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Guard Your Heart | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 24, 2020 8:00 am

Guard Your Heart | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 24, 2020 8:00 am

Psalm 119 reveals there is only one way to control your thought life, and that is to guard your heart. In this message, Adrian Rogers offers seven steps to help you guard your heart and protect your home.

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Why is it important role. Your phone will listen to Adrian Rogers is not only a matter of what you think about how you think about these things with your child and something bombard you like that, then what you do is take the word of God is a sweetheart what is God. How do we see that you see we started from a different viewpoint never willingly bring your mind anything like that. But when you have something like that. Still, you facing that through the lens of God's word wealth is worth finding found teaching the pastor and author Adrian Rogers who said you cannot separate the word of God from the God of that word.

Only when we study Scripture for what it is and live our lives according to what it says will learn how to do what today's message is all about and that is how to control our thought life. Psalm 119 gives seven practical steps to that end, if you have your Bible turn there now beginning in verse nine as Adrian Rogers presents.

Guard your heart sure what the word of God will do Bibles and turn to Philippians 4 verses eight and nine. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these thingswhich you both learned and received and heard and seen in me, do, and the God of peace shall be with my remember I told you that the thought is the dress rehearsal for the be you so thought to repair the so need to revamp so I have a terrific character, so a character and you reap a destiny.

It all began with all now.

James Allen said this. Good thoughts bear good fruit. Bad thoughts bear bad fruit, and man is his own gardener.

You can choose your thoughts like you choose your friends what you need to do is to put a guard on your mind. When I travel in airports as you do you go through a magnetometer and they say empty your pockets. Take out the metal. Take out the calculators.

Take this thing that thing and you put it in trying and you walk through a new start to go through as it your backups but your glasses are found in and back up again. Take the change out of your heart out of your pocket and you put that in the basket. After while you you go through the snout you need to have something like that at the gate of your mind the certain things you just don't let through medevac out those who fought like one of those over the door. Each door as you go out and resend your heart, is that the backend loan principal but not to get the same output to keep the sin out that there are certain things that you just say I am not going to let in my mind.

For example, let's let some words start with the letter R so you can remember them having put a gate there that your mind number one there is what I want to call the reliance test, whatsoever things are true. Can you rely on is it true is generation a day doesn't believe that there is such a thing as absolute truth will mask and was a truly just as this work reliance test number two. The respect test, whatsoever things are honest now, the word honesty literally means deliberate language, whatever things are honorable worthy of respect. No man anything that is dishonorable into your mind. Number three.

The rightness test, whatsoever things are just the word just here means that which is straight, don't let any crooked war thinking in the mind and then the reverence test, whatsoever things are pure. Now the word chore here actually has the idea free from contamination. It was used of animals that were ready to be sacrificed. An animal that was contaminated, it would have to be pure or it would have to be without contamination and that it's up something that you could use to worship God with can you worship God with your thoughts.

I mean with the Lord Jesus Christ. Looking in your mind could you say Lord that's a thought that I'm happy to entertain with you that is a pure all the relationship test whatsoever things are lovely, that is a mean beautiful to look at. That's a combination of two reports which means moving toward love. If it causes you to love it. It moves you to love. If it's lovely when you think about I told you that one of the worst things about pornography is that it is the opposite of love love wants to give lust once again. Pornography looks upon people as objects, things to be used rather than persons to be truly loved.

So you ask yourself is this causing me to have an attitude of love toward somebody else is he causing me to look at someone made in the image of God as less than lovable. The refinement test, whatsoever things are good report that word actually means high tone. You have to listen to things that a low tone. Somebody says will you I just don't know why people tell me these things all the time.

While I know why they know they can use your ears for garbage cans. They know they can track their muddy feet on the carpet of your mind, but it is not high tone. You don't have to listen to it and then he he says here as he just sums it up.

If there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things not often told you something wonderful something glorious God made you where you can think to thoughts at one time and if you thinking what is right. You cannot be thinking what is wrong. You cannot not think impure thoughts because while you're trying not to think impure thoughts you're thinking about the impure thought you're trying not to think about is a Catch-22.

It's a vicious trap. Try not to think about an elephant fermented okay how what you think about you thing about elephant to try not to think about and I, but you were not thinking about a zebra because you were thinking about an elephant right right right now if you thinking about one thing, and I think about. Another thing and you cannot think to thoughts at one time and if you thinking about what is right. You cannot be thinking about that which is wrong. No one can think to thoughts at one time. And that's the reason the Bible gives us this list of things that you think about well, these things found in the word of God, you find yourself with the word of God because when you have the word of God in you, you thinking God's thoughts after him is a well past Rogers, one of I open up the catalog and I see a lingerie and what if I'm watching television and all of a sudden the salacious thing comes on. That just bombards my mind. I didn't choose to watch that. What do I do feel the difference between unsafe people in spirit filled say people the way they look at these things out. They see them from a different viewpoint. The minute they're confronted with something like this. Then they still think about it in the light of God's word.

Melissa is not only a matter of what you think about, but how you think about these things. The Christian mind and the non-Christian mind may think about the same things, but they don't think about the same things the same way back there with your child and something bombards you like that than what you do is take the word of God and say sweetheart what is God's word say that how do we see that you see we designed it from a different viewpoint never willingly bring your mind anything like that. But when you have to face something like that. Still, you're facing that through the lens of God's word so there's the principle of fortification principle number four is the principle of revitalization revitalization. Ask God to teach you like if you will, in verse 12, blessed art thou, Lord, teach me thy statutes.

That's what you know you turn fortification in the prayer for Satan, our God, teach me ask God to put his hand upon you facts and memory are not enough. Even Bible facts. You cannot separate the word of God from the God of that word and you must fail God make it real. In my heart. The Holy Spirit in you will take the word of God which is living alive and will vitalize it to you was a man was in a Christian is being mentor by another man named Charlie.

Charlie was his Bible teacher that had great fellowship and is always good to have a mental to teach the word of God to you one day this man was studying the Scripture, and Charlie was nowhere around. He said I wonder what that means but when Charlie comes I will naturally what that means, and he felt the Holy Spirit whispering to him and said one dress me on the one that taught Charlie how she me, teach me thy statutes dialogue vitalize it, make it or you sleep paralysis is bad enough, but what premise this indicates is even worse, it indicates that were quite confident we can do it by ourselves value high God's word in your heart. But then you say God finalize make it real to me.

I just don't want to be rattling off member versus rattling of memory verses is not a math. Now it's the principle of idolization next principle is the principle of verbalization verbalization key. The word of God on your… May speaks about the word of God in your heart, but now he talks about the word of God on your lip, look in verse 13 with my lips. Have I declared all the judgment by mouth began to verbalize. You see when you vitalize, memorize it, vitalize it, then verbalize it.

Confession and profession are linked together. You take the word of God and speak it out loud to go.

You may sing singing scriptures. One of the best things that you can do that have the word of God in your mouth and your lips.

Why is because there is a symbiotic relationship. The word of God goes from the heart to the mouth out and from the mouth back to the heart and one builds upon another. When you began to give the word of God away the word of God speaks to you. Did you know that they do know that there is a kind of a secret that preachers have is a blessed secret we get to preach the Bible and you know we get to preach the Bible something happens is just a wonderful it's reflexive you cannot study for sermon prepare, think, pray and preach it without a just saturating the best is a trade secret I find myself sometimes repeating passages of Scripture that I never even attended to memorize and somehow just the very speaking of God's word gives us false. You read in the book of Revelation, where the early Christians were at warfare with Satan in the Bible says and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of the testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Did you know that you can give your testimony given other people but not only give it other people give it to yourself. You can say I belong to you, Lord Jesus, your mind at every of your testimony to yourself. I give mine to me lots of times I decide who I am in the Lord Jesus Christ. I just speak, but I take well to give your testimony to you can give your testimony to the devil UK-based time-saving gifts on your trail was some dirty thoughts on some foul thing some pot temptation you can say this to him when your heart is clean when you've done that purification when you've done that determination. When you have done that fortification. When you have done that revitalization. The devil gets on your trail is a devil. I will take something your back was broken. McElroy you are defeated your pervert. You have no right in my life. You have no authority in my life. I belong to Jesus Christ my body, heart, soul, mind is his trespassing on my father's property and in the name of Jesus be brought either God God resists the devil he will flee from you. Learn to verbalize the word of God. Principle of verbalization verse 13 verse 14 the principle of evaluation.

Remember your true riches. I have rejoiced in the way of I testimony as much as in riches to see you have to have an evaluation teacher boys and girls teach yourself what you're giving up. Who wants to give up diamonds for dirt wants to lease well when I can feel man I met if we can only get people to think that has to be a choice there has to be an evaluation. You have to choose you choose the true riches and you satisfied with the Lord Jesus Christ my mind that is feeding on trash is a mind is hungry.

I've seen people eating out of garbage cans literally one the most elegant, upscale places in America, I saw a man a young man with his head way down in the garbage can, literally eating out of the garbage can.

My heart broke. What would cause a man to eat out of the garbage can. Number one hunger number two no sense of shame. Why would a person put garbage in his mouth. We say because is hungry point you don't have to be hungry you can feed on Jesus feet.

I don't have to be out in the back alley 10 cans with the devil's Billy goat if I've just been feasting with the Lord Jesus Christ. If I see what I have in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have rejoiced in the way of my testimonies as much as all rights is the principle of the valuation. But here's the final principal and that's the principle of meditation maintain a constant communion with the Lord. Look now in verse 15. If you will, I will meditate in my precepts and have respect unto thy ways. I will delight myself in my statutes, I will not forget byword meditation is a powerful powerful force to keep your mind pure.

The three elements in meditation time quietness and concentration. If you will spend some time concentrating on the word of God and thinking about it, it will do something wonderful for your thought life.

The word meditate has to thoughts one as I've told you before, it has the thought of a cow chewing the could the cow go out there in the pasture and get that clover not alfalfa grass or whatever it is and he digested me as I think for some oxen and they just somehow places it then then he'll go out to meditate that is you go and lie down in the pasture somewhere and his brain sends a message to her stomach and says alfalfa.

Please outcomes alfalfa and he or she what you swallow down maybe clover bleach and chew that for a while we get the juice out of send it back down again the word of God is like that he'll you get manually ingested. Then you digested you chew on, over and over and over and over again I find myself going to bed thinking the word of God waking up the first on in the morning thinking the word of God is also like a attune.

You can get out of him. I never had a clue to indicate the amount just for just getting you what ever it is a guess that will get the word of God in your mind so you meditate on it day after day. Let me just give you two verses in the same Psalm Psalm 119 verse 15 I will meditate in my precepts and have respect and ally ways. Psalm 119 verse 23. Princes also didn't sit and speak against me, but by servant did meditate in my statutes, Psalm 119 verse 48. My hands also will I lift up under thy commandments which I have love, I will meditate in my statutes, Psalm 119 verse 97. Oh how I love thy law is my meditation all the day. Now what I have done is taken one short passage of Scripture and I have given you seven principles I listen to me.

Take the seven principles memorized. Not a good notetaker, you probably don't even have them all down the get the tape.

Listen over and over and over again. It will be worth it. Put it into practice.

Don't you be a hypocrite to try to teach your children something that you not practicing you get your heart right get your heart clean you guard your heart so you can protect your home then you take your children you walk your children through this thing. You say that what you can be clean.

You will have to let the devil have a dirty groove in your mind are right in your mind you have.

That way clans then you go through the rest of the steps and again I remind you that God does business with those that mean business. Would you pray right now. Dear God, teach me your statutes would you pray what the psalmist pray Lord, teach me, Lord, help me to know these things help me to take what the pastor said that is out of your word and Lord apply it to my heart. If you been having difficulty in these matters, and a lot of fine people are fighting a real battle. Tell God that you having a bad but you have determined with your whole heart to have victory that you don't make that conversation you and down and even if you make that kind of decision. If you don't use God's methods are still not good. Father God in the name of Jesus seal this message to our hearts help me help us will that we might truly have victory in our life in Jesus name, amen.

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