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Protect Your Home | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 25, 2020 8:00 am

Protect Your Home | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 25, 2020 8:00 am

Satan also wants to destroy your family. But there is victory for those who follow God and keep clean hearts in this dirty world. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares ten practical strategies to guard our hearts and protect our homes.


Did you know one of the chief weapons today is pornography. Listen to Adrian Rogers pornography destroys families say they want to destroy because the family is the basic unit of society. Satan wants to deceive man to file his mind destroy the whole and dominate the world so he is a gay is a is a destroyer and he is loose and you sir are Como the guard your heart and protect your home where the metal got today where all the mothers who will stand up today and welcome to love find the devil is a thief is murder destroy and he steals kills and destroys.

Today, one of his chief weapons is not with Satan is made.

Pornography so available, affordable and anonymous in our society. Why, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers said I cannot walk in darkness and have fellowship with him who is light, it's true with. So the enemy wants to steal your fellowship with God. He wants to kill your ability to love and he wants to destroy your family. There's victory for those who follow God and have clean hearts.

If you have your Bible turn to Psalm 127 as we hear Adrian Rogers present 10 practical strategies to protect your home. Psalm 127 Psalm for the whole except the Lord build the house, they labor in except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen wake up. But in vain. It is vain for you to rise up early to set up lately. The bread of sorrows for so he given his beloved sleep well.

Children are the heritage of the Lord in the Fruit of the Loom is his rule as ours are in the hand of a mighty man so are the children of one's youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them. They shall not be ashamed, but shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

Now God gave to the man and instinct to protect his wife and his children.

When God put Adam in the garden of Eden he gave him two distinct responsibilities.

One was to address the garden. The other was to keep it.

That is, he is to be the provider and he is to be her protector. Now the Bible says that Satan is a fee he wants to steal your fellowship with God. Pornography has a great appeal to your youth which you need to teach them that the greatest treasures we talked about in the first of these three messages is fellowship with God.

I won't take anything for fellowship with God.

Why would I sacrifice my fellowship with God. I cannot walk in darkness and have fellowship with him, who is lying. Pornography steals fellowship with God. That's one treasure that is Steve but not only does it steal fellowship number two.

Pornography kills love kills love. That's the second great treasure fellowship with God and then love to see pornography is radical lust and love our office's love is the greatest virtue. The Bible says and though I didn't list all my goods to feed the poor, and I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it profits me nothing. First Corinthians 13 verse three. Love is the greatest virtue to love is the greatest commandment. Matthew 23 verses 37 through 40. And Jesus said in the him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. Pornography is the opposite of love treats people as objects, things to be used is degrading. It is brutal. It is loveless not only does the devil want to steal fellowship.

He wants to kill lobby wants to bring death to innocence, the innocence of their children. Death to purity death to happiness spiritual physical eternal death. Satan is a murderer. One of his chief weapons is pornography. But not only does he want to steal fellowship with God, not on does he want to kill love. He wants to destroy your family. Pornography destroys families. Why does Satan want to destroy the family because the family is the basic unit of society. They way our families, our church is decimated our city's decimated our nation's decimated civilization is decimated pencil.

Satan wants to deceive man to file his mind destroy the home and dominate. So he is a fee.

He is a murderer is a destroyer and he is loose and you sir are called own the guard your heart and protect your home where the men of God today where all the mothers who will stand up today.

Now Satan has three on his 18 Bill why pornography is so dangerous.

First of all, the first day is availability. The second a is affordability, and the third day is it is so anonymous. Pornography today is so available, things that you used to have to go out behind the barn to see pictures that perhaps you would purchase and plane wrapper by some unsavory person. The product is everywhere you go to the corner market for down the middle there is pornography you stroll through the mall there is pornography you go into a motel there in the corner is a television set, just turn the dial up comes the pornography availability, affordability not since Manhattan Island was sold for $24 as so much dirt and so so cheaply is and then you can watch it when American in a hotel room and a bedroom with a computer. These three things Satan has used the steel to kill and to destroy. I'm done.

Because Christians are not immune. The Maryland coalition against pornography that a survey and they found out that 40 to 60% lesson 40 to 60% of Christian men are involved in pornography in some way. 40 to 60% what you say those are just old colleges.

What about the young people well they did another survey, students at five Christian colleges and found that 68% is more two thirds 68% of male students said they had intentionally look for pornography on the Internet. We know that in the surveys about things like that that generally they understated but some people would deny doing it when they did, they understated the incident of this now what we up against imitate what we up against when I'm taken. We need to guard your home first.

All television itself.

Television has become the devils pipeline into the home and one knows the television is becoming more and more while we talk about educational television, my friend.

All television is education everything that kids see is giving them an education.

It may not be the education that you would choose that you would want David Frost was correct when he said this television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you would not have and in your home. However, this television second, we up against the movie theater and videos that something called and are rated movie BC that a flood tide of slime is hitting America know why there's so many R-rated films waylay in Parade magazine said that the screenwriters seek for an R rating to track the teenagers, the teenagers, Sean PG and PG-13 films because I think if they watch that that's a sign that the amateur and worse than the movies themselves is the video industry billions billions billions of dollars are changing hands revenues Internet young people and adults are becoming roadkill home information superhighway.

The Internet is the fastest growing distribution channel for illegal pornography, and it may come to your child unsolicited mouth friend I'm telling. We need to develop some software for the heart. Now there's another source that wants to the devil wants to use the steel to kill and to destroy. And that's the pornographic magazines survey show that many had their first experience with pornographic magazines at a friends house while folks you cannot ignore this attack on your children in your home and don't let anybody tell you that pornography is a victimless crime.

Those who are into it are victims wrap self-induced victims, but they are victims.

Somebody says well we just need to ignore it. It'll go away after a while people will get more and always just legalize it won't be a problem anymore. Do you believe that you got rooms to rent upstairs unfurnished. You believe you put out a fire with gasoline. No, what happens when people get bored with common ordinary pornography they going to something more perverse something more brutal something more wicked. Pornography is so vile because it is so addictive. Paul Harvey told a story. I cringe when I think about it, but I want to use it because the soil strays when talking about the Eskimos hunting wolves have found a way to do it. Eskimo will take his razor sharp knife blade and coded with animal blood. He painted old man, let it free and then you put another coat of blood on and another and another until his heavily coded with blood. Many will stick the knife in the ground in the frozen ground with the blade pointed up a wolf is attracted by the scent of that blood. He comes and he begins to lick the blood off and he licks and licks it does all gone and his tongue is cut he so interested in the blood. He doesn't even feel the sting and he begins to bleed and lick his own blood, and he licks and cuts and licks and cuts and he is drinking his own blood, until finally the Eskimos come and find the wolf dead on the frozen tundra as he has been licking and drinking his own blood. That's what pornography it's something that does not say statement the person feeds upon it to turn his own destruction. Now I don't say more about that. I tried not to describe pornography. As such, only to talk about it because I don't want to discuss in public what it really is one Satan something else. I made my purpose in preparing these messages not to look at any pornography, none whatsoever, but I know was going on.

I know what's in this world today that I would tell you that there is a way of deliverance. I thought about it. I prayed about it and I would take 10 things to do. I want you to jot these then banks you guard your heart, you protect your home. There is victory ourselves said in Psalm 127 verses one and two except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen wakens but in vain is vain for you to rise up early to set up lately. The bread of sorrows, for he did with his beloved sleep. God will protect your home if you will get in concert with him and I will have to throw in the towel. You have to say will good night after all the statistics is no other way.

Romans 12 verse 21 says be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

First John chapter 4 verse four says you are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. You'll have to throw in the towel and I would take 10 strategies. They are deeply spiritual and intensely spiritual, very practical and teach you how you can have a clean heart and a dirty world and you can guard your home and protect your children. Number one lead your children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That's the starting place. Lead your children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Now without that, I don't want to commit you kids go to conference but when you leave your children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Not only do you live a soul from hell, which are going to ensure that they can have the three greatest values of life that they can have fellowship with God that they can truly love for love is of God and that they can have a happy home for except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build so leave them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ are your children say their children know the Lord will wear their young are grown children pray over them. We pull them, bring them to Jesus Christ because when you do that you take the policeman off the street corner and you put them in the human heart. Number two. Help your children to discern true values in the first message that I preached I talk about Moses and Moses had some discernment and because he had some discernment. He saw the difference between good and evil, and then Moses chose the good and then Moses refuse the evil remember the store that I told you about the dog in the bone, the dog has a nasty bone in his mouth and try to take away from you might get bit. But if you put a stake on the ground. The dog sees the stake you brought the bone to get the state, what happens in that dog's mind is this. First of all, that dog discerns he looks.

Here's the bone bears the state visit. His army says this is better than this. Then there's a choice. He says I want the state. I choose the state when he refuses the bone that you're going to have to spend some time sitting down with your children helping your children understand what the values of life are friendless and let me tell you where it sat. I would not take anything for fellowship with God. The ability to love and I have a godly family. That's it.

That's it.

Don't let, don't let them sacrifice these things lead them to Christ. Number two. Help them to discern true value. Help them to see through Satan's lies still pornography is based on a lie based on a lie that this is somehow good tantalizing titillating that it will somehow satisfy is all a Satan is a liar. If you've ever been swimming. Maybe somebody from your beach ball. Maybe in the pool and try to keep the beach ball in the water.

You can keep it on the waters launch a settlement made, but all of a sudden it comes up pops up to the surface again, especially if you got to three. Try to keep on that's impossible. You push it down.

The only known about for so long because Micah that's the way people fight pornography, they semi-go do a symbol I don't like this time against it and they put it down in the mine, but it just comes the surface again and they're fighting a hopeless battle. Let me tell you one way to keep that ball.

Some let the air around let the air out of what you need to do is let the air out of Satan's lies.

Satan is a liar liar. You need to help your children to see that Satan is a liar and so you help them to desire.

Number three. Teach them the principles of purity, how to control the thought life all right from Psalm 118 I gave you these steps and don't tell me they won't work for and I guarantee they will work how you control your thought life average person doesn't know but there is a plan is very clear, very plain. Teach them how to control their thought life.

Number four cover them with prayer.

Pray for your children pray for them everyday.

Joe is not pray for our children by name everyday pray for them. At night we called them by name. The wonderful thing about prayer is that prayer can go where you cannot go wrong done, says Perez. Like intercontinental ballistic missile eight it goes where you cannot go in the wonderful thing about is that the devil has no antimissile to shoot it down with panic travels, not the speed of light travels at the speed of thought. You can pray with a delay detonation you start playing furlough children right now. When the little babies say Lord, keep them strong and pure. Saturate your children in prayer.

Pray for them everyday, cover them with prayer because you are in a spiritual battle and the one of the chief weapons is prayer number four number slowdown here make a family covenant, I want my talk about when I say family covenant and no one was diabolical lies of the devil is the concept of adult entertainment. We see this advertise all-time adult entertainment is not adult.

It is infantile and it is wicked like the concept of adult entertainment says the child. Now look, you can't watch this because you're not old like it's all right for bad is all right for mom's does not all right for you but one of these days you'll be old enough to enjoy what we enjoy. You talk about phony baloney friend that is phony baloney make a family covenant you as a father, get the children together and you say children were going to make a covenant together. I suppose your good girl's name is Susan Susan that he believes that pornography is wrong.

He wants you to be able to love.

He wants you to be able to have fellowship with God. So I will make a covenant with you, Susan. I want to promise you and mother's presence and promised mother that I will never ever watch anything in your absence that I would not want you in your presence. I promise you, before God and Susan, I want you to make a covenant with me. I want you darling are John or whomever it is to make a covenant with me before God that you will map watch anything in my absence that you would not watch in my presence right then covenant out and sign it before God on your knee coming up tomorrow will hear the powerful conclusion of this message.

Protect your home. Maybe today you have questions regarding your faith in Jesus Christ. We'd love to offer you an insightful resource Center website called the Discover Jesus page will find answers there that you may have about your faith as well as a response section.

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Pornography in society instead, we need to remember what we can do. We can guard our hearts and we can protect our home start and be sure to join us next time. Click to text your home on love listening Tennessee reached out to us to share her experience of listening to profound truth from Adrian Rogers.

Here's what she said this is my first time contacting your ministry. Although I've listened to it for years.

I love listening to Adrian Rogers straight clear direct way of teaching it makes it plain easy to understand and relate to my own real life.

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