victory for those who follow God and keep clean hearts in this dirty world. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares ten practical strategies to guard our hearts and protect our homes.

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The Christian Perspective
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Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
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Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers

You realize how dangerous the television can be yours, Adrian Rogers. I suppose in your house as a whole and you live in a snake infested area and snakes are coming in for level over time. Snakes are going about half of importance. Half of them so you say that child casino snakes, which I'll see you last night. That's a bad snake global investment CS and I got snakes okay there's another battle in the sky. We like is good to know. I think I they be a lot better mail about hold saying about television, but you need to cancel some of the subscriptions are coming in.

Just cancel it so learn to obtain the television to love finding powerful dynamic lessons from Adrian Rogers. Today's message is one that is as practical as it is Prof. of the devil is a thief and murderer destroyer he steals, kills, destroys closer than you realize. One of his chief weapons today is not Satan is made. Pornography so available, so affordable and anonymous in our society because he wants to steal your fellowship with God and kill your ability to love. He wants to destroy your family from the inside out, but it's possible to protect your home against the enemy.

How if you have your Bible turn to Psalm 127 is Adrian Rogers presents the second half of this message. Protect your home you as a father, get the children together and you say children to make a covenant together that he believes that pornography is wrong. He wants you to be able to love. He wants you to be able to have fellowship with God. So I want to promise you and mother's presence and promised mother that I will never watch anything in your absence that I would not want you in your presence right that come about and sign it before God on your knees and have some token of the covenant, and if your businessman that you made a covenant with that little girl you take her picture along with her mother's picture with you when you travel, your briefcase, mom see that he has sir when you unpack, put it up in front of the television right up there on top and look at that girl and see Sir if you can imagine her watching what you might be tempted to watch or worse. Imagine her watching you watch or worse. Imagine somebody using your daughter as an object of their lust.

What you're watching Mr. somebody's daughter is someone made in the image of God made a solemn covenant before God. That's what you said. I made a covenant with my eyes that I would not look upon a made max number six memorize Scriptures memorize Scriptures. What the Bible says in Psalm 119 verse 11 byword of I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the UC there when you put the right thing in. Then there's not room for the wrong thing when I was a boy I memorize Scripture at that little box of scriptures I memorized.

I still know the Scriptures they stuck in my heart and my mind off and my preaching Scripture just come up like that is down, and then adjust it just comes up 20 Sir memorize Scripture to a later memorize Scripture get your kids to memorizing Scripture wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way by taking heed thereto according to thy word by word of I had in my heart that I might not sin against God. Why is you can think to thoughts at one time and if you memorize Scripture and meditate on Scripture even be thinking God's thoughts after him. By the way, what a wonderful family project to memorize Scripture together as a family. And when your kids learn Scripture recognize them and pay them all though I would pay my children to memorize Scripture. Why should I bribe them you're bribing them your rewarding a bribe as an inducement to do evil or it is a recognition for doing the Bible teaches the idea of rewards to children for learning Scripture everyone the best investments that you can make and don't tell me so that you can't learn your live is that with Bly pastor said in your life if you got $1000 for every verse you memorize could you memorize Scripture. Your life now. I'm just telling illicitly.

It is a matter of motivation byword in my heart that I might not sin against the memorize Scripture. Number seven create the right atmosphere in your home that is Scripture models on the wall right kind of music mottos, the 10 Commandments plan wholesome entertainment. Make your home. The best place in the neighborhood to be making the kind of place that your children's friends want to come to let your home ring with laughter let it be permeated with love just make you home the right place to put the food in the refrigerator.

Let them write refrigerator 11 Sawyer Rd., let us break down your couch with too many kids on so what so let your place place I happy place.

Spend some time choosing the right television programs. The right videotapes the right games now number eight will slow down here again remove temptations. I want you to turn to Deuteronomy chapter 22 I want to look in verse eight, when Bill Mr. Neuhaus, then thou shalt make a bad for thy roof battlement is.

It's a wall like a battlement fly roof that thou bring not blown up online house. If any man fall from plants. That's what we call a parapet wall in the Middle East not been there many times you can still see these parapet walls on a rooftop lie because the rooftop in Bible times as patio is also a place where they would dry the foods place they come up in the evening and since sometimes have the meals up there was a rooftop praying when he had that vision. Rahab was drying flax and she had the spies a rooftop people in the Bible a little rooftop what got to got to know when you go to Neuhaus all around, picking somebody from falling off because if you don't put a wall there and they fall gloves on your hands now ultimate there's absolutely nothing you can do to keep your kids and watching photography ultimate because God gave them a will is a one thing I don't want to do.

I don't want to build a home that is dangerous for the children if they want to climb over the wall and jump off that break my heart but I don't want to have a kind of a home where they fall accidentally because I've not remove temptations from an old saying I give me at least to build a wall to see the Bible says that the Lord keep the house.

The watchman wakes, but in vain not limited to numbers above about removing the temptations now. Romans 13 verse 22 but put you on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flash don't make any provisions for the flesh. Now you do this were slowing down. Now we own number eight of these 10 things number one you need to guard the use of that computer. If you can handle it. Take an ax to did not have any online service without a good filter memo to put the computer in a public area in your home. Do not let your teen have a computer alone in his or her bedroom just on the screen when screen put it in the den, put it in the family room, put it with the face out, spend some time on the Internet with your child see what is watching learn something about yourself. Jason never never to open up an unsolicited email from someone they do not know if your child has a password for his or her computer use. Let them have a password but make them give it to you hello hello yes yes you may never have to use let them give it to you that child is a what I computer you have any secrets for me. What is there that you will only be snooping.

God wants me to protect you child, I lay down my life for you. Limit the time all that computer if they find anything objectionable. Let them for free, talking about. Don't put them down for climbing commitment for sharing it with you. Learn to tame the television you need to cancel some of the subscriptions are coming in your home.

Just cancel it so get it out. Find a package that you can live with and even they have to monitor that suppose suppose in your house. There's a whole new the bottom of the wall about that big and you live in the snake infested area and snakes are coming in through that whole all the time. Snakes are coming and snakes are coming and snakes coming about half of importance and half of them benign so you say not child looks and we got this thing coming in our living room see that whole let's see those snakes become aware child see that snake that's a bad snake will play last night, estimate that snakes okay there's another battle in the sky we like is good. You know, I think I may be a lot better may let that hold the whole thing about television you home but I am saying dear friend if their poisonous snakes coming in. You think you're just going to be able to say now.

Hey, that's a bad one. Don't mess with that when this is a good one but not learn to tame the television as a family choose some programs to watch guard the magazines and the books.

That's another danger that you need to get rid of go through your house getting that magazines give out bad videos get them out, clean them out what to do with number I will leave you burning somebody else's books on my trunk control somebody else's mind acts 19 verse 19.

Many of them also which use curious arts brought their books together and burned them before old man they counted the price of them, and found it 50,000 pieces of silver. That's revival, I'm at on the trunk control.

Somebody else don't think about only by control what I think. I don't believe in some kind of book burning where you try to control somebody else's thought life. But I do believe you need to clean your house.

Let Jesus help you do the house cleaning if you want your home to be protected and annexed investigate your children's friends.

That's the reason I said make your house the fun place to be but drastically headquarters. Why, because then you get his or her friends there and you can look them over. I was told one of our staff members. He said you have to be so careful when you let your children overnight. He was on the church folks. He said they will watch things on video and some of the supposedly godly homes that you want your children to say told me about a child who was visiting one of our families and they were putting on a video and it was a fine video with the little child said I can't watch that the first call home because my parents won't let me watch any video without first calling them smarter. I like you need to guard these kids need to guard the friends I'm telling you that everybody else doesn't have the standards that you and I have all that we all do have next brand you need to screen the movies very carefully very carefully as we will have a real battle, because they going to go to school and nobody else is going to talk about just say so and so they just say so and so they just say so and so, in your child's was a nod and say that and you feel like an outsider. I decide to spend with my kids with dad ripped body dad some of the staff members kids subagents kids is it when I look when they raise kids as good as mine. Maybe I'll think about what frustrates on what to do in the said lot but teach them, teach them that they are not different they are distinctive. Teach them how to stand alone, would you let them go get a soapbox and stand looking somebody bedroom window while someone is committing adultery for entertainment is what you doing symbols on the same thing now. Next number nine. All that is under removing temptation number nine is something very politically incorrect, teach your daughters to dress modestly the girls are going outside, things are about to come downstairs and so I will be attractive yeah what are you trying to track you can be beautiful girls ally with somebody telling when you try to look voluptuous and sexy and all that you silly soon.

What is more beautiful than a beautiful girl graciously and modestly grants the devil is done a job owner's limited something young lady. The Bible says that if a man looks on a woman to lust after her. He's committed adultery with her. If you dress to enticing lust. You are an accomplice to the crime unit accomplished dress modestly the kind of fellow who will be attracted to you because you dress sexily is a kind of a man that you would not want for a husband.

Anyway, dress modestly, and mothers. It's a battle I know girl went into dress shop said to saleslady at my mom likes the stress can I bring it back last at least 10 things learn to counter attack be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good father ways that you cannot keep these things from happening you want to the mall there is internal television.

This is magazine on the ground in the newsstand. There is there is a giggle around with blinders, but you can counterattack you see the difference between people is not primarily what they think about is how they think about what they think about your son walking along and there's somebody standing at a news right looking through one of these obscene magazines. We've all been mentioning that this right is your sons with you use that as a teaching tool is a son like that when you think was going through that man's mind what God thinks about what he think God would have something you think of a good Scripture that would help in a situation like that what David did David cut glass have often colossal. You can use that against the devil. If you are wise enough. Learn how to counter attack. Turn it back on the enemy. Well okay story will be finished the year was 1942, America was at war we're fighting for little island off the coast of the Philippines, Corregidor you older men remember Corregidor small island Gen. Wainwright Jonathan Wainwright was the general to protect Corregidor Gen. Wainwright had told Pres. Roosevelt that he would hold the island that he would keep the American flag flying over Corregidor, he met that with all of his heart. He had some bold mental map island on April 1942 the Japanese so intensified the attack shells were coming in from everywhere.

Wainwright's men were in bunkers huddling down the shells were exploded, but old glory, the American flag was waving a 100 foot flagpole. One of those Japanese shells hit that flagpole and the rope and when did old glory began to slowly come down that flagpole in the bunkers look at the flag as it was sinking lower and lower about the ground and it was so honest, it was like this is to some in their Capt. Arthur A2 FX and some of the men they came out of the bunker when out there in the midst of all of that fine and caught hold chlorine just before she hit the ground and tie that route back together and hoisted that flag back to the top and there was joy in the They kept the island they kept flag flying. I will tell you, Satan has let loose with all of the artillery of health.

I've been in the ministry now for half a second.

I've seen a lot of things I have never seen anything like were saying today. I for one, as a father and grandfather will taste. I will fight for my kids will fight for my family.

I want our kids to know the God that I know and I will have those three great values fellowship with God.

The ability to love and a Christian home. Pornography is the enemy of all I'm not talking about political action, talked about trying to clean up television or cleanup. I would talk to about anything like that that needs to be done before and in many ways.

That's much bigger than we.

But there's one thing we can do. We can guard our hearts and we can protect our home that we can do we consider the great responsibility we have guard our hearts protect our homes to remember the wisdom of Scripture. First John 44 says you are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world that comforting. If you have a question about who Jesus is about what he means to you. How to begin a relationship with God through Christ, go to where discover Jesus you find resources and materials that can answer questions you may have about your faith again go to and click Discover Jesus if you'd like to order a complete copy of today's message. You can call us at 1877 love God and mention the title.

Protect your heart. This message is also part of a powerful series.

Guard your heart protect your home for the complete collection.

All four insightful messages: number 1877 love God or go online to to order where you can write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 be encouraged today. There is victory for those who follow God and have clean hearts in this dirty world, God will protect your home.

Guard your heart. Be sure to join us next time for another profound practical message from Adrian Rogers on love worth buying pieces, not the subtraction of problems from life pieces. The additional power to meet those problems. That's God's peace profound truth. Simply stated, we hear that offense.

People are exposed to the wit and wisdom of Adrian Rogers. In fact, your lovely finding. We coined the term Adrian nuisance for some of his most impactful nuggets of truth and now excited to tell you about our new Adrian-isms card set each of these individually designed cards include an insightful Adrian is as well as a scriptural reference on the reverse side cards are perfectly displayed in your home, your workspace or give to family and friends were information about the product online store it LWF.O Archie, thanks for your continued support of love worth finding

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