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Precious in His Sight - Wings, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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April 13, 2022 6:00 am

Precious in His Sight - Wings, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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April 13, 2022 6:00 am

Chip's wife, Theresa, shares her journey from a timid little girl with no self confidence to a confident, healthy, godly woman. It’s a message of encouragement you don’t want to miss.

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The Scripture says that were fearfully and wonderfully made. Do you really believe that you struggling down wondering what your gifts, goals with your life really makes a difference. Today my wife wraps up her series and share certain mindset to keep us from being used by God, not thanks for joining us for this edition of living will be a church or Bible to international discipleship ministry focused on helping Christians like Christian in this trip just said today were finishing up his wife, Teresa series, precious in his sight passed several programs she's encouraged us to see ourselves.

We are stored value by so if you've been moved by what Teresa talked about. Would you take a minute after the message ensure the series with a friend. You can do that either through the shipping roadmap or by downloading and sharing the free MP3s that you will find it Living on the Edge.or or that let's join Teresa for the second half of her talk to Harlan destroying enemies and deliver God's people. Please call tortured and murdered Christians. He's calling back to the gospel to write to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to write many of the New Testament blocks to be a great leader in the early church use someone like that a lot. And over and over again we see this in Scripture I messed up too badly that when they came to God with humble and repentant heart that God would not forgive that he would not forget and give them new marching orders for him to give because he wanted to use their lines and nothing can stand in the way of God using the lives of those whose hearts are completely he has no matter what we've done in the past or last week. Yesterday no matter what we can. He wants to use our lives in God is a God of second chances anything God wants to use you and so you need to think about what marching orders by giving me what to do something he wants me to do, allowing some of these roadblocks to get in the way.

I'm not hearing what he saying and many times he uses those very areas of our lives will be a struggle the most.

That's what he uses he will use the lessons we can learn from the sands and the failures of our past to help others to learn, to grow and I'm not proud of the fact that that I am divorcing my pass. I'm not proud of that at all the life God has used what he taught me through those years of my life to help hundreds of people that are going to same struggle he sees in God is use my crooked thinking him him how he's taught me to to learn to think about myself the right way to use that to help other people learn how to think correctly about God and about themselves and if you will allow him, God will turn your failures into opportunities to give hope in the message of Christ to someone else. He will use those very cracks in your life that you thought making unworthy and unusable use and for his glory. The third roadblock is focusing on what I don't have instead of on God who is my adequacy in all things, and I could say I'm not good enough. I don't think an adequate enough for God to use my life and we can limit God because we think that we don't have enough training that we don't have enough education that maybe I'm too old or maybe I'm too young. I'm not smart enough not. I'm not we can come up with all kinds of reasons that we think were not adequate to do what God wants to do God's SS we can do all things through him because he is our adequacy. Even things that we think were not able to do in second Peter 13, he says, seeing that his divine power has granted to us everything everything that we need pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of him who called us by his glory and excellence in second Corinthians 35.

Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves better adequacy is from God is not from a because because God is our adequacy. We can do greater things than we ever sought to do all God desires from us is is that willing willing to do and that we have a heart opening towards him to be obedient to the rest will provide all that we need.

After four years in the land of Midian getting back to Moses. Again, most probably felt like a failure.

I'm sure he did. He probably had poor self-image to think about that Moses could have had poor self-image. He maybe had an inferiority complex because he impediment.

I'm not sure yet how that all worked and what he sounded like that. The Bible tells us they had a speech impediment and he probably thought that he was permanently disqualified from God. He's got service values in his life.

And when God's call came to Moses and the burning bush and he said we should go back and I want you to speak to Pharaoh to deliver my people and Moses offered excuse after excuse of why he was an adequate to do the job and he said you know, just don't have what it takes something that someone else and he said no I can't talk. They won't believe me know I can go and use all kinds of excuses of why he was an adequate do what God is calling to. But God said to Moses that he would provide all Moses needed to do the job to go and deliver God's people and economy say in everything and we see this what God provided for Moses, and he provided it before hand. He shows Moses what he was going to do and Exodus 312 God said to Moses, I will certainly be with you to see the sin and Moses out there by himself going to go with him to be with him in a powerful way to go with you wherever you want you to go whatever he wants you to do.

He'll be with you and Exodus 42. He gave him a ride to perform signs as a witness of God's power, he gave him something that would authenticate that he was he was from God that God was sending him continues to do perform miracles with whatever when God asked us to do something to give us what we need to be Iran does miracles that he'll give us what we need to do that and Exodus 411, God says that he will give Moses the words to say that it will tell you exactly what you need to say I'll show you and then Exodus 414 and 16 it says God gave Aaron, Moses further gave him as his mouthpiece because Moses was unable to speak clearly so he said all I'll bring Aaron and you take him with you and I'll give you the words to say and Aaron will will say the words for you and so he provided everything that Moses needed to do God's will and God tells Moses in Exodus 314. He says to Moses, I can who I God described himself as I am who I am and he said, and you shall say to the sons of Israel. I sent you and God told Moses he told the children of Israel that what ever you need to see him. What ever you need and God says to you, to his beloved children that what ever you need I and think about what God calling you to do, willing, willing and available to usual life as God would want me to God and have a list of assignments and degrees that you need to achieve before her usual life work that way. All he requires is a woman who loves him and his willing to be obedient to God's will for her life. That's all. And so we can say that God was a sincere heart, I love you my life issuers use me the Lord in whatever way you would choose and you'll be amazed at what God will do and powerful way that he'll work through your life and I just learned that every time that God calls me to do something that instead of dwelling on my inadequacy.

I begin to thank him for my inadequacy because I always feel inadequate especially feel inadequate doing. I can thank God for my inadequacy because you know in my own inadequacy. I know that I can be dependent upon the Lord because he will do, it will be my adequacy and he will get the free and he will get the honor's English class. That's why he wants us to realize that were not adequate without him in second Corinthians, 470 says that we have this treasure life of Christ, that we had in jars of clay jars of Clay describes our weak human and jars of Clay that the surpassing greatness of the power may be of God and not of ourselves and God takes these blobs of clay and that's how he describes this in that into a beautiful vessel into a masterpiece to reflect the image of God he is the truth.

Sure sounded life of every one of you and we will allow him he will be our adequacy.

All that we do and then people will see Christ and not in fact every time I get up to bake into a group or teach a class on a the power of God at work in my life because I know where it came from Hanoi. I know I know that I can't do it. I read today when I can barely communicate verbally to anyone about anything was going on deep in my heart and early on when we were in ministry.

I here's the pastor's wife remembers sitting in a group and and sharing things in my heart would start pounding because I wanted to say something. I have the courage to get on and I just couldn't get out fear so overtook me and when I felt God's call to on my life to begin to get into teach and to share what he's done in my life silica Moses kind.

You gotta be kidding me and my fear I was willing to be obedient to what God was calling me to do in the trust that God would do it and he would be what I needed and he promised to be my great I for whatever he call me to do, and he's been so faithful I just seen him work in my life and change meaning a wide enough validity and not me. Not easy, even though you know something is the will of God in your opinion of God can be with you.

Still not easy to do. It's still hard but I know for certain that he'll give me what I need, I can, the great I and is calling each of us to be his ambassadors to let our light. The light of Christ shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify your father is in heaven. And so I just encourage you to quit focusing on all the things that you don't have quit making excuses like Moses did, but rather focus on God who will give you all that you need to do all that he's called you to do for every good work and for sharing the message of Christ in our world the force roadblock is unwillingness to believe God's promises just an unwillingness to believe. I still believe that my one little I can make that much of difference may my mom alive can make that much of difference in Hebrews 11 six. It says that without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is order of those who diligently can we step out in faith says that he read sat and is very pleased when we do that in faith or belief is an action word is not just trying real hard to muster up certain feelings think is in the feeling and us is not just saying over and over again, I believe, I believe. I believe until I believe it doesn't work that way, but it God's word is hearing his truth and his promises to me and then stepping out to serve God based on the faithfulness of his promises.

And knowing that he will keep his promises. It's a firm expectation that God will do what he said he'll do it, the firm expectation faith is what pleases God and accomplishes not accomplishing things not accomplishing things that outwardly make us look significant but by faith doing those things that are God's will.

Each of our lives, and even though those things may seem mundane, even though they make it go unnoticed by others. They are significant to God and when we step out in faith and we do God's will pleases him, and he rewards us and we have spiritual blessings that are just so wonderful and it takes sometimes. I've noticed in my own life as much face to step out and do those mundane things in our daily life and believe that they are important, as it is to to step out and do something that's really big and and something that we feel like were not equipped to do.

Sometimes it takes just as much faith to do those those little tiny things in Romans 1017 it says faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of God is your faith will not grow if were not in the Bible on a regular basis.

I know we talked about this a lot last night but points to some important and how it affects every year of our lives is God's spirit lives inside me. He helps me to understand God's word and he helps me to apply his word it to my life and it's God's responsibility to make me mature. It's his responsibility to grow me out and him and to give the all that I need you know why it's my responsibility pick up Bible and read it and fill my mind with his truth and meditated and allow the transforming power to work in my life that the choice it's a choice that I make God's not going to take control of my arm and make me pick up my Bible reading every day to choice that I need to make it's a choice to step out in faith and do what what God is calling me to do and we can either say yes to God or we can say no. Now I spent time with a young woman this past year and counseling her some and this young woman was really destroying her life by the negative beliefs that she had just as physically destroying her body because of how late she viewed herself and God viewed her and as I shared with her and as I prayed with her about God leaving her in her valuing Christ. She told me one day that as I was praying and as I was praying God's truth into her life in sunlight in her heart she was shaking her head no and you say she was refusing to believe she just refused to believe God's truth and takes a step of faith. It takes a choice, an act of our will to say yes God yes I will do this I will believe in so how about you, you know. Are you continually shaking your head.

Only God to all that he has for you or will you decide to act by faith to say yes yes Lord, I want all that you have yes thank you Lord for what you've done for me and say I'm willing Lord for you to use my life in whatever capacity the you which is and I know they'll never deliver a nation of people like Moses and I know they'll never lead a kingdom like David and on not be an apostle like Paul, but that God has gifted each of us and chosen us to be reflection of him in the sphere of influence that he's given us and God needs and will use your one little life he'll use you.

Here's an example of one little like that. God used a Sunday school teacher named Edward Kimball wasn't always sure his life had had much consequence either in 1858 he at least was able to leadership Kirk Clark to Christ. Now, probably in your life.

You don't think that's well that's okay because it's not a significant impact. Look at what happened. The clerk Dwight L. Moody became an evangelist and in 1879, Moody awakened an evangelistic zeal in the heart of a man named FB Meyer, the pastor of a small church in New England. Meyer preaching on a college campus when a student named Jay Wilbur Chapman to Christ while Chapman was engaged in YMCA work. He employed a former baseball player named Billy Sunday help with evangelistic meetings sending held a series of services in the Charlotte North Carolina area and a group of local men were so enthused by the meetings that they planned another campaign. This time they brought preacher Mordechai and panda town during one of his meetings. A young man named Billy Graham yielded his life to Christ. Since then, millions of heard the gospel to grants ministry camel had started quite a ripple effect.

So can you. In fact, you probably already making a greater impact than you think you are nice, quiet testimony one little Sunday school teacher one little life and so are you ready to clean your inheritance. I am. Are you ready to fully claim your identity in Christ and not turn back, not look back.

And God wants to use this cracks in all in second Timothy 220 and 21 it says now in a large house there are not only gold and silver vessels but also vessels of wood and earthenware and some to honor, consumption, dishonor, therefore, if a man cleanses himself from these things and for these things could be in faithfulness, corruption, false police cleanse ourselves from these false beliefs. He will be a vessel for honor, sanctified useful to the master prepared for every good work that you are the master was searching for a vessel to use before him were many which one would he choose take me cry. The gold one I'm shiny and bright time of great value and I do things just right.

My beauty and luster will outshine the rest and for someone like you master gold would be best. The master passed on was no word at all and looked at a silver are narrow and tall will serve you, dear master, I'll pour out your wine. I'll be on your table wherever you die. My lines are so graceful my carving so true. Silver will always complement you and heating the master passed on to the brass widemouth and shallow and polished like glass.

Here, here, try the vessel. I know I will do place me on your table for all men to view. Look at me, the goblet of crystal so clear. My transparency shows my content so dear though fragile MI.

I will serve you with pride and I'm sure I'll be happy in your house to abide the master came next to a vessel of wood polished and carved it solidly stood. He may use me dear master the wooden bowl said I would rather use me for fruit not for bread and the master looked down and saw vessel of clay empty and broken it helplessly lay no hope. Had the vessel that the master might choose to cleanse and to make holes to fill and to use this is the vessel I've been hoping to find all mended needs and make it online. I need not the vessel with pride of itself, nor one that is narrow to sit on the shelf nor one is bigmouth and shallow and loud. No one lays its contents frowned, nor one thinks he can do all things just right at this plane earthen vessel filled with power and light then gently lifted the vessel of clay mended and cleanse it and filled it that day stuck to it. Kindly there's work, you must do just pouring out to others as I poured into you pray father. We thank you so much that we are your vessels of honor, and that word but clay pots that have many many cracks that she use those very things to draw others to yourself and you fill us with yourself and hear our adequacy and everything that we do. Thank you Lord you are are great. I can hear you are everything that we will ever need love you so much pray in Jesus gives teacher with this program, which is from her series precious in his sight.

Teresa and Chip will be back in studio shortly to share some application to what we heard today. Teresa's messages really get to the heart of an issue for both men and women wrestle with identity know many of us define ourselves by our work looks well for our accomplishments. But the thing is, those ideas never quite satisfied with the series.

Teresa reveals the freedom that comes with knowing we are children of God and that he values Just the way we are. Discover how you can live in the truth every day and experience true wholeness and satisfaction of you missed any part of the series, precious in his sight want to learn more about our helpful resources. The chipping warm-up is a great way to get plugged this whole series is built on some of the most vulnerable parts of your wife Teresa story and chewed spells and what you went through in the lessons God taught her new book to trigger minimum talk about her journey to write this book and what you both. Hope people get from what I have to tell you you not hurt her teach on this and we reviewed these truth cards together for years and years, but I read the introduction that she wrote fresh, and I learned things about my wife. I thought honestly, I can't believe she's sharing this, but it's so powerful. What happened was she actually taught this and then the women of the church just kept saying you gotta get this in writing. You know, we listen to it, but I need to read it and then you know she would write like three paragraphs and walk in and say this is terrible and I know this won't be any good and you know the finally she persevered and persevered and when she got done.

I think she saw this was a God ordained moment will speak into the heart of women, especially women that are really hurting, so I just can't wait for people to read it it say it's a great book. It's a great story, but it has God's truth woven ended to learn how you are precious that your one-of-a-kind that you don't need to be anybody else, and it's it's told through her story in a way that I think so many women will say oh that's me, that's me, that's me, and then they'll say wow. There's hope, there's hope, there's hope. So Dave wanted to take a minute to share with them how they can get this book will trip. It's really easy to order a copy of Teresa's new book purchases site. Simply go to or call us at AAA 333-6003 and if you're wanting to give this book as a gift for Mother's Day. Be sure to place your order by April 29 to receive it in time. Also, if you like to order some books for the women in your church. Discounts are available.

Again, you can find all these details by going to or by calling us at AAA 333-6003 that's AAA 333-6003, or hapless nurse tub, special offers know to rub up this entire series hears Chip and Teresa will honey thanks so much for you know being with this. I know this is not sorted your comfort level to test speed again with all these people you know that are listening but God has done an amazing thing in your life of watch tell what you've shared here you been parted to our daughter and I've seen how literally thousands and thousands of women have been transformed in and you know privately precious in his sight has made a big difference in my life is so just as we come to come to the end of this whole series, would you mind leaving us with some final thoughts about your journey and encourage those who are still on. Maybe some of the difficult parts of their journey.

Will my journey has been filled with lots of mountains and valleys and sometimes just plain falling into the pit and filling like there's no way out. But there always is because we never anywhere where God is not with us, even in the pit, and I realize that my journey is is all about Jesus. It's on it's all about how he change my life, how he has given me his power to do all that he's called me to do, how he's healed me how he's restored me how he's renewed my mind and were on a different journey, but we have the same God, you have the same God that I do and God loves you as much as he loves me. We all have a important part to play in his kingdom here on earth we all are his treasured children, your heavenly father loves you. He says you are the apple of his eye. He says that year. The reflection of him on this earth that you are his masterpiece that you are his delight that he thinks about you all the time so I just want to encourage all of you not to give up. Don't don't give up, to seek the Lord with all your heart, obeying what he says in his word and you will you will find that your life will be transformed into a new purpose and and and needed a new story that God wants to tell about you. There's a scripture in Psalm 90 10122 that I just wanted to end with it says those who live in the shelter of the most high will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord. He alone is my refuge he is my place of safety.

He is my God and I trust in him and that's for you and me for every person who trust in Jesus culture so thanks for rub just sharing so honestly and so vulnerable even when you were speaking reminded me of God's word to the apostle Paul was really struggling. My grace is sufficient for you, power is perfected in weakness in think you been really open about your weakness and we got to see is God's power. So thanks so much. We really appreciate you coming in before we close. I would like those of you who regularly give to the ministry of Living on the Edge you're making up big difference in helping Christians look like Christians.

You're enjoying the benefits of Living on the Edge, but aren't yet on the team would you do that today. You can set up a recurring donation by calling us at AAA 333-6003 or by visiting hapless nurse tub donate. Thanks for doing whatever the Lord leads you to do well for all the services they really say thanks for listing this vision of living on the

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