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Real Discipleship - How to Become #1 in God's Eyes, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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July 6, 2022 6:00 am

Real Discipleship - How to Become #1 in God's Eyes, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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July 6, 2022 6:00 am

In Jim Collins’ classic book, Good to Great, he highlights one important quality of effective and dynamic leaders... Wanna know what it is? In this program, Chip continues his series – “Real Discipleship: How Jesus Chose to Change the World.” He’ll share how we can really become #1 – not by the world’s standards – but in God’s eyes.

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Jim Collins classic book good to great. He talks about level V leaders and there is one quality of every leader to something dynamic and makes a difference. It has nothing to do with intelligence or their gift. It has something they actually learn probably indirectly from Jesus that don't go away. Welcome to this Edition of Living on the Edge mission of these daily programs is to intentionally disciple Christians the Bible to thanks for joining us as we near the end of our series. Real discipleship of Jesus chose to change the world for these last two programs to focus on what needs to be number one in God's eyes, which is nothing to do with no quick listener note before we get started chip talk to Siri several years ago, so this program still sound a little different but the truth will bring from God's word is still really okay here's chip with today's talk. I think all of us want strive to be number one because it makes us feel significant worthy valuable steam honored and prestigious and with becoming number one we get that all-important ready for this power. Power to influence power to control power to direct power to have people serve us get a group of men in a room when you talk to them in the corporate world and you find out very quickly how many people are under them. How many people report to them what their salary is where they work, what they do what their expense account includes or doesn't include when they have a company car because when we get people to honor us and Ramirez idolizes into the steamers and the look up to us and complement us. It makes us feel special and important and worthwhile, and in a word significant.

Let's face it, we are living in a world that is sexist with being from top to bottom.

We buy clothes at certain stores because et al. number one people dress. We drive cars of certain make because et al. number one people draw. We long to be on-topic is down deep in our hearts we believe that if we are there that will be the key to being significant really being somebody turn to Mark chapter 10. It's one of the most revolutionary pieces of thinking. I think ever recorded in history. At first it seems almost absurd, if you never heard this before you happen to have never heard of the epic of Jesus.

You really think this guy is nuts is a lunatic illogical. He's going to describe a ready for this. How to this send into greatness. He's going to raise into question. Maybe, just maybe the route to significance and worth in esteem and value just might not come from being number one.

That's what is going to say.

As we look at the content of this passage. There's not a lot of people to want to get on this road. Only the very shrewd, only the very spiritually perceptive people who understand what really makes a person significant want to get on this road with Christ. The context is in verse 32 through 34 Jesus is for third time predicting his death is with the disciples and beginning in verse 32 it says now they were on their way up to Jerusalem with Jesus leading the way and the disciples were astonished while those who followed were Frank again. He took the 12 aside little private power. While any told them what happened to them guys. I want you to know no surprises when the talent were going up to Jerusalem. He said in the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and the teachers of the law is to be sought out, they will condemn him to death.

They will hand them over to the Gentiles who will mock him, spit on him, flog him and kill and this idea of me being the political Messiah is wrong. I've explained it and explained it and explained James and John are like us and what we do. We tend to hear selectively we hear from people only want to hear that very minute conversation, especially that involves money with another person in a deal and you both.

Christians seem to shake on it and you come back nine months a year later, and what they heard about that deal and what you heard about that deal and what other people are not ideal. It's so foggy and nine months might help you need to write things down is nothing to do with your faith has everything to do with your humanness. But listen, how selectively they hear so first is the request versus 37 update of the 3735 37 James and John, sons of Zebedee come to him. Matthew records that it was their mother that basically lead the charge and it doesn't contradict. Apparently she tonic kick things off and put them aside and then the boys took over from here and this is what Mark records teacher.

They said this is what is set up. We want you to do for us whatever we ask in a blank check. No, come on guys interesting word to the verb for ask gifts and connotations of the middle person we want you to do whatever we ask for us. This is not you know there's a million starving people over there and we want you to do whatever we ask. This is we want you to do whatever we ask for us.

And so Jesus plays along 40 want to do for you. Well, your in a right your number one and we have a lot of faith and we like to be number two and number 31 on the right want to let anything when you get into your glory. When you're the big Bambino and we don't really understand the people were so nave.

We haven't caught onto the planet all but for our nave understanding. Always see, and here's what we want to hear. And that you to be hot stuff and we want to be hot stuff with Jesus. Verse 38 knowing what they're really asking says guys you don't have a clue of what you're asking. So VE makes to two questions. Can you drink the cup personal pronoun the copy. Speaking of what's going to happen in the garden later. Can you drink the cup the will of God for me but I'm going to drink. Can you undergo rejection flogging in future martyr. Then he repeats it with another metaphor. Can you be baptized.

Can you be so identified with me can you be baptized with the baptism which I'm going to undergo. By the way, this is a classic example of where baptism is using the New Testament in a non-literal or meaning having nothing to do with water. The core idea behind baptism is identification and here he's using as a metaphor of baptism is using the Old Testament a baptism of wrath.

Can you go places the Eisai can you guys go through when you go through. I mean if you be on the right and on the left and if you can be in with me.

You got to go through what kind of go through with and their nave, but I think your sincere and loyal and answer we can't you. It's exciting. They did to well Jesus turned to them in verse and the verse 39 says you will drink the cup that I drink, and you will be baptized with the baptism that I baptize with. He looks down the road. James we martyred early in the church.

John Lai land what he goes through X out of the end of his life kicked around everywhere, becomes the apostle of love. The writer of the gospel of John, the writer of the last three epistles. First, second, third John weathers out the storm of all the early church. But he says to sit at my right hand to my left and that's not for me to grant.

Not that he doesn't have authority. It's the picture of God the father and God the son God the Holy Spirit in this divine sovereign plan that is been put into place in ages ago and James and John, shall be the last minute safe. Hey, can we get these number one and two spots. Jesus says that there's a little bit bigger situation you dream of it. Those are kind of already prepared and take care of units, like it at the inaugural ball come up to the present same vice president.

I know how this all works Eisai know this. That's also taking care of. But thanks for your your heart now. What's the reaction Jesus is vulnerable is picture this thing. He spilled his guts he's get ready to die. Where's James and John's focus compassion for their dear friend Jesus of what is going through. And if he's going to make it identification hurt concerned no. One of the here all they hear is that you come into your glory, your number one we want to be there for what happens to the other 10 when they hear they run to Jesus. The fence is, how could you guys be this way. You see, with the Masters going through. You see, he's hurt he's emotionally vulnerable.

How could you guys be so inconsiderate, so selfish, so self-seeking is that what they do or do they get hot because those to beat the tend to the punch to ask the question. That's what happens. It says the 10 when they heard of what their request was. They became indignant. Interesting word has me got hot under the collar.

What's this deal hey euros, like finding out that there's a sale and all your friends go in after it's over.

They come back and tell you, you know, we didn't get in on it and so they're jealous to be number one in the other 10 are jealous in their envious and their indignant this provides them the opportunity for the teaching of this passage teaching. This passage is very simple. The world's way of becoming great is by self-promotion, but I say to you, God's way of becoming number one or greater is served to simple now if some of you are here thinking. Haven't we heard this sometime earlier in this book. This is a theme of this book is come up over and over and over.

Let's listen to verse 42 Jesus called them together and I think he probably had almost stop a fight. You know that those who are regarded as the rulers you know the number ones the hotshots the CEOs the rock stars the people with power the people of the authority. The people down in downtown Jerusalem that can afford a Rolex you know those people that people tend to look up to nothing wrong in and of themselves.

Any of those things on themselves, but he said the rulers of the Gentile. Their method of operation and exercising leadership is to lord it over people.

Hey, I'm the boss I call the shots you do what I say, my way or the highway was talking about. I work my way up the ladder. I get the job injury degree the box. I own the place your peon buddy. You do it my way, or hit the road and yeah I know there's all these government regulations. That's fine and you may be a part of the union.

You may be part of that we can make your life so miserable.

Trust me, we can get you to want to quit so you either do it my way. As was described how the Gentiles people in leadership and the power they lord it over people notice the contrast.

Not so with you instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant Dick I same word for it to be a minister. In effect, whoever wants to be first. If you want to be a mono QME number one, you got me the slaying the bondslave of everybody of all, not just the people you want to serve all and then the Sit with verse 45. Which is it may be as good a verse is in this entire book and pulling things together for reason the Son of Man may Jesus, God incarnate, came not to be, sir, but the sooner they can get again and what to lay down my life as a ransom is a purchase price for many, that little word for is an interesting proposition. It means instead of as a substitute for Jesus is not just saying that he's coming to care for people and to serve people and meet their needs. Yes, but is also saying this passage very clearly with this word for purchase and this word anti-is a little preposition for for these coming to die as a substitute in their place, to pay for their sin.

The ultimate in serving another person is to take the thing is the biggest problem in their life and remove it or take it on yourself and what he does is he takes on their sin and arsenic dies for them in their place.

So what's God's way to be great week.

We pitted a number of times in this book to be a servant. I think of I grew up in the time of Jesus and he said be a servant.

I think I got that down and I know exactly what they do. We get five of them in our house. One of them does this one of them does this and we would know what it means to be a service and were living in a culture who were taught from day one, be independent dear own strong self.

You can do it on your own. You need anybody. And so what I've learned is that unless you had some strong role models you hear a message like this and servant hood is a cost for that's right man, what God emotions. I want to be more observant and two days later you know what basically back last week so let's talk about how to serve well and then how to serve wisely and to give you some ways to remember it. To be honest I think they're kinda corny rather set up front and you get down to number three is a boy, this is corny.

It is corny, but reminds me of a message I heard via a pastor from Oakland. He taught us what you learned in driving school and I thought the whole message was corny. It was three years ago. I still remember all of so how to serve well first of all, it starts with the heart. And by that you need to develop if were going to learn to serve well it's not an activity we need to develop a mindset and attitude of viewing ourselves as a servant, jot down Philippians chapter 2 and study the passage about Christ didn't consider equality with God a thing to be crass but humbled himself, taking the form of a bondservant, and is is had this attitude had this mentality about how you think about life ability give you what I think are the three elements of developing the attitude or the mentality of a servant.

All these specifics can flow out of you don't get this attitude you will get the rest.

But see, I don't think like a servant.

I tend to use with any given day.

The way I think is what can make this best for chip and help some of the people great you know. But basically, I'm looking out for number one, I've been trained well.

Three aspects of developing the heart attitude. First, I think you have to grasp is a clear sense of gratitude both in Scripture. I find over and over and over again. Whether it's an forgiveness or a caring or loving. I hear over and over again, consider what God has done for you. And then, in light of that forgive others. In light of all that God has done for me. I'm to love others and see what I think is until we get a grasp of how undeserving we are and we get real thankful toward the father then then were not real open to start giving out other people's of gratitude I think is is is key. By the way, if you're thankful it's hard to have your focus on yourself to the second thing that I think grows out of gratitude is humility. And so what what happens is you start to get grateful and you realize you don't deserve it.

Then you get humble and realize the way I tend to think in most of you tend to think on your honest days is people who are on your level, you'll serve and people above you, you will serve in on a good day you'll serve a person a notch or so below you. Humility says you know what they're there anybody below me the understeer and I do for whoever God brings it doesn't matter what they look like. It doesn't matter what color they are. This matter with the background is net of their orientation. Nothing matters you get a genuine humility of God did this for me. I'm humble. Do whatever God wants for anyone anytime been listening to part one of chips message to become number one God's will be right back with his application to drink from a series real discipleship. Are you familiar with the term compounded interest in economics, it simply the idea of rapidly growing your investment. So what does that have to do with becoming a disciple of Jesus through the six part series trip explains the discipleship is kind of like spiritual multiplication or job is not just to lead people to Jesus were called to help them mature in their faith and empower them to take others on that same journey to join us as we study the gospel of Mark and discover how to spiritually invest in the lives of others and if you happen to miss any part of this series.

The tripping remap is a great way to catch up, or Bible teacher Chip Ingram is with me now and chip. It's been incredible to seal God is working both here and across the world. So as we near the end of this midyear match season.

What final thoughts do you have will. David's been absolutely amazing when I think of what God is done to the daily discipleship. This global pastor's expansion is something that we never saw coming, but in the midst of where the world is. I feel like God is moving like never before. So as we come to the end of this midyear match. We need everyone who feels led to give to do that in the next couple of days you been praying in meeting to give, but haven't done so yet. Would you turn those good intentions into actions. Help us to finish strong. The match ends at midnight this Thursday, July 7 up to then every gift will be double dollar for dollar. Thank you for praying and doing whatever God leads you to do. Thanks, Chip will let me just add that by partnering with Living on the Edge, you'd be helping us take the truth of God's word across America literally around the world. There's never been a better time to join the team because between now and night tomorrow. Every gift we received will be matched dollar for dollar regular mail these to be postmarked before then to make a donation. Just visit or call us at AAA 333-6003 and that's AAA 333-6003 app listeners just Donate. Thank you in advance for your generosity letters chip with some final thoughts as we wrap up today's program. I realize that the teaching today. In some ways might feel sort of idealistic, that's great Chip but you know if you knew my real world. If you know where I work.

If you got the bickering, the backbiting, the politics and all the rest and in the end of the message I talked about the first two of three attitudes if you will that create servant leaders and people that really have an impact in the first one was gratitude.

It's being thankful for what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don't have whether you're the supervisor and employee or the CEO, the more and more you focus on what's not right what you don't have what other people were doing you turn into that negative person who's dissatisfied with your work. Your job in your life and so servant mindset and servant leadership starts with gratitude that produces a different kind of person and the second one is akin to it. It's humility and humility is that practice of considering other people more important than yourself. I have two friends one and probably the most powerful and richest company in America and the other in the financial services both these people are in the highest levels of leadership in these companies.

What I can tell you is what promoted them along the way was this crazy practice of considering others. More important than themselves. One in the huge financial institution. He literally invested in and trained people that actually got promoted above him and he rejoiced and people wondered what in the world happened and he remained quiet and loving and humble and it wasn't but a year year and half later he got promoted leapfrogging over everyone to one of the highest positions in the company see God honors humility, but he often tests us for a season.

Are you serving because it's just a technique or are you serving in humility.

God honors the humble.

He will exalt you in due time today. Make a list of what you're grateful for and put other people ahead of yourself.

Stay on that path. You'll never regret it. Just before we close. I want to quickly remind you about our midyear match that's going on right now to those of you who faithfully support us. Thank you. Your generosity is impacting countless lives all around the world. But for those who haven't yet joined our team will you pray about doing that today. Your gifts will help us train pastors create resources and produce broadcasts like what you heard today and right now. Every donation we received before midnight tomorrow will be doubled dollar for dollar to send a gift go to or give us a call at AAA 333-6003 that's AAA 333-6003 or go to app listeners top donate. Thank you for praying and doing whatever the Lord leads you to do what I hope you'll be with us again next time Mr. preps up a series real discipleship, but until then, this is Dave Drury saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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