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Jesus Unfiltered - Believe - Jesus - The Authorized Biography, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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November 23, 2021 5:00 am

Jesus Unfiltered - Believe - Jesus - The Authorized Biography, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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November 23, 2021 5:00 am

What’s your greatest concern? A fractured relationship? A health issue? A financial set back? What if you could pull back the curtain of heaven and hear directly from God about your situation? Chip shares how you can hear God speak to you about the most important issues you're facing.

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What is your greatest concern a fractured relationship health issue financial setback.

What if you could pull back the curtain of heaven and hear directly from God about your situation.

I'm going to share with you how you can learn to hear God speak to you about the most important issues facing your life statement welcome to this Edition of Living on the Edge with Living on the Edge features the Bible to shipping all this daily discipleship program okay so I got this question. The Bible's ancient history relevant to my life. Great question opens the door to a great conversation which is where chips headed in this program. If you want to know how Jesus and the things he talked about our relevant stay with us for the next 20 minutes and if you don't get to hear all of this program, the chipping roadmap is a great way to catch up.

Let's join Chip as he impacts how God's word can make a difference in your life, starting today.

If you have a Bible where the book of John chapter 1 next John is going to give some information about the disciples the next day John was there again with his two disciples and when he saw Jesus passing by, said look, the Lamb of God, these guys are following John. He's prophesied I'm not the one Jesus walked by in a couple guys are here is there is some notice what happens when the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus turning around Jesus all them following.

Ask what you want.

They said Rabbi which means teacher where are you staying answer, he replied, you will see by the way they want sing like you know are you staying at the Motel 6 in the Holiday Inn they were when you were a disciple you would find a rabbi who is teaching that you wanted to learn and you would ask to be his follower or a rabbi would tap you on the shoulder and say I want you to be my follower and it was a real commitment and you would live together and we get our word academic and so they would live and learn together so there asking Jesus where you staying basically. Can we be followers of years. Let's let's come and check it out what you can find from the taxes they must have some very significant conversations about his identity. So they went and saw where he was staying and I spent the day with him was about the 10th hour.

Andrew, Simon Peter's brother was one of the two who heard what Jonathan said and follow Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to go find his brother Simon and tell him they learn something. We have found the Messiah that is the Christ when he brought Simon to Jesus. Jesus looked at him and said, your assignment son of John.

You will be called Cephas, which translated Peter were rock the next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee and finding Philip he said him follow me, Philip, like Andrew and Peter was from the town of the Savior. Philip found Nathanael and told him we found the one Moses wrote about in the law and the prophets also wrote Jesus of Batterson, son of Joseph Nazareth in Old Testament history meant. Can anything good come from there. Come and see what the gospel doing check check out yourself. Don't take other people's word for it to disciples.

John says you're the Lamb of God, are you come and see explore for yourself. Don't take someone else's words. They spent all day together after the day when I can get my brother the next day they have to follow him on this time. Peterson still to come with me. He follows after some time he goes to get Nathaniel Nathaniel were to find out is is meditating and praying, since he's under a fig tree that's where you would go Old Testament times if you want to go to have some personal time with God. So that's what he's doing and so is his brother something we found the Messiah. Nazareth went to go check out see what happens when Jesus saw Nathaniel approaching. He said here's a true Israelite in whom there is nothing false. Literally the old word of theirs not dialed is not duplicity he's got a tender heart.

He's open.

He's a man of integrity.

He's a man of genuine devotion to Yahweh. How do you know me that Nathaniel asked Jesus answered, I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you coming this. They do not have face time okay.

There is no technology there is no little cameras who who's Nathaniel talking to under the fig tree God.

How does Jesus know to him.

He got they just had a conversation rabbi you are the son of God you the king of Israel is Caucasian of this in Jesus, I think you can lean back and smiled.

He said you know what you want the best early disciples.

And if you believe in me on this one. Fasten your seatbelt, but he could to get way better than this, that sort of the chipping version you believe in me because I told you that I saw you under the fig tree you will see greater things in that he added I tell you the truth, you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man now. I spent this is a long chapter and most of them aren't this long, but I want to actually do what were talking about we just read it all we did is read it and then I read it a little slowly and I made just a couple observations so we go from. I think this is generally what it says now removing a little bit to what it means in order to move beyond what it just says you gotta move from some observations that are general to make some specific observations. Third, make specific observations about one section of the chapter at a time and so I want to come model and give you an example of what this looks like just in the verses that we read in one through 18 and again this is this is not rocket science assistant like man II really I had some really amazing any English lit people in the in the room today you didn't like. Just read Macbeth wants to go okay.

We got it. What you do, you spend a whole semester and you learn about Shakespeare's life and then you you chart out all of Macbeth and where the words and repeated the word of the plot rise and and he introduces this concept here and he brings it back over here and underlying that's right. Here's the problem with Christians. We get this idea. I'm supposed to read the Bible does listen to.

Okay I get that you version.

Chapter 1 Chapter 21. Glad that's over slot like vitamins you to.

I'm not sure how they work which is taken really for our like me.

I use the I use a venture journal venture journal as soon as I get it read I pull up my pen check.

I checked it off. I have news for you that's really good.

Okay, you're not going to learn what Shakespeare meant by reading quickly. Macbeth and you will not know what God wants to personally say to you by reading quickly and checking off. Now it's good okay it's good just not enough. Here's what the Scripture says, got God wants to speak powerfully to you and you can learn just a minute how this can happen but he says if you really want me to speak if you want to know me if you want to experience me, not just intellectually not just cognitively. If you want to know what to do about the struggle in your marriage. You want to know what to do with this financial problem you knew how to resolve this conflict with someone at work you want direction and vision. If you see me as silver, and search for me as hidden treasure thing you will discern the fear of the Lord and discover the knowledge of God's Proverbs to the wisest man in the world to God wants to speak, but the jewels are not on the top of the ground.

He says I want to see that your heart is it just to use me. I want you to dig because I want to know you want to reveal myself to you and you start by observation and then you make some clear observations and then will move to how he speaks but are you ready for this.

Here's here's a few observations allocate just just tell me if these are fair. I read chapter 1 verses one through 18. The word was before time began. Verse one.

True false. You can agree or disagree with the process try to figure out what says the word is God and was with God might cause a few problems with that one says not okay. The word created everything observation.

The word is the source of all life. Verse four.

This life is the light of men. Says the word is Jesus the Word became flesh verse 14 and Jesus reveals what God is like.

That's what it says right now think about this. Just moving to while so it would with this mean like in all of heaven when those angels are going holy, holy, holy, and the seraphim cover their eyes in the book of Revelation we hear who was in his and is to come when everyone comes in contact with fall on their face before him and if he secreted the source of all of life that he made my DNA in every animal that breeze and every solar system and heals all things by the word of his power, and is the King of glory any full all these prophecies is all knowing, and he is all-powerful and his light shines out that expresses to every human being in God's will and drawing individuals.

That's who I get to pray to see the difference. Alleges a couple observations to assess fourth observations help us see what's really being said, it's the truth. It's what I call the answer. So what I'm trying to member the little box on the front first century truth delivered 90 A.D. you what this is. This is the answer to big issues that were happening in A.D. 90 right, Gnosticism, materialism, fears, struggles, persecution, time was principal. I now know the truth.

How does this truth apply to me as the new fillet in a single mom and overworked dad, a single person wanted to get married. A person with an addiction. A person who just really need some direction and how does this apply to my life.

Okay God, okay I get it.

You are the creator of the blood of the blood heard a list of tips that fourth. Here's how you discover this play spiritual jeopardy with the text to clarify what relevant questions God's truth is answering okay. How many of you have ever seen on TV, the game show jeopardy.

No one talk about okay what if you now know the answer answer.

This is who Jesus is and it was addressing issues then what I played spiritual jeopardy. Now I know the answer, what question in my life and my world is that truth answer the following to give an example.

Here's four questions that I pulled out of John one through 18 that were pretty normal so I pretend that I really pretend his it's probably not a good word at all because Jesus is not was is I can have a conversation with him and so if I wanted to have a personal conversation out of what I just read and observe. I would say who exactly are you and where did you come from, is it fair to say that verses one through five. Answer that. Who exactly are you in the first century who is this Jesus, you tell me about 21st century you're working so much as you're a follower of Jesus, like are you kidding me. Who is he and where did he come from Jesus would say this is who I am. I am the log us in the Old Testament the log us with personal divine personality of God. Communication John took from the Greek world.

Analog loss was the divine source of reason and truth. That's behind all of the universe and all reality, the infinite reference for.

They may not know who God was, but the logoff was whatever this communication whatever the core behind all of life is the apostle John takes his Old Testament concept.

Knowing where people are living with all his Gnosticism and he gives Jesus the same of the log us the living God and Jesus would say I am the God who was and is and is to come.

I'm the creator of all that there is.

I'm the source of all life your life your future.

I know the beginning from the end I'm in charge of all history. In fact, it's his story. Jesus, I'm all-powerful, I'm all-knowing on the King of Kings and Lord of lords. Angels bow down to me. I have no beginning. I have no end. My purposes cannot be thwarted, and I personally am committed to you will.

That's who you are where you came from and I kind of followed up with an application question like okay if all the angels if all of history.

If all of time. If all eternity. If every knee will bow and every tongue will confess and you are the CEO of the universe and the creator and the source of all life.

Do you have the same place in my heart that you have in the universe and that the logical question so and then I asked that out loud.

Just my little time with God and that I sit quietly and often here little you learn to hear hear whispers of the Holy Spirit.

You know what it is in your marriage.

Now Chip, I'm really proud of you Chip.

You know what yeah you you really have surrendered your money you've trusted me with your finances or you know what I'm yeah you know what I'm you are really fearful about these things and you are really and then he'll whisper some other thanks I and you pretty controlling when it comes to this Google why I thought you trust.

I'm in control, God. I live inside of you. And as I listened to the hectic interesting what happens here. We've gone from reading a chapter trying to be a good moral person and come to church semi-often and thinking that somehow I'm gonna get my lifework out to a personal living, dynamic relationship with the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, who will speak to you and his word is written, who becomes living in it. Sharper than a two-edged sword that pierces the division of soul bone and marrow, and abides the intentions of the heart and begin to speak to you and give you direction and wisdom and conviction. Question number two in view of verses six through nine. I don't want to be disrespectful but can anyone corroborate your story. These are fantastic claims in that fair question me on if I was back there I was able like his or someone that can tell me that this wild story about God coming to the plan we had John the Baptist not just John the Baptist, the quoted Isaiah 700 prophecies about Jesus coming he fulfilled the role of Isaiah 42,000 years of testimonies of people how you personal testimonies of billions of people who liked to been transformed or or part of that you know we get so narrow we think how we think. Let's get back to A.D. 90. You know what virtue was ruthlessness and power world. We take over the world.

We just crushed Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

What to me to be a real man you treat women like dirt kids are just you can take him throw them on a dump. If you don't like him. It's ruthlessness power selfishness. I am a Roman but in 60 years, 50 to 60 years. Instead of ruthlessness, being a virtue. Mercy is a virtue women instead of being pieces of property to be used and abused and thrown away or coheirs with the grace of God's children.

Instead of being thrown on the pile because they were a boy or girl or some defect, you just didn't want one.

The Christians went to the dumps daily and would take the little children and raise them as their own instead of three plagues happen in the first century, I mean plagues were millions of people died. The only people that stayed in the cities were the Christians and their willing to march her and give their life following Jesus and they would nurse both Christians and non-Christians and they love people. Rodney Stark in his book the triumph of Christianity, sociologist, I have no idea where it's coming from is a historical book says by the year 300 of the 16 million people in the Roman Empire. 33 million were followers of Jesus, and he says in large measure because they were the only people as populations were devastated. You were a person who is loved by Christian or you were Christians survived were you had a relative of someone that the only one cared for these crazy followers of you have an amazing testimony, the testimony of law. The staff testimony of government. The 2000 years of wherever Christianity is there some black marks on Christianity absolutely are the people in the name of Jesus of them terrible things absolutely.

But step back and taking the hall while in so I would say to myself, okay, I would ask something like, if John was a testimony for Jesus so people could believe. Who do I know the draws me to Christ like more than anybody else ever thought about that. Maybe I made him jot them a note someone to get a call get love today.

Because of this passage is God speaking to me and then I might ask a question like what what kind of testimony. Am I for you.

How we doing what people at work what what would my kids say, what would my roommate say what with my husband or wife six, how how how my doing. In terms of communicating in a way that really demonstrate dear who you really said you are and then I sit quietly and usually I get some that boys and easily get a few not so at a boys right and and you know I do. I think God is progress. And then when I he whispers, you know, and that situation last week when you know you were in a real hurry and you did this and this. I think maybe dropping by and apologize and that person would be a very Christlike thing to do. I get my Panama journal early can I just say I'm sorry I'm good you good okay you know I do see what happens.

Third question.

He says you I would ask him. So United time on earth. What was your greatest disappointment. What was your greatest joy.

What's his greatest appointment and what he say hi K came to his own and those were zoned rejected him.

His greatest joy had to be.

But as many as received him, he gave the right to become children of God, and they got related to them and they turn from their sin and they loved him and I just think to myself while, and an eight unit you guys can get the idea of how you begin to say okay that's what it says. That's what it means you know where I'm at now is what this really mean to me and so I would ask this question. Lord I like to start with the positive. What what your greatest joy with me right now is, where were at what what what is it about how I think how I live, how I love that just puts a smile on the very God of heaven and I sit and listen and then Lord, is there anything that disappoint you right now and I know you love me.

I know you, not down on me. I know I live by grace I and I know your patient. I know I'm human but is is is just is there anything that just is kind of disappointing you right now if you asked that and I asked that out of this. Did you think God would speak SQL-trying to explain to you think God he will give you crafty clear direction and he wants to affirm you but I see even point something out. If you act on that light. Jesus said he'll give you more light in his voice gets louder and louder and louder every kind you know when you can hear it. We've all had these right. I think I should stop and help this person. I think I should stop and jot a note to soon so I will later. And you don't do it every time God speaks to me and I say no. The voice gets fainter and fainter and fainter and every time I say yes. He says them that have light. I'll give more light then that say no to the light that I give them. Eventually I take away the light that have given God wants to speak to you he loves you.

He wants to interact keep.

Believe me, he's got software solutions.

He's got company solutions childhood solutions he's gotten medical solutions. He wants to whisper in your ear and give you direction in wisdom and help and encouragement. He loves you.

And finally, the question is why you could choose to come to earth way that you did, what was your purpose or mission and the answer why because the answers in 14 through 18, and I think in my own words. This is what Jesus would say I chose to come because I made you and I want to be with you and I miss you and I really love you and I wanted you to really know what I'd like, and so I thought if I took on human flesh. I walked around and you could see how I respond and how I live what I say you really know who God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit's, and ever since the garden you've been in rebellion with all those other humankind, but we created you for us, let us make man in our image, we love you. I just I came in I came to live the perfect life and I fulfilled that law because it came through Moses.

I fulfilled it completely. I never send and thought, word or deed, and I came to bring truth and grace. So after live the perfect life.

I died, but I was innocent, but because I am perfect my death had infinite value, but because I was human and fully human. Julie fulling, God, the hypostatic union I was able to die and when I died I took your sin and the sins of all people of all history of all time and they were placed on me and I covered them there Don so that whosoever, you don't have to but whosoever would say I want what you did for me on the cross to account for me they could receive Jesus and have their sins forgiven and begin a relationship with me.

That's why I came. I miss you want to direct you to love you and help you and then I would probably say something like come, Lord.

I received that gift you want to be with me to have receive the gift of eternal life to. I like hanging out with you spend any time together is this sort of theological side of things that someone told me I should believe in maybe or maybe not. I filled out a card afraid of prayer did this or did that in resists slight coming home is like being loved is just like not just believing the facts, but believing and trusting and in trusting and accepting forgiveness and light, Nathaniel and Philip and Andrew and Peter just want to follow you and get to know you and I want to take as many people the moment I find out with me. Do you understand now who Jesus is who he is to you. What difference it makes. We modeled this at the final point is to ponder deeply the implications in the application of the truth. Your personal life circumstances and relationships. And I did that just a little on each one and sometimes I spend 15 or 20 minutes. Doing this and sometimes I look up and it's been an hour. But isn't that you do and have coffee with a friend. Sometimes you'll have time to Tina catch up some time to spend half a day together.

The gospel is the good news you are deeply value and he longs not just to forgive you but to do life with you in ways beyond your wildest dreams be back with his application, but just a reminder, this message is from will you volume 1 of a series Jesus on filtered in this series chip takes an in-depth look at Jesus walking us through the Gospel of John is authorized biography if you will.

Each of the Gospels has a specific purpose than John. We see his focus on proofs that Jesus is the son of God. Closer to home how he wants to be your Lord and Savior starting right where you're at today. You know the reality is listing more than once is the key to mastering the truths in these passages from John to help you do that, the chipping roadmap and ships free message notes are a great way to dig in the lead God's word change you from the inside out.

Jesus on filtered.

For more information and discounted resources give us a call at AAA 333-6003 or visit us online at app listeners just Special offers I'll be right back to talk about today's message but before I do I want to give you a picture that I got to witness as a young pastor there was a man there who was a master craftsman. I mean he was a cabinetmaker are Exelon's and a member watching him literally painstakingly with a piece of wood. Use a lathe and little by little by little by little.

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You ready to make that commitment. Let's start the journey together you an easy way to share chips messages is with the chipping roadmap with just a couple of taps any message you choose is on its way to your friend, someone in your family or on social media to help others who could benefit from the truth of Scripture and its encouragement. And don't forget to include a quick note about how it made a difference in your life before you go I will remind you that one week from today is giving Tuesday. This is an opportunity for you to show your support for your favorite ministries and nonprofits.

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Let me encourage you to partner with us on giving Tuesday and thank you in advance for your generosity will be with us again next time. When Chip continues his series Jesus on filtered tell them this is the same. Thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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