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What Now? What Next? - Innovation Not Indignation, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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December 9, 2021 5:00 am

What Now? What Next? - Innovation Not Indignation, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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December 9, 2021 5:00 am

In a world that’s falling apart morally, how can we be both good and mad? In this program, Chip examines how Jesus responded to hostility and resentment and what we can learn from His example. Don’t miss the ways we can be angry, in the right way, for the right purpose, to bring about God’s absolute best.

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There's a lot in our world, but if you're sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It makes you angry. It makes you bad. Here's the question, how do you be both good and by good I mean angry. The right way the right purpose to bring about. Thanks for joining us for this Edition of Living on the Edge with survival teacher for this international discipleship ministry focused on helping Christians live like Christian were so grateful we continue our series.

Now, what next in this program ship wraps up his message innovation indignation by studying how Jesus responded to hostility what we can learn from his example before we begin, let me encourage you to try using chips message notes while you listen. They contain is outline Scripture references and much more.

Chips notes will really help you remember what you hear and maybe even share what you're learning to download these message notes just go to the broadcasts that helplessness Fill in the your strip with part two of the stuff when I read the Bible. My first reaction is stuff like this. I can't believe his family did that. I can't believe the disciples are like that and I can't believe those religious leaders. I mean, he told the guy get up and walk me what was in the same right and I somehow read the Bible like I'm on the good team. Everybody else and when I'm a lot more honest. I realize I'm a lot more like his family. I've been angry and angry this last year. I would live. It ticked off. Now I've wisely not posted where been ticked off and I think some of my ticked off his righteous anger and it's good and I think that's a way to go chip it will motivate you to do some good. I think some of it is just downright sinful and selfish because of some stuff that I want my way there some stuff I think is important and it looks like it's knocking to be that way and I just have to remember. Okay, I didn't promise it would be that way. So here's the question what was Jesus attitude and what was his response to rejection, indignation, unfulfilled expectations and injustice, but I I'm I'm a master of long sentences with lots of words but I do want to not choose carefully and you know where this is going on. If this is Jesus response to rejection and needs to be mine if this is Jesus response to indignation that he experienced it needs to be mine if this is his response to the unfilled filled expectations of people say I thought you were to do this for me. Anybody have some of that going on in the season. After all that you've done for certain people and how you try to help people and you got stuff thrown back in your face and then just some of the injustice that so terrible.

Here's his premise sandwiched in between the indignation and sandwich the end of the major innovation. Jesus tells us what he's going to do and why he's going to do it you if you've heard it quoted before, but I'm not sure you've heard it quoted in context. His response to the indignation rejection is no one for his new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins and will be spilled out and the skins will be ruined right and I mean that just in the day right if you got new wine is going to ferment you pretty old wineskins as it ferments in a person and you lose the wine in the wineskins.

So here's here's the principle but new teaching new method new kingdom disruption future. The way life is supposed to be, rather than the way it is. Jesus must be put into fresh wineskins, new containers, new ideas, new methods, and no one after drinking the old wine once new, for he says the old one is fine translation when you begin to innovate, you begin to respond in ways the way Jesus did.

Jesus said, even though it's new wine people get so accustom. They would rather have the old the tradition that this makes me comfortable even if they know is not the right one for the new wine for the best way is making a commentary on human nature ready for this were all this way. Now some of you like change a lot more than other people, but there's some level will read. I want those people. I really like change until it affects me right, and we live in a world of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and startups, and we like change at man let's go.

I mean way different than a lot, but we don't like it when we see some of those changes in the government makes a new law that caps that we can't do this or someone says that or we don't get funded or we don't like change that affects our family, or a rhythm, or are comfort in life and so what I want you to see is what Jesus practices. First of all and and again II can't go through all the passages that I've given them to you so that with your cuppa tea. Someone told me once. Would you stop talking about coffee I don't drink coffee and I say to them, there's still hope for you, but herbal teas great. First of all, Jesus challenges the status quo and what he does in Luke chapter 6 is he goes for the jugular. If you are very familiar with Judaism. At that time. In fact, even to this time. If there is a religious marker. Those people were that are in and those people are out.

The symbol is the Sabbath you go to Israel to this day, and I mean I mean completely taken. Choose they honor the Sabbath can tell they figure ways they preprogram all the elevators in Israel.

So you don't have to push a button and violate the Sabbath so you get on the goes by itself and may precede everything and they do all kind amazing things. But it's the external thing and so what does Jesus do. He goes with his disciples and their walking in the field and he's purposely don't don't miss it. He's purposely he's gonna poke him in the eye because you think it's all about keeping these extra rules that make you right with God take the biggest external rule that you have put you in the eye clinic challenge the status quo and he does that and then they get all upset and in the text.

Write the text flows right from that one too and he's in the Sabbath and there's a man with a withered hand and there there thinking is he going to heal on the Sabbath like honey what could be worse, hoping someone Sabbath while right.

The logic of it is amazing the cross-references Jesus looked at them with disdain because they were so blind and he brings the man up member open your hand. He's healed and and let me just let me just read for you.

This is the response of religious leaders who know the law who have major portions of the Old Testament who fast a couple times a week and Jesus says hold out your hand. So the man held out his hand and it was restored at this the enemies of Jesus were wild with rage and they began to discuss what to do with him, namely kill him and then notice one day soon afterward Jesus went up onto a mountain to pray and what does he do he innovates and he says I came in hopes that the religious establishment would receive its Messiah and what you can watch is a series of innovations so there's a new vision. He grabs a new group praise all night calls them disciples. And then he does this miraculous thing work crowds come in at the Texas very clear that come from Jerusalem and as far out as you can look on the map and it says specifically they're all healed and then he goes up onto mountain and he preaches a sermon on the Mount basically says there's a whole new vision. This is where were going after that it opens up. He finishes the sermon on the mount Luke seven there's innovative compassion mean we'll get this because we don't have sort of the cultural bias he heals a Roman soldier's life. The Romans knew of none of this new vision is, you don't get to choose black, white, Asian, Indian, rich, poor, none on a note in this kingdom there's a new vision of Blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, blessed are you when you're persecuted for my namesake. This is a new kingdom with the new way and this can be compassion for everyone and then there's innovative action decision, what, let's let's make sure this isn't about talk. This is an about a new ideology. So, a widow comes by and you can almost see him taking the big miracles that happen before. Elijah did this one, Elisha did that one and he's going to go and mimic. Each of them to know that one greater than them is here and he raises this boy from the dead is this new kingdom with power is power said about talk is it not come to religious services this and evaluate what so-and-so talked a little bit too long. I wish we do a little bit more hands and in that course was okay but the drums were low but loud and let's go to lunch.

You know those big things we talked about in church and no and in his teaching. His teaching wasn't like okay got to stay in the synagogue. He starts teaching and tell stories, tomatoes, parables, and then he does Q&A's, and then all by the way, let's pause and let's heal someone over here and let's let's let people challenge me and let's do this in the marketplace. Let's invade what's happening in the world. Let's not have a little place were asking everyone to come here. I'm going to go out and work in a live Morgan a lot of work to help and I mean the world is being transformed and then he innovates with his teaching, and that his methods and the world's changing its internal and external. It's his kingdom, not your kingdom is for all people, not some people it's about power.

It's not about talk and now it's not about had knowledge, putting aside all of our prejudice is living it out. So what's our attitude to be. This is were coming to. Not long is not hard understand it's just very challenging to apply our attitude. We talked about our focus, our response and our priorities. Our attitude is innovation, not indignation. The command is in Romans chapter 12 verses 14 through 16.

Bless those who persecute you, bless and curse not. I don't know about you but I didn't grow up knowing what it meant to blessed means to want the favor and the blessing and the good things of God to be upon another person first and foremost means you want salvation for them eternal salvation. Second, it means notice it says bless those who persecute you, bless and curse not. The first step is always forgiveness. That's the command I want you to think about that person that hurt you the most that made you the most angry in the last year say this in a lecture people. This is the birthing of a movement of God if we will out and God says to each one of us me. I want you to bless those people you're tucked off at. I want to get a real clear in your mind want you to feel how angry you've been. And then and then to bless actually is a prayer you begin praying. See, the only thing can change your heart is, you begin to pray for people what God wants for them. Lord, would you bring them to know you, would you bring to know you, would you bring them to know you but but the second part is you can't pray that with a heart that's hardened Lord, would you forgive them but avoid forgiveness. It is a whole another message. Forgiveness is a three-step process. It's a decision it's a process and then at the culmination to forgive is a choice I release you from the payback that I want you to have for the wrong that I think you've done. The process begins. I began to pray for them. I never take the Lord's supper less.

I pray for them. I pray for them daily.

I and it starts out with change of change and change and change him and then he'll soften your heart and you say God give them a great marriage Lord.

Some of the date they need a good job and you'll you'll actually start praying like you care about them and as you pray and do that. It may take six months or year.

In my case it took over two years. Once when eyes betrayed. And when you hear something good about the people that you have desperately hated or who betrayed you, or you think is wrong and when you hear something good about them and you can honestly rejoice. You know, there forgive my voice supernatural and and you say will have that really work.

Notice the instructions. Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. See, the context is adverse.

14 Romans 12 completely changes and it answers the question how do you respond at the evil aimed at you.

Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Can you imagine what would happen if a white policeman saw the hurt of a black radical that maybe threw rocks at him and visit him in the hospital. Can you imagine what would happen to a policeman after being injured in a riot have a black radical common say and I'm so sorry and I had no idea that the intent was never for that can imagine what would happen to the people you disagree with politically and ideologically. If you you got to know him, that when they had a miscarriage you would go and pray with them when they were hurting financially, so you and I know we come from different worlds, and you may not allow me that I'd like to help out in this.

That's what it's saying and that's what the early church did, but they walked arm in arm into stadiums. Oh Lord, thank you for the privilege of suffering, will you please forgive these people as they would be thrown to wild animals. Nero would actually impale Christians on poles and use them first cocktail parties, and then set them aflame and they would sing as they would be burning to death for giving their captors. That's the Christianity change the world was in the Christianity of they went to meetings gave little bit of money went on a missions trips every two or three years and try to be nice people. Jesus was a revolutionary he start a revolution any time it gets to be religion it dies and then finally there's a warning when you start to take steps like that to be of the same mind toward one another, but who's the one another here some fellow Christians. Basically it's try and think. Can you imagine if you could ponder from instead of how you live. I live in a very unique world where one of my closest friends in Charlotte is that is the pastor black pastor of a very very significant church and Charlotte's been through just utter hell and some of the racial things that have happened in people being killed. We we've grieved together and then I have a lady on our staff whose husband is a police officer in Columbus. He's finding himself in situations being called to go around the country and put on combat gear and and and and it's a bizarre world and the Hank just keeps flowing. It doesn't stop unless someone says I'm not that they can't be in Austin of them. We can disagree we can look at things differently, but be of the same mind. Try to understand where a person is coming from a what they've experienced, and how they see life. You don't have to agree.

But when there's no empathy there's no hope of reconciliation and then the other warning is very clear to don't be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly still somehow think oh working to be the Christians in working to solve things and these people don't really get it, but we do and were a little bit better so that self-righteousness that ugly. Do not be wise in your own estimation there's no room for superiority self-righteousness, no class mindset. There can't be in us or them. They can't be. It's their problem. It can't be a denial of our own need some of you think of this guy better wrap this up pretty quickly because of schedule. Summary God is using the now, this moment in history to shake his world.

He always starts with shaking his own people. Most of his own people will respond with indignation and will protect their turf. Their view their rights and their power. That's what will happen with most of Christendom in United States.

But there will be some and I'm praying, it's us and to be pockets all over the US and pockets all over the world. Bilbo some who understand the times and know that following Christ.

We must innovate. We must have a new vision of the kingdom not how God can fix America or make our personal lives work out. We need to innovate with compassion, not just care about the people that look like us or think like us or agree with us. We need to innovate with action and replace a lot of words and a lot of going to meetings with a lot of specific help of real people we need to innovate with teaching this fresh and life-changing and focuses on the every day in every way. Followers of Christ and then we need to innovate in her methods methods that connect the heart and the mind where we become followers that are saying 24 seven 365 Jesus you lead all follow PS Lord I'm scared to death.

And thank you that you give me everything I need and I cannot do this alone.

I'd encourage you by personal application.

I put some discussion questions that will take you through a process like I'm going through to really ask what am I doing with my indignation and how if I blamed other people and what is God need to do in me so he do something radical through me doesn't mean you compromise the truth doesn't mean you change how you view a lot of things. It completely means we don't respond with indignation we respond with innovative ideas and thoughts and ways and attitudes that bring restoration and healing life Lord we are in desperate need of you of your grace of the ability to see ourselves for where we really are. Instead of where we think we are or we need eyes to not condemn other people judge them and assume that our view is completely right and that we have nothing to learn Lord, there is evil and it means taking a stand and not being doormats and being strong, but Lord, your strength was, with meekness, not weakness, it was with power under control. It was power submitted to the father.

It was power submitted to the Holy Spirit. You didn't have to call, but you could have angels down.

You modeled for us good is more powerful than evil and so we ask you now in Jesus name you would help us apply that her personal life will be right back with application of this message. Innovation not indignation from his series, what know what next, when the world gets turned upside down it becomes really obvious how much people need Jesus. The anger, the hostility, the division it's devastating. So the question is how do we tell people about the piece only Jesus offers word we start in this brand-new teaching from ship challenges us to authentically live out our faith by identifying six biblical mindsets we have to adopt when you invest time in this series, you'll learn what it means to be a genuine Christian in a world that's crumbling all around us to listen to this entire series. What now what next, making disciples in a disrupted world. The chipping remap is a great way to get plugged in chip. Today's message was such a great challenge to resist being indignant or hostile towards people with different beliefs, but that habit requires more than just a strong will to make any lasting change. We have to be deeply devoted to God's word and ship you really have a passion for studying the Bible where that come from well Dave, I've told the story and I'll keep telling it many many times as I was a very slow-growing Christian. In fact, you know, in my life at the time it was pretty much go to Bible study on Thursday night and hit all the bars in Wheeling, West Virginia with my basketball team on Friday and Saturday night and I was stuck.

I wanted to do what God wanted me to do, but when I was tempted I just caved in and I just couldn't seem to live the Christian life and there was a bricklayer named Dave Marshall who was on our college campus and I went to a couple those Bible studies and he asked if he could meet with me and he wanted to help me learn how to hear God's voice and understand the Bible and I honestly didn't want to meet with him but it felt like just too lame to say no and so I said yes and for Tuesday mornings for a year. He came and knocked on the door and we would go down to the little kitchenette at 7 AM and we would open our Bible and Dave taught me to pray.

He taught me how to study the Bible how to memorize Scripture how to discern God's voice to this day. The most important investment in my life was meeting one-on-one with a bricklayer named Dave Marshall with a high school education who taught me how to feed myself spiritually and I say that because through the pandemic. We started something called daily discipleship, where I meet with people one on one we've had about 130,000 people launching go through that with me in our last. Romans 12 daily discipleship. We actually had over 35,000 people do it with us and even it spread to you version. It's become.

I think one of my most passionate things I want to help people meet with God hear his voice, build convictions, and so our dream in the next 24 months is to double the number of people that I get to mentor one on one and it's an expensive proposition. It takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, a pretty big crew and I'm I'm committed because those are the kind of Christians that raise kids differently those of kind of Christians that say no to temptation and walk with God. Those the kind of Christians that change the world. If you would like to be one of those Christians go to our Alberta and you can jump right in daily discipleship with chip.

If you have benefited from daily discipleship with chip can I encourage you there's never a better time to give to Living on the Edge than right now, every dollar you give right up through midnight of December 31 is matched dollar for dollar, and I can't think of a better investment would you pray about partnering with us so we can actually disciple people one on one with your already praying and supporting the ministry of Living on the Edge. Thank you couldn't do it. We do without you. If you're ready to step up and join us or increase your commitment today would be a great day to do it like Chip just said. Every gift we received between now and December 31 will be doubled.

If you've been looking for a way to make a difference. This is your opportunity and right now, your gift will have twice the impact to send a donation. Give us a call a triple late.

333-6003, or if you prefer, donate online at hapless nurse. Just Donate on behalf of chip and the team here. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Which of the big take away from this message is to soften our hearts toward those who we don't see eye to eye with no could you give us some real practical advice on how to start doing that. Dave you know I had an experience recently I was speaking at a conference and an older gentleman came who was conservative in his views in every area and you know you don't know problem there, but he started asking me a bunch of questions and you could just feel the resentment and hostility and I mean all the things that have happened in our world and especially our country and we begin to talk and he heard me speak on you know a number of the issues that we've talked about in the series and his heart was getting soft in a and I asked him I said tell me what's going on inside and he said you know something that I realize that I've been so angry about what's happening in our country and some things happening in the church and blaming other people that I've not been much use to God and I'm I'm one of those people that is posted a lot of really angry things and attacking people and as you were teaching, I realize it's very unloving and I don't think there's anybody who doesn't know Jesus that's going to be attracted to Jesus by how I've been speaking so I said what I realize I'm going to address my issues, my beliefs are the same but my attitudes have been really wrong.

Second goes, I sort of have had a us and them mentality you know some people inside the church us who are right in them that are wrong, and especially outside the church like you know we Christians we've got this right and they out there as though there the evil people said when I realize as God loves them and I'm not can it change my view on what's right and what's wrong. But I've got to change how I think about them. They're not the enemy, and that requires a lot of grace. I'm leaving this conference with that's what I need to do in my life and as I listened to him about what maturity to recognize he's going to own his own stuff and take some real practical steps and what I would say to my brothers and sisters today as I think it's a good example for all of us to follow. Just before we close. Would you pray for those who are feeling challenged to respond to trips encouragement right now.

There's always a spiritual battle when we feel prompted to draw near to God, thanks for taking a minute to do that and if there's a way we can pray for you.

Would you let us know. Call us at AAA 333-6003 or email

We'd love to hear from you well for everyone here. This is Dave saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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