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The Devices of the Devil | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 11, 2020 8:00 am

The Devices of the Devil | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 11, 2020 8:00 am

Our enemy is very cunning and methodical. But we don’t have to be ignorant to the devices of the Devil—the Holy Spirit is our ally. In this message, Adrian Rogers identifies the devil’s methods in Nehemiah 4, so that we may stand against his attacks.

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Where the world's friendship Satan's motives never change, here's Adrian Rogers, my dear friend when you do the work of God, you, beware of the snare of the world's friendship Satan's motivation has never changed. I seen so many churches so many Christian so many pastors were doing a good work for God and the devil cannot stop them in any other way makes a friend out of them and diverge them for what God has called them to. And the good becomes the enemy of the best. We have to make certain their friend. All that we do is of the Lord and that we don't get diverted from doing a good work what God is called welcome to find your Christian you been called to accomplish a great work for God. Just as Nehemiah was called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the Old Testament, but in the process. Nehemiah faced severe spiritual opposition you experienced spiritual opposition in your work for Christ Adrian Rogers once said, if you haven't met the devil is because you and the devil are going in the same direction convicting is if you faced duration or discouragement danger church division understand friend.

This is to be expected because your allies. The Holy Spirit you can recognize these as devices of the devil and stand against them.

Turning your Bible. If you can't Nehemiah chapter 4 is Adrian Rogers concludes this revealing lesson on the devices of the devil. Now let me mention what the devil and try to stop Nehemiah and what the devil will do to try to stop this church try to stop you. I'm going to mention some things. The very first thing is what I want to call duration look, if you will in chapter 4 verse one, but it came to pass that when San Mallet heard that we build in the wall. He was entering great indignation and the Jews you see that I just on Astarte. He mocked them. Maybe as he ridiculed him and he spake for his brethren, and the Army of Samaria said, what do these people, Jews will fortify themselves well. They sacrifice will they make in in in a day will they revive the stones out of a heaps of rubbish which are burned. Did you hear the sarcasm. Can you hear them providing withering scorn in the mouth of this man named Sam Valentine who hated the work of Christ had ever been laughed at for your fate. This fuel has asked staying in the devil knows it now responsive Nehemiah and his crowd was a wonderful response. Notice what they did and chapter 4 verse six so we all and all was joined together into the habit thereof. All the people had I limited what you want to do when people begin to laugh at you for what you believe Joss go to work for the Lord Jesus Christ, but never tried, duration, and that so he's not finished yet. Now he tries discouragement. Look at you in verse 10 and Judah said this is Nehemiah flow verse 10 and Judah said the strength of America's burdens is decayed and there isn't much rubbish. No, listen to this next phrase so that we are not able to build a wall. It seems that the devil always put some into the ranks of the believers who say it can't be God deliver us from the Judas, it will be done, but no thanks to them, and God deliver us from those ministers discouragement.

Those human wet blankets. If duration would not do it and discouragement would not do it. Then he uses actual danger look in verse 11, and our adversary said they shall not know me to seek a week a man in the midst among them and slay them and cause the work to cease. Now the devil is not against physical intimidation. The devil is not against actually causing bodily harm to the children of God.

Look in verse 14 and I looked, and rose up and set into the nobles and to the rulers and the rest of them. Be not afraid of them.

Remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons and daughters of your wives and your houses all that we hold dear is at stake and in the balance. And don't you let the devil intimidate you. You need to intimidate him.

The Bible says in James 4/7 submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Well, the devil is not finished yet. Let me give you another of the devices of the devil not only danger but discord look in chapter 5 in verse one habit was a great cry of the people and otherwise jinxing their brethren the Jews now what happened is this there was a problem that could have caused even greater to school. They had spiritual leadership. They got together and there was repentance there was restoration there was a resumption of the work. Let me tell you something different. There are no problems too big to solve just people too small to solve. We can solve almost any problem. If we attack the problem rather than one another. Well, the devil is not finished yet. Discord did not stop them from building a wall. He tried something else and is what I want to call diversion diversion. Look, if you will in chapter 6 and verse one. Now it came to pass, when San Valentin Tobiah Andy show him the Arabian and the rest of our enemies heard that I had the wall and there was no breach (but that time I met some of the doors of the gates that send valid and decent sent on to me saying, let us meet together in some one of the villages in the plain of Ono, but they fall to do me mischief and I sent messages under them, saying, I am doing a great work so that I come down.

Why should the work cease while I leaving and come down to you. Don't you just love that look in verse four yet they sent him to make four times after this sort and I answer them after the same manner. Now the devil is so widely so methodical.

He is so divisive in his devices. So many cc other things not working.

He says Nehemiah.

What we need to do now is to have a conference hi want you to leave the war hi want you to stop what you're doing and come down here to love the villages and we're going to talk it over.

Now notice to them that the Bible says he fears either as a roaring lion while while an angel of light and hard against and a couple working. So now no longer is he roaring.

Nice is a list of each and come down here. Let's just call this over my dear friend when you do the work of God, you, beware of the snare of the world's friendship Satan's motivation has never changed.

I've seen so many churches so many Christians so many pastors are doing a good work for God and the devil who cannot stop them in any other way makes a friend out of them and diverse them from what God has called them to do good becomes the enemy of the best you. Beware of any conferences that cause you to compromise.

Think it over. I've had so many people come to me all of my ministry is Adrienne I like you to do this, I likely again that I want you to try this and I know it was of the devil. I know it was a plan to say, saying that we have to be locked into one narrowband. We have to make certain different at all that we do is of the Lord and that we don't get diverted from doing a good work what God has called us to do. I remember talking with Dr. Billy Graham. He told me how they tried to make United States Sen. out of his told me how that Hollywood came to him. He told me how some business people came to him, but God said Billy you keep on doing what I have called you to do. Nehemiah said I'm doing a great work. Why should I come than that was very clever.

I heard of a man who was a bear hunting one day we went out into the ceiling he saw just the bear he wanted. He leveled his gun on the bare barefoot of both clauses and wait a minute hold. Don't pull a trigger.

I mean listen man we need to sit down and have a talk about this thing them into letting me use it will be reasonable that evidently you want to shoot me because you want to scan me you want a fur coat and I'm on the prowl because I'm hungry. I'm looking for good me now listen, we both have our own personal interest. Let's sit down and talk it over. So the man lay down his gun when on the middle-of-the-road man-to-man had a conversation and when it was over. They both had what they wanted. The bear had a good meal and the man had a fur coat dear friend. These are the methods of Satan. Some of you are going to sidetrack. I've seen deacons and soul winners. They get in a church like this after Sunday school class I go to work for the Lord and then some civic organization comes along and taxing and they stop serving the Lord and they stop working in the church and they did. In some organizations become first vice president for the Society for the prevention of cruelty to orphan grandmothers will athlete's foot and working for GC's side trial diverted from the work Nehemiah when my the devil is not finished yet. Let me show you what else he does it defamation all listen want a bag of tricks.

He is looking chapter 6 and verse five said send valid his sermon on to me in like manner. The fifth time with an open letter in his hand wherein was written.

It is reported among the heathen, and and you said that thou and the Jews length rebel for which call is now billed as the wall that thou may be their king, according to all these words, and thou hast also appointed prophets breach of the Jerusalem say there is a king in Judah and now shall it be reported unto the king, according to these words come out therefore and let us take counsel together. Then I sent him him saying that there are no such things known as thou sayest, but bowel famous them out of thine own heart. What is the next thing the devil does defamation defamation. The devil started a dirty rumor and what the devil said was this that Nehemiah is still with pride and self-seeking. The only reason that Nehemiah wanted to rebuild the walls was that he was building a little kingdom for him self that will be said about any man of God and any sure we will be accused of building the kingdom of ourselves and the devil is not too dirty to do that as a matter of fact the Bible says that the San Valley came with an open letter.

What is that mean very much like a letter to the editor memoranda something person who will sit down and write an open letter for everybody to read and it's a letter slandering the people of God, man, I tell you that you're never more like Satan, when you slammed when you say pastor Rogers. What can we do to keep from being slammed nothing. Nothing you for Jesus Christ and they will slander you remember again that discernment is not better than his Lord Jesus was called a wind River. He wasn't. He was called a glutton he was and they said Jesus Christ. He was in league with the devil you expect me saying if you live for the Lord Jesus Christ. I heard about a little four-year-old boy who said his prayers and he thought he was praying what he heard everybody else pray in church. We pray this Lord forgive us our trash baskets. Some of us need to pray that prayer because we've allowed our ears to be trash baskets.

We listen to the dirty insinuations of the devil. Don't you let somebody use your ears for our trash basket. There always those who will attack the people of God. I heard about a pastor the church.

He had two people in the congregation to man who called on him and said pastor we think you'll work here at this church is finished and we think it's time for you to move on pastor Sidwell set on for about they came back later said to pray about a set I sure did.

The Lord said he never heard you two guys, my dear friend, always those who want to slander God's people to deal with slander. Well, the more you protest, sometimes the more guilty you sound the best way is to simply do what Nehemiah did is just to state the truth and know all your best defense is a pure life and a clear conscience and reward. Beecher said life would be a perpetual sleep time.

If a man were obliged to run down all the innuendos the interests of these the insinuations and misrepresentations which are uttered against him.

I like what Abraham Lincoln said Abraham Lincoln a great president of the United States and was criticized by the way, the way to escape criticism is to say nothing, do nothing and be not. Abraham Lincoln said if I were to try to read much less answer all of the attacks made only this shot may as well be closed for any other business.

I do the very best I know how the very best I can and I mean to keep on doing so on till the end. If the M brings me out all right want to set against me will amount to anything if the and brings me out wrong 10 Angel swearing I was right. Make no different was good. I just keep on serving the Lord by dear friend, be careful that you're not in the business of defaming the people of God whole you never more like the enemy himself would you do that. Then again, why does the devil do well. He's not finished yet and so he tries another trick not defamation my attacking people's motivation and character, but this may look if you really actually tries to put fear in your life. Chapter 6 and verse nine look at it again in the Bible says and they all made us afraid, for they all made us afraid say that hand shall be weakened from the work that it be not done now therefore old God strengthen my hands and afterward I came to the house of Humira, the son of Belle Isle.

This may have you who was shut up and he said let us meet together in the house of the Lord within the temple and let us shut the doors of the temple, for they will come to slave the unity in the night they will come to slave the and I said, should such a man as I flee and who has there been being as I am who would go into the temple to save his life. I will not go in now. What the devil had done here now is to bring his sinister minister of fear out researchers bag of tricks and pull out another weapon that's almost as good as discouragement and its fear what he said to Nehemiah was fear has power to weaken. According to verse nine, the Bible says in second Timothy chapter 1 verse seven that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind Bible teaches. When a man truly fears God he has to fear no man. Now the devil will shoot his employers an hour of fear and if you let him get that are in the building. Several things it would degrade the father because his saying father you not able to take care of me disturb your friends is a fears infectious and will make your stumbling block.

It will delight your photos, the devil loves to see you intimidated.

We play into the devil's hands. When we are afraid now. Last of all, I want you to see the very last thing that the devil wants to do and its deception.

How very devilishly deceptive. The devil is looking chapter 6 beginning in verse 12. Now this man has said to Nehemiah listen buddy. Thereafter, you how much you need to do is to flee into the temple and shut the door that you be safe without notice in chapter 6 and verse 12 and hello I perceived that God had not sent him that you see. He came in the name of the Lord, but minimize as I perceive that God did not send him what he pronounces prophecy against me for Tobiah and Sam valid had fired him, therefore, was he higher that I should be afraid. That is, there was a trap of the devil. There was a man who was a highly not a true prophet of God who came, supposedly to give advice to Nehemiah that was good by the sinister minister of fear.

The devil, because fear and he says therefore he was hired that I should be afraid, and do so and saying that they might have matter for an evil report that they might reproach me. My God, I think zaleplon Tobiah and Sam valid according to these there were an older prophetess, Noah, Daya, and the rest of the prophets that would have put me in fee know what Nehemiah did was just Delgado's. Here's what the devil to he disguised himself as an angel of light and he got some merchants of fear and he said now ma'am I this is a message from God, you're a real danger and what you need to do is to go and to the temple and hide yourself. Nehemiah knew the word of God. It would have been a sin for Nehemiah to go into the holy place because he was not a priest, and Nehemiah, which is seemingly a mile was the kind of man who had his antenna now the devil will many times company with" religious advice and how you going to know the difference might afraid.

You better know the word of God and be filled with the spirit of God, you better keep your knees on the floor and your eyes on the smoker you're going to be to see that all of these things can you not see the hand of the devil. Well, how does this story, and be like stories that have a happy ending. Been looking chapter 6 and verse 15 I love it I love it.

The wall was finished in the 20 and fifth day of the month of eligible and 50 and two days and less than a year they built the wall and it came to pass, when our enemies heard thereof, and all the heathen that were about us. All these things they were much cast down in their own lives and I listen to this, for they perceive this work was wrong by our God.

Don't you like that don't you think this over and surely if they had they would have some God be the glory, great things he has done. But wouldn't it be wonderful for us to solo God and soul love one another that they gather we would do something that all hail can't stop as something that will shut the mouth of the devil and something that cannot be explained apart from the good hand bar God and they had to confess that God was with my dear friend. We get our hearts right with God and keep it right with God and the work of God will go through Satan's devices like a white-hot cannonball through a crate of eggs Leslie and the standard we are not Satan's devices come in. Praise God that we have the Holy Spirit in his word help us stand against the devil's devices if you're going through a season of spiritual opposition.

Right now we will stand with you and cover you in prayer. If you can go to where Discover Jesus to find resources and materials to answer questions you may have about your faith and there's a comments section at the bottom of the page.

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Remember Adrian Rogers words of instruction and encouragement keep your knees on the floor in prayer. Keep your nose in the Bible and refuse devil's devices to make sure you join us next time more profound truth.

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