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Purpose FULL - Divine Calling, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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September 14, 2021 6:00 am

Purpose FULL - Divine Calling, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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September 14, 2021 6:00 am

The Purpose Driven Life sold over 30 million copies because we all long to know … why am I here? In this program, guest teacher Ryan Ingram picks up in his series Purpose FULL, by pointing out God's 3 basic callings for every believer. Hear why we can't begin to grasp God’s unique purpose for our lives until we first understand and practice these general truths.

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There is one area good Christians long to know about its discovering our purpose. Why are we here purpose driven life sold almost 30 million copies for reason we all want to know God. What's my purpose will stay with us. That's what were going to explore today. Thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge with children Living on the Edges and international discipleship history motivating Christians to live like most of you know, the chips are regular Bible teacher for the series is turn the mic over to his son was the lead pastor at awakening church in San Jose, California just a minute Brian picks up in a series school by continuing to walk God basic callings for every believer. As we learned last we can't begin to grasp God's unique purpose for our lives until we first understand and practice these general truths now before we begin, let me encourage you to use our message notes while you listen. They include a brief outline and all the supporting Scripture.

Ryan references to download these message notes just go to the broadcast have listeners Fill in the notes you have a Bible turn to acts chapter 13 part two Brian's message divine call second calling clear calling of our lives were called faithful were called to faith. You know it's interesting when you read through accident so it's kind of hard because I miss it is we don't realize like you could flip a page in years have gone by now, so Paul's in Damascus right yes I spent three years in Damascus but is one sentence and that a spent three years in Damascus and then he travels back to Jerusalem. And when he goes back to Jerusalem.

Everybody still afraid of him.

Even after three years of life we don't trust this guy.

We don't know this guy and I love it. Barnabas is a son of encouragement. He's the only one that goes to Paul puts his arm around him and he actually brings him up the apostles and brings him and the community and into fellowship and then the apostle Paul, Saul Benny's, he starts preaching in Jerusalem and I mean some people are getting upset in the city and they want to kill him now. These are people that we would call friends. Then the disciples don't really know what to do and they set him off to his hometown of Tarsus now from chapter 9 to chapter 13, where Paul and Barnabas are called out the amount of time is 13 years, a 13 year span and 10 of those years was spent in Tarsus. He goes back and think about this the guy who would let one day pin much of the New Testament would plant hundreds of churches spends a decade spends a decade and wasn't on the reality is we don't really know what he's doing because it's called the silent years we have nothing recorded. Here's what we know he worked the family trade because we know he was Paul.

He couldn't help but share about Jesus and he was just faithful with what was in front of him for a decade see where called to faithfulness were called to be faithful for what's in front of us and we struggle with this today because two big things. I think one is we have a Google reflex right today if I don't get it next day. This is awful. This is the worst thing ever.

Why because were used to. If you Google it you get it. Whatever you Google it's instantaneous and that's how we think our Christian walk.

Information is is just Google it. Now it's about process is about formation. God is so concerned about who you are informing you into Christ and he will take his time.

He is not in a hurry you might be in a hurry you might be wanting to get on with life.

He says you not, it might take a decade and that is an old waste by the way those 10 years were not always for the apostle Paul. They were warming him and we complain. I thought we me in the good and what a waste couldn't be could have been. Would you look at it with different eyes that in that he is forming. You belongs to use those years powerfully. The other reason I think this is hard not just the Google reflex for us, but we have Instagram MB don't. It is this so hard when you're looking around and seeing everyone else live their best live post their filtered reality and you compare where you're at how you're progressing with who and what others are doing around you right will they just got that job or they just are moving here or they just had that getter. They just got this house and we just compare nonstop to the calling on your life is faithfulness. Okay, I'm going to God if alms faithful with what you put in front of me.

You're saying that is more than enough that's doing what you called me to do. First call to Jesus faithful what's in funny faithful what's in front of me that Jesus would say this like members faithful in a very little thing. Also, be faithful and much or whoever's unfaithful or unrighteous in a very little thing will also be unrighteous run faithful and much what is this faithful little that he's putting in front of you. What is the faithful little for your life that he's placed in front of you that is easy to look I had when I get there, then I'll do this when this happens, then I'll go nope.

Be faithful with what is in front of you maybes in your marriage here looking like when she finally dozens or when he does this and he does not know you.

Be faithful, be faithful in your singleness: I get this and be faithful right here with what he's put in front of you. It is not waste his formation. Be faithful in your work. This job is so hard this company come on boss is a jerk.

Whatever you do, whether in word and deed, do it all into the name of the Lord Jesus, and so on. But to be faithful in this job, not because I'm presenting something for this person but on the network. As unto the Christ into the Lord that I presented to you to recall be faithful, silent years were not a waste wasted years, but formation will years. You see, it's your decisions that you make in obscurity that will shape your destiny.

See we we want to be able to rise to those big moments, but those are done and formed in those obscure moments when no one's watching in the hidden places when you're faithful in your daily walk with him when you're just getting up in the morning and he's gone like I just want to know you. I want to spend time with you and the little day by day and is forming the ever forming of Christ.

Remember when I started out in ministry. Someone once said to me, Ryan. You be concerned with the depth of your ministry like God be concerned with the threat in our culture and our day were so focused on the outcome or the product or ring noun or being a somebody in God not real impressed with that you focus on the depth, but God be concerned about the outcome. But God be concerned, let him be concerned free, clear callings for you and I today were called to Jesus were called to faithfulness and finally is right in our text today.

The ex-13 were called to fellowship their specific call by the way, was in them just hanging out by themselves and had a great idea and I just think this would be the coolest thing ever.

Nothing wrong with that.

Their specific call came out, of engaging in fellowship with one another, you had these guys. What were they doing together yet you buy will open you can read what were they doing together worshiping a fasting worshiping. See, we like to be connected, but community takes a deeper fellowship takes it even deeper that your sharing your lives, and that your sharing your lives in such a way that you be shape more into the lives of Christ, like when we get together when we hang out. They like do you walk away, wanting to be more like Jesus with the people you're hanging out with you go I will, wow, I just was with them in my heart just as it was.

I like one of be more like Jesus. As a result is fellowship.

You were called to fellowship effect, author of Hebrews says it this way and let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. I think about your friends think about people they hang out with and and would you consider like how can I spur you on.

How can I encourage you toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another all the more as use the day approaching call to Jesus, called to faithfulness and called to fellowship here something that I I see a lot as I see a lot in our you know ice after isolation and we have a hyper individualistic society and culture and so it's about me it's about my thing and I'm gonna gonna figure it out. I got to figure out on my own and by the way, Jin Z, you're by statistic the most lonely generation. We don't want that for you is not God's design for you. You don't have to figure it out on your own is why the community of Christ is here, but here's what I see on major decisions or figured out God's specific calling for your life. I see people do this all the time. They've never asked or been in fellowship with one another and they come up with an idea and here's what they say to me you know I'm God called me to do blank and you know what I say will St. stick seen I might be thinking my head that sounds dumb. Did you really think this through.

But if God called you to do it. If you heard from Jesus in the world am I to say differently and it interesting how we use these terms but actually cuts out the very feedback or the wisdom that we need see fellowship when you're with a group of people to get to see your strength. Figure you see your weaknesses you been journeying together you been worshiping together and then you are invited in that they begin to discern with you. God's call on your life. You know when we were planning, awakening is a church of shared this many times. We never wanted to plant a church. And I never wanted to leave the church.

It was in fellowship where this became clear that this was God's call on our life. Steve Clifford said okay. Would you go Elyse do this church planter assessment thing and he saw Annie and the elders at awakening saw in us something that we can see in ourselves a weird really trying to discern what snacks and we had godly community like walking alongside is a go do this you'll church planters assessment thing like I didn't even know that existed as intense as five days from eight in the morning till eight at night. They did these battery of exams and personality profiles.

They had two clinical psychologist that you met with lesson.

I mean, it was all day. I remember one day at some point were supposed to preach a sermon. This is how out of it I was a I didn't even know were supposed to do that we have these guys in like their entire dream is to plant churches. They came with their you know bulletins and a PowerPoint for the sermon. I like to write a couple down notes down for sermon real quick on this thing and what we were was in there is 22 assessors about 20 couples and they had to come to a unanimous decision on every single couple and we are so honest were so open every struggle we had everything in our marriage. Everything was like here it is. We not even sure were supposed to do this but we want to hear from God, and they spent the night over every single couple in all 22 had to come to a unanimous decision.

If they didn't, they got on their knees and pray for literally 1/2 an hour over that couple and then circle back and is either yes no or not yet quite literally that Friday morning we set down with a couple of those assessors expecting them how the week went for them to say no. There is no way to fantastic glad God you are clear. No. In these two assessors said you know what we believe God is called you to plant awakening as a church you're called to do it. Now that you be highly effective for the kingdom. I gotta tell you, Jenny and I we are we are bawling like babies because because it felt like this moment. And that's 13 where there is a group that with the spirit directing and praying together and discerning the will of God speaking in bending and commissioning and all that we would do that for one another and that we would surround one another and it's not like has to stay in this isolated over here, but in your small group measures trying discern a major move, trying to discern whether he should get married, trying to discern.

You know a job change ego would you fasten would you pray and what we can move together with this. That is the life I got fighting the sins tutors three clear callings. And when we live out these clear callings. We then begin to experience and know his specific calling for our life is a 90%, roughly 90% of God's will or calling on your life is revealed in God's work, we obsess over the 10% God will show me God would show me who to marry, God would show me what were God would show me where I need to move that we show me what I need to do and does not like I've showed you so much. If you just start doing what I'll show you, then I'll show you what you need to know how do you discover God's calling for your life since your life on Jesus. Be faithful with what's in front of be faithful with what's in front of you, and engage in the holy spirit directed where you where where are you, and as you're taking notes. What is your next step write it down. I haven't centered my life on you Jesus is been adrift or man. I haven't been in community have been isolation I need that fateful thing all men that got me ride it down, take your next or Jesus, thank you so much for today, your grace for your word.

Thank you that you are clear with us that you lead us that you speak to us and that you're working and moving and your will and your ways are not a mystery but you have revealed them open. That would you give us the courage to take the next step with you to become who you call this the live out your purpose.

Jesus you're listening to Living on the Edge Chip Ingram rioting has been our guest teacher for this program divine calling from his series, purposeful chip and Ryan will be here with us in just a minute to share their application for this message.

Have you ever thought to yourself, does my life matter or what am I here for if you've wrestled with these tough questions series is for you. The lessons were learning from Ryan really speak to the deep desire inside all of us to know that we matter that were here for unique reason.

Our hope is that this series will cause you to live your life centered on Jesus. Let me encourage you to get plugged in. With this series and get everything you can out of Ryan's messages. For more information about purposeful discovering God's calling on your life. Just go to and if you have to miss a message. Catch up any time with the chipping remap chip in the last year to 18 months.

We've all been through a lot.

Some of made it through.

Way better than others as you think about it. Is there a common thread that sustained believers I mean something that's allowed them to not only survive but actually thrive through this difficult time. Day. It's actually very simple.

There's many many many Christians that are very sincere and there in I mean there in they love God. They prayed to receive Christ there in the Bible now and then there trying to be a good person there kinder than the average person.

But here's the deal. They're not all in. They haven't made that big shift from Lord I love you and sort of on my terms to that Romans 12 one moment of full surrender and what I can tell you is it is a scary moment, but it is that moment of surrender of going all in. That allows the power of God to give perseverance and perspective and answers to prayer, which, if it sounds like something we know could be, but Phyllis we know how it's hard to take that step.

When we doing to help people who are ready to say okay Lord I'm ready to follow you no matter what. I'm all in, Dave.

We've actually developed something that has been one of the most exciting things I've ever done in my life is called daily discipleship with chip and right now were going through true spirituality.

Romans 12 and is not a Bible study is not me teaching at people, it's me, meeting one-on-one, individually and mentoring people.

It's walking through the. The barriers to surrender and how to study the Bible and I speak never more than 10 minutes and then I give them 10 minutes with a very clear outline to do some digging on their own and is just for 17 days at the end of that what I see is people develop a habit people walk with God on their own and what I have seen is people learn to go from in to all in because their view of God gets bigger. They can trust him more life change things that were barriers for years, whether addictions or struggles, relationship issues over and over and over. I watch God melt those away. Dave maybe you could take a minute and what you tell them how they can get connected. Thanks chip what were so excited to share with you this new daily discipleship with chip true spirituality based in Romans chapter 12 our heart behind this video series is to really help you dive into God's word and discover how to more intentionally live out your faith for 17 days. You and Chip will walk through were true spirituality looks like and how you can put these truths into practice. If you're looking for the next step along your faith journey. Let me encourage you to be a part of daily discipleship with chip true spirituality preregister for the study today and will send you our friend Lance Witt's devotional based on Romans 12 called leave ordinary behind at no cost. Sign-up now while this offer lasts by going to or by calling AAA 83336003 and its AAA 333-6003 or go to hapless nurse just tap discipleship. Now here's Ryan and Chip to share some application for this message. Ryan is you wrapped up this message.

You pointed out that 90% of God's calling on our lives is revealed in Scripture and in turn, you said we tend to obsess with the remaining 10%.

What has helped you the most in overcoming that tenancy and if there's one or two things that you can help our listeners. I made today with overcoming that tenancy in their lives. What would you say to them. Well, first I want to say that we all want to know the 10% that's normal and that's natural. We all want to know who will we marry. Is this the right job. Should I change careers. Do I move here, why should I go here there. We all want to know the 10% and so first that's absolutely normal and natural.

In fact, yesterday I spent time with a good friend that's in our church is a college admissions coach.

Why because my daughter is a junior in high school this year and now were living in this you know what is God's will in this next season alive for our daughter and were taking time to plan and to think it out into prayed together and answer look around.

Okay, God, what are you doing here and it's incredibly fun and scary all at the same time. No, what has helped me in leaning in to the 90% over the 10% is one incredibly famous and familiar passage and I think because it's so familiar.

It's easy to dismiss it or just kinda over a little kid. It's incredibly powerful it's Jeremiah 2911 and it's a word of hope to a people who been displaced and exiled from their home. The Israelites in Babylon about God's will for their life.

And if you're familiar you know it says God says, for I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you to give you a future and a hope is a number years ago, as I just was sitting with that passage and wrestling with the unknowns. One of you know, should we plant a church or not you know and all of the big things is, is this God's will and I was just drawn back to this passage. Again, God, you know the plans and your plans mentor could and for my well-being and so I want to get to know you and the good you have for me and as I get closer to you then I'm going to lean into the plans you have for me. Here's how I set it back then. I don't know the future, but I know the one who dies no and that is enough for me. I don't know the future, but I know the one who does know and that is enough for me. I think the picture then is it kinda like a dad taking his kids on a trip and you know years ago. We surprised our kids with the Disneyland trip and got them in the car right after school, put them in and just started driving and they had no idea where we were going and yet they trusted me. Why because I'm their dad and they know I'm taking them somewhere and we told him is going to be awesome.

And that's the picture for us with the 10% is it were in the car. We don't necessarily know where were going, but dad's driving. So enjoy the ride and the problem for a lot of us. Isn't it true is instead of arresting in the father's direction we want to take control of the will.

I don't know the future, but I know the one who does know and that is enough for me that we don't often read the next verse, Jeremiah 2912 says, then you'll calling me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you and you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart that 10% should lead us into the father's heart and searching after him and in him we find our rest just before we close. Would you pray for those who are responding to Ryan's message today there's always a spiritual battle when we feel prompted to draw near and obey God, thanks for taking a minute to do that and if there's a way we can pray for you. Would you let us know call AAA 83336003 or email would love to hear from you until it's time for everyone here. This is Dave saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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